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was the letter was salam ala manana Yolanda and Avalon and the Avada one month a lot of money what I picked up about Italian when I show you

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a medallion formula you're gonna share it on your

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Walkman who was the one who are well ima and in comedy him to hipbone Am I gonna hug him? What is it do not be sued or aim high

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ruin our

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setup Allah

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respected elders and brothers throughout the world and throughout history and especially in today's time,

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whenever there has been migration, and whenever there has been attempt to blend communities together and bring communities together,

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by and large, it has always resulted intention, conflict and many times even bloodshed. So we look at the world today we find that in Europe, there is a moves from the right wing parties against migration, people migrating from North Africa and Africa and other parts of the world. get anywhere else even in Muslim countries. In Bangladesh, there is a situation of turning against the Rohingya as we have come in from Burma. In South Africa, we have xenophobia, where the local people have turned and have tension and conflict with people who have come from other countries. It has been a historical situation, and it has been more prevalent even in today's times.

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And what we find amazing is how our beloved Malia Korean sauce dealt with this particular situation tarrif min, ma Sirocco Moto

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GP Cushie speaker yet toasty SAP nephric or comica Hoon, Raccoon recipe sham et when our beloved Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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may interact to Madina Munawwara he didn't come into a situation we're all we're all only Muslims and only one background. He came into a situation that people were in different backgrounds. So do we have within the unsolved we had the Osen hazards? We had years of hostility and they were still hostile in the vehicle themselves and I'm keen to Madina Munawwara then you have the three Jewish sites but in Malaysia and in ASEAN and they were the three golden right so they were three but in a VM but in Malaysia and these are the three types

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by the tinapa so these are three trials that they were resourceful Okay, so how did they occur install slum bring these tribes together? How did he create a situation there was harmony? This is what we have to learn security awareness. Year kitten Millia Karim shastra Bucha from icon Abner SM Watteau wash re Cova fire Amaya or Federico made, but they waited, they were divided. How to be a cream sauce, grated harmony. The first thing that Nydia Corinthos them did was he made a pact known as Misaki Medina.

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This was perhaps one of the first times what we can tell him in today's time of constitution was implemented and a constitution was prepared, that the reoccurring saw some main object of Mitaka Medina, the sub milker kesalahan, how are we going to stay together? And this is one of the most amazing historical documents in the world. The first time that there was an attempt that when people come from different places and they get together how are they supposed to stay? So nobody Ekklesia sort of made me that made effect which is known as Misaki Medina and Otto it is known as the surah Medina right and in English is known as the effect of Medina and what it may be a cream sauce and

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during that particular time, he called all the people of Medina with a different backgrounds, the different types that are from religions, the cream sauce and brought them together and said, we are going to live together and this is how we are going to live together. The first thing the reoccurring saw some had 47 clauses in the state.

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centralist close timespan out of the 23 was dealing between Muslims how the Muslims are going to relate with one

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Other 24 was between our Muslims are gonna live with non Muslims unless we become so narrow that we fight over things we don't we have the solution. We are supposed to tell people that when people migrate and come to one place when they are people of different ethnic backgrounds in different religions how we are supposed to stay together we've got the solution we show people but we fighting amongst ourselves what are we going to show other people? So in this the first thing that needs to occur is to ask them did was that and we saw some promoted the idea of a common citizenship for people living in Medina stepped milker at a key Medina key logged when I was stopped milker some

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milker material can keep occurring, or were set together in one particular citizenship, eerie, eerie eerie, regardless of the different backgrounds and the different types of religions, all we refer to as one nation not in the religious sense.

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The concept came after lifting the good one, one particular type of citizenship of people of Medina. So as I said they were 47 clauses many years thereafter. One of our great scholars has at Marana Murthy, Rama Pillai, share could have you heard of dataroom Gilbane. He made mention in the same format or 1070. Nations are made up by the citizens by the citizenship of the state if you eliminate so you are known in the world wherever you go as a South Africa, you are known wherever you go on the basis of your state where you are living in and it's sometimes it's easy for us to understand the Monroe center but they gave us an example. He said see France and Germany are people who say

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they are both from one Christian background religiously. But when they talk about this day nation, they say we are a French nation and we are German nation. They don't say we are Christian nations. So there is a difference between nationhood and Miller your religious identity and sometimes there is a situation of being known by the country you are living in. So maybe I can inshallah when you brought people together on this basis, we will defend for dinner collectively in the clothes they was that Maria Karim is Allahu Allah wa Salam is a leader of Medina. Subhanallah reoccurrence awesome. Camilla mana, Muslim, REL Muslim Sapna Musa Nabil crimson coming in even the non Muslim

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tribes they may be occurring Salah while he was set up the the healer. Then another thing was that all of them will defend Medina together. Amazing part of this clause was that if anyone in defending Molina is killed,

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then submitter whose family gets support the idea was to monitoring. If anyone Muslim or non Muslim is killed in defending Medina, then the entire Medina will get together and they will help his family because he was still in defending Medina. This is part of the cross bringing people together with harmony Subhanallah This is what our beloved Teresa, all residents are free to practice the customs and religious ceremonies and freely practice the religion within their own particular sphere. This is also part of that particular clause and they will gather together for the benefit of Medina and they will get it together for the economic interests of Medina. This is how our beloved

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both brought people together under harmony under one pet under one meter under one agreement. This tells us that in our religion is a great amount of emphasis with regard to being good in terms of your neighborly relationship with people. So in this deja januzzi rewire and generation that have been live in Emeryville acid, the Allahu Terrano Sahami he they were roasting sheep to raise them they will say they were making a bribe. So Abdullah Muhammad even asked if you allow them to ask the people he said, Did you leave and did you sell a portion of this meat to our Jewish neighbor?

