Suleiman Hani – A Truthful Heart, The Power of Sincerity

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The success of Islam as a means of submission is the condition of acceptance, which is the state of one's faith and actions. It is crucial for individuals to be on the same page when facing a situation and to reflect on their actions in public. The importance of actions and intentions is emphasized, and individuals are encouraged to use their intentions and reflect on their actions in private. The course on ham seek seek seek comfort is also discussed, and attendees are encouraged to join a class to discuss various topics and emphasize the importance of faith and sincerity in staying on the journey.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while early he was having a woman one, our topic today is the power of sincerity the power of sincerity will be clear crystal clear as soon as we get to the story and it is the climax, it is the pinnacle. It is the peak of this webinar inshallah. Tada. So, are you ready for this? The introduction is very straightforward. Allah subhanaw taala says in zona Lal Kitab will help the farmer de la moglie Swan London. Indeed we sit down the book to you oh Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in truth. So worship Allah alone, Motley Salahuddin being sincerely devoted to him now, we have Muslims from all over the world

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we have 2 billion Muslims and counting. The question is, are we as Muslims progressing in terms of the level of sincerity that we have? We say we worship Allah alone. Islam means submission to Allah submission with what submission with sincerity, submission with humility, you cannot submit to the Creator of the heavens and the earth unless you have some humility and sincerity. So the condition of acceptance is sincerely first and foremost. Now, you do an act of worship. You're praying, you're fasting, you have good character, everything you're doing your life for Allah subhanaw taala Paulina Salatin. So indeed my prayers when no Sookie my sacrifice or my worship, while my Aya woman Mati

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lillahi, Rabbil Alameen my death and my life are all for Allah subhanho wa taala. So you say, I'm living for Allah, the condition of acceptance in general is that you are sincere, and specifically with acts of worship, that you are sincere, and that it is done correctly, that the act of worship is done correctly. So if lost in the Arabic language, that word that people usually refer to when they talk about sincerity, it's, it gives the connotation of something that is so clear, you can see through it. So sincerely here in terms of the state of your heart, is the alignment of the internal and the external, in terms of goodness, sincerely, brothers and sisters, it is the fragrance of your

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heart. Some people love fragrances for the external, but they absolutely do not care and they abandon and neglect the internal fragrance. Most Hadith books, and many books will start with an emphasis on sincerity. I'll give you an example of a story here. This example. And again, I'm giving you an example just to demonstrate a brother who shared his concern that he committed many sins. I've heard this many times. He said, I've committed so many sins, and not that many good deeds is like I have five prayers and that's it a day. And I'm barely like struggling to just fulfill these five prayers, but I'm committing so many sins, I feel like I gossip a lot. I lie a lot. I listen to

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things I shouldn't listen to. He's like, I just I feel like I'm committing way more sins than good deeds, and I'm trying to improve I am trying to repent. This was a beautiful opportunity. The next time you think of this, or you know someone who is to remind them of the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam that has good news for all people. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah subhana, WA, tada has recorded good and evil deeds and made them all clear. Whoever intends to perform a good deed, but does not do it. Allah will record it as a complete good deed. So you intended for example, to bring a cup of water to your family member who is thirsty or to your

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parent, good deed. And along the way, something else interrupted you something else happened or they got their own water, you're like, oh, Allah didn't work out. You still got the reward because you intended it, although you did not do it yet. Were you sincere? Yes, you sincerely wanted to do it. Now, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah tells us through the messenger, and it's a lot of serum, that if that person intends to do it, and they go through with it, they actually are able to do it, Allah subhanaw taala will record it, pay attention, this is going to just blow you away in terms of the generosity of Allah, Allah will record it as 10 good deeds for one thing you did, or up to 700 times

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as much, or even more, Allahu Akbar, you can do a single good deed and be rewarded possibly 700 times as much because of the level of your sincerity and many other factors behind the scenes. And then what happens here, Prophet salallahu alayhi salam says, Now if that servant intends to do something evil, and then does not do it alone, subhanaw taala will record it for him as one complete the deed. But why did they not do the sin, they stopped for the sake of Allah. They didn't stop because let's say somebody opened the door so that they stopped talking to someone on the phone or they were listening to something haram and somebody found them and then they change it to a Quran.

