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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala V Avada

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Amati Kitab about the Kitabi what actually at about

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a Mavado for the villa Humana shaytani R rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem is tick button fill out the woman per se. For Leia he called Mako say you say you're in love? Yeah, Holly said Allah will give my dear respected elders and brothers.

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Among the attributes which Allah subhanahu wa taala

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has warned us about and told us to stay away from one of the most harmful and spiritually destructive is that of pride and arrogance. There is no doubt whatsoever that pride and arrogance is the greatest spiritual disease, our great amongst our whole Ummah, the great grandma has this cheerful Hadith as a mom as a Korea sobre. Milani has written a book on pride, which he had entitled amirav The mother of all spiritual ailments, there is no doubt whatsoever that pride is a mother of all spiritual ailments who we rule on the cup for a booty hustler Thomas aka bulkier sub says Yaga Taranaki or Hara hustler whiskey metallic bot wait a year Khurana Hadith because it's your call he

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doesn't want as a courier separate materials Cooper at Tablighi or not be sad mood Abra, the mother of all spiritual ailments. Now the reason why he has called it the mother of all spiritual ailments, that pride leads to a host of different evils. Just consider one of the things that you will find is backbiting is due to pride. You only speak better about someone when you regard them to yourself superior to them. Also pride, rebirth and Backbiting is because of pride. And sometimes when you can speak better than you leave it inside you. It becomes the means of bitterness the means of hatred. Anger is fueled by pride.

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Many times you see anger is fueled by pride. You see a person saying in anger? Don't you know who I am? Don't you know who I am? That is because in India he says that. And do you know who he is? Do you know who human being is? His beginning is a dirty drop of fluid which you and I won't even touch

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and in between he's got a stomach full of full of foam

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and in the end of his is going to be in a cupboard a corpse which the worms are going to devour. You know when you say who I am that is what you are. But in anger what does he say you know who I am

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and therefore you will find a person will never show anger to those people whom he regards himself as superior. Where do you see people showing anger to the boss.

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So this is shows that engage fueled by pride and this is one of the things that is why it is known as a mother of spiritual ailments or at the computer in some coffee but I said WUSA was rocky turf liquor Jutta Ham was sent me a logo cognise Now we'll get we'll get there to Jack Tahoma con

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he gets it a couple and then Tucker poor becomes the means of even Kufa and disbelief Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says way the pulmonary Mala egotist Judo they had an officer Jeju Illa IBLEES Abba was stuck with God I mean Oka theory, Allah Tala told the people at the malaika and shaytani peace was one of them. That bow down in front of other Malays salat wa salam. And please refuse Why did he refuse his truck burn out of pride and arrogance? Out of pride and arrogance he refuse what can I mean ultrafine became a tough culture.

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The Jews of Medina new Nebia cream sauce to them to be the true prophet. But because of the fact of pride and arrogance, they didn't want to accept someone from very smart. They became proud they became arrogant they became jealous and they became Catholic and they became out of the fold of Islam and they don't accept the truth. So this is something that we see here yeah hearted Kate a couple of Ruth Cooper Kitabi Laker Jetta J K bliss or Medina K you're here joining me Salem. Now that is a reason why we see wisdom

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What Maria Kareem Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, Wherever as an atom of pride in his heart, the rubber, rubber, whoever has a mustard seed of pride in his heart, he will not go to China.

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Whoever got even this much of pride, he will not go to Jana Jessica Dilma rikey, but I will be the Kabuto for Janet Modafinil may yoga, this is the reality. So, that is why we have to be very careful, it is a mother of all spiritual ailments. Now, what are the things that come in what is pride?

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What is the definition of pride tarrif guy in our society Rahula is amazing. So, Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah to Capoeira rudaki, some chi, there are two two ways of the component pride. One is secret pride, who fear torpor in your heart, where you think yourself very, very great, maybe, maybe, maybe crunchy, so I'm also someone, don't you know who I am. So a person starts thinking highly about himself. When a person starts thinking highly about himself. It's a first step towards pride.

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When he starts thinking highly about himself. That's the first aspect with regard to pray. Allah, Allah wants us to be humble. Allah Tala wants us to adopt humility. When a person starts thinking I about himself, I am so and so. I am so great, I am so pious. I am so wealthy I am so so and so. That is the first style of pride as Mr. Tommy Rahmatullah is written, written. Jim ADME appname Cobra submarginal into into production doesn't make any chatter.

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When a person starts thinking highly about himself, then he falls down from the esteem of Allah subhanho wa taala. He falls down from the esteem of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Eight times a year apne aapko, Allah or Berea so much. And then there is a very beautiful Hadith in which Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has given a definition of pride. One day Sahaba asked Nebia Karim so Salam Dr. Rasulillah is it pride to wear good clothes?

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wear good clothes or check a prop in the abs? The kaput Callamard Hey honey, to cream sauce lemma from a yet a couple of me. In Allah Jamil your hippo German Allah gala is beautiful he loves beauty. Allah Donna person for a mother You had me a chicken prepper yes a couple of me the only time it becomes the couple is when you wear something nice. And all of a sudden you think because of this what I want better than other people.

