Ebrahim Bham – Purification Of The Heart #17

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the concept of greed and how it causes people's behavior. It acknowledges that people have a desire to increase their chances of success and profitability, but it is also a root cause of evil behavior. The speaker warns against the idea that greed is a personal behavior and suggests that individuals should prioritize their spiritual health and achieve their financial goals. The segment also touches on the negative impact of not being able to achieve goals and the importance of working towards them.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Milena v Avada

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a MOBA do former Villa homina shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, aloha como Taka for rotomolding macabre. So the colonialism respected viewers and listeners continuing with our series purification of the heart and today Alhamdulillah only by the grace of the Almighty, this is the 17th program. We thank Allah tala for this and indeed all his favors, and he always sends rotations to our greatest benefactor, through whom we have received the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The greatest creation of Allah tala in this universe, our beloved nivia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Today the spiritual disease that I'm going to be speaking about, is together with its

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seriousness. One of the most frustrating and distressing and that is what is known as greed. Or sometimes it is also known in the English language as wantonness. Allah Allah in the Holy Quran says, Allah como Taka four hectares or otomo macabre, Allah tala in this has made mention of two things. Allah Allah says the cassara Allah Hakuna Matata castle, the castle means two things one is an in ordinate desire for having more and more of something, which of course is greed. It also carries within it a mutual rivalry to get more and more. So not only is it greed, but also an aspect of competing with one another to get more and more. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, It diverts you

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from your objective in life until you come and visit the cover then you will realize that you have been wasting your time in competing with getting more and more becoming greedy until the time has come that you are in your cover. And you have wasted your time in life and you have not fulfill your objectives in life together without diverting us from the objectives of our life. It is also something that is very very serious. One of the harms with regard to greed is as I said, it is very distressing. Why is it distressing? Because there is no end point to it. There is no end point to it. And this has been so beautifully summed up in a hadith of our beloved nebia Kareem salsa when he

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said no Can I keep no Adam? Why the anime man? Listen, if a person has two values of gold now two values of gold one would have thought it's surely sufficient for your needs in this world. You know it should be sufficient. I got two full values of gold or gold. And the vicar himself said no, no, no lepta Rafa, listen, he will start worrying about the third value of gold. And this is the aspect of greed, it never ever gets saturated. And you know, some old ama and scholars have given the example it is like a fuel, that continuous burning, when it is like a fire that continuous burning when there is fuel added to it. You know, this is greed, or it is like an itch, the more you scratch

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at it, the more it becomes even more itchy. And that's a reality with regard to greed. It never ever gets saturated, the more one desire of it is fulfilled, the next desire starts appearing and therefore no reoccurring saw silom no making mentioned with regard to the distressing nature of greed etc. In Tama for karoon. What did he say greed is poverty, you're never satisfied, and you will never occur himself has sought allas protection from two things in one one block. One is greed, which never gets saturated. And one is fear, where a person starts hearing everything and he's never ever at ease because all the time fearing things. So greed is so distressing, that maybe occurrence

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or some sort of loss protection from greed. In fact, it is such a thing that ahaadeeth goes on to make mentioned that if human being has two values of gold, he won't be satisfied. He will seek the third lion low to ignore Adam electrum the only thing that will satiate the belly of humankind could be the sale of the cover. So amongst the other the harms of greed one is an Hakuna Matata. It diverts you from your objective in life. The second thing it is extremely distressing because there is no end point with regard to it. Now what is greed? You know, greed is engrossment with something in grosman with something that it becomes an obsession

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In its various guises it is a root cause of many, many evils in its root cause it is a it is in its various guises. It is a root cause of many, many evils. Like for example, immorality is greed for lust. immorality is great for us. arrogance is greed for fame. So greed in his various guises. It is a root cause for many, many evils. Therefore, in a hadith in Abu Dhabi, Sharif, our beloved nemea, Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam it said, beware and stay away from greed. Because it was the downfall of the people of the past, the people of the past were destroyed by greed. And then the academy saw silom made mention of this fact that it becomes the root cause of many evils when he

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said, greed bait them to become miserly, they became miserly. Greed bade them to cut off ties with a relatives, they cut off ties with their relatives, and greed, bait them to do other wicked things. And they continued doing other wicked things. And this is the aspect with regard to greed. Now, while there are various aspects with regard to greed, one of the most common manifestation of greed is an inordinate, an innate, an inordinate desire for wealth, which has become the central obsession of our time. You know, today, people don't want wealth tomorrow they wanted yesterday, align the Holy Quran says colourable to hibben, Allah, Allah, you love things that must be done immediately.

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You can wake you don't have silver. So if you want something you want to become a millionaire, not tomorrow, yesterday, you want to become a magnet. So the central obsession of our time is the obsession and the greed for more and more wealth. Now wealth in itself is neutral. It can be used for good It can be used for negative, it has the propensity and the tendency to lead one towards evil. Therefore nebia Kareem saw Salaam and the Holy Quran consistently warn us with regard to it. And therefore now via Karim Salalah. Selamat said to hungry wolves, let loose on a flock of sheep will not cause that much harm to that flock of sheep, the way love for wealth and love for fame

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causes to the spirituality of a person. So this is in brief, just to speak about the great harm and the distressful condition known as great inshallah, tomorrow, we will be speaking with regard to cures and treatments with regard to it. May Allah tala keep us away from this, and indeed, all spiritual illnesses are through Ghana and in Hungary.

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