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AI: Summary © The WhatsApp group's "hamara" message is emphasized in sharia, where it is important to not acknowledge the "hasara" meaning "has been greatly emphasized." The "hasara" meaning "has been greatly emphasized is also emphasized." It is also discussed the importance of manhood and not disclosing false accusations, the difficulty of facing challenges, and the need for sympathy for individuals. The "hamara" message is also emphasized, along with the importance of human rights and acceptance of their own actions.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

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Wa Salatu was salam, wa salam ala Nabi Avada Avada for photoville lahemaa shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in el momento

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for hosley kobane Alpha Waco, what duck Allah Allah Allah come to Rahman Sarah colonialism

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My dear respected elders and brothers Alhamdulillah we think Allah that Allah has given us the opportunity to witness the mobarak enjoyers day of heed, am Allah tala ki hum Bianca Tachyon, latonya, hammock martaba et hatia, Nassim for my hamdulillah. Now today I want to speak about a very important point with regard to my heat message. And that is, Allah has brought us together. We are believers, we are movements, we are brothers unto one another. And we in this world we have different relationships. These relationships are based on family or community on the basis of faith and the basis of humanity. So we have different types of relationship based on family based on

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community based on Eman and faith based on humanity. And all of those are important. But today I want to speak on the relationship based on our faith based on our data. And this is also an important part of our Deen Zindagi muhammara Talmud or hamara taluka harnden Masha RAM, Eman or a guide or Insomniac ki Boneyard. parhaat. m. e Tamam achmea cameleon. They can urge and Islami who would give me

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this particular type of relationship, which is based on Islamic aqidah which is based on faith has been greatly emphasized in our Sharia. It has been greatly emphasized in our Sharia. Islamic said not only is this relationship based on faith, it is part of faith. Not only is it based on faith, it is part of faith or yet now self Eman k Banjara Hey man can juicehead himself homestead

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taught me no one taught me no

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you cannot bring a man until you have law you cannot enter into gender until you have a man and you don't have the man until you

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until you do not you can enter gender until you have a man and you don't have a man until you love one another object not modafinil he was the man the man no or demand occupies near Jeff tech up up near do sre muscle man buys mo hopper cartel who's worked up aka Mr mccampbell name your demand is not completed until you have love for your fellow Muslim brother. And this is such a great brotherhood and there is so much of emphasis upon it that it has been regarded as almost equal and likened to yourself or even more important than yourself.

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Therefore it comes when you look at the Holy Quran is a very amazing attitude with regard to this brotherhood. You know Allah tala in the Holy Quran, it said you know so many different places that this brotherhood of man this brotherhood of faith and this Muslim Brotherhood, it is almost like your own self it is your own interest. So Allah tala in the Holy Quran says personally more under unforeseen

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so what does it mean normally you want to say don't make Salam upon another person align the Quran says personally

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make Salaam upon your own self to make Salaam to your Muslim brother is like making Salaam upon your own self. Islam is

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a mere resort resort the iron k will say up near xad k barabar Yahoo saving a handsome giant. Just imagine this so that Allah says although Allah wants to say make Salaam to another person and that Allah says personally more than four second making Salaam to an ex Muslim brother is like making Salam upon yourself. Allah Allah says

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don't kill your own self. Now no one cares his own self. You know what is meant here. Don't kill someone else.

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can don't kill your own self by killing your Muslim brother? You're killing your own self? For Allah Tell me so.

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Don't look for faults in your own self. What is the meaning don't look for faults in others, but look at our lives put it? Yeah, who What? hamari

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semi seberapa

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nikka apne under the National Chrome, or mclubbe, your hair cap a bike a crow, they can kiss kiss and thus Elena by and for Maya. Don't look for false in your own self. Don't look for false in your next Muslim brother. Such is the importance of this brotherhood, yet

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it is even more greater in sanctity. Then even the Kaaba in the Baitullah. Abdullah Muhammad Ali Allah Tran who says that Maria Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was making top of the carbine the Baitullah once. And then when he he looked at the Kaaba and the Baitullah, he said, Nubia, Kareem Sal slim said, Oh, carbine Baitullah, Your Honor. Your sacredness, your sanctity is very great.

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Your sanctity is very great, and there is no doubt about it. This is not the part of the Hadith, but I'm saying, Look at the Kaaba, the sanctity of the Kaaba, that GABA, which was the first house of Allah on this earth.

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The Kaaba that first, the angels that are demolition at wasallam belted, that after that hazard was Salam belted, that carbine the Baitullah, which in this world, the human beings make come off of, and directly on top of it above the seven heavens in beta Malmo, the angels make the wolf of it. This how great and st sanctified and sacred This cover is, maybe a cream sauce, and I'm told the cover and address the cover and said, very great is your sacredness, but I take an oath by the bead in whose hands My life is, the owner of a believer is greater than you insensitive.

