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The three stages of human health are discussed, including the highest level of human activity, the lowest level of human activity, and the third level of human health. The speakers stress the importance of removing offensive items and avoiding harm to others, and provide examples of how they use words like "naught," "has," and "has," to describe behavior. They also discuss the sensitivity of Islam towards slim individuals and the importance of avoiding harm to others, and emphasize the need to be mindful of one's behavior in public health.

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Alhamdulillah you

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Salatu was Salam ala mala NaVi Avada

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another dofollow Villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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in alladhina you

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know well momina Be ready Mata Sabu *ery tomoloo bossa nova if mama Vina Sarah Kala will ozium My dear respected elders and brothers

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in our relationship with one another, there are different stages

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there are different stages in our relating to one another one stage is

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where we give preference to others. Even if difficulty and inconvenience comes our way.

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That is the highest stage.

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Mario dussel okay Damien are

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both live data data set which

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subset yet you have to throw quarter GDP.

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Up quarter Cliff butanna para, Chaya quarter three, four, they can have to throw cutter gj the answer of Medina. They were the greatest manifestation of that Allah Allah says, Well, you have a Luna Han foresee him Hello cannot be him. kasasa they give preference to others given if difficulty came they loved one occasion nebia Kareem Salalah Sam got some wealth and he wanted to distribute it so he called the answer of Medina and said see I have paid you with people of Makkah. Many have no come Mohammed

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makawao Okay. Now, this wealth is not much let me only give it to the people have MCE then you no more have to look after them. If I give it to everyone, they won't be enough for them to become independent. And Sal said yeah, Rasul Allah, give it to them, we will still look after them.

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Give it to them, we will still still look after them. Well you will feel

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I be him kasasa the second stage is where you prefer for others what you prefer and like for yourself. That's the second stage of do so call your carrier what percentage are happening up up near person cartel and that is a words of RDF. Now you

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might have seen that you are not a believer until you love for others what you love for yourself. Second Stage

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do straight

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away person up near person carto that is one erlin makes mention of it in this way. Someone is hungry. Someone is hungry. You got one roti. One is you give him the whole roti that is the highest stage. And one is you make it in half. You give him half and you take half. He comes in he says he's hungry and you got one only one. One is you give him the whole thing. And one is no you don't give him the whole thing you give him half. That's the second stage. The third stage and which I would like to make mention of today is at the very least, you don't harm anyone.

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At the very least you don't cause harm to anyone that's a lower stage. There is no lower stage than that. You don't cause harm to anyone. That is the very late the lower stage the vehicle himself some sad

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the Muslim do not cause harm to others. He does not return harm he does not reciprocate harm. Now.

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This is a Muslim and Muslim woman sellable Muslim una melissani e

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and a Muslim is he other Muslims are safe from the evil of his tongue in his hands. He happened Muslim Muslim, in this Hadith, there is mentioned me that it is Muslim in the rewired of Sudan and a sign and Muslim woman Solomon Nasser melissani here already there it is made mentioned a Muslim is he other people are saved. Not only Muslim, Muslim, non Muslim, and Muslim woman Sullivan nurse, a Muslim is he other people are saved from the evil of his hands and his tongue. This is in Sudan any site that is a must allow lowest form and this is the lowest with regard to do certain cameras come here at QC qc kotak leaf now panjab don't

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give anyone any type of difficulty there is no lower stage than that had if it comes in a hadith at novia, Karim sauce limit said that there are various stages of human

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the highest stage of Eman is the kalevala ilaha IL Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah at an aha an emitter to

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the lowest form of email is you remove an offensive item from the road that is used by Muslims

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and in this particular way, it is no lower form of demand and who said come there check him

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out he Manta subsetted Delta yeah kerastase A kissy Madeira cheese cohutta dad

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who say Come check a man near there is no lower form than of m&m. So the three stages give other people preference like for others what you like for yourself. And the very least you don't give anyone any harm. Mm. Because Talalay isn't a very amazing thing. Or Imam ghazali Rahmatullah is very amazing. He knows

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the spiritual diseases of this moment to remember Selena Kalika K, teen daraja tin kissam k junhua Hotel, there are three types of animals. One animal is that which gives benefit to people like the cow and the sheep, we benefit from the sheep. bikers Amanda, eB eB, you can ask her to care or Bing you know Bri also because of the situation, but wherever it is, you benefit from the ship, you benefit from the cow, you benefit from the bees that produce the honey produces, the B produces honey from the milk. That is one type of animal. The second type of animal is that which harms you gets half a chance it will harm you like the scorpion and the third type of animal doesn't benefit

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you doesn't harm you.

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It doesn't benefit you doesn't harm you. And that is like for example in the Amazon jungle you get animals who have never they've never we've never seen them. They have not seen us they don't benefit us they don't harm us. So because Allah Allah Allah said, try and be like the animal that benefits a human being you are greater than animals. But if you can at least be like an animal that benefit and if you can benefit don't harm.

