Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf #12

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The story of Islam and the Bible is discussed, including the first woman to experience a miracle and the first person to become the first person to anxury with the Bible. The importance of acknowledging guidance and reflecting over what Islam did not accomplish is emphasized, as well as the difficulty of identifying certain names and the potential for life to be restored. The emotional state of men and women is also discussed, including their desire for sex, desire for sex, and desire for sex for spiritual health. The importance of traveling and staying in a place with great value in life is emphasized.
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Amy Can

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you hear me in a shape on your Ragini Bismillah your wash man you're walking waka Nicobar and Sunnah homely

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lubaina home Allah por min home Gamla baystone Arno lobby SNA Yeoman Obama young barn or a book on RLM ob Mallaby stone, Ferber is a haidakhan BYD take on heavy Almudena vailian

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as gap orama failure it can be raised in Houma Lee atella puff while you're sharing run, become head, sada love Alavi. Yeah, we continue with this very amazing, fascinating, riveting intriguing, mesmerizing tale and narrative of the Quran. But that's the Quran in its entirety. And I hope my brother and I hope my sister I'm stimulating within you that passion to embark on the journey of the Quran, you can ask my fellow students and they will tell you, this has been my passion all the time. You know what, it's a matter of igniting the flame. I cannot tell you and I cannot convey to you because I don't know myself. It is each person embarking on this journey and connecting with Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. To appreciate the richness and the depth of Oran

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nothing can take my depression away and we all have fluctuations, like just listening to beautiful recitation of the Quran and reflecting on the meaning. You know what it is so soothing, it is so nourishing, it is just beyond we talk of a waterfall, and to just hear the sound of water, or waves or birds chirping or the sun rising or the wind blowing or whatever these things are so then and of course its nature and absolutely and we all love it and it's great. But I promise you when you when you have the privilege of understanding the Quran, and listening to Quran been recited my word, my word, this is indescribable beauty in disguise some things you simply cannot describe. And reading

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Quran with understanding is from amongst that may Allah make us from the Quran? I mean, you're a blind I mean, okay, so we continue verse number 19. The Quran told us about all the intervention and the measures that were put in place by Allah subhanho wa Taala for their sleep. Scholars also speak about that it's few times to us, you know, you have this logical mind that, so Okay, they slept for 309 years, so their nails didn't grow, their hair didn't grow, what happened to their body? Because like, how do you answer those type of things? So this is precisely what we refer to as Karama, a miracle. And a medical is supernatural. And this is outside the ordinary when the messengers analyze

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and split the moon. And then people said, but how is that possible? Well, that's why you call it a miracle. That's why you call it a miracle because it's something that you and I cannot do that why in Arabic You call mortgages or mortgages that means something that defeats others are just your urges. So Allah subhanho wa Taala stopped a time in that cave and time outside the cave continued. And this is in the system and in the doing and in the in the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala so their bodies remain intact. They were, you know, perfect. They were well taken care of. How would you survive so long? All in the power of the Almighty. Okay, verse number 19. What gallica birth now

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home, what Galaga birth now home, Leah does lubaina home. Remember we said the focus should be on what Allah has the magnified or the MoMA or Bahama hula, don't try to determine what Allah did not determine. And Allah did not tell it to us not because Allah doesn't know it, but because it's not connected to our guidance. So the other aspects is not connected to our guidance sense. Allah has not spoken about it. And we need to be Take heed and reflect and ponder over whatever Allah subhanho wa Taala has mentioned and discussed in detail. Just as their sleep was a bounty was a miracle. Their subsequent revival was no less a bug

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Day was no less a miracle worker than a birth now, a gamma a number now home births are now home as we made them sleep for so long, which was a miracle, we then revive them which was also a medical

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person gets very sick and you know what it's touching go life and death. It's critical, it's crucial. And then he makes a full turn around, you know what, and he recuperates and recovers and gains back into wow what a turn around what a turn around, back to normal and back to you know, what regular life what can salika and in the same manner, that this was also a medical birth now whom we revive them. Leah does allude by you know whom, so that they can mutually ask the SA la casa Casa will learn from Bobby tougher role which has the meaning of mutual among them amongst themselves amongst themselves. They can ask each other the attesa lubaina home, how long did you sleep? So they

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got up, and one of them asked some say his name was and I don't know if I'm pronouncing it correctly, the names have been mentioned in the diversity By the way, but it's quite difficult to pronounce Mook salamina. Right if I'm having the pronunciation correct. The names have been mentioned it's not easy names. It's not common names. It's not regular names, if I'm pronouncing it correctly with the correct era mK salamina pa Illumina home one amongst them said comme le bestem. Folks, how long have you slept? Like how long have we slept? How long have we slept?