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The owner of the believer is greater than you in sanctity, GABA

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K, in sunny Islamic who sent

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this email imagine the sanctity of the Muslim Brotherhood. And today we take it for granted. We don't show any importance with regard to the Brotherhood of the Muslims. So just bear this in mind that Nivea creams are slim and Allah Allah had said that this Brotherhood is as important, if not more important than our own selves. And it is even more sacred and sanctified than the Kaaba and the Baitullah. Now, what are the demands of this particular brotherhood, amongst the demands of this brotherhood? One of them is that we do not look down upon other people. We do not look down upon other people, we do not regard other people less and inferior than ourselves.

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This is one of the demands of our brotherhood, that we don't look down upon people were not to serve us Don't look down upon other people. And that Allah knows with regard to the, the value of another person, Allah knows his he man, you can't judge who is better than another person. You can judge them. How can you judge who is better than another person? Only Allah subhana wa Taala knows Don't look down another person. Don't mock it another person. Allah tala is clearly prohibited. prohibited. Yeah, you and larina Manu la yes hello comin comin as a born okay ramen home. What are you

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in as a ramen?

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Oh you who believe to not mock at another person. Don't joke at another person. Don't mock it another person. What is right is right we can make mention Yeah, this is right. This is wrong. But we can judge another person. That person. Allah subhanho wa Taala. Once Allah tala can lift him, he can make making Guna. Now Allah tala can give him he died before he dies. He can reach what great what great rank. Last week Friday we made mentioned on Jammu tell me the the incident of kiefel who made so much type of immorality. Right. And then he made Toba just a day before he passed away. And after he passed away next day written on the door of his house, Allah has given given

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Allah has raised people to another status. So we don't know how he came. Or here.

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Islamic hood, create the Casa Mesa Yeah, Cam kisi musalman baykal hapless at kumtor. Nigeria or na kisi kaam masa hora because we don't know who is better

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Another person says Don't mock it another person. I saw a guru hate me What a beautiful aspect. Perhaps he is better than you in the eyes of Allah who said the

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better. It is maybe he is better than you in the eyes of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Don't mock and do not look down upon another person.

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Another demand with regard to this

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Brotherhood is that we don't turn people

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don't don't. One is to mock don't ease you sometimes directly you speak and you belittle someone don't don't. There's an amazing incident. Man here or her will be them. lamea mode that whoever tones another person with regard to ascend that he is committed. He won't die until he committed same son.

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I'm Nikki see Katana de

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novia Kareem Sal slim Khadija aapka mort walk in a walk up to see

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don't don't another person you taunting another person with regard to the son that he has committed. Perhaps even you will not die until you commit that's an assault on this hadith was to say when I see a person drinking Mel directly from the teats and the others of an animal I won't laugh at him that maybe I will one day do the same thing.

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Don't don't don't if I see him drinking both directly from the others, which is unusual. No human being does it. But if he does it, then I will not laugh at him that maybe I will do the same thing because of this hadith. And part of this is that you don't look at the and pursue the faults of other people or risk who would correct the cause or you can do so okay. You Up talaash nakara don't look at the faults of others to Swami epner don't dare don't look at the faults of others don't search for the faults of others have to live in must be allowed me to say as a man because he has quoted What an amazing statement of Herbalife he was. The believer looks for excuses in the affairs

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and the actions of others. And when afic looks for false in the in the believers actions, just let me repeat that Abdullah saw that he allowed us to say that the believer looks for excuses. Maybe he did this because of this. And the monastic looks for false or to live in must be allowed to know call him came Mormon. do say do throw Kalia moderate Cape 100 on time, or monarchic? Minami ebden time nebia Kareem Sal slim said, Don't look for the faults of other people. If you look out for the faults of other people, and now we'll look after your faults and look out for your faults. And if Allah searches for your faults, Allah will disgrace you even if you remain in lockdown, Allah will

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disgrace you.

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Up to stroke a Kalashnikov.

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In philcare agha, crucify loose, why keep allowed chaos, he will be disgraced. Therefore it is very important man cetera Muslim and whoever conceals the false of another person. Allah will conceal his faults on the day of karma. Allah will conceal his faults on the Day of Judgment. And the person, you know, this is a very important thing. You know, there is one very amazing statement of related to

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the loan to value manchaca. Who, who will be nurse, congratulations be upon that person whose own false make him

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blind to the faults of others. He looks at his own faults that he don't look at the faults of others to ballymun shahzada who Ibu and will be nasty, but

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as the report had said, so one of the causes and one of the demands of brotherhood

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is this particular aspect that we don't look out for the faults of another person. Another aspect with regard to this Brotherhood is

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that we don't disclose the faults of others. We don't disclose the faults of others to make mention and speak about the faults of others has been prohibited. And it has been discouraged in our in our Sharia mm because Allah Antonelli writes a very interesting incident. He said, has it be Salli Salatu was Salam. One day was going with his disciples. Right? He was going as he said, he salat wa salam of niharika Jara had him to eight muda large perawatan. So as if you Sally salatu salam asked his disciples and his students, that what you make this body naked

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would you cover

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The body of your brother, if today if someone is is a dead body is on the road, etc, that even even non Muslims what they will do, they will put a they will put a sheet over it. It is the demands of humanity, you put a sheet over it. He said he said that was Salam said What will you do with regard to the the corpse and the dead body of your Muslim brother if is laying, when you reveal it? Will you make it naked and you will show it to people or you're covering? So all of them said, Oh prophet of Almighty Allah, we will cover it. So that you Sally salatu salam, you know, to give them a lesson said no, you don't cover it up your scope or scope or

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up to school clarity.

