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and hungry laghi Allah.

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wa Salatu was Salam ala

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l mursaleen.

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He was happy was seldom at the Sleeman

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kathira mavado favela.

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smilla Rahmanir Rahim. Cora this Mira beacon lady follow Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala colonialism. My dear respected elders and brothers,

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it is the beginning of the educational year in South Africa and on that particular relationship, I thought that we should speak on the importance and other aspects of education and in the ayat which I've recited, the first is revealed by Allah subhanho wa Taala to our beloved nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it is amazing that from the time of SLE salat wa salam, till the time of our beloved Nivea creams and Allahu alayhi wa sallam, that particular time is known as a threat there was

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a time in which he did not come from Allah to the people of the world. It is a time of over 600 years, if not more, and after that amount of time, the first words of that where he that comes from Allah is about knowledge, it cannot read. It is about knowledge. This shows us the importance of knowledge in Islam. Quran Capelli is Jo commerce comm ceso Sal cavada hilum kibarim and as he say Islam ilam Kia Mia Jagger, hottie or ischemia time Mr. LaMacchia. It shows us the importance that is why after this I it was revealed in the emphasis upon knowledge in Islam. There was such a such a great thirst for the search of knowledge amongst the Sahaba amongst the Tabby in amongst the

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earliest scholars of Islam, that it is absolutely amazing because of which our Deen our religion has been preserved because of the pioneering efforts of the early scholars of Islam. I made mention once they have this incident, I said before he came to hear about the fame of Imam Muhammad Ali. Mohammed is a very great scholar, very great scholar, the student of

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stepping forward came prima Mohammed and said, I want to learn something from you. So Mr. Muhammad said, I've got no time my whole day has been taken. My whole day has been taken. But when he emphasized, he said give me some time. I've come from far to learn from you. So my Muhammad Ali fought and said, at the time when I get up for tattooed prayers, that time there is no one with me. Who smoke mirrors at Queenie Tajik to dip my toe

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to swap up Anna so you commit that time while I'm busy preparing myself making food bring a kit up whatever you want to learn I will teach you i said before Accra Talalay used to say I used to remain awake all night that I must not miss that little bit of time I used to get with him Mohammed Rama Talalay, that was the way they fell you knowledge that's how Dean has come to us that today we can take a Quran we can take Buhari Sharif and we can take a hadith all those particular aspects are clearly in front of us. And we can we can learn and it is preserved because of that type of efforts. jabya Viola who traveled from Medina to Damascus to learn one Hadith, a hadith that he knew he knew

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the text of the Hadith, but the person in Damascus, he had learned it from NaVi saucer with one narrator less and when you have less narrations between you and me a cream sauce lamb, it is more authentic. He traveled from Medina to Damascus at that time used to take so long to learn that one Hadith. This is

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How the deen has been preserved and that is how, you know this particular knowledge was emphasized and valued in the earliest stages of Islamic history now via Kareem sallahu wa sallam he tabula Hellman for Eva Kannada fully Muslim, that acquiring of Islam is compulsory upon every every Muslim ilonka hassle. Karna Yes, we have first hand. Yes and a katana. Talia to teak macchiato. It's not like if I do it a longer life, I don't do it. It's not important. It is compulsory. So someone for someone to say, an ignorant Muslim is a misnomer.

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He cannot get jaho salmaan. Yeah.

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lm Cola, or maybe a cream sauce from the forest to jail. musalman Kanika. Muslim? How can we say ignorant Muslim? When libertarian socialism? It's a dilemma for either crapola Muslim, the acquiring of Islam is compulsory. One very big question comes to mind. And you know, nowadays people have degrees, and you have different types of degrees, master's, bachelor's, PhD, someone might say that, well, I got a PhD degree in chemistry. Surely, that doesn't apply to me because I've got that much knowledge. I got a PhD malapascua PhD. So that Hadith which says 11 is compulsory, I have I have acquired it. Well, not necessarily. So. And by the by the way, you know, I must tell you someone one

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small incident about this whole aspect of different degrees, sort of very great academic one day went to a car dealer. He was just looking at the cars, but the car dealer was so good. He was so good. And he was so persuasive, that this particular academic went to buy a car. And he came back his wife said, What did you do? Why do you buy a car you don't need a car. He said the car dealer was so persuasive. He was so good in his way of marketing. And he told me, he said the sky is so good, so good. So the wife told him you are such a great academic, you got a PhD degree, you got this small personal car dealer, you know, made you a full backup and so he went one day, the next

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day, he went to the car dealer and said, Tell me I am a PhD You made me buy a car that was not necessary. One degree you've got. So he said, I got FSF degree. So he was even more taken aback. First of all, he made me an academic buy a car that I didn't need, and I'm a PhD and he's got a degree I've never ever heard of this degree. He said, What is it degree FSF? He said fail stennett file?

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That is a degree of God. So sometimes a person could PhD? Is it good enough? Not good enough? I'll tell you the reason you might know something about chemistry or medicine etc. But do you know what Allah subhanahu wa taala wants from you in your given situation? What is for us? What is for us sufficient knowledge that will enable you to carry out the religious obligation that is for us, our alumni have written with every for us comes another responsibility another for us to know about that for us. If Salat is compulsory upon you by the time you become valid, then by the time you become valid, you must know how to read Salah what is for us what is Mustafa to submit? How would you make

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gazoo Tara if you are going for Hajj, it is compulsory. It's not by the way, it's compulsory for you to know the basic way of making a judge. If you are going to open up a business, it is compulsory for you to know the the basic aspects of buying and selling. Otherwise you will be deemed a sinner in Islam. That is the meaning of tabula ilmi for either to Allah Cooney Muslim Islam to eight musalman Cusco Cusco fries and jam carnamah or fries adapter name a method million, whose car hassle enough for us now that when you take that some people say got over a budget we need to need to know our aside. What our basic aqeedah it's compulsory for you to know

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what is permissible, what is not permissible. What What is pride. When am I going to committing a sin by being proud? That much knowledge for you to know is compulsory. If you don't know if you are a sinner, that is the aspect with regard to tell me for either a Muslim to become an ally, to become an have in depth knowledge of D it's not compulsory. Now when you regard this and see what important it is. Now you come to realize the importance of what we

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Call the muckety.

