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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva

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La Mulana Viva La Motta vadoma de la la vida kitabi wanna Sharia Tabata Shariati a mavado Villa Amina shavon rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Mohammed rasuluh

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well Amina ma who

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Rama Rama Rama Rama Suja de una foto de la mina la he worries wanna Soraka la will awesome.

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My dear respected elders and brothers last week was a 10th of Muharram known as Ashura.

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Together with it been a blessing day. Three of Ashura also gave us many important lessons. One lesson that I would like to relate in the after use that lesson as a basis of the talk today.

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And that lesson is that when nebia Kareem Allahu alayhi wa sallam came to Madina munawwara came to realize that the Jews of Medina are fasting or commemorating

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the delivery of Azad musala salat wa salam from the tyranny of your own nebbia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam remarked in and stated a very important principle.

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The principle levy a cream sauce from said we are more closer to Musa alayhis salam than any other religious group.

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We as Muslims, we are more closer to Musa alayhis salam than any other religious group.

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And this what we Muslims believe firmly, we are more closer to Musa alayhis salam, then the Jews are

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we are more closer to Isa Li Salaam than what the Christians are and will ever be.

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The reason is we have become the heirs of the true teachings of those MB Allahu serrato sallam. He Sally Sam never told his people that to regard him as the son of Allah. He says that wassalam told the people yeah, Bani Israel, Coco de la hora de

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ope yovani Israel, worship Allah Who is my Lord and who is your Lord. So in that way, we are more closer to Musa alayhis salam than what the Jews are we are closer to the Salish Lama the Christians are now keeping that particular principle in mind. The 10th of Muharram is also used to discuss the martyrdom of Hussein Are we allowed rancho

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santa Santa well Jamaat have always said that the 10th of Muharram is not significant because of Hussein Hussein was the ultimate shattered as great

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and as tragic as an event that is

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because the

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the superiority of the 10th of Muharram was made mentioned by Nivea cream sauce from 50 years before as I was saying villatoro shahadat

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but it is used by certain groups

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to sew certain types of comments in a theater against the Sahaba there is where you find sometimes it is the perception created is that there are certain groups within the Muslim Ummah who have walked closer to the family of Namibia, Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and that very same group give the impression that Eliyahu Billa the family of Nivea cream sauce Islam and the Sahaba were two different entities.

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Today what I want to say keeping that principle in mind the beginning stages, we are more closer as Muslims to Musa alayhis salam than he salesianum on that braces. Let me say that we that Allah Sunnah wal Jamaat are more closer to the family of Nivea cream sauce Islam than any other group.

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understand where I'm coming from that we as a nation novel Jamaat we are more closer to the family of Nivea cream sauce, Islam and any other group despite what they may claim because we are echoing the sentiments and the teachings of the family of Nivea Creme De La La Silla and to to to love the family of Nivea cream sauce Lamb has always been part of this, but

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it is not as if this group loves and the entire group love the family of Nivea cream sauce from each and every one of us when we read out the rue de Brahim. We send salutations upon the family of Nivea cream sauce from in every salad of ours Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad, well what is this we are sending the root upon him and his family and every salad

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Ours and it is this very this aspect that made as an Imam Shafi Rahim Allah give this remarkable, beautiful poem he said in Cana within Haku Allah Allah Muhammad, Felicia de sakala in India Ravi. If rifts and riff means he will take another word of wisdom in the Shia, you've been a Shia means to love the family of Nivea cream sauce from then let the entire creation know that I'm the first year.

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But together with it, it's not only the love but together with it. It is demeaning the Sahaba crom Ridwan Allahu taala was mine. And that is what we need to understand we are more closer to the teachings of and more closer to the debate than any other group. And when we talk about the family of nebia cream sauce students understand one important point that the family of nebia cream sauce

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we're not only great

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because there was a family of Nivea cream sauce.

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They were also great because they were in the forefront of echoing the teachings of Nivea cream sauce from showing it to the people. And whenever, whenever there was a need for sacrifice in this coma. The true family of Nivea cream sauce lamb are in the forefront of making that sacrifice. why I'm saying the film, you see they were not only great because of being a family because if it was only been the family of Buddha was also the family of NaVi salsa but we curse. Each and every one of us curse him. But yet he was uncle of Nivea cream sauce.