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So generally a human would estimate the sleep based on how refreshed or tired he feels. If he had a deep sleep. He thinks like oh, it's whole night gone. And if it was, you know what still this tiredness and fatigue then you think it was just a power nap it was just a 40 wings and you're back up. You know, and especially when you are traveling, and your body clock is quite erratic, it's quite difficult. It takes you seconds to gather yourself when you fell off to sleep at an airport or waiting to board a flight etc. And then you fell off in deep sleep and then when you get up and it takes you a few seconds to kind of process the surroundings gather yourself and then start Okay.

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Wait, hang on. I'm in Amsterdam. Yeah, okay, I'm yeah, I'm here in the Netherlands. I have a flight and I'm saying this because I know this has happened to me. And then you you know what you're trying to hop on to the next slide because you've missed a flight etc. So Carlota elumen home one of them said comme le Beth Toma, how long did you sleep?

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Others replied and they said Lambeth nah young woman Oh bah bah yo la ilaha illa La La ilaha illa Allah Harlow, then said Lambeth now we slept we rested. We waited for a day, probably half a day, my word 309 years, three centuries. Somebody asked the great scholar, is it possible for questioning in the grave to happen? I'm just objectively pausing here and I'm come back here. Is it possible for life to be restored into that body and into that human and questioning to occur in the grave? So Subhan Allah the scholar Rahim Allah gave such a profound answer. He said, is it possible for me to return life to that to that cobs possible for you or possible for Allah? If you ask me It's

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impossible. I cannot give life to myself possible for you impossible Of course you cannot do it. And Allah if you don't believe that Allah has that strength then there's no Eman. Of course Allah has absolute strength.

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Bella Casa de na Allah Sophie a banana my word My what? I assemble in Santa Elena Gemma Obama in Surah two dahar in the 29 Jews so does man thing yeah several insaan does man thing and Lana, Gemma, Gemma Gemma or Avon? I've known the plural revamp. Does he think we don't have the ability to assemble the bones Bala name pty DD and we have the ability eila and no, so we are Bana so why are you so my brother I beg you, my sister, I beseech you and implore you commence your journey of understanding the Quran today. Commence your journey.

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I was giving a talk in London and I will not forget this. The brother came to me after the talk. He says, I loved your talk and I credit that to the Almighty. And he said, You made me feel guilty. I said, Thank you. That's what I want. If you need to feel guilt, so it can stimulate action. Sometimes that tummy needs to protrude, and someone needs to tell you you look in obese for you to stimulate action to get into the gym to burn the calories to get onto a diet to do the exercise. And I'm not you know what? being insensitive. I'm just saying it in a generic context. It takes someone to tell you to realize robots in Latin Canada boosah in Arabic, they say some illnesses lead to

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cure. You know, I need to give up the habit of cigarettes not me. I'm not smoking, by the way just to qualify that statement. But you know what a person knows I need to give this up. It's not good. It's not good for my lungs. It's not good for my family as passive smokers inhaling this year, etc. And sometimes the health deteriorates, you get admitted into a medical facility. And then you have to draw the line and drop it cold turkey. Sometimes you need to feel guilty my brother and I need to feel guilty so that it stimulates action. Bellanca, Didi now Allah and also we are banana. Navy, we have the ability to gather their finger dubs, we have the ability to gather their finger dubs pull

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kuno hija rotten oh hi dee da. Oh hello, Tommy my Yakubu rofi sudo Rico. First say Oppo Luna mejor Are you do not I wish you were with me on one page and as a reference and if you can turn that page in your mental notes and archives and you can follow through with me, I'm referring to a verse in the 15 jewels of the Quran Chapter 17 surah Benny is Surah Al tell them oh Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Ponce. kuno Hi Jaya Ratan oh hi dee da after death. Take the form of stone take the form of steel. Oh hulten mimma Yakubu trophies to do recon or adopt the form of Sunday in which you believe resurrection is more remote and impossible for sayoko Luna mejuri do now and then they will ask you

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who will resurrect us pulling the rug comb oh well Amara tell them the bean who created you the first time we'll create you again for say you know the Luna la guru also one mockingly and stuffing live because you can redo no means you have to redo now Rosa womb is de hacer un fossa une redo una la Kuru also home so they will not there at all. Okay, all right. Okay, Mata who so when will this the resurrection supposedly happen? Por la casa de una casa de ba this cannot be humans words. This is divine my brother what law read the Quran and and this is divine.