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I don't know what you wore Nike or Adidas or something and you think now you can you know you can move around after we care for the friends I make mention of here. You know, to all of a sudden you wear this brand and within you someone Allah What difference does it make to you? A gym how people look at it like that. So only time it becomes pride when you regard yourself as superior but to wear good clothes on itself is not crying because nobody saw us limited and lateralized beautiful. Allah is graceful Allah loves beauty. Then Libya, Karim saw Salam said, Do you know what is pride? But troll heart Welcome to nurse to disdain the truth, truth and to look down upon people. Now you see

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what Imam Ghazali said the first who fear toward the concealed pride is to regard yourself as someone great, then the next step is you make a conscious decision to make I'm better than another person.

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So one is to regard yourself as highly that leads to I'm better than another person. So there are two streams of pride, which

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is identified in this study. I am more important than truth.

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And I am more important than other people. I am more important than truth. But truth. I am more important than other people come to notice. This is the two strings with regard to it. The couple such as Cainta or do Sirocco Nietzsche, some men may accept me bilateral, or Lugosi, bilateral I am greater than truth and greater than other people. So these are two signs and strains with regard to the Prime Now Imam Ghazali in his area is lifted something very amazing.

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He wrote the test seven unjustified reasons

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why people take pride sad cheesehead, Jin's dismay looked a couple of cartel WateReuse name. So very briefly, I'm going to make mention of the seven I enumerated in was remembering. One is up near about as that

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one is to take pride in your ancestry in your lineage. i My family is so great. My village is so great ask her to Otani. Peleus Amana report here Malaga This is my girl I come from large poor. I come from Holly poor I

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I'm better than you. I come from Hyderabad, you come from here, you come from this.

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I come from this race. I'm a Zulu. I'm a casa. And this also happens in our in our South African context, not only in our India context, South Africa, maybe miss Zulu, I must Zulu. I'm, of course I'm better than you. This is not Allah Ghana has not kept ancestry and lineage as a means of pride. Allah has kept lineage and ancestry is a means of identification, only collecting documents that carry water which

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Allah has kept him now can you imagine this all Muhammad and you don't know which one but now you see his mom but So and So Mohammed who comes from this village, Mohammed who comes from so and so you can identify? If there was no ancestry? There was no surname, there was no tribe are you gonna identify with? So Allah escape ancestry and lineage only for the sake of identification, not for pride. And some of them have he may say to myself, but

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Allah didn't make religion try that you must regard yourself superior to other people. Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah Lee writes, in a time of Mussolini salat wa salam, someone told another person

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look at my look at my lineage. Look at my ancestors. Look at my forefathers. They were so great people. So Allah revealed to us and Musa salat wa salam tell him not to take pride in his forefathers nine generations of his forefathers and

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the people who are taking pride in my forefathers, you're all in Jannah What are you taking pride on these type of things? And normally, we see a person who takes pride in his ancestry is a person who's got nothing to skip us coach now to work. They have hours that you gotta make prior notice things not upon your forefathers. A person takes pride on ancestry. He's got nothing on his own. So the first thing the second thing man or daughter for her Ghana, I got wealth therefore I'm better than the social something that is true. We see it in happening in our times. shg budget block, we know well, Krishna, cause Millia to look at take a male upset.

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Bertha Oh, I got more wealth than you I got a better car than you. I got a better house than you. I got better hotels than you. I'm better than you. If this was a situation, that car would have been the most superior person karoun KeePass itna Malta Kasich impersonator can be soon our key concepts a burqa or naked me or bought butter admin karoun coordinadora nicaya Picasa fnab He will be

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up late Donald Cassatt Allah.

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Allah Allah destroyed him with his wealth. So when he was being destroyed, he said Mussolini salat wa salam wants to keep my wealth

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and say they will not destroy he was his wealth. So when Allah Tala destroyed him, he was destroyed with his wealth everything went completely underground. So this whole particular aspect and in the eyes of Allah where it matters most you know a person who is wealth will mean nothing, maybe they can even sell a lot while he was selling machine in the eyes of Allah Tala this material world and the entire material world is not even equivalent to the wing of a mosquito Maciejewski Birkebeiner have just use coupon.

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But people take this particular the third thing people take you know, they they they take pride in is metaphors of giant. I am I am someone I got so much experience. I got this degree. I'm an alum. I am like this, therefore, I'm better than you. Yeah. Hola, Casa again, where do you get this particular situation? A person who's got knowledge is definitely something that Allah Tala is spoken highly about, but the responsibility of knowledge is such that it cannot allow a person to have the Quran pride. Yay, is the main thing that because of Elon kissy modalities, yada yada. Chai kitties keep us in the car. He must worry about how am I going to fulfill that responsibility? So this is

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something that we have to keep in mind as if you haven't read such an amazing, amazing thing. He says that knowledge is like rain. Knowledge is like rain. So when rain comes the butter fruit on the tree becomes more butter and the sweet fruits on the tree becomes even more sweeter. So Ill Ill MBSA you let me suppose to make you humble in Amaya Shala Amina

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will Amma your Titus capacitor. Just give us the corner where

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I live is one who adopts an sp of Allah. Olive is one who has humanity. A person in North Africa came to Medina to come as Imam Malik Rahmatullah Lee questions. And he asked him so many questions. Imam Malik Rahmatullah. He said, My people of my village in

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North Africa go to Medina acima Malik the question with regard to Intel him to give the answer. Imam Malik for thought he said, I don't know which a name to conquer May was he I don't

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know what I'm going to answer to people. You see Quentel the Imam Malik doesn't know the answer.

