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hamdu lillahi wa

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salatu wa salam O Allah Milena Viva La Mulana Viva la Vida, de la Cava kitabi la Sharia Tabata Shariati Amadou former wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. shahidullah cuando la ilaha illa.

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Well, mela eka to La La Mirada MMB locust Sara colloquialism

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respected elders and brothers. Last week, I heard announcing said that there was going to be a gathering of all ama,

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that were getting together to discuss the challenges facing the AMA and the oma. Today I thought

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as a result of that, to speak about the status, the role and the challenges of the automa especially in today's time, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given a very great status to those who are learned. Those who are Allah, Allah, Allah says, Allah, Shaheed Allahu anhu La Ilaha Illa.

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Allah eager to Allah.

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Now I want you to understand this ayah Allah Allah says, Allah Allah gives testimony, the angels give testimony, and all ama give testimony, that there is no one with you of worship besides Allah, some of Assyrian right, that Allah His join the Obamas testimony with the testimony of Allah.

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This is the reality that Allah subhanho wa Taala has joined the testimony of the Allah with with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Allah wa salam, BIA, very famous Hadith, that Allah

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that Allah is of the Prophet the prophets don't leave behind wealth as the inheritance they leave behind ilam and knowledge. Whoever takes from that knowledge they have inherited from the ambia Halima Salatu was Salam. In muslera mata is a hadith that nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam it said, Allah like stars, Allah like stars that previously people used to use the stars to be able to gain direction will Mr. citaro came on and he just said whiskey or summon Dharma, revenue, my Legion. That is how Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mentioned with regard to the virtue in the status of the oma. Now, I don't regard myself as such. So please don't say that I'm blowing my own

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trumpet. I was just talking about the Anima in a general and how the people and those who are on ama what Allah subhanho wa Taala and our beloved Nivea creme de la Vallee wa sallam he said with regard to them, however together with that, because of the privilege, because of the status because of the virtue

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ambia they are the inheritors and calama ambia kawartha because of that comes a very great responsibility. Now, this is a general rule. Whenever Allah gives someone a great

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privilege, a great status. Just copy Allah subhanho wa Taala named muqaam dia. Case art exhibit. It is

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just Russia Hola, mana. llama cola tonic. Mukunda is muqaam Casazza exact Zima dari IoT. For example, Allah tala speaks greatly about the wife of the prophets only Santa Monica howdy Mina nice Nisa, you are like no other woman you are better than all the woman of the world. But with that came a responsibility may Yattaman Kenobi Felicia

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because of your status as the wives of the Prophet, if you do something wrong, the punishment of that deed is multiplied. So just in a similar manner as the mahkum of the llama is so great, the the modality and the responsibilities also just as great That is why imamo has led me to lolly.

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Here, room has written he says very amazing thing he says the corruption of the society is because of the corruption of the rulers. And the corruption of the rulers is because of the corruption of the automa this is what

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is written in the second volume of EBS volume dounia may be karakura no kitasato or who cammarano may be God Allah Mama harami Kiba so just as the

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This whole great privilege, with it comes a very great responsibility. Who am I in the past and today also have understood this responsibility. They have got together to be able to understand this whole particular responsibility. Some polymer some people have said that palamas position in the society is like salt. Now, why salt because previously they use they shouldn't be freezes. So, people used to preserve the meat by the salt. So, they say that Allah I like the salt of the community, you know, so the way the salt used to preserve the meat, the Allah preserve the morals and the Akita, and the belief of the community. Now, can you imagine if the soul becomes corrupt

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Eliyahu Bella Leah Villa for the soul that was there to preserve the community, if that becomes corrupted, who is going to preserve the meat who's going to preserve the society in the community, people in the past and the allama have realized many times as responsibility. Mr. Mohammed Rahim Allah used to study long hours in the early hours of the morning, one day his daughter saw him studying. Oh, my father, everyone is sleeping. Why don't you sleep? Oh, my daughter, people are sleeping, that if they have any method of Dean, they need any guidance. They will come to the AMA, they will come to Mr. Mohammed, if I sleep, who's going to preserve the deal? This was his

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understanding with regard to this responsibility. You know, a mom Sarah Sarah McLoughlin, he was imprisoned by the governor of the time by the rule of the time, the time how they turn a big presence. So they put him in the bottom of an unused well. Now when you enter and use Well, there is no one to bring you up is a very deep well. So even in that the students was to come and say how are you used to say next tomorrow? You come and you stay with your kiddos? I will teach you from the bottom of the well. From the bottom of the well. My mom Sarah, Sarah Mottola Lee. He dictated selective volumes, which is in a book form known as Alma suit, the mob suit of human Sara Sara Lee,

