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The importance of honesty and truthfulness in sharia law is highlighted, with four qualities for success: confidence, clarity, and honesty. The lack of honesty and trustworthiness can lead to negative behavior and disaster, and the need for people to trust and hold onto their communities. The importance of honesty and integrity in establishing oneself as a man of honesty and integrity is emphasized, along with the need for acceptance and confirmation in publicity. The speakers emphasize the importance of establishing oneself as a man of honesty and integrity in order to achieve success in modern times and build trust and respect among Muslims.

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva Viva La Mata bada Amati lakita Baba kitabi well actually at about a Shariati umodel

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smilla rahmanir rahim Minami Nina region Sakuma hadoo La La serda colonialism

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respected on Mr. Anderson brothers in the Iet, which I have recited

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and that Allah has spoken about and Allah has used the word Siddiq.

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And I thought that today I will speak about this attribute and elaborate on this word. Normally we translate the word setup

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in English as truthfulness and honesty. Although from the Islamic perspective, the word silk has a much more wider implication and meaning and therefore, we find that the attribute and the station known as C D

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is an attribute that is only beneath the station and risk ends rank of the board. Therefore, we say Abubakar acidic EDC deep and Siddiq. This rank, which is also above the rank of shahidul mineral may use a la hora Sol formula Kamala Deena and Amala. Nabeel was cityteam 18, was Shahada. And in this

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definition, Siddiq will not only be the one who is truthful in speech, but the one who will be truthful in his speech in his conduct, in his internal self, and there will be no dichotomy and difference between his internal self and his outer self. And some alama have also made mentioned that Siddique is one who becomes so truthful that truthful becomes his second nature. Nevertheless, the word setup is a very important concept, an attribute in our Sharia law further attended there are three different categories and manifestation of the word setup. One is to be truthful and honest with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is where the

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MENA region setup Omar Abdullah Ali, amongst human being amongst the believers, there are those who are truthful with a covenant they made with Allah. So Allah tala took a covenant from us that we will comply with the commands of Allah in Santa Monica Alyssa Malati, one of the welgevonden for Albania, na na minha hamana Holly insha, Allah presented this trust of complying with the commands of Allah to the heavens and earth they were unable to fulfill it. Human beings took over the responsibility we will comply with the commands of Allah. Now it is truthfulness to Allah means you will comply with a covenant you made with Allah. Therefore law says amongst the believers, there are

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those who are truthful in fulfilling the covenant with Allah. One is to be honest with yourself. Now we can give a definition but just to give you an example to explain how to be honest with yourself. And that is when in Ramadan, we have an opportunity to go against the commands of Allah. During the course of the day we are told to fast there are many opportunities and occasions, you can in silence and away from the gaze of people go and eat or have a glass of water. But there you need honesty with yourself, that you will not do something that will go against the commands of Allah you are honest. It is an internal honesty, it is also sometimes referred to as your inner conscience. And of

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course, part of it is you will not do in private what you'd be afraid to do in front of others. We're not talking about natural traits, but we're talking about moral attributes, you will not do something in private, that you will not do in front of other people. They say a person who does in private, what he will not do in front of other people does not respect himself. So the second aspect of truthfulness is to be honest with your own self. But there is no doubt that the greatest manifestation of truth is in our interaction with other people.

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And this is where truthfulness

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Honesty finds its greatest manifestation and it is required the most. And in this, it remains one of the greatest attributes and one of the most emphasized qualities in our Sharia. And for various reasons, one of the reasons I will just make mention of two

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and one of them is no attribute can guarantee social stability and no attribute can guarantee confidence amongst people like truthfulness and honesty through it right is establish through it people have trust in one another. And this is a very great favor. prosperity flows from such confidence people have in one another. prosperity flows from such confidence people have in one another. There is no attribute and no quality that can guarantee social stability, confidence amongst people, trust amongst people, then the quality of truthfulness and honesty. And that is why in our search area, there is such great emphasis with regard to it. Our beloved Nivea cream sauce

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ulimate said

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fala alayka Mufasa kameena dunya. If you have four qualities that it doesn't matter if you have nothing else of this material world, if we have four qualities, it doesn't matter if we have nothing else on this material world. He gives you a mannequin, you have your fulfillment of your trust, truthfulness in speech for us know that in good conduct and good character. And if I confess to me, he, and you have independence in your sustenance, the fauna via Kareem saw Selamat said, the hydro setup, the hydro city, we're in the item, Anil halachot, a fee for in a fee Naja. pursue the truth, even if you feel that the truth will put you in difficulty then also worth pursuing. Because in

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truth, there is salvation. So one of the aspects and let me just say this again, one of the aspects with regard to truth, it guarantees confidence amongst people. It rectifies

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the affairs of people, and it creates trust amongst people. It is in these qualities that prosperity flows in a community and a society. That's the fund one of the fundamental and one of the greatest qualities and benefits of truth. The other great quality Another great benefit with regard to

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truth is this, that it is the basis not only in itself of being a good three a good trait, but it leads to goodness in other fields. So therefore we find the Hadith la combi city famous indica de el el dia,

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de la gente Look at the beautiful way of NaVi saw slums expression.