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To stroke up fight upon shanika cautious carry a guardian now also get on examine upon child. According to Tom deal Nawaz naot to deal has been able

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to locate dinoco huanchaco to have been added now. You can give people benefit 10 is your best fortune, but at least don't harm people. Look at how sensitive Islam has been with regard to this. As it I shall have the Allahu taala says that when Libya Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam used to get up for tahajjud the room of 100 I shall be allowed and I was very very small. Right? So small that when the vehicle himself slim wanted to make SR for tahajjud he used to make a noise as an ICER ammirato used to fold her legs and then we saw seldom used to make sister but she uses these words which I in the word books of Hadith for the hell Berber Raider. How can local barber waiter when he

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used to get a foot 100 he used to open the door gently and he used to close the door gently his wife must not get up.

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When we come in the house when we go from somewhere we go for a boys night out and we come out what big noise we make. Even the children know we came back even the wife knows that we come back come us Come give this is grimsel salaam Sana Sahaba stated when Libya Kareem saw slim entered a house in which I mean rented a room in which people were sleeping. Maria corinthos refused to make Salaam so softly people who are awake could hear the Salaam people who are sleeping never heard this alarm.

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This is how navia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was so sensitive with regard to not giving technique to people.

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When am I have written to do Nuffield path is very good.

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To do in the field a budget is very good. But if nephele ypad causes harm to others, then you stop that nephila budget. Nuffield motorboat so aka karma, like and I got up in the field ka kaam, kiya g said who saw locata Cliff puncher to Cusco, Georgia, you live it, you don't do it. If you For example, to go and kiss the hatchet as what is a very great server with a great server, but in doing so you cause harm to

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People will um I have written don't go and kiss the password

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to make tilawat is very good. But if you are going to make tilawat so loud that other people who are in a machete are going to harm the

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other numbers. Don't make your tilawat loud.

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This is the sensitivity with regard to our Deen that do not cause harm to people. How many examples with regard to that we can give nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam is one one Hadith that nebia cream sauce limited man a candle bussen with Thome while karate fella yuck Robin robina, musty Donna he who eats onions he will eat garlic raw onion and raw garlic if it's cookies in a better manner the the old days not so much. But if you eat raw onion and raw garlic and this is Mustafa Kala Hadith Sahih Bukhari Hadith that he who eats onions and he reads garlic and the word karate is use. People have made mentioned with leak, leak. If you eat those things don't come to the masjid.

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He will not cause harm to people fuqaha have written If anyone comes with bad smell in the masjid. The mutawa Lee has got the right to tell him not to come to the masjid

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with a real

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do so.

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So much of sensitivity and the importance of not giving harm to people. Now if by eating onions and garlic you cannot come to the masjid. If you've got a sickness it is going to harm other people. How can you come to the masjid?

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If you want a sickness that could cause harm to other people could cause that sickness to to be infectious. How can you come to the magic when you are not supposed to come to the magic when you have it an onion and garlic. This is a hadith of our beloved via Karim solo lucidum My dear respected elders and brothers these are aspects that Islam has given us such great nevermind causing harm to people even causing harm to animals has been prohibited. Maybe a cream sauce me segment catalog has fallen from our folk ha ha ha ha ha sallallahu your multi ama whoever kills a sparrow he kills a sparrow a small bird without any reason and no one questioned him on the day of combat. Why

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did you kill a sparrow without any reason?

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So this is our deal. Our deal is by give give an effort to people up noxa fight on upon Santo Tomas come to enter here to have nachshon upon che Islam is Miss mambalam mega scatter hosaka

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k joco Piazza of lesson chi hamari Masjid Minaya toga booth rate Kishan kita Cliff agar aapke conscious to the family of magic Minaya, there are so many examples with regard to this, for example, pass parking in an inconsiderate way.

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People are not considered with regard to parking, they cause inconvenience to people, rather walk another two or 200 meters and park at a distance rather than parking in a way that causes inconvenience to people. Stop peeing your houses, putting you know, whatever you want to put in a cell so loud, or doing something so loud, that causes harm to other people. Don't take your coworker, your your your garbage, and go and put it in a place where you're not supposed to put it don't do and dump it where you're not supposed to dump it, go and dump it where there isn't a proof place of dumping.

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I mean, how is it that we find in our areas? We are the people who do this this most when our teachings are so clear with regard to it, that we are not supposed to harm people in every way. The brothers let us keep in mind that this is our teachings. Let us be sensitive and bring into our lives. The teachings of our beloved Maria Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Let us try and be helpful to people. If we can be helpful to people. Come us come in we don't harm other people. May Allah give you a topic of understanding why

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