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was dictated to by Imam sera sera Mata lolly from the bottom of the well. And it came up with effective volumes. Mr. Muhammad Muhammad Ali was imprisoned and he was punished by the ruler of the time, because he took a stance against the ruler who said that Quran comes from Allah tala, but it is created by human being. And he said that if this continues, it could impact upon the sanctity of the Quran. And he said Quran is not Muslim. It comes from a light is a column of Allah. And I related this incident, that one day, a person came to the governor and said, I will give him such and such a whopping he won't be able to bear my punishment. And He punished him Obama didn't humble

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until meat started flying from the body of human Muhammad Muhammad Ali. When this happened, one of the courtiers one of the people who was close to the governor, he felt ashamed. And he came to mama he said, say one times even if it might appear that the Quran is mahalo, say it is created. It is not don't say and keep your stance. I will save you from the punishment of the governor. And I'ma

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say one time in my year that Quran is not Muslim. Quran is not created, it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. I will save you from the punishment of Allah. I will save you from Allah subhanho wa Taala as punishment. So this is now together. Allah tala and Nevis Aslam has made mentioned with regard to this sub part of the responsibility. Yamato has an akula carnian Oh Allah Allahu nebia cream sauce to miss Edna Hadith in Santa Fe hottie that in every zamana in every age, Allah will create certain Allah who will fulfill the responsibility of preserving the deen. Yeah, Muhammad Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who said they will do justice in preserving the deen and maybe a cream sauce

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they made mention of three responsibilities of the Allah ma n funan. rollin. They will, they will combat the distortion of the extremist, extremist one particular responsibility of the Halima is to to

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combat those who go beyond the limit. Joe had said by challenge I had said that I was gonna die.

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He was Cooper rock, rock rock Tom Caray, it is a responsibility. So this is also a responsibility. Therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us not to go beyond the limit.

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Don't make haram what Allah subhanho wa Taala has made Helen matahari mama Allah Allah don't make haram what Allah tala has made her to do that. It is fine

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And responsibility of going beyond the limit and increase time. That's a reality. That's a response in reality, that today we also have people who go beyond the limit. Right? I'll give you an example. I just read recently, a periodical which comes out in people sometimes talk about it. And in that there was a question. What do you say with regard to the woman in Syria who raped and I couldn't believe my ears in my eyes when I read it. When he said

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they deserve it.

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They deserve it. This was written in response to a question they said, What do you say with regard to those women who are raped in Syria? It is part of the responsibility of the AMA, to be able to combat that type of distortion. Part of the way into Halla motilin is also to, to the distortion of various types of people with regard to the Palestine Deen. It's a responsibility of the AMA to be able to combat that. And three, we have many of them, whether it be Korean is who came in the form of not agreeing upon maybe social and being the loss of profits, those who abused the Sahaba and in today's time, there are different types of challenges. One of the challenges today is that people

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have doubts with regard to religion. People have skepticism with regard to religion. Some of us they have gone into atheism, because they don't have the right type of guidance. They have skepticism, and they have doubts that have crept into their minds. And they have that Imam Abu Hassan Rahim Allah has written a very amazing thing he said, if the poker half the time like even more hanifa Imam, Shakira motorolla if they were alive, and they saw the amount of people having skepticism about religion, in the form of Islam, perhaps they would have closed the books of faith, to be able to challenge and to be able to look into the fitna of the age of people having doubts and skepticism

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of religion and turning away from religion. Sometimes people don't say outwardly with the tongues that they don't believe in Islam, but many times people have this type of doubts in their hearts, it is a responsibility to be able to deal with those type of challenges and those type of distortions, which happens, then another aspect what that will mean, and to part of the responsibility of the allama is to be able to challenge the understanding and misinterpretation of deal by the foolish and ignorant people. Now, there are two types of ignorance. One is ignorance which is out of defiance and what is out of foolishness. When there is out of defiance, then it is very, very serious because

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a person becomes ignorant and goes against the commands of Allah out of defiance.

