The amazing Benefits of Fasting in Ramadhaan

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or so that was salam ala manana be about

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a mother

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minister is on Allah who was not in Rafi yeah

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my dear respected elders and brothers Alhamdulillah we are in the month of Ramadan. Last week we spoke on the blessedness of Ramadan. Today I want to speak on the reasons why we as Muslims fast what are the reasons what are the benefits what are the virtue and we have to keep in mind that although the to Aldi Allah says from Alicia in Germany como Shahara failure assume whoever finds the month of Ramadan he must pass. But fasting is a distinct divided, so the month of Ramadan is blessing even for those who have valid reasons for not fasting continually. Joe Jo Rosa semasa on killaby, Ramzan Barbara Layton Rosa is most certainly

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to Allah Tirana, me for my Aki Ramazan Hema Redmine Rosa Persia Furman Shahid Musharraf Allah says whoever finds a month of Ramadan he must pass but the two are very greatly linked. Because Allah has made Rosa for us in Ramadan. Now the first thing with regard to the fasting of Ramadan Allah Allah says yeah you and Alina Harmon who you who believe Rosa has been made for as opposed to fasting and so, as we made first upon you the way it was made for us upon the people of the past, so that you may inculcate a sense of balance to not have your your egg in semi fitted and so Kenya Wallach in Qatar hotel to Allah Tala for multi millionaire Rosa cook for us here

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in a wallet is better now. So his Korea Vietnam they can attack can you want

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to hear

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for us.

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So, this keep in mind it is a human nature that according to the person who gives the command that particular command becomes effective, someone tells you on the street I find you

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going going, going going to look like that. But your boss tells you I find you all of a sudden it has impact because the person who is saying it is got a certain amount of authority. So according to the person and the beam, who is saying something something becomes important. So Allah Allah says I have made the rules are for us. Now if you give

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importance to the one who is giving you the command, then that particular one becomes important. So Allah Allah says

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iomega Rosa first, if you don't give importance to the one who is giving the command, you will say Rosa is not compulsory or Rosa is not important, but if you know that Allah is the One who is getting the command, all of a sudden you are saying no this is important, because

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the one who is giving the command is Allah subhanho wa Taala then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, that could give us a ballerina mini publico, that Allah has not only made it for us in this room, but Allah has made the rose up for us in the previous few months. Now the fact that Rosa and stone has been part of deed from the initial stages of humanity tells you it must be very important Therefore Allah has made it compulsory in every city, in every religion, in every

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region and in the signatures. Allah Tala now hints at the importance of Rosa. Allah gives us the reason why I have been Rosa first the most important reason the pole that you may inculcate Taqwa what is taqwa? The price or level of consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala that moles our existence that moles our life in accordance with a consciousness of Ananda. That why is that consciousness of Allah. Thinking of Allah Allah.

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Allah Tala key module. This is the meaning of Taqwa of Allah have written, that Taqwa is that particular consciousness of Allah Tada that makes you want to spend your entire life according to the consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah is watching me. What am I have given various meanings of

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Apply which Allah Allah wants to inculcate within us to the means of Rosa and Farsi. And so, in a one on one meeting with Am I have written is that it is the fear of Allah Tada. This is one reason that wa another anarchy module Kike war assassin, cha cha healthy hum is surely a son, he Allah Tala ki somnio Allah Tala Qi has remained hamara zindagii Busara or Hammar is in that it was like that is to fear Allah Tada. One is one meaning of Taqwa. The other meaning is precaution. taking precaution, I must not do something that goes against the commands of Allah Tada. One day Omar the Allahu Anhu as I think most likely it was very picked up who we want to support Allah Allah speaks about taqwa

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in so many places in the Quran.

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Allah fear Allah Tala how many times we see this verse. So we've become the Villatoro said Amira nominee, can you imagine you are passing one path that is full of thorns? If you fall passing, which is full of thorns, how will you pass it? So Omari we are the ultimate said I will pass it with extreme caution that my late must not go on those stones that I must not be harmed. Tomorrow the Latino basica the poor guy. So when they come into hockey, up to na sa parts it was a riot or just make content to our case it was it was the idea to try tomorrow to wake up at eight o'clock. He's in the DSA goes directly to Hana Allah Tala K philosophy BATNA.