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Now they stopped a sin for the sake of Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah will give them a good deed. This is someone who did not yet commit the sin. They intended to do something that but they did not. If he does it, then Allah will record it for him as a single evil deed. A sin is going to be punished with one one, basically, deed one savior. Whereas the good deed that you do and the good deeds that you intended but could not do and you try your best, you'll be rewarded for it with a multiplier of 10 minimum 700 Or even more is Alana generous.

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Now a lot of brothers and sisters ask and maybe some people here are wondering as well, how do you know if you're sincere? What are some signs of sincerity? You look about everyday life and everyone's doing their thing you're like, how many of us are actually being sincere and how many people are insincere? What can you do? What can you observe privately between you and a lot to know? So for example, some of the signs of sincerity will take place before you begin a task. You're about to join this organization, you're about to give a charity, you're about to volunteer, you had a good intention before you started, you went to a class to learn about Islam, Allah subhanaw taala is so

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merciful, He rewarded you for it before you even started the task itself. But then I want you to think about this during the task during the act of worship. Even if you received praise from other people, you stayed sincere. Here's an example. You go to the masjid you're praying. And as you're praying, you notice from your peripheral vision, somebody walks into the masala and maybe they're like looking at you know, your institute. But that person is like staring at you. You might think to yourself, you know what I don't want to show off. So I'm going to make it very short. I don't want to look like I'm too long sujood just because they're watching. So your thought is I don't want to

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be insincere. So you cut off the act of watching you rush it. But actually actually the commentary for many of the earliest generations, they say what, renew your intention and elongate your sudo take your time with it. You don't care about that person who's watching. At the end of the day, Allah subhanaw taala is the only one who will reward you. So focus on Allah, Allah is the only one who will reward you for your acts, acts of worship. So focus on Allah, Allah subhanaw. Taala is the only one who will reward you and accept from you an act of worship. So focus only on Allah subhanho wa taala. But then, of course, you might finish the task, and now you're receiving praise. Now

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there's a possibility of some kind of interference with your intention, keep renewing it. The renewal of your intention is an act of worship. renewing your intention is an act of worship. That pursuit of sincerity is an ongoing way of life for the believer. What else is a sign of sincerity, a sign of sincerity is that you have private deeds, more than you're worried about what people see in public? You might say, well, everything I do is almost in public La Ilaha illa Allah you know, what you don't want to do is to pray pm will lay the night prayer, let's say for half an hour an hour you got up at night just to pray family, and then to go on social media and write something like what

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hamdulillah for the opportunity prickly I'm a little hashtag road life. What are you doing with your good deed? You're exposing it to all the other people on social media. So make it private? Make it private? Hide it may Allah subhanaw taala protect us and grant us sincerely, Lama? I mean, here's a principle if you want to keep this in mind. I think personally, I believe this is one of the easiest things to keep in mind as a principle that will liberate your child in terms of the state of your heart. Are you ready for this? All right. You know how you pray your Salah, sometimes in private, many times, at home and other times in front of other people, whether with family or with community,

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in the masjid. Here's the principle. Make sure your prayer in private, is equal to or even better, and it should be better than the prayer in public. But never worse. If your prayer in private is worse than your prayer in front of other people. It's a very dangerous thing. Why? Because you're saying you're applying that the only audience here that matters are the people that watch you but not Allah subhanaw taala May Allah forgive us all and guidance. Make sure your prayer in private is equal to or much better than the prayer in public but never worse. Remember this principle. This is one of the signs that you are trying to remain sincere and you're not giving up. What else can you

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do a sign of sincerity is that when people advise you, you're very welcoming. They're welcoming people are advising you Why Are you welcoming? Because when it comes to sincerity, you want to improve, you want to grow, you want to become a better person. And so naturally, if you're sincere, yes towards Allah, Allah, I want to become a better believer, then naturally when people advise you, you should at least consider what they are saying. Thank them for it and then reflect on it in private, is there something I can change? Is there something that I can do? This is something that we should keep in mind. I'm also passionate that America sincerely and to reflect on the internal