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Harsha wakulla that is the mom Sophia Nicola Malala. used to say, when a person commits a Guna and send out of desires in weakness, it is hoped that Allah might forgive him if he's sincere, but if he does Guna in sin out of defiance Yeah, what what's wrong in me doing such and such a thing, and he has to be like it could be so close to Kufa and that is also part of the responsibility. We have different types of Johanna we have different types of ignorant people. So one day a person passed away so the mother to call all the wealth, her to call the wealth. So in the mother to call the wealth said Where do you Who told you you can take the wealth you have to give it to the children

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said no, the Quran say I must take everything. So where does the Quran say sit in the Quran tapachula belavia tamahagane and omalu maka, maka Sabha So, in this particular way people have this. So in this so the three things with regard to this is the response rate today in many ways, the responsibility has become very difficult. The reason why it is become difficult is

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you know, Allah can do no No, no, right? He for example, an alum spends his entire life teaching Quran and Hadith, any setting the madrasa. Now that is such a great responsibility if it was not for that, well as him we would not have 18 today 300 years Dean is in South Africa It is because of the Allah ma who set in the madrasahs teaching us alibi and teaching us other things in teaching us how to read the Quran. But today, if an alum sits there, and he doesn't anything else, but he only sits in a madrasa and what do the people say, this alum he doesn't know nothing. What is happening in the world? He only Setsuna madressa.

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What does he know? And if the album becomes politically active, he gives talks and he goes out and he speaks to the business people. He gets involved in political activism. Then what do they pull out? What do the people say? Malvina to Marissa Murray.

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He was supposed to stay in the madrasa Why is he going out into the world? So what is the situation? So you have these types of challenges which have become but in the past, I will give you an example whatever the fitness of the 80s the Olympic Committee, right.

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In the time of kamanga Sally Rahmatullah Lee, the philosophers were very, very

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very prominent, they had an impact upon society. So mama wrote the hospital philosopher, the incoherence, of the views of the philosophers, he dealt such a blow to them, that they never rose for many, many years. He broke the arguments from them today, today, the western civilization, and the thought has taken dominance over the views and the thinking of people, it is responsibility of the AMA to combat that views. And while things have been done, much more needs to be done, to be able to combat the dominant ideology, and perhaps more needs to be done in this regard. Because it also affects from the sociological point of view, that the dominant civilization always has an

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impact upon the thinking of people. That is why previously when Islam was dominant, people used to people used to follow Islam. Now, in other civilizations, a dominant people type try to take with regard to the thoughts. So this is also one of the responsibilities and because of these great responsibilities, people must make dua that Allah subhanaw taala preserve the Allah to be able to play the rightful role. Another important aspect is this, that how do you deal with regard to it many times people have this condescending type of view with regard to the man that they are fighting amongst themselves, they are like this, they are like that, whatever the situation is, my dear

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respective brothers, it is very important that we show respect to the mama, mama like the flags of a country, the way you respect the flag of a country because it represents a country, the orlimar represent the Dean of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala they represent the uniformity of law, there are two things in this I would like to say. One is the common people when they respect an alum, they must always remember they are not respecting an individual. They are not respecting Ibrahim, Mohammed is Marine, they are respecting the deen and the knowledge that he carries. Whereas an alum, he must also not be under the misconception that people are respecting him by Metapod

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by people are not respecting you as an individual, they are respecting the knowledge that you carry. So you must bear that in mind. They are not respecting you. But it is very well known that we must stay away from this respect to the alama is a very famous Arabic saying during the course of this week in one of the WhatsApp groups, one one person who is from Arabic background. He said that is a very famous statement in Arabic. And I also went to look into it. And I saw it quoted as one of the statements of even Yasaka Rama Talalay and Aloo Malema in

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the flesh of the llama is poisonous. The flesh of the llama is poisonous for your Eman. Don't criticize the llama. Don't disrespect the Anima if there is constructive, it is something that needs to be going engage them but don't disrespect them because they are the wholeness of the Kalam of Allah subhanho wa Taala via cream sauce limited. He who does not respect our elders. He does not show compassion to our our children and our young people. He does not respect our scholars he's not from amongst us. But many Jolla maka Tanaka and also one Hadith homiletical Quran. Allah Jana

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has made mention of it, that the people who bear the Holy Quran, they will be in positions of honor, on the day of Tiamat we saw Sullivan's famous Hadith, when he when he and for khurasan to be the harbor. He who inconveniences a saint of Allah Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala declares war against him. mm Shafi Rama Talal used to say, if the true Allah are not the saints of Allah, then who else would be the sins of Allah subhana wa tada one aspect many times people bring up by hula

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hula fighting amongst themselves hula hoop difference of opinion what must we do? Why must we listen to them? They are fighting amongst themselves. That particular aspect how the owner mamas many differences. It is something as a topic for the whole ama to discuss for you and I What is our responsibility? How are we supposed to deal with it? You still have to