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So he said, way to Rome or even a Khattab if we have to pass the path in such a way that the stones How will you pass it you will pass it will precaution. This is a leading of Taqwa. I must not do anything in my life, that I trample upon the commands of Allah subhanho wa taala. So this is the aspect of Subhanallah this is one meaning of the other beautiful meaning of Taqwa is that you are all the time conscious that Allah Allah is with me. How do you feel okay and autonomy, risotto. Maya pulumi network Illa Who are you are three Eliza? What are from certain Allah who are serving? You are five and nine is the six. You are five. Allah is a six says no situation you are wherever you

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are alone. Allah subhanaw taala is with you. This is very beautifully explained in one incident and let me make a beeline for the ultimate one day was going out, you know he was going and he went in the desert. And you know, he was sitting when a bit too, you know, a person who was looking after the sheep was also there. So they were eating so beleid numero de la pena said come and eat with us. He said I'm fasting. So he said, Okay, give me one of those sheep. I'll bite from you. So, the person who was you know, looking after he was it he Melania Ybarra Malika it is not mine, it is my my onus I can sell you the sheep. So believe no matter the about or adore him. So, what if you tell

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your owner that a wolf or another animal in the desert ate the sheep you can sell Shall we sell the sheep you can still take the money the owner will not find it and towards because it is so common that in the desert, you know the ship is taken by another animal. So this particular person said he looked up and he said for him the law

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weighs enough if I can do this and I can sell you the sheep without you know the owner knowing and I can mislead him. What about Allah knowing that I spoken alive. Now this level of Taqwa is what Allah Tala wants to play within us through the use of fasting. And you ask, How is it how does a letter a builder step forth of the means of this? You know, I always tell people, you first have to say no, to be able to get the joy of saying yes. Jump that up. Now that he came back, he says, Man features over to app booster is a code of heart and he can sit down

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and tell you don't say no to negative things. You will not be able to say yes to positive things. If you can't say no to certain things. You can't say yes to certain things. If you can't say no to incidents, you can't say yes to it. And obedience and following Allah subhanaw taala. The example Allah has given is like the example of a small child, which is breastfeeding

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until that particular child does not say no to the breast milk of the mother. It will not be able to say yes to all the cuisines that it will enjoy for the rest of its life. First, it has to say no, I'm not going to drink the milk of my mother. Then I can say yes to whatever is going to eat afterwards. Biryani

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or mutton cry or whatever you want to say efficient jumps photobooks cuisine phosphoric is famous for fishing trip until he doesn't say no to the breast milk it can say yes to jumped up market watch or marketing don't say but check your little Naja who's

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the simplifying it. So just gonna say up nonhealing to Allah dada. Can you catch up? Listen He must do. You cannot enjoy the entirety of Annika you say no. And why how do we live this particular Taqwa through the means of fasting. See in fasting someone tells you he comes and gives you some some water and you still don't you know that brings us to a message that says zum zum is such a blessing water number Berkat.

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Here we have this man that to drink water some some water in abundance is sign of demand. Here demand

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sometimes gathered here

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or here when Africa came to diminution absence.

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And it is a sign of hypocrisy the two countries someone tells you don't do this. Don't you know the benefits of some some said yes, I know. But I can drink it and fasting many presets.

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Now brothers, you see no two sums up because it is Allah's command. Somewhat now gives you some

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Lesson What is it?

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Then why can't you say no to hear? Why can you say no to lies? When a love builds you to this extent that you say no to something? Why did you say no to lying? Why can't you say no to that fight it? Why can't you say no to all the other corners and sins that we commit? So let us since

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this is one of the benefits with regard to fasting, it borrows consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala one of the other reasons and the benefits of fasting is this, that the greatest thing in our deen is to submit to Allah Allah Tanaka somebody.

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He accepts a better in Allah. So Allah subhana wa says in the Quran, what

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are who are watching? Whose deen is better than the one who submits to the will of Allah. Allah Tala apne Nipsco Kharbanda by the snips is also amazing. Next is our desires. Desires is the thing that leads us to things leads us to guna Don't you know?

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He loves to shut down to wonder why.