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Take truthfulness and honesty make it compulsory upon you for in a CTR de la ville. Not only is it good in itself, it leads to goodness in other matters also, it failed a cerca de truthfulness. Honesty will lead to righteousness. Righteousness will lead towards Jelena look in a beautiful way nobody saw slim as explained it be truthful and honest, honesty leads to righteousness righteous leads lead righteousness leads towards gender. So if this made mention on the emphasis on truthfulness and honesty, and two important benefits of it, through it, it guarantees social stability. It brings about confidence amongst people it brings about trusting people, and it creates

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the rights, the right

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ingredients for the social stability, and of the community and the society. In fact, I would say it is the most important pillar for the moral

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stability of the entire world and the entire community and humanity. Right now just is just take these two qualities which I've emphasized with regard to truthfulness and honesty. And then let us look at the opposite of it. And we all know that dishonesty, lying and being untrustworthy is amongst the qualities which align is Russell has greatly warned us amongst its harms, amongst many other harms, just as truthfulness guarantees the stability of society and create confidence and trust amongst people. This honesty

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disrupts the confidence between people disrupts the trust people are supposed to have in one another, and it creates and it confuses the affairs of people. Now, why is it concrete and it confuses the affairs of people, you and I, we need the trust of people to be able to

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survive and to do our daily work, how many times you find yourself you are many of us of course in a business community, how many times the retailer will fold the wholesaler, I need this urgently please send it to me. Now, it is based on trust, I need this new senate I will give you the money in time to come. Now, just imagine that when truthfulness and honesty no more plays a role, and it is no more common. And then actually what happens these type of transaction that we have that are based on trust, the following, people will be hesitant to get into this type of transaction, because of honesty not becoming common amongst people. So one of the greatest tragedies with regard to the lack

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of honesty and trustworthiness in the community in society is it confuses the face of people, trust and confidence become a rarity and because of that, you know, normal transactions which are supposed to happen which leads to the prosperity of the society and community becomes becomes something that people stay away from. And this, as I said, is such a great tragedy, because of truthfulness and honesty becoming something that is no more as it used to be. Today we find the lack of trust amongst people, business partners do not trust one another. Sometimes even parents do not trust the children and vice versa. brothers do not trust one another. Why? Because of this lack of this great quality,

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which has led to the confusion of the affairs of people. Then another important aspect with regard to it is

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just as truthfulness and honesty leads towards righteousness, this honesty leads towards evil, there is no evil a person will not do if he is accustomed to life. Therefore look at the Hadith Yakumo al Qaeda for in Al Qaeda de la foto de la stay away from lying and dishonesty, dishonesty and lying leads towards evil and evil leads to what janam they found to be occurring salsa was one day asked the foreign ministry and said a person came in the company of Nivea cream sauce lemon said Is it possible for me to be a coward many sauce them said is not a good quality but it is possible. I a minute Basilan jasola Is it possible for a believer to be a car to be a miser Nia cream sauce

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himself? It is not a good quality but a movement is a human being human being have certain flaws. And as a woman It is possible that sometimes he can be a miser and be a cream sauce Tomas as una momento cassava, is it possible for a believer to be a liar navia Karim Salam said it is never possible for a man and a believer to be Allah. Allah have written that all other attributes on other bed it attributes it impacts upon one aspect of your character. May Allah have written that lying is such an attribute and trust and dishonesty is such a such a such an evil, that it impacts upon your entire character. So therefore nebbia cream sauce them said it's possible for you to be a coward,

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it's possible for you to be a Burkean miser, but it's not possible for you to be a dishonest and a liar. Now, when you look at all of this, we find this is the two important benefits of trust and honesty. One is it guarantees stability of people, it guarantees the trust amongst people and it creates and fulfills the rights of people. And one is that honesty leads to other righteousness which leads towards the gentleman. On the other hand, let us look at this honesty in line dishonesty and lying confuses the affairs of people it creates must trust amongst people, when it creates mistrust amongst people, it is very difficult for a society to prosper when there is mistrust