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back and

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you still have a full kicker. Not at Heidi Hammel. Nemanja nabha, Hamid tokiwa. Try to ram Kimani that having difference of opinion doesn't mean you can join together for good things together. And it doesn't mean that you must not respect one another. Even Shakira Malala one day was giving us one of his students. Yunus bin Abdullah differed with him on Shafi Rahmatullah Lee. He got angry, and he walked away from the from the lesson in a very angry mood. And then at night, he was

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He was about to sleep. He had a knock on the door. Who is it? Mohammed bin Idris. So he said Who is this Muhammad Idris The only person I know is Mr. Shafi. He will open the door and he got a shock. He's was that was at his door. And he said, you know, we have so many things that combines us so many things that you and I we believe together. For one one difference. Must we become angry with one another?

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Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Lee went to the door of his student immunospot Abdullah saying that we have so many things that brings us together one small thing, must we be able to be enemies with one another? So, how do we deal I will just give you an example, many times you and I, when we get sick, we go to different doctor doctors, when we go to different doctors, what do we do? Sometimes the doctor will have a different type of opinion into shakos. in diagnosing your disease, one doctor will say it is this one doctor will say it is this sometimes the doctors doctors will differ happens on a regular basis, they will differ with regard to the treatment, what do you and I do?

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What do you and I do by Dr. Ramesh tilava cello murjani.

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The difference of opinion amongst the doctors let's dive in. No one says that, because life everyone likes gianmaria zz no one says that. But in this particular way, by Allah ma may still affect Corrado Karna. Why do we adopt that particular attitude here? When there's a difference of opinion amongst the doctors, you choose the best doctor whom you got trusting? He said this doctors particular things seems better. He his methodology, his treatment makes sense to me. He's got better experience, I will find out from people and say that out of all the doctors, he's got a better record in terms of treating this particular type of disease, all of us will do that. So in a similar

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manner, in the sector of amongst the AMA, that's what you do. You follow the one whom you got trust in, you see his track record, you see what he has done, you see what how he situation is how his compassion is to the people, you follow him without criticizing anyone else. This is the way for you and I does it make sense brothers, this is the way we are supposed and make to our brothers. We've sometimes we all we take it for granted today there are so many different types of, you know, challenges, we all know that there is change in this world. And change is not an easy thing. Today change we have to deal with change. They say if you ignore change, you perish. You have no change,

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you perish. you adapt to change, you survive. you anticipate change, you prosper, you influence change, you transform the reality. But that happens in the corporate world. There are people who have not been able to, to keep up with change, they have been destroyed. We look at in the corporate world, Nokia 10 years ago, everyone used to have a Nokia today, no one got a Nokia. They didn't keep up with the trends. They didn't keep up with a change. The CEO of Nokia in this week resigned and he was crying. He said we tried our best. But what trying the best is not good enough. We didn't keep up with the trends, you don't keep up with change. Now what am I have this particular type of

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challenge, we have to take into account the changing circumstances. But in taking account the changing circumstances, we also have our tradition, how far do you go with this change? Can you go to the change to the extent people today say you must accept homosexuality? Can Allah do this? Today people say what is akademiska? Has anyone seen his success that Allah has given the male double the female in terms of inheritance? And there are reasons for three gotway? Can the Allah accept that change? So we need to be aware, we have to make changes, we have to take into account the changes, but yet at the same time, while taking into account that changes, we also have to keep our

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fundamentals correct. So there is a responsibility in today's time for the alama that is why it's such a NASDAQ, it is such a sensitive, such a great responsibility. And therefore you need the allama and you need the duardo the people and one last thing I will say is that we need the cooperation between the common people in the in the last stages of his life. As a shepherd he has said Mohammed Moodle has since he went to Aligarh University, and he spoke to the students of Aligarh University and he spoke about a cooperation between the professional between the business people and the Lama. He was on his deathbed he was actually carried in a wheelchair and he went to

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go and speak to the students of Malaga University. That is how we as a oma remember one thing, that if there is no cohesion between the alama and the people, then the enemies they will take advantage of it. One a holiday for Rahmani Rama Zulu Allah says when the Muslims defeated the Crusaders, you know, I don't think it was that way. Either way. One of the debates it learned people were having

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at that particular time, whether to remain on the earth is more virtuous or whether to remain and to live in the US man is more virtuous. And we're going to be you know fighting on a particular level, enemies will take advantage. So it is in this particular cooperation between the alumni and the people that we will find that there will be progress and they will benefit of Islam was the one and only me