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To shut down is he's already changed. So what is the next thing?

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knifes is constrained through the means of Rosa.

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As an Olivia Weldon was asked how do I gain entry into genuine asset as a keyboard as an agenda. The journal

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has a

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very easy to own agenda. Put your one step on your desires. The next step is

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if Kadem rescue report,

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if you learn to control your knifes, you are halfway there,

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in the harder

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your greatest enemy is the next next to that is your nurse, your desires. And in passing, we are controlling our desires. We all sometimes during the course of our fasting, you want to have a cup of tea, or we want to have a cup of coffee or we want to eat now you submitting your desires men need

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to that Allah subhanaw taala is building Can you imagine the benefits of fasting, we take it for granted that US fasting is not about staying hungry for a certain period of time. Today there are people who are doing intermittent fasting for the sake of health. I'm not saying it's wrong. I'm saying that fasting which Allah has made for us in Ramadan is far more beyond that. And Ramadan with the merit of fasting is not only in hunger, in intermittent fasting is not in hunger, just as the merit of medicine is not in it but in us. We don't drink venison because it is better to drink medicine because it gives you certain amount of a means of cure. So we drink a coffee mixture. woman

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likes to drink of mixture, it is better, but you didn't get because it has benefits you fast because its benefits, it controls your desires. Therefore someone had said fasting is not to punish the body, but to strengthen the soul.

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Fasting apne output at least Midianite or RO his Adonai Rupa.

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Past fasting is not to pass the throat not to make your throat thirsty, but it is too moist your human

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fasting is not to patch your throat. It is to moisture Imani. So the second reason. First of all, who is the one who is giving the command second Taqwa third common acid was to submit to Him

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desires to the to Allah subhanaw taala is common for thing to the means of fasting, we learn very great attributes

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for growth that is achieved,

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later achieved you enter Amal

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and so far, one is through the means of fasting, we gain compassion. For others, we gain compassion today there is a lack of compassion, there is a lack of kindness. Allahu Allah was a nice kind, he loves kindness, we do get. We do we have kindness in today's world, through the means of fasting, you build compassion. Now when you are hungry, you start building compassion, kindness for those who are less fortunate. And also one of the things and one of the qualities you gain through the means of fasting is humility. Allah says in the Quran, one atom shifted the Mara according to the need for material. Don't walk on the earth type of chart which is eco data

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do you ever see a person after a while he's passed it he's walking with pride in the swager He's no sweater in those no sweetener in fasting, all of a sudden you become humble. So through the means of fasting Allah Tala is bringing such beautiful qualities in you. So Allah Tala takes away pride, you become humble. Then another aspect with regard to fasting is through the means of fasting. We identify with the poor, maybe a cream sauce from tourism. Aisha Radi Allahu Tirana, oh, I shall keep the poor close to you, Allah will keep you close to him on the day of

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very focused

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on Cookery, brocco.

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Yama, now, when you're eating three square meals a day after outside ramazan, we can identify with the poor.

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Today this morning I was reading so sometimes I was reading the news. So there was this News and BBC. So I think I just thought about it. So I want to make mention of it in Joomla, one journalist in Bangladesh, was put in prison, because he wrote an article that the poor people in Bangladesh, are complaining that rice, which is a staple diet of Bangladesh, has become very, very expensive.

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And I can understand why they put him in jail because those people who are on the top, they don't understand hunger.

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They don't understand what it is to go and buy rice and they can't afford it. Just as that Louis to enter it, at the time of the French Revolution, when people talk to the people who are protesting on the street and say, Why are they protesting? Well to join our restaurant, to recount keep us busy Sunday here, Rudy,

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they don't have money to buy bread. So she said that is a very famous historical, if they don't have bread that can be key to bread makers, chocolate cake Caribbean, so they can eat bread. At that you can buy cake, she couldn't understand that you don't have money to buy bread. When we are eating three square meals a day my god speakers we don't have the compassion and we can identify with the poor. Ramadan makes us identify with the four at least if we can take that particular lesson. Then there are many other benefits with regard to money fasting, one is the spiritual benefits that make mentioned with regard to Han Allah as the demand has led to that he mentioned fasting is something

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that you will resemble Allah subhanaw taala a small resemblance to Allah subhanaw taala through the means of fasting because Allah Tala is free from you know, sleep data center to what Allah is P from eating, Lion lion amo la la letra means mentioned in the Holy Quran, that you don't feed Allah to Allah, Allah feeds you Allah doesn't need to be fed. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is free from all these ones. So when you learn hungry Hunger through the means of fasting, you identify with Allah subhanaw taala.