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state a lot. Sometimes you'll see people on social media, masha Allah, they are going after everyone attacking everyone criticizing everyone. But when people try to reach out to them, scholars have reached out to them derived students of knowledge will reach out to the million friends and family. They're afraid to advise them or they're not able to advise them because that person is so arrogant, refusing to be advised. They're very harsh, very hard hearted, and they're not focused on their internal shortcomings and their internal state. And that is a very dangerous thing to do. And in fact, we're talking here about sincerity. We're talking with a state of the heart, may Allah protect

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the soul, a sign of true faith and a sign of humility is that you are receptive and you focus a lot on your shortcomings, rather than making it a way of life to always be criticizing other people's state. And sometimes it's not even accurate based on some external interpretation. That is

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While the Prophet sallallahu wasallam gives us good news here, you know how today with social media and the world that we're in people are very superficial. People are focused on the external things. It's very superficial society today, may Allah protect us on many parts of society and social media, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam says in the law, hella young law, you know, sort of Allah subhanaw taala does not look at your appearance were unwelcome or your wealth, meaning it's not about the size of your house, it's not about the brand name, shirt or purse or watch or whatever else you have. It's not about your physical appearance, obviously take care of your appearance in

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general, but it's not about your appearance. So people's perspectives on your beauty are handsome, this does not matter with regards to your true state of faith. Well, I can yonder or either Kuru become America. However, Allah looks at your hearts and your actions. So your actions have to be correct. And the state of your heart has to be sincere. And hypocrisy is when there is a clash between the two people act like they're Muslim, obviously, they're the larger type of major hypocrisy, and that is an

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equality, the hypocrisy of beliefs. And then you have an effect calamity, right? The hypocrisy of actions in some Muslims may fall into this May Allah protect us all. But what what we were led to here is a story one of the most important stories in the authentic tragic tradition from the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and really tells us about the power of sincerity. This is a story that you should always reflect on when it comes to how sincere Are you in terms of your relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. And you may again, sometimes overthink it, if you're being sincere and other people No, that's fine. Just keep going with your act of worship. If you're being sincere,

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somebody notices your act of worship, that's okay. If you go to somebody's house and you say, is there a place that I can pray that's not showing off you legitimately need to pray, don't worry about what they think. But you're focused on something you are in need of doing for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala so don't overthink it either. Because some sometimes shape on will distract people. And in fact, take them away from acts of worship because they they're worried about showing off. Keep doing acts of worship for the sake of Allah renewing your intention, ask Allah for acceptance. But let's get to the story. This is the culmination of our talk. And the crux of it all.

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It's a very lengthy Hadith many of you have heard this many times before. Abdullah bin or model the Allahu Anhu. I reported, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, while three men were walking, they were overcome by rain, and they took refuge in a cave in a mountain. So this isn't a story of the three men in the cave. They took refuge in a cave in a mountain, and then a boulder fell over the opening of the cave, blocking them inside now they're in this cave because they needed shelter from the rain, and a boulder is completely blocking them inside they're not able to leave. So one of them said to the others, think about the good deeds you've done for ALLAH

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SubhanA wa Tada that you may call upon Allah subhanaw taala by them for perhaps he will relieve you meaning what? Here's the solution, one of them thought of how about we think about acts of worship that we did sincerely for the sake of Allah and maybe if we ask Allah subhanaw taala through and by means of those acts of worship, and we were actually sincere, then perhaps that will be the reason that today we are saved because they're blocked, and they're trapped in a cave. What else are we going to do that so this is a solution and this presents to us what we'll talk about later, inshallah Tada, which is to listen through a sincere act of worship, we'll talk about that means at

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the end inshallah. Okay, so what happens? They think, and I'm commenting on the Hadith here, they reflect, and eventually the first one of them makes Do you are you listening to this, this is going to ensure time motivate us. So one of them said, Oh, Allah is making you are Oh ALLAH. I had two elderly parents, as well as a wife and a young child, and I tended to a flock. And when the evening came, I milked the animals. And I served my parents first before my child. One day, one day I went in search of father and I did not come back until it was evening. And I found both of them his parents sleeping. So I had milk milk, as I had done before meaning I brought the milk. And he said,

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I stood by their heads, many I stood by their where they were sleeping, for I hated to disrupt their sleep, or to serve my child before serving both of my elderly parents. My child was crying nearby. And yet I continue standing over my parents nearby meaning until they approach them dark. And then the man said, y'all Allah, if you know that I did that seeking your countenance meaning, for your sake, sincerely, if you know that I did this act of worship sincerely for your sake. Yeah, Allah didn't relieve us of this distress, that we may at least see the sky that the key was completely blocked. And then the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said what the DUA was accepted what happened?