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Go and tell them if somebody doesn't know that. Well am I have written to say a lie this lawsuit knows best more than what I know is is part of knowledge. Today no one everyone thinks is the biggest biggest thing because it so this is something that we have to keep in mind as Imam Ghazali say real knowledge is like rain. It makes the butter fruits more butter and it makes the sweet fruit more sweet. And we cannot become proud or knowledge because the responsibility is so great in good data 314 como si want to include the letter when controllata grief I was writing como si button when contacted reformasi but to ask my Western answer doesn't want you to be new to learning to see if

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you don't know is a calamity. If you know the calamities even more. The challenge is even more because now he was such a great responsibility. And then the fourth thing people take pride in his piety making a naked meal. I am so Nick I am so pious I am better than you. Now Nikki is the means of Nikki and piety is the means of superiority in Accra, Malcolm in the law, yet cargo. The only difficulty with regard to this is no one knows who is pious but that was a coup and

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only Allah knows who inspires the baker himself. Some said one day you know sometimes a person has done so much good teaches one span between him and Janet Allah takes away he died. He becomes amongst the people of Jana sometimes is so much evil one spent between him Johanna Johanna and Karim Allah. Allah tell me he was a Jana Jana Topanga he became a gentleman who are we to say you don't know whether Allah accept your image or not? How can you take pride on something which you don't know if Allah has accepted or not? How can you take pride on them? I don't I mean, time is going up and I must make mention of this incident. Abdullah Andalusi one of the great scholars in our history

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who started off people like Junaid and Shipley they were one going they were going in and storage. They were going in an expedition they were going to one place and they came to one particular village in which they were non Muslims. And he gave to the well water he came to the well and after the well after something happened he remained there for almost two days. Just sit there he couldn't move just a little bit now as I'm telling people then afterwards hazard we're supposed to move on why are you sitting? He said Allah dolla is taken away my diet.

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Allah is thick anyway, my diet people carry on, they cry, they say please come with us. No, no, I can't tell you. I got no, I got no spiritual illumination.

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What happened? Nevermind. Anyway, they left him because he told them to let him he left him. And the reality is he got madly in love. He saw a woman who was a non Muslim, got madly in love with her and he said, My love has completely destroyed me. They went away. After many months they came back. They still ask the people of the village what happened to this great Sheikh Abdullah Andalusi what happened to him? They say we don't know anyone. He is someone who is a foreigner is looking after the swine and the pigs.

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He's looking after soon. He's looking after the sincerely the when they saw him, he was looking after himself. And they started crying out for him those who stood up

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and then they after a while, they beat why they carried on after why the National Hotel gave him back again he died. So he took a hostel and he came running back to one and you know he was wearing nice clothes and they tell him as a tell us what happened. He said I came to the well. I saw a non Muslim woman I started you know became attractiveness. I was something that I became very in love with them. And then the thought came She's a tough

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she's a disbeliever I started regarding myself as better than her. She's gonna go into Jana.

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Because of that, I could feel Allah Tala taking away all my mood and my Eman was taken away. Regarding myself superior to someone

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that was this we don't know but you can help people are killed.

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This is the reality as a shepherd at least as has been mentioned as a homeowner.

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So these are the four four main things that people take pride in unjustified. The three other things briefly let me making men make mention of it. Taking pride in one's beauty, in attractiveness I must also look at our beautiful eyes. Look at our handsome eye that also what is going to be with regard to a handsomeness we're going to go die why are we after that? Who's going to worry about to end sadness? And afterwards when you become old how and smile

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after you become old who people who remains as handsome as he was me see the truth.

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Then strength people take pride in the strength that's also unjustified. Allah Allah the Halacha comienzo forms

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majorda Lombardi roofing from Magellan barbecue what you do for shaver and the other thing people take pride in is power and influence. I also got conduct. I also got the seven reasons Imam Ghazali actually says human beings takes pride in and all of those are unjustified. Who's got a hot name? untuck it

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last if you say the real reason is, my main thing is for us My dear respected brothers Kibriya Kibriya are dying when asthma to

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Greatness belongs only to

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greatness is a garment of greatness and pride only suits Allah not us. You and I as human beings, what suits us is to be servants of Allah subhanaw taala but to sit let Allah may Allah keep us away from the destructive nature of pride, and always keep us humble and with humility.