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Joe school cupboard no data

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key. Yeah, Elon

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wrote what you needed. We don't worry with regard to it. We take it to be the last aspect with regard to our knowledge. Whenever all appointments must be done must be done in the time of Marisa

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qui je Naja. Naja we don't worry with regard to it. But yet this is the most important this is for you to know what your religion wants from you as a person Let me read him Ola. In his book that he's written. He said that the most effective way of preserving your Eman is through the means of the matter. As a mana Manzano money he has made mentioned he said, Every Muslim parent in today's time has got two options. Either allow your children to become mortal. Allow your children to become out of the fall of T or C tweet that they learn the primary Islamic education in Makkah. It's up to you what you want to do. Yato

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Yeah, Kitchener Waterloo in Kibera, man, Africa. See to the day go Alhamdulillah South Africa has got such a beautiful infrastructure we have in the other parts in the world. People go to madrasa once a week. Come Saturday, Sunday once a week for one hour.

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How are you going to learn how to read Quran? How are you going to learn with regard to your fries of salads aka how are you going to know that? This My dear respective brothers we have to emphasize because in our community nowadays, the aspect and the importance of this Islamic knowledge is important Islamic knowledge is going away. We take our children out the moment is something small by Nicola Marissa Nicola wave, how are we going to teach our children more than that to become an alum, alum benaco first name must have

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a chance to become an alum is very good, but it is not a compulsion. Allah in the Quran is referred to in fanola forum in Polish hirakata minnewanka Kalia COVID de let a peer group of people in every community following Allah Fermin Khalifa, typhoon, Leah Takahashi de, they came in depth knowledge of the deen. So in every community, there must be a Allium a Mufti who can advise the people about in depth matters pertaining to D. If a community doesn't have someone to teach them in depth methods of deal or they can refer to someone like that the entire community in the eyes of Allah is selling cell phone,

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the entire community is sinful. So, this particular aspect we got to keep in mind that is why of course it is very good for a person to learn more, you know, for a person to learn is very good, that he must learn the go into depth when argument omata live in Omaha urban fanatic and Robin

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Muslim, either you and Adam, either you are a student or you love knowledge, you can be the fourth Either you are an ally, either you are a student, either you love Elon, you can be the fourth otherwise you are going to be destroyed. The habit of navigating saucer has made mentioned so now for Escobar Elon Musk. Yeah mukamal alamanda mastaba ferragni or whatnot for a sacrifice. of see batanga. That is why mama Sula sobre la one day a person came to him and he told him that make dua Allah Allah make my son an element Hafiz make dua Allah make my son an alum and Hafiz monomolecular sobre la me do and said, I make dua Allah make your child pious. I make dua liquid child pious to

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the person two times make the same as the same dua, and one escape the same made the same dua. I'll make one letter keep your son pious. He asked what's the reason someone has said alamanda for his knee to become an alchemist, not compulsory. To become obedient to Allah is compulsory. To become obedient to Allah is compulsory, you have to be obedient to Allah. So that is now today we also have another particular aspect is with regard to what we known as secular knowledge worldly knowledge, acquired knowledge, a three room disco fam Cata dounia Escobar Americana. What is what is the reality with regard to that? Islam is not say that these are haram No, no, it's not haram was copied

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to Hana. When we look at our history, we will find that Alhamdulillah in our history, we found that Muslims had been in the forefront with regard to this. We had been the people who have taught the world the word algebra comes from the Arabic word algebra. Just

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Roger is regarded to be the father of chemistry. You know, these many, Hazrat hifumi has written 200 books in his life and he is regarded to be a great scholar in our history 47 books on metal and mathematics. So, Luca hassel Hara me bulka bada imambara zelina Tata click it to Hana classroom to hassle karma jump comm k mfat may have for certify that to learn what we term is worldly knowledge as it is for a certifier. If we do not learn it and we get back amongst the nations of the world, then the oma will be held responsible. Like if the noteburner medicine, accounting, if there is no Muslim presence and there is no Muslim people learning it and we are going to be prejudiced, then we

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are sinful AS Roma. So he said those knowledges which are indispensable for the welfare of mankind, to learn it is first sacrifice. So here we are on a chart and some of the things that I will make mention with regard to the shy, one is by remember this hum innocuously has a native Teresa technically a putana, Casa Nicola, we've got this particular view that I will learn these aspects of knowledge, because I want to become wealthy. I want to undress nebia cream sauce, and I'm used to make dua against this that the California modular Illumina do not make this material world The reason why I gained knowledge. So this particular aspect, we don't learn knowledge for the sake of

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risk. This hasim technically,

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hum apne aapko better banana Kelly, or Insomniac, Kim Madden, or hypnotic hypnotically Anthony masuka. So the one of the strife and conditions is you don't learn this particular knowledge and become wealthy and risk rich.

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The aspect is we learn knowledge with the intention that we become better human beings and that is the real aspect with regard to it. There are many other conditions but I will conclude with this topic of understanding