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Allah shifted the boulder until they could see the sky meaning now there's a slight opening

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But still they cannot escape the second of the three men that made a DUA. And I just want to give a heads up here, because this is a diverse audience in terms of age, I will be very cautious with my words, this second man made dua, now he needs to have an act of worship that he did sincerely for the sake of Allah to make dua through it. So he says, oh, Allah, I had a cousin whom I loved more than any man could love women. He said, I presented myself to her and she refused unless I could give her 100 coins, meaning almost I paid her, by the way commentary here, why did she say, stipulate that she was extremely, extremely poor, and she had no other source of income? She needed

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the money. And so she was in a state of distress. Is it justified? Islamically it's not justified. But what is this man doing? This man is taking advantage of her in a vulnerable state. So she said, Okay, give me 100 coins, meaning, basically pay me for this to be with her. And again, I'm being very cautious with my words, and I'm paraphrasing. So he said, I worked hard until I gathered 100 coins, and I brought them to her. He said, When I prepared myself to do whatever it was with her, again, I'm paraphrasing the Hadith. When they were about to do what they were about to do, she said to him, or servant of Allah, fear Allah and do not break this, do not do this, without the right to

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do so meaning without being married to it, don't do this without being married to me, don't do this without the right that is going to allow you to do this. So she said Fear on law. He said, I stood and then I left her, your wife, you know that I did this for your sake. If I left her just for your sake, Alma, then relieve us of this distress. And then again, what happened? The Prophet salallahu alayhi salam said the boulder shifted a bit, meaning Allah relieve them once again. So it shifted again. Now they can see a little more of the sky, but still they cannot escape.

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And then the last man made dua, he said, Oh Allah, I employed a worker for a portion of rice. When he finished his work, he said to me, give me what I deserve. So he hired someone, and that man was supposed to get paid. The man said, Give me basically my payment. I offered his share to him, but he didn't accept it. So he said, I continued planting his share. So he reinvested in the, in the ground, and eventually grew, it grew and expanded so much, he said, until I had amassed until I accumulated cows and flocks. So what that meant left of his share, grew as an investment became something much more expensive, much more valuable. He said, and then finally a man came back to me,

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Allahu Alem, how long, one day that man comes back. And he says, fear Allah and do not violate my rights. In other words, give me what you owe me from previously, from the time past. Let's say somebody, you owe them $100, you took the $100, you invested it back into your business, and you have maybe another, let's say, $100, or $1,000, whatever it may be, your business expanded now became worth a million dollars. And then one day, the man comes back, and he says, give me my $100. That's all you owed him back. And then the problem is now you reinvested it in something else in this business in this land. Now it's worth let's say, $100,000, as an example, if you were sincere

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to Allah, you would tell that man, I used your money invested it as part of my business, and it's worth a lot more, I'll give you the same percentage that you had before the same share. But I'm not only gonna give you $100, because it's worth so much more. If you fear Allah subhanaw taala? That's what you do. Is that an easy thing to do? financially? No, because the man came back for $100. Most people today, like yeah, you only had $100 to give you back your $100? Well, you invested it. And so out of sincerely, what did this man do? He said, Go to this part of my land, go to this cow, and its flocks and take them all, basically take everything there. Imagine he pointed, said all of that is

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yours. The man said, fear Allah. And don't walk me Don't make fun of me, meaning I'm only coming for my $100 my rice might whatever he actually ordered. I'm only coming for that. Don't make fun of me and say, go ahead and take my whole business. He said, I'm not mocking you. I'm not making fun of you take the cow and all of its flock. So the men like he eventually accepted, perhaps explain to him what happened. He took the cow and the flocks. And he left he actually took that share that had magnified over the years. Can you imagine how difficult it was for this individual, the businessman to give it to him? And then he said, Yeah, Allah. He said, If you know I had done that, for your

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sake, then relieve us of what remains meaning the last part of the boulder that needs to move just so we can escape. And the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said, and then Allah relieve them of what remains, and the Hadith of a hottie and their brothers and sisters. These are three men trapped in a cave in what looks to be a scenario in which there is no way in the world you're going to be saved. There is no way you're going to escape. The Boulder is blocking the mouth of the cave. And so it looks like eventually they're going to maybe die of starvation if there's no other escape and it's a small cave, Allah who and what will happen.