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amongst people in the community and the society. And the second thing is it leads towards different types of evil because lying is not something that is only concentrated on one aspect of your character. It covers the entire aspect of your character Therefore, it is said truthfulness and honesty is one of the stations of the Salah kin of the pursuit of the truth which from the emanates all other stations. Now what is the greatest line it has go further in this column I have written that greatest lie is to attribute a lie to a nine is

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what Allah in the Holy Quran says in the levena after una en la casa de la youth noon, those who fall asleep at

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attribute something to Allah subhanho wa Taala leafly whom they will never ever be successful man katiba Allah Muhammad and

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he who man katiba Allah Mohammedan failure toboa the woman and he who falsely attribute something to our beloved nebia corinthos alum which he has not said, then he should

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prepare his abode in the fire Jana And may Allah subhanho wa Taala forward in threes time, one of the manifestations of this is a person who, in the social media, he forwards and post things which he is not aware of with regard to the authenticity. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forbid, if you forward and you post something, which is not authentic, you will fall under or you could fall under the purview of this hadith of our beloved and via Kareem saw Selim, falsely attributing something for our beloved nivia Karim salsola, which in the words of nebia, corinthos alum is worthy of you preparing your abode in the fire.

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So the worst type of lie is to lie in and referring something to align is ressourcen Allahu alayhi wa sallam, then another great aspect with regard to lying is where and this is something where you take advantage of someone and you speak a lie, where where honesty is required, where honesty is required, and they you you do something which is dishonest, that particular aspect becomes even more severe, in the words of our beloved Javier corinthos alum, therefore, in 100, nebbia, creamy sauce and said capoeira piano, it is a worst form of violation of trust, where someone comes to you, he trusts you, and you take advantage of the trust that he has got on you, can you speak lie towards

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him, and you did you violate the trust that he has upon you, a person comes to you in good, you know, in good spirit, and he has got full confidence in you, he's got trust in you, he come to you and said, I'm gonna do a business transaction with you, feeling that you are honest, he looks upon whatever he thinks, no, this person has got a good reputation, let me do and you take advantage of the trust that he's got upon you. And then you will let him down now via cream sauce and said it is a worst form of just honesty, and the worst form of the violation of trust. So sometimes, when, for example, in business, we expect the businessman to do business with you in the right way with

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honesty, and then you take advantage of it and you go against it. So let me occur in our syllabus also then specifically made mentioned with regard to certain forms of dishonesty, for example, maybe a cream sauce element even went to this particular extent, that it is even a cream sauce, some say it is wrong, it will be regarded as a Guna that you say something in life in ingest, or to appease a small child, maybe a cream sauce on Monday. So a small a woman who was enticing a child to come towards it by saying I got something for you. So the recurring saw some as the woman do, you really have something that you are giving to give the child or you are just enticing it falsely, enticing

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the child falsely, the woman said, I do have something. Now Viagra himself said very fortunate. Otherwise, if you had not had something and you would have a piece, only done something to appease the child to come to you falsely, it would have been better is a lie. This is the emphasis that Islam is placed upon truthfulness and honesty that even in enticing a child you are not supposed to act in a dishonest or untruthful manner or in a manner that is deceptive. Now, these are some of the aspects that we can go on. And today of course, we have different manifestation of this, this honesty and lies. Today there are different manifestation of dishonesty in lies, for example, Joko

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Jopling electricity lines. So you for the sake of bringing down your electricity bill, you go and draw the lines or you do something to bring down the electricity bill, that is dishonesty. It is all the Guna and sin that has been sounded in the Quran and Hadith that will come upon you by doing such a thing. This is of course a different a new manifestation with regard to it, and we can get away with it that everyone is doing it or people from a particular area is doing it or someone from a particular class is doing it. If they do something wrong, two wrongs have never made a right then another manifestation with regard to it is taking false certificate, whether it be a medical

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certificate or a different type of certificate which is done which is not based on truth. There is also another form of modern day dishonesty and lies. And of course another way with regard to it is that through the means of getting tenders, if you have to do something dishonest, or you have to say something against the truth, or you have to do something that is not according to what the reality is to get a deal or to get a tender it will be a model

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form of dishonesty, and all the warnings which Allah subhanho wa Taala enemy accounting software may sound that would fall upon you and

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even under stresses be upon the person who is a liar. And the vehicle is also limited. Here are three signs of an African a hypocrite. One of them is, when a person speaks, he speaks alive. Now, when we look at this in history, we found Muslims have always been amongst those who are known for their truthfulness and honesty. When our beloved lemmya Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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started off, is know what you would recall, maybe occurrence or some call the people on the amount of suffer. And when you call the people on the amount of suffer, he asked him a question, or people of Makkah, if I were to ask and ask you the question and tell you that behind this mountain, there is an army would you? Would you accept what I'm saying? They said, How would you know? And maybe a cream sauce them said, I spent 40 years of my life amongst you.