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Ghost Dr. Otto horrid to appname asked Mujahid for MATEC sub sack Yosef Bucha que hamari Yahudi Joe

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warhead Amani sap to help Lucia here

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I will teach you send something to our non Muslim neighbor. Then you said I heard that he said that Muslims equally you seem

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to worry that the Middle East to Assam made so much emphasis upon the rights of the neighbor that I felt that he was going to say that neighbors are going to be form part of once inheritance.

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They are going to form part of what is it needs to feed media cream sauce from Jamaica. a minute's silence go check it to Hannah O'Meara's.

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They will tell you saga to visit Vietnam Agra tone cooker sub cabinet or Calcutta to

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educate because so much problems will be rapid inheritance can you imagine if the name was also part of our inheritance, then what would have happened, but this is the emphasis many acronyms. So, there is one particular will be occurring sauceless brought everyone together in harmony and created a pact of Medina. So, people can live together with harmony. Then the second thing you know you have inter interface an interface. So, these two words interface means people of different faiths interface now harmony between people of your own faith Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says a sheep that will prefer the Rama obey know that Muslims are merciful to one another, up to your other

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target. Now the situation is we sometimes are good to others and we are hateful power home when another law says we are supposed to be loving and care for one another. So, what did our beloved minister himself Salam do with regard to this method?

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dreamstyle Slim made more heart brotherhood between the people of mankind the people of Medina. So that was now the greater pact between people of different backgrounds and different faiths. Now between people off the religion the reoccurring saucer made a brotherhood what an amazing brotherhood it is no parallel in human history that these two people in the resource to embed them. Uber currently allowed Anna was paid with hydrogel in

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your mouth Anna was paid with the money

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out of your mouth and it was paired with Saudi

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and I pulled me off was staying WhatsApp in Ruby or a Jeep a training officer what sad been rubbish and sad man Molina is SubSys Jada Massoud or SubSys Jada Malka to he told he told

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me I can install Salam has made you my brother. Now this is what I got. This is my wealth for people self is yours. Other

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Tip Number A man had other aapke I got two wives. Right? I got two wives. I divorced whichever one of the two who like

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I noticed he was the one I do like you come and make up your mind with tremolite ultimacy who can tell?

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Can you imagine the Brotherhood technically occurring saucer agreed to grant money over the allowable what'd he say? He said up Co Op Kamal mobile, baby mobile subcut mobile, I will take anything. But Bucha bizarre become give me that particular type of way the market is I was going to make business and I will make myself independent. So what it shows it that when people come from abroad and they come to live with you, then they must be a situation where the people who are local must try we have the people who have come from abroad. And the people who have come from abroad must try to make themselves independent. They must not rely upon the local people. This is what we learn.

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We often serve in the lira incident what a great incident sad when he was prepared to give everything and says No Don't give me just show me the marketplace I will go and I was reading recently sad drama and evening. Out became so wealthy last time I made mentioned that they put together all what he had left behind in his go to was 575 billion. Recently I was looking at Google, they look at the amount of gold that he left behind $606 billion

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of drama and even host wealth. How much $686 billion to the richest men today it only is $106 billion.

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Allah gave him so much of Baraka. So this is how the cream sauce will have brought people together my dear respect and unsalted soup allah how much you are prepared to want aw a cream sauce when had wealth and he said he told the people concerned come here. I got some wealth, but it's not enough to keep everyone. subcommittee the acepto set of men will hardly read CodeTwo for hygiene quarter minute Yeah, if man to Aponte symmetry separates. You don't have to look after them. I will give them the wealth to Sonic yatta yatta Sula, one CodeTwo filthy Amara cemetery give it to them and us to lose to look after them. The VA claims to have sort of brought these two people so closer

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together in that that's why Bernie was set up the two were fighting one small incident happened the muhajir recording for accurate and sampled answer they were about to fight Libya three resources and got so angry. He said what is this you are calling people on the faces of people of Makkah Come help me oh people around sorry, come to help me. In our time you will see you know the last four people say can you come and help me ally for people see you going to help that person? And then we'll ask for people are unemployed

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People don't want to fight. Nowadays it is a cat fight this because that is terrifying. Because you always can only fight with about

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unfortunately. So anyway, this particular situation happened. So they were about to fight let me so some said what my balluta will say here, this is a slogan of ignorance. Nobody is going to stay away from this fight. To stay away from the center. He chose to have a backup and move. Traveling. The people people of Malaysia are traveling, they travel at a time when normally they don't travel, we travel at a time of Kiruna. They travel and they travel and they traveled whole day 90. They said eurosla We are tired of you carry on traveling. Let me stop the next day right towards you know, late morning, early morning deciding to stop that time he was too tired. The movement is stopped

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Islam. Just gonna Karnaphuli they forgot to fight. Look at how Nabisco still created a situation that people modified.