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Then there are many other benefits with regards to the fasting. One is in all other Ibaadat all other Ibaadat days here with regard to doing it for the sake of naming thing.

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There is a fear for doing it, for the sake of naming it to be about it was meant was meant to my skin you and I were boo or it wasn't taken MRC slipper out there. Okay, we'll look at

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your reading salad. So the people say he's very, very pious. He's very, very pious. In all other commodities a fear of RIA is a fear of name and fame doing it for the sake of show doing it for the sake of insincerity. It rose up in fasting, there is no name and fame please no instances. Therefore we are going into a lot while he was selling and said that is that you know

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every in every deed Allah subhanahu wa taala multiplies it from 10 to seven and the times are among Allah Tala was Co. in Africa 10 This sounds so good Adam. But you so besides fasting, fasting is only for me Illa song for him no liwan ZB fasting is only for me, and I myself will reward it.

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How can one wonder why, why not what's happening? I myself will be the reward for the person who is fasting. Can you imagine my deal is

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that Allah Allah says the one who first I myself will reward it, or I will myself will become the reward for the person who is fasting,

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that particular reward. So this is not an ordinary thing just to stay away from eating and drinking for a certain specific period of time. It has great amount of benefits, spiritual benefits, and 111 other benefit that Allah has made mentioned that in this nebbia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa salam and the automa have been mentioned that fasting the reward of it is concealed from the German category.

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They go to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Rosa was cool. I'm guessing that is correct. Now my Amalfi I'm kissing again, the person is fasting, how do we write it in his book of deeds? If he's reading two records, read two records. He gave 1000 brand instead of like a 1000 bed in Sarasota. We can we can record we can record it. So he's not doing anything. He's not doing anything. How do we record it? How do we record it? So it comes in one rewire that letter that tells the angels don't record it? Oh, my angels who don't have the capacity to record it. I've nailing set them up with Ken Norton, he

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has a marathon. It is only me I will reward myself. I will reward myself. You don't have the capacity to record it. How Allah Allah will reward it he was rewarded according to his situation. Please so much reward my dear respected brothers in one had interviewed him and set him up. Jannetty Baba new Corolla, hoorah Young. In January there is a door. It's called.

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That door is only for the people who first who sell for sale for locally here tourists are

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the people I work with till the day of gamut. We are the people who first these are the people who first enter into the store into judgment in the store. After they have entered into this door, Allah will rock the door, but it is still frozen. In here. It is only for the people who can pass in the field in the field. Jannetty Baba

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Subhan Allah, and then what is saying the Farhatullah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, that there are two choice for the person who first

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go for

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it. If Turkey What if Turkey what

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we see the time of Iftar everyone is sort of happy. Now after I said everyone is happy. At the time of return everyone, everyone got particular type of joy just before one minute before eternity, everyone's enthusiastic. Everyone's sitting on the desk. So

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let's say what is the image for the person who is fasting these two boys, one at the time of the third one the time of meeting and

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if directly look at that data, similar cut keyword. So therefore, that we conclude with this one of the dwarves that we are supposed to read at the time on breaking fast, what to beautiful dua, the hodza, who was the Latin, the Latin group, with about an agile in sharp read this dua even if you can't know the Arabic read and understand the translation of Allah, when you were just drinking that water the time of time, oh Allah you have parched and you have quenched out with this that punch to throw that was there. You have quenched our thirsty Allah and what that will look and our we have been in some way set ated with regard to our hunger that we have felt with the bottom cover. Now

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inshallah give us the reward or

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Allah we have drained the water to quench our thirst or Allah we have eaten something to satiate our hunger. Now when you give us the reward, may Allah give us the trophy of understanding the importance of fasting and doing it with relish and joy and enthusiasm and understand the great wisdom which Allah has kept in passing from day one.