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In this 40 years of life, did you find me to be truthful or otherwise. And everyone in unison said 40 years with we had experience and we had transaction with your prophet of almighty Oh Mohammed, and we never ever saw you ever speaking lies. If ever you are going to do a work of doubt, indeed, then the first aspect is worth rupees to establish yourself as a man of honesty and integrity. If you cannot establish yourself as a man of honesty and integrity, or as a community of honesty and integrity, your data will not be effective. That is a reason why nebia Kareem saw cillum first establish his credential as a person of honesty and trustworthiness. And then he told them, what did

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they tell them? kulula ilaha illa la se la ilaha illAllah you won't be successful?

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Has it? Mufti Mahmoud sobre la la one of our great scholars. When he came to South Africa many times I've heard him speak in his backyard. He said when we were small, if anytime a Muslim had to speak lies, he said, nevermind Muslims, non Muslims used to taunt us Muslim man who could have

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been a Muslim who speak lies. In pre petition time, there was a very amazing incident. The incident was, you know, there was a piece of land and it became a great matter of debate and great measure of emotion and pride. The non Muslim said it is our land, the Muslim said it is our land is yours, I was going to put a monkey. So the court call upon one of the saintly people of the area. I think his name was subject to correction when Amazon was in candelabra.

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And he was calling quote to give his view with regard to this land. And when he came there, he said, I don't know where whether who this will end belong to or not. This land is not the land of the masjid.

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It is not the land of the masjid. Now Muslims had hype themselves up in that particular dispute and argument and when he gave us evidence, obviously, that particular judgment went against the Muslims and the Muslims were very angry with a saintly person. But of course, when he came out of there, the non Muslims because this had become such a great height. It had become such a great issue of debate and honor and pride that many of them said, they came to the Muslims and said we never expected a saintly person from your community to say these words of truth. And someone had said men, many they said they'll take this lead and make a Masjid. And someone had said in this particular regard, they

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said molana acted in such a way Muslims last but Islam one.

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In today's time, my dear respected elders and brothers, we have to keep in mind there are two aspects one is our ibaadat. Our ibaadat requires certain essential attributes. And those attributes are something that we is very important, we have to adhere to that we have to strive towards it. But in terms of a community and a society, in terms of the stability of the community, in the society, in terms of the prosperity of this community and the society, in terms of attributes that incur for the better, a community and society, there are certain essential attributes, those attributes are not going to be fulfilled and those the community is not going to be anchored and not going to

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become stabilized by our ibaadat. When you buy that we need it for our own self. And we need it to come closer towards Almighty Allah. But ibaadat itself will not stabilize the community. There are many attributes that you and I today are engaging, which causes harm to the development and the prosperity of that community and society, hatred, jealousy. These are aspects that of course together with spiritual harms also harm the community, the society and amongst those that causes one of the greatest harms to the community and society is that of dishonesty and lies. So let me just you know, conclude In conclusion, let me say where I started off from I

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said we started off on the aspect of silk. There are three aspects of silk one is to be honest with Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is defined. One is to be honest with ourselves. And one is to be honest with people. It is in this way we find the greatest manifestation of truthfulness and honesty. Honesty brings about two important very important benefits. One is it creates stability amongst the community, it creates confidence and trust amongst people. The second thing is, it is the basis of many other ideas, deeds, and I gave the relevant addition, then the opposite of that lies and dishonesty, together with these other spiritual harms causes two very great harms in our

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community. One is it confuses the affairs of people, people no more trust in one another. When you don't have trust amongst people, it harms the prosperity and the growth of the community in a society. And the second thing is, this honesty in lies leads to many other evils part of the evil, you have to say 10 lies to protect the one lie that we have spoken. And then I gave certain manifestations with regard to it. In the agent editor that we are living in South Africa, where this honesty, corruption has become a daily feature in our media. We are no no. The state capture report and the state capture commission that is going on. Here is an ideal opportunity for Muslims in

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whichever field they are in, in the business feel that they can show and showcase the honesty and integrity and the trustworthiness Islam has emphasized upon us. In this way we can raise above what the corruption is prevalent in today's time to be able to showcase in this particular regard, what Islam has taught us. May Allah give us a topic of understanding and make an AMA