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They made dua to Allah and Allah Subhana Allah accepted

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a lot but it wasn't just a random to Allah help us, which is important in all situations, but it was doing it through a sincere act of worship. What does that tell you? It tells you the title of our webinar today. The power of sincerity, the power of sincerity, the power of sincerity, can never be belittled, do not ever undermine the power of sincerity. The power of sincerity can move mountains can move boulders, your sincerity can move planets obviously it's not you causing it but you're sincerely as you call upon Allah through it and say Allah if you believe that what I did, if you know that what I did was sincere for your sake, then yeah, Allah helped me you know, Allah helped me

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along helped me. This is a really important concept to keep in mind. Here's my question to you. If you were trapped in the cave, as one of these three people, and you had to make dua, through a deed that you knew was sincere and private, only for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And it was very sincere, is very true. There's no doubt you did it for the sake of Allah. You want to hope your assignment what you want to write down privately, don't ever share this Inshallah, tada. Don't ever share this information. You want to make sure you have something sincere with Allah. And not just one but many. You want to have many secrets between you and Allah and they're in good secrets,

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secrets that perhaps Yes, you'll see the fruits of them in this life, but most importantly, on the Day of Judgment, have a good secret with Allah have good secrets between you and Allah. And you'll notice that your DUA is responded to in an expedited fashion sometimes in the fashion you need it for in that moment, rather than being delayed for another time for your art is answered in many different ways. You want to make sure if you were trapped in a cave, you handle sincere deeds that yeah Allah if you know that I did those things sincerely for your sake, yell looks after me. And don't do one or two things but many things continuously as a way of life. It is permissible to make

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dua through those sincere deeds. And again, this is one of the bases one of the Hadith that is a proof of that and Allah knows best. What are some things you can do to attain sincerity? What what is it that you can do? reflect critically on Allah, the majesty of the one you worship is important to keep in mind if you worship along you study his names and attributes you fall in love with Allah, you'll become more sincere you'll direct things towards him. But if your focus is your desire, your agenda, your worldly state your materialism, you'll start to stray away from pleasing Allah Subhana Allah may Allah protect us, what else can you do? Reflect on your deeds often? How many of your

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daily deeds from the time you wake up to the time that you sleep do you feel are for Allah, acts of worship that are rituals like prayer, or general ways of life general habits, your studies your work the raising of your child, consciously intend these for the sake of Allah and you will find some benefit in it. And you will find the child to accept it and reward as well. What else can you do? Number three is to reflect on the day of judgment and your meeting with Allah. When will you leave this world? We are now almost at the end of this calendar year and the year has flown by just passed by so quickly Subhan Allah and when we say the year flew by the reality is Ramadan is less than six

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months away already. Ramadan is around the corner will blink and many of us will make it turn them on and perhaps some others will not be there may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to make it and accept those who passed away before then, as shahada May Allah grant them shahada, Mamma mia, what can you do reflect on your meeting with Allah consistently throughout life, engage in a lot of is still far, a lot of tilbyr a lot of repentance, almost focus on your private state a lot and don't keep yourself occupied with what people see. Sometimes mental health is affected when people are chasing constantly chasing after validation from others. So some people will only pursue an educational

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career or a degree or certificate just because one of the factors in their mind is what will other people say how will other people feel some people act a certain way just because of that some people will get married or have kids just because of that you're doing these things for the sake of Allah forget people, it's just you and Allah subhanaw taala and when you're about to pray, think about that. It's you and Allah, you're having this conversation. And when you die in your in your grave, you want your good deeds to come to you, to protect you to shame you to intercede for you on the Day of Judgment. You want all of that so be sincere today, sincerely today towards a lot leads to a