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So the bait we're not only great because of them being the family, they were great because they make sacrifices for the sake of the Dean of the remarkable and great relative our beloved nebia Kareem is awesome. And we can give many examples with regard to this is a better a better when there was three people who came from the people of MCI and said helmy Mubarak who's gonna who's gonna? Who's going to fight with us? Who didn't ever occur himself and put forward he didn't say put anyone like today you find in the in the world today? They put the ordinary layman and the people who are the leaders they stay behind. They don't take part in the actual better. They are part of it. Maybe a cream

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sauce didn't put Hamza his own uncle, he put his cousin at the time you can fight whenever Kareem saw some abolished interest in the in the digital video What did he say? The first interest that I make mufe the first interest that No I will not take money from his the interest of that is due to my uncle.

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So whenever they were sacrifice this as a family of nebbia, creamy sauce lamb weighing the first in terms of making that sacrifice, when other Fatima villalpando find found it difficult with regard to her domestic task. And she saw and she heard that there was slaves that had been brought in Maji Marina Moreover, after one expedition, she went to her father and said, You know I'm finding it difficult to do my domestic task. You give me also one sleeve, you know, so maybe a cream sauce lamb cream and see after it was was was busy at that time. And then we saw some thought Oh, my daughter, those particular ones I have kept it for the US habit so far. I have kept it for other people. With

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regard to your domestic ties. Oh, my daughter, read 33 times from Angela read 33 times Alhamdulillah. Read 34 times every day Allahu Akbar. Prior to sleeping, it will help you fulfilling your domestic tasks.

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We can give many examples in the Battle of the trench when one of the most famous warriors came across the trench. Omar Abdullah bin Ebony would hypnotoad his name was Ebony wood. He said that Ebony wood was equivalent to 400 warriors at the time of Arabia. And when he came over there and he said who's gonna fight against me and everyone because of his fame as a warrior. They were rather reluctant or they took the time

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to say Yasser Allah allow me to go and fight with him. Then first Mr. Aslam said Oh Allah you are still inexperienced if new what was the most famous warrior in Arabia at a time only were you gonna fight him you're still young and then whenever we saw some made this call three times earlier the Latino said let me go fight him in Canada if they would, even if they would.

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And then we saw slim sends his son in law. Today we will we do something? Maruyama outta

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Manila, first, go and fight evening wood. And there was such a fierce battle that both of them were covered in dust. The Sahaba said we didn't know what was happening until we heard a little villatoro said, I have killed the enemy of Allah. It is inconceivable that when the number of Allah always when he wanted sacrifice, the Sahaba and his family were the first to sacrifice and his family that nobody saw Selim would have left and bequeath for them a spiritual or political dynasty that you must be

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Mr. Mo you must be the leader of the Muslims it's, it's impossible given their particular background that nobody saw Selim would have left behind and bequeath to them a spiritual or political dynasty. It's absolutely impossible. But that's a completely different that's what I'm coming to say is that the family of Nivea cream sauce Islam and they were always because of that respected and one aspect that is sometimes put forward is as if the Sahaba and the and the beta two separate entities. This is a complete complete fabrication. Allah tala in the Holy Quran has many attempts made mentioned that the Sahaba chromebit one who lives in one and they love one another. Well, la dee da, da, da

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da, da da boom, boom what maybe a cream sauce. They were simply upon the disbelievers but they were very very loving and compassionate to one another. Look at another place in the Quran was Karuna mattala alikum. Remember the famous of Allah tala Ponyo is modern, that you are enemies before Islam and have been approved combat with Islam. A little bit more proud Mahabharata amongst you.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala bred Mahabharata amongst you. Let me give you some example. Many people do not realize a little yellow to know he is Nika when he went through proposed whether

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it was Abu Bakr and Omar who encouraged him to go and propose.

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They told him Ali, we know that you have a desire to get married to Fatima Why don't you go we will they encourage him to go and ask them to cream sauce him and when he went Nivea cream sauce and said I'm waiting for what he and then maybe a cream soda while he was sitting there after said Allah subhanho wa Taala has commanded me to get married to get my daughter married was Olivia volturno this particular marriage of as early as a Fatima was divinely inspired came from where he came from Allah subhanho wa Taala the same thing and that woman

