Ebrahim Bham – Ibaadur Rehman #12

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The 12th program on rebuttal books focuses on the third segment of the title, which is the third series. The series discusses the three impresses of the book, including false accusations, bribery, and revenge, and touches on the importance of human beings being aware of their actions in relation to their actions. A woman named Adam had a child, which turned out to be a child who was killed by a woman named Hope, and a woman named Hope's actions, including giving birth to a child and taking a child. Another woman committed a suicide during a sexual encounter and refuses to apologize, but eventually apologizes for her crimes. She describes how she refuses to apologize and says she will not apologize.
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And hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Mallanna ba ba,

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ba ba to follow the Villa homina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. us off Lula da boo Melaka Yama we are flew to Fie him ohana element Allah Amina Amina Ramadan saleha sola Cuba de la Hussain.

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worker no wha hoo ha for rahima settler colonialism. Respected viewers and listeners We begin by placing Almighty Allah and sending cetaceans upon our beloved nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Continuing with our series on rebuttal Rahman today is the 12th program in the series. In the last few programs, we have been discussing the ayat in which Allah tala says that he battle Rahman, they stay away from sins, and in specifically three sons. They do not ascribe partners to Allah. They do not murder and kill people unjustly and they do not commit adultery after mentioning these three sins. And law says you that Africa will either be your multi Amma, those who commit

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these sins, they will be punished and recompense and they punishment and recompense will be doubled without a Florida multi ama on the day of combat, we are fluid and they will remain in there this grace. Now given the fact that it is double punishment and recompense scholars of tafsir have mentioned that year it is a reference towards this believers because grievous punishment will not be doubled. So Allah says that the disbelievers who come with the sense they punishment will be doubled. For the believers, Allah say, if they have committed these acts illa mandava. Those who repent or Armin who continue on conviction, while amela MLM salejaw who do righteous deeds, Allah

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will change they previous wrong deeds into good deeds and Allah tala is very affordable Rahim Allah tala he is Forgiving and Merciful. We are aware that Allah subhanahu wa taala has kept within us two types of urges. Allah Allah in the Quran says file Hama, ha foodora Ha, ha ha. Allah tala has kept within us a yearning for good and also Allah has kept within us urges and desires to do a Rome. Now sin and wrong is no ordinary matter. Some can destroy us virtually Guna Ensign can destroy us spiritually. And therefore in the Hadith mentioned is made that when a person sends a dark spot comes on his spiritual heart until it envelops his entire heart. So it's no ordinary matter. We

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can't leave it alone. May we be blessed and may we be fortus thankful to Allah tala who has given us an antidote son is a disease and the antidote and the medicine with regard to it and the cure for it is Toba to son is not to send is within the temperament and within inherent within the human being. And that in itself is something that is inherent. What is a difficulty is and what is surprising, if he sends it is not so surprising. What is surprising, if he does not acknowledge it. Therefore nebia cream sauce them said kulu kulu bunny Adama Hata own Pharaoh Hata in una Mustafa on each and every human being other than the prophets and Emilia was salat wa salam. The commotion and the best of

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centers is that person who turned towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala in repentance and forgiveness, in one Hadith, maybe a cream sauce from said in that moment either utter alpha matava tabela. One when a believer acknowledges he's wrong, and he turned towards Almighty Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala turns towards him with forgiveness and mercy. And this is the difference between human beings Adam alayhis Salatu was Salam and he believes he believes when he committed his error, and he committed his son and he was been expelled from Jenna and paradise. He said cholera ppmi avoid 2001 na you have caused me to be a stray and when Adam II salat wa salam committed an error.

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And what did he say? proper Ramadan for Santa

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Welcome to fill in our hamdallah Anna Karenina has read our law, I have done wrong upon myself. If you do not forgive me and have mercy upon me, I would be amongst the losers. So to acknowledge your sin, this is the greatness of human being to sin itself. It is something that is within the temperament of a human being as nebia Karim Sawsan that said, Allah subhanho wa Taala out of His love, not because he is obliged. He is looking towards human being to turn towards him so that he can forgive him in no less an authority. Then Samia Karim saw Salaam has made mention of an incident of a person who had committed great amount of Rome, but he was regretful and remorseful. And as he

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was dying, he told his family members that when I die, burn me and scatter my ashes and he will be brought in front of Allah, Allah will say, Why did you tell your family members to burn you and scatter your ashes? And he said, Yeah, Allah. I was remorseful about my Guna incident. And I felt how I'm going to approach you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will say, you're wrong is wrong. But this attitude of yours of having fear for me, go because of this I have forgiven you to be occurring saucer, and one day they were prisoners of war in front of our beloved Navy attorney in Sausalito. And a woman was going around looking for a child. And when eventually she got her child, she took a

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child and she hugged it and went into a corner to give it and breastfeed it. Maybe a cream sauce. He told us he said do you see the love this human hairs for a child? And they acknowledged it and cream sauce and said, allow her movie a baddie. mean howdy he already Ha. Allah is more forgiving and merciful and kind to his bondsman in what this woman is towards her own child. Allah is more kind to us and what a mother is towards our own child. And unlike Allah in this verse, say Spoleto. eubacterial la sejati masala. What an amazing thing. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that when a person repents and does right is this Allah change his previous wrong deeds into good deeds? karma has

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given two meanings with regard to it. One is Allah tala will change your previous deeds into another avenue. So if you are spending wrongly allow will make you spin rightly. If you are neglectful of Allah, Allah will make you now conversant and remember Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is one meaning. The other meaning is law will change to previous evil deeds into good deeds when you make Toba and there's a most beautiful Hadith which I will conclude that when a person comes in front of Allah, Allah tala will want to change his previous evil deeds into goodies and Allah will say, Tell me your evil deeds and he will say this is my evil deeds and he will feel ashamed. And Allah will say, I

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changed it into good deeds. And then he will say yeah, Allah Allah, I forgot to make mention this evil deed of mines also, in when the be a cream so Islam mentioned this via cream sauce, lamb was smiling. So the bad man, they never allow sin to be with them. Whenever they do, they turn towards Almighty Allah and repentance. May Allah make us among those who have 100 reliability

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