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decrease in regrets and consequences in the next life. A decrease when it comes to hardship of the pain of regret. The more you are sincere today the less you're afraid on the day of judgment the more you're sincere towards a lot today and you act upon it sincerely, the less you have to fear in the grave or on the day of judgment and the less you have to experience of discomfort may Allah protect us all have a lot of private deeds between you and Allah private deeds no one knows about your night prayer your charity or easy ones even fasting at times helping other people help people and don't always advertise it help people and don't always post it on social media. Sometimes we

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want to inspire people sure that's not a problem at times you can do that inshallah Tada and it should be done with sincerity but don't make that your driving factor don't make that the reason you're helping other people in society that all your social justice, all your activism, all your good deeds are always basically on public display. No

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Don't make sure you're doing it for the sake of Allah. There are many people, many people who walk this earth, and they are unknown. And because of their sincerity and their good deeds, their names are mentioned throughout the habits. They are famous amongst them America of the heavens. And there are many people who are famous on Earth, and they are unknown meaning not reference on mentioned in the habits, be sincere towards Allah subhanaw taala. And remember this at the end of the day,

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we are always in need of making dua for sincerity, without overcomplicating it without overthinking it. Just be sincere and keep moving towards the law and stop worrying so much about other people. There is a famous dua we can all make. The translation of the DUA is oh Allah We seek refuge with you from knowingly associating anything with you as well we seek your forgiveness for that which we do unknowingly. What does this mean Allah mania or the weekend Oshika Vika what an alum was still fit Okay, Lima Allah Adam, this hadith. This dua comes from a famous Hadith, or people the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, oh people beware of this minor shirk, for it is more subtle than the

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footsteps of an act. The one whom Allah will should speak to him you need to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked a really important question here that helps us how can we be aware of it when it is more subtle than the footsteps of an auntie Rasul Allah? It's so subtle this time, this type of shirk. Minor shift here. It's so subtle. How are we supposed to be aware of it? How can we be cautious? He sets a low high Salam make this d'Orsay alarming, the older, weaker and weaker one Adam was Delfino, Kalamata and, O Allah, we seek refuge with you from knowingly associating anything with you and we seek your forgiveness for that which we do, unknowingly. No doubt, sincerely is a

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condition for success. No doubt sincerity is a condition for a legacy people have died and we spoke about them when they died. Like many of our teachers, lecturers, Muhammad Sharif Rahim Allah in recent times, and when people pass away sometimes you will see the effects of their sincerity if it's something that's public that they worked on. Like mmm no it I'm Allah worked on the 40 Hadith a compilation. This is, by the way, one compilation amongst hundreds of compilations of 40 Hadith, but it is perhaps the most printed book of Hadith. And it's very summarized, very short, very concise in the world today in terms of what is printed, because it's a compilation, and of course, as many

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scholars and because of his sincerity, this is a sign of sincerity. So when a sincere person passes away, sometimes the effects are through their children, or their offspring until the end of times, sometimes their effects are not seen by people and sometimes their effects are but the legacy that is not sincere is not a true legacy for Allah. A legacy that is insincere is not a true legacy for Allah. A legacy that includes showing off to the creation is not sincere. So when you raise a righteous child, you may not be known but you know in Mahalia rahamallah has single mother reason. And he changed the entire world. Sincerely moves mountains, sincerely moves boulders sincere

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liberates people sincerely changes the world. One person at a time sincerely changes the world. One person at a time sincerely changes the world, one person at a time, and it must prevail in your heart over all other desires. Whether or not you're rich or poor, whether you are in a good situation or not. materialistically even if you are a king or a queen or a politician, the Queen of Sheba or southern Belize submitted to Allah subhanaw taala and she was a queen and she had an entire kingdom she became Muslim. So sincerely means you take the signs that along give you and you act upon them today. Stop procrastinating for a day that is not guaranteed a sign of faith and