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So the disciples said, No, we won't do it. So he said, let's say that was Salam said then why do you disclose the false of your Muslim brother then?

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Why do you disclose the false of the Muslim brother? It is like making your Muslim brother naked in front of others. What an amazing thing a man has made mentioned with regard to the salicylate wasallam so part of this is that no, don't look out for the faults of others don't disclose the faults of others. nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has given us this indication that I mean Haleakala in Santa Rosa, if Allah has made human being weak, and let him say Monaco comes open to what is the what is a great achievement in you taking out the faults of someone whom Allah has created weak then another aspect with regard to the Brotherhood if if you can't do anything good if

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you can't do anything good then don't harm another Muslim brother. I got was called

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to napalm just to commerce comm there are upon job

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seeker fidonet punch acetate or knock Sam been upon job as a man let's say three things. He said one animal gives people benefit. One animal gives harms people like the snake and the scorpion and one animal does not give benefit does not give harm. So Imam ghazali said try and be an animal that gives benefit like the cow that gives milk like the bee that gives honey and if you can't be that animal Don't be like the scorpion that harms rather be like that animal that does not benefit doesn't harm come has come yet Okoro. fidonet pentasa toto come has come looks Amina much Punjab and Muslim woman Solomon Muslim woman listen he was a Muslim is he are the Muslims are saved from the

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evil and the harms of his tongue and his hens. And lastly, my dear respected brothers, we have to keep in mind that a believer is someone the way Nivea cream sauce limited law fadal him Allah Allah

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there is no hair and there is no goodness there is no hair and there is no goodness in someone who does not love people people does not love him.

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There is no hair, who's had been the head he to do some hot butt naked to do silicone say mahabubnagar What good is there in this person? Today we find that many times we are all the time hostile certain people all the time hostile, they always creating and being enemies to others. And of course during the cause of others becoming enemies of them. What good is that? In you becoming and creating enemies of yourself to others or others becoming enemies of yours?

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There is no hair in a person who does not love people and people not love him? There is no goodness in such a person. So why why do we have such a relationship? And why is our Amal and our deeds in such a way that we in many ways we facilitate enmity and hostility? When in the words of the Hadith we are supposed to facilitate and to be able to bring people together and part of this brotherhood My dear respected brothers is this that we show sympathy to those who are in difficulty.

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You man character Casa? Yeah. Can you hear me kissy? musalman kissy kissy topcliffe me makaha.

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Upon custard Undertaker, or Karna Chaya wherever Muslim is in any difficult in a vehicle himself, Selim is given a harder example. I'll move meruna just said you worried the moment is like one single body in his Taka Hyun who is taka kulu if the eye pain is not only the eyes, the pains the entire body feels the pain. So if for example, one Muslim in any part of the world is in difficulty, then we are supposed to feel the pain in every particular time. They are different Muslims having different types of challenges. Presently the challenge and the difficulty is upon the people of Palestine. Philistine keemo salmaan, op Opra. boards, yada topcliffe Allah tala will kill your son

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for my own Kalia. Do I do I

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add Kadena inshallah comas come hum sub daughtercard Nuffield

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Hi, I'm Sarah Ganga in Sharla. Every one of us report a catch of Salah tahajjud. For the Muslims in Palestine, they are going through great amount of difficulty. And it is part of our Eman And part of the Brotherhood of faith that we have sympathy for them. Today we made this the table also in memory of the Palestinian people of color make it easy for them, this is they car. So this is something that we are supposed to have. They are going through such great amount of difficulty The world has betrayed them. No one talks about them. Everyone talks about human rights. But when it comes to the human rights of Palestinians, everyone is shocked. Otherwise, if one once one woman would not say

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that human rights is not important, anyway, one woman one men, somewhere along the line becomes a target of human rights violation. The whole world the Human Rights Organization makes such a big noise. They make slogans and they have resolutions. Here a whole nation has been killed. Children have been killed, and there is no no noise. And no one talks about We are the human rights organizations. And forget all the human rights organization. We are our leaders. Our own leaders have betrayed the people of Palestine, Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for them. But when people betray you, and then if you tend towards Almighty Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala covers you,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala grant to discover and let Allah grant you His protection, and we make dua that Allah subhana wa Taala will grant protection to the people of Palestine and that Allah will give them the necessary qualities that they will be able to resist the oppression of the people who are oppressing them. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will give them the necessary qualities which will attract a lot as merci Merci. Allah tell us married Allah tala as hell, and inshallah, the day will come not very far off that Allah Allah will grant them relief from the persecution, if not in this world, definitely the year after, and Allah subhanho wa Taala is definitely rewarding them with

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regard to the resistance and with regard to the oppression that they are facing. May Allah Allah make it easy for them. In all of us. Were through the one and