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By the time the morning came, the washing came to make maintenance a long incident potential how newbies also created harmony so people mustn't fight. We create situations that people must fight wars to shoot at them. Take a look. How do we source them take away then look at this other incident Ebola Ebola salaam robbery, Allahu Terrano was amazing.

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He was a Jewish scholar from China. So he when he saw from the Scripture still the vehicle is Allah when he was telling me the last maybe, or Amara kita will really try catch on a year or software after interview after interview after Samantha to your team. He asked me let me afterwards

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so when the the accounting system came to

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Abdullah bin Salam became very very happy to his it was harder. She said you are so happy you won't be looked like you even more happier than when it is known that Busan is

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happy with Neff. Bushman jsat, Busan is salat wa salam

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ala to Salam Yeah, Julio cannabutter.

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So he said, this is from the same branch. This is from the same branch.

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Definitely a cream sauce from Temple villa in Islam, maybe a cream sauce from a military life. So he came to meet me a creamy sauce. He heard some statement you will make mention of it first. It came in front of maybe accounting software. Let me start some said What is your name is our middle name was Hussein bin Salam. He said my name is Hussein bin Salam. This also said No Your name is Abdullah bin Saddam.

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Your name is Abdullah bin Seraph. He became a Muslim.

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He went back to his anti hijab in the harissa. He said this is the last interview of Allah. Yeah. And maybe afterwards the month after him to put him online. It kept it secret he is until his family became Muslims. Then he came to the reoccurring source from Jana Sula. I got a particular method which I want to bring forward to the Jews, to the Jews of Medina. What is it? This is how he created the scheme. He said, call the Jews and everyone came to the via Kareem saw Salam as Abdullah Ibni Salam kibarim aapke

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What do you say what a politeness politeness salaam to hamari Alima hamara VPN is our rabbi. He is so learned he is so well respected in our community to ask them Are you sure that Abdullah in the Salam is such a great person in your community say yes, to blame the salam kupuna and

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the politeness Salam Nica metta Musa Miguel, I have become a Muslim to Rukia carnality.

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So they said they said to live missionaries, the greatest lie

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after they had conceded that he was a greatest human being, and he was the most respectable and the most honorable and the most learned amongst them. He became a Muslim.

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And Allah Tala in the Holy Quran was Shahida Shah he don't mean but he is literally a farmer and I was performed in the second row called the finished sixth record under management.

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He is blameless and I'm

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so delighted Mr. Ramsay when I came to meet him Salah while he was salam to what I said was the moment I saw him I said, Well, Allah He likes to have a look at W Yeto into Duta huili He can never be a lion look at such a beautiful blessed face. To he said the first thing I heard from the via Cristo Salam, I became convinced this is a navy of Allah. Or sub Szczepanik Yamuna, sunnah subset delaminate Kiana Mia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sunnah of Shu salaam logo, Salam Capella. What the MME logo Concannon

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was our harmony Good. Good work your relatives

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Hello the lady one nurse on Yom and when people are sleeping read Salah that Hello Jana today Salam you will enter into Islam entail to gender most peaceful These are words of wisdom which brings communities together subset Pele Salam Coppola Salam said

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let me get himself some say to people make Salam before they depart Allah Allah forgive system Salam is the salam of the people of Allah Allah Tala make Salam wa Salaam Alaikum salam, Salam Alikum

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Salam on polam Europe the Rahim and salam when you make Salam O Allah subhanho wa Taala trades you know Salam is such a beautiful thing my dear respected brothers salaam when you know a person when you make him set up you are saying I'm still your friend. And when you meet someone who's a stranger you making salaam what you are telling him you might be a stranger by Mumbai but you are my Muslim brother, inshallah I won't harm you. You are safe with me. That is Salam. Today we make Salam and we still put the dagger in someone's back.

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But Absu Salam at Mo Tom coin give people food. Lobo Gokarna Kyla with our door a subquery have looked down at me if

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I were to get down with Allah subhanaw taala

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says Satish always say economical, economical. What do they mean by cannot kill a panic? Could panic can your child get out

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of shape to Salem what the most important point is, sometimes you do so much good to others. You forget your family, the family say you can do something good to others you can do for us.

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Uplift me to comment below. Don't forget your family. What's the donor harm and see that you also fulfill the rights of your relatives.

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Or not only your rights of your relatives up near half, probably more below. Don't even forget yourself. Set up late what naturally looked up sorry

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that Hello, agenda. Look at an American Muslims method of creating harmony between people. He created a harmony between people of different backgrounds. He created a harmony between people within the background within the faith. And then he taught us how to create harmony in this one beautiful statement that Abdullah in Islam said the first thing he said when he came to Medina and you were nursed up she said I'm working with Down

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syndrome. Believe me when that's when he said

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that he was a topic of anesthetic after that one