00:28:36 --> 00:29:08

sincerity. And this con is contrasted with what the hypocrites do. A sign of sincerity and a sign of humility is that you do not procrastinate. Becoming a better believer you do not procrastinate because it's one of the most destructive and prideful things we can do. There's a man who heard about Islam in one of our communities, embrace Islam immediately meaning the same day he came to the masjid heard about Islam. As far as questions he said that everything makes sense. Why would I procrastinate? Why would I delay? He became Muslim, he died a year later. May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on it. There are people who almost died who did not procrastinate there are people who

00:29:08 --> 00:29:46

died and they have procrastinated. My point is what your legacy is built on the foundation of sincerity. That is the ultimate success. Brothers and sisters. Of course, there's a lot more to say. And there's there are perhaps dozens of different topics we can cover. I encourage you inshallah Tada to join us for one of the most important courses of our times that affects the state of the hearts and deals with the state of the hearts. And this is the course that of hamdulillah was just launched, recorded by Dr. Monosodium ma last month I reward him and it is faith or fake. This class covers a number of different crucial things that will help us to remain sincere to reinforce the

00:29:46 --> 00:29:59

Eman that we seek. So this is of course very wonderfully intertwines the Sierra the stories that are based off of what's happening and also with the mafia clean and the believers and also the Tafseer of the Quran. So traits of the believers and

00:30:00 --> 00:30:32

traits of the hypocrites the traits of the believers the sincere, the faithful and the traits of those who are fake. There is the major hypocrisy in the minor hypocrisy. There are different traits that lead to genuine some are more important than others, but all of them are signs of true faith. So I encourage you to join us inshallah Tada. And yes, for those who asked I did participate is one of the teachers for the course. So I recorded several of the modules of hamdulillah especially when it comes to the topic of hypocrisy and mafia phone and specifically assault on monarchy alone, and the different traits and how to engage with these characteristics how to deal with these people in

00:30:32 --> 00:31:06

society today, whether you are noticing their effects on social media or as influencers or you're noticing their effects as politicians does it really matter. There's some application for every single part of this class for everyone who joins us which so we welcome you all. I invite you all to join us in sha Allah Allah for this brand new course again recorded by an led by Sheikh Omar Solomon is one of our newest projects at Hamdulillah that focuses on both r theta and zero and as well you can say as a Tafseer on the Quran, may Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of you, we welcome you to join us once again faith or fake launched right now with hamdulillah May Allah subhanaw taala

00:31:06 --> 00:31:43

accept from all being granted sincerely, Aloma Amin, also the Lama and Amina Muhammad. While early he was so happy to join, I noticed we had just a few quick questions here. Somebody asked What about joining Quran competitions beautifying your reputation to when it is permissible if you are being sincere, having a talent or a skill that is demonstrated for a competition that is measuring it, quantifying it, and judging you for it insha Allah is still for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala but obviously that Quran competition person should intend that you're Allah, I seek to get closer to you through this competition, not to people or not because of some worldly thing, but it is permissible

00:31:43 --> 00:32:19

to engage in that somebody asked, Can I ask someone when I visit their home for a place to pray? Or is it a sign basically is a bad thing you can ask for a place to pray just to remain sincere. Don't overthink it. May Allah subhanaw taala accept somebody says, but sometimes you're making Salah at a moderate speed. But when someone comes you feel like making a longer suit. How can I interpret that? That's what we are talking about. You want to make sure when you're praying alone, your prayer alone is better than the prayer that you prayed when that person walked in. And that may take some time. But that is the goal at the end of the day that your prayer in private is the most sincere prayer

00:32:19 --> 00:32:50

that you can pray the best prayer you can pray in if you are judged based on your Salah and private How do you feel right now? How would you feel on the Day of Judgment? How do you feel that that's the majority of your salon in terms of your record? May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us and forgive us for shortcomings along that I mean once again, there are many principles that we can take many things that we can do. Let's start inshallah Tada with these webinars and with the course that is launched what is up McLaren thank you all for your wonderful engagement. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless you all and allow us to see the fruits of sincerely in this life and in the next

00:32:50 --> 00:33:12

life. And may Allah protect us from any kind of insincerity, any kind of pride any kind of pursuit of people's pleasure over loss pleasure, may Allah forgive us for all of our shortcomings and alleviate to the affairs of our brothers and sisters in every land and every place. Aloma Amin will follow the home island Amina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mine What does that mean more Fado was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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