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when she got married it was man maybe a cream sauce from said the same thing that Allah has sent what he upon me to get my daughter to marry process Monrovia loutra children of Nevis asked him to get married like that. They got married. That was the direct command of Allah subhanho wa Taala then after this when Olivia Voltron who has a Nevis awesome told him I couldn't get yourself ready with regard to me that you need some sort of you need some sort of you know, house some sort of necessities go get that so never be allowed to only had one armor. So he went with an amateur theologian who said I'm leaving this ama is around as a guarantee to you give me cash to get married

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to as a Fatima need some cash to get her married to get myself married to prepare my house for her. So at that particular time, who gave him the cash kept the armor and his Oliver was going Huisman call him back and said only that cash is from my side take this armor you also keep the ammo. I don't need the ammo. So people again don't realize that when it came to buy the necessities was a Fatima outrun her it was a boo boo boo who went

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to go and buy the necessities was a Fatima Viola Khurana he went to go and buy whatever is needed. Look at this another amazing thing. It was an eyeshadow Viola with Rhonda and Michelle Mara Viola with Rhonda who prepared the house of Fatima villalta and according to the time it comes in even imagine that they said they bought they bought sin from what

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was outside Medina Mora to clean the room in which they were going to stay. Then they bought fresh cashew and raisins to put in the room. And then they put hooks to the time it wasn't so they put hooks to keep the clothing and they actually words which is in mustard, mustard, mustard Raka came from our aina Orson a cinnamon horsey Fatima and that time there was no wedding better than the wedding of Fatima theologia prepared by who prepared Bahasa Russia and Mr. Murthy alone. And this particular aspect you know as I shall have to say Mara, Mara ashba who kurama Hadith in the Rasulullah Islam in Fatima there is no one whose speech was more closer resembling the bizarre slum

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where we heard this from from Sri Sri Ravi altana. With we what is the impression given that has an Ayesha and debate with two separate entities, what I'm proving they were one common entity. Not only this, there were many examples, the very famous incident one day Nivea cream sauce them was put something in, in the years of was a Fatima Viola drama she started crying. After that he was with something else she started laughing as an eyeshadow the Latina said, Oh, Fatima, tell me what was what was this discussion one time you were crying one time you were laughing said now I can tell you. It is a secret between me and my father. After maybe a cream sauce can pass away as an

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eyeshadow Viola and asked, oh, Fatima, now that Muslim has passed away. There is no more secret. Why don't you tell me what was what was that? She said the first time Nivea cream sauce lamb came and told me that oh my daughter

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this year Ramadan

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As a general Elisa to Islam came and make two items for me, instead of one item, which gives you the impression that I'm not going to look for very long. So I started crying. And then she said, After that nobody saw slim said, you are going to be the first to meet with me. And are you not happy that you are similar to neisseria lagenda that Allah has made you the queen of all the woman of gender before I started laughing? One day that I shall have the alota Nazis didn't as a Fatima came, and she came on behalf of the other way. So keep in mind that the other wives also they love Nabisco, some say they were they were clamoring for the for the attention of Nevis, Ozlem, so they sent for

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the Fatima to Nivea cream sauce them to say that perhaps Nivea cream sauce lamb is showing greater attention to Russia because it is well known that we saw some love Russia monks more than any of his wives. So he said that, you know, the she came with a Fatima came because as a Fatima was very close. So he said they sent her Fatima that jarocin lap, you know, show attention to the otherwise also send me a cream sauce llama heard? What has it Fatima said and this is her words in a Muslim that oh my daughter LST to hibino ma

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Oh my daughter won't you love whom I love. So the Fatima said yes, our love whom you love synnovia cream sauce them said oh my daughter then love has Russia because I love her. When love was Russia villalta because I love her. It is a same thing aspect. It again people come and bring all these type of things. And we because we don't read. We don't know things we get carried away and we get carried away by propaganda. What people don't realize is that when Monrovia la was on her deathbed when she was sick, who is there who nurse has a Fatima Viola Donna

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It was a smart thing to miss who was the wife of Abercrombie ultra. It was the wife of

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a swab into males who who nursed as a Fatima during holidays. And it was a smoking to mace who gave practical expression and manifestation to as a Fatima Viola clan has wish that Fatima Fatima said she has such great modesty. She used to say that the greatest good for a woman is a strange woman must not see it strange men must not see a woman. So this this aspect that we do in a Marina janaza that together with the coffin, you put a pinata over the coffin, there is a center of the Fatima villalta. She is the one who initiated this and who gave this to the woman

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who was the wife of us.

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It is because of this modesty that didn't have Syria as easy as a shotgun as a submodel Imola makes mention of Tiamat whereas it

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is about to go into Jana. An angel will call out

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people of gender or people of Russia that Fatima is about to cross the pulsera put your gazes down, she is crossing the Pacific.

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Everyone will pick as they gaze down to refer to him as cross the pulsera. So what I'm trying to prove here in this series is to show that they are one common entity. It is not that they were two distinct camps the way it is made out. There are so many examples with regard to that. One day someone came to us

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and asked the fatwa and then said, What's that you said as an alum of yellow Tron who

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said such a thing with regard to this fatwa? As I said, ama in the hula alamanda submission, if it is Allah, Allah knows the Sunnah more than anyone else. And he knows the Sunnah more than anyone else. And as Russia villalta was on a deathbed, they had to live near Barcelona again the family of Navy sausage, the cousin of Navy, a cream saucer, came to visit has an eyeshadow Vilalta. So I served the Latina was in pain. So she said, you know, tell us about him near busted. I mean pain he can come afterwards. So we've never said no, I want to say a few things. Because as I share with you a lot of time we do to her fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala she was, you know, saying things I'm

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worried how Allah subhanho wa Taala is gonna treat me how Allah subhanho wa Taala is gonna, this was because of the fear of Allah subhanaw taala they had they own humanity. So I

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sent a message and said, Quentin, Ayesha, I want to say to her one thing, and then I will leave, I can understand she's in a deathbed, she's in pain, but then I want to say one thing to her before I leave. So then they said, Okay, then I shall give him your bus of Yolanda permission. And he said, Oh, mother of the faithful.

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Let me give you great tidings that I heard from the VA creme de la

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raza, Russia will be my wife and Jenna.

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So I said, don't worry. I've came to give you great tidings. I have directly heard from the name of Allah, Russia will be my wife engine. Now this does this give you an impression that they were they were enemies to one another? The way certain Muslim groups want us to say that the debate in our enemies to one another. Let me conclude with one incident so many incidents to make mention of.

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Let me just conclude with one or two more instance.

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In one day, he asked his crew students and said, Man as Janice open Who is the most brave of all people who is the most brave.

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He was known for his bravery. So the students said, Oh, Ellie, you and you are most brave, you are most brave. So he said, No, I'm not brave. Brave was Abu Bakar said brave was abubaker

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he said, when the people of Mecca one day they started strangling the nebula of Allah in the Bay to LA, in the Hatem. He said, we all knew about it. But we are afraid that if we're gonna go, the people are gonna, they're gonna come and hit us. Instead of Allah. No one could go there. It was Abubakar viola, who went he went to win fight with the people. He separated them from an appeal of Allah. And he told the people attack to Runa Rajan a cooler appeal. Ah, are you gonna kill a person because he says Allah is my Lord, and He protects his view of Allah. I am not brave aboubaker was brave.

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He said in a battle of butter. We said who is going to protect me sauce them because everyone would be attacking the enemy of Allah subhana wa COVID. Otto said, leave me to protect the nephew of Allah. And Allah Allah XIM What a great job. No one could come near to the Navy of Allah

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was protecting the enemy of Allah. So Allah does not say to say I am brave. No, I'm not brave. Three was a Buddha. And he gave many examples. Refer to me Malika villafana says, at the time of the janazah of Omar

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Abdullah in a bath of the Latino said, I heard a person

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saying loudly, Rahim Allah.

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Allah have mercy upon you. May Allah have mercy upon you.

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Whenever I heard the name of Allah speaking whenever I heard the name of Allah speaking, he always used to see the hell to an Abu Bakar.

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The hub to another Abu Bakar Omar courage to Ana Abu Bakr Omar, you say whenever I heard interview of Allah speaking,

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every time we spoke was me Abu Bakr Omar, we went here mirrabooka karuma we did this miracle worker, we went to this particular place, and I was sure a woman that Allah because of that love would make you to your two companions be buried with the Navy of Allah. Abdullah of Napa said, I look behind to see who is saying these words. And who did I see, I saw it was literally a lot of saying these words. So let us be very careful whenever someone tells us that alphabet and the Sahaba were two separate entities. They were one common entity and they had love so do we believe what people say about them? Or do we believe what the Quran says? Ruhama obey? No. They had love with one another

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man like you know, the topic of understanding and making a man was Rhoda 100