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Lhasa, you know, when a person has a passion for something. He wants the whole world to mobilize in that cause and I cannot get back. When I think of implant I buzz my brain freezes if my boss said in it. And if I want to know and anessa Jimmy and Alamo mithila the acronym, I would come to a verse and I would hold it in my heart would scream I wish the whole world can understand that I like how I understood it. I cannot imagine what that patient of a boss or the Allahumma would be.

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I have one fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction I don't even know what fraction to describe about little and limited I have an I have this, this passion and this desire that I wish everybody could understand it and appreciate the beauty. Can you imagine what Abdullah now buzz who was erudite who was knowledgeable who was a fountain of knowledge.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala has absolute power and qudra and he will revive us all

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a year to handle arriva malted barley. Whoa, whoa moo moo Thomas zerah who me the first Sunil Kava that's what this call is right? And yet to *, revoir, Bally od composed bones. One new home model mohtarma ziggu and frag men dead flesh, Kumi, assemble and stand up, it's the Day of Resurrection. Yo my guru Come on that day he will summon you fetters the G Boone. You will oblige and comply, be handy he prays in him, What does are known and you will consider Elizabeth them in kalila that

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Your stay on Earth was but short. Okay, let's get back to verse 19 year piloti no main home one out of them said How long were you folks rest in the other settler bisnar Yeoman Oba boom I think it was half a day or one day

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Todd or a bow come now again in biannual report on I read this year, levy cinna, Yeoman Oba Oba Yom nebith na Yeoman Oba Oba yom

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they trivialized their time spent in the Cape Hatteras, half a day ad was one day, it wasn't too long. See what's written there is Dr. Lu yo meltaway Sol is Dr. Lu, a young man with Sol wahaca Sha, Sha, Jamal La ilaha IL Allah La Ilaha Illa. Allah is stuck. Hello, Mel. We saw her get shot no or shall kill Jamal.

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They reduced and trivialize the moment spent in the cave. Because in essence, these were moments that were rich with spirituality. They were brimming with proximity. And they were privileged with the closeness in terms of rank and status with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because remember, they took shelter in the cave for the pleasure of Allah. So this was the moments of winsol it was in the pleasure of the Creator wahaca schatten are shouting Jamal, and speak to any lover in the moments with his creator. It is never sufficient. You could you could read Quran the whole night and the night is short. You could fast the day and the day is short. You could give charity and help someone

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and the funds are too limited. You could glorify Allah and you just don't have satisfaction that it's enough. Why because it is moments with your beloved. And then the contention continues where your car Aloo matar Mullah Mohammed my hubby was in power lotta see Ron? maka mole Mohammed my hubby were in power law crossing Iran

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worker throttle EGT ma re worker throttle EGT ma ese Ron

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les anahola you above minella habibie What Tarun well our feni a DA Haru Amar la This is something else my brother ah May Allah give it to me and you closeness to Allah. It's another feeling it's another euphoria, it's another ecstasy. People talk of endorphins being released into the body and people talk of adrenaline rush and people talk of the kick and the throw, you know, what May Allah give it to me when you drop in your head in such that you simply cannot raise your head that axon comes in and tabooed Allah Kanika Tara, who that you know what you just want to make another test with and another this will be an analysis V and another this is B and another this B and you are so

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limited to the ground? There Mr. teppei Hey, I got a Saturday candy Shah, the GAO who are going as as such that girl, Georgia is a me penneshaw there Mr. teppei Hey, I got a Saturday Carney Shah, the cow who are going as such that go to Georgia is zemi penneshaw. If they is the hallmark of prostration on your forelock then great. What about a prostration? That leaves an imprint on the ground? What about a prostration? That leaves an imprint on the ground in no era in the whole era.

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What turtleback calf is Didi verily your allies observing you when you're standing in prayer, and he's observing you when you are in sujood.

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Anyway, let me try and translate the SIOP is the color a YAML Rizal they considered the time of the cave to be brief, because this was moments of spiritual high, where they read retreated to the cave in the obedience of Allah. Wa Kadosh Nora schatten Jamal, and speak to any lover who loves Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's just not enough where you call and they say, ma ma ma, ma ma, l habibie. ma, ma ma ma ma Habibi. We're in Ba La Casa urine. That regardless of how long your time is with you

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Your beloved is always short. And regardless of how often your union is with your beloved, it is always brief. Why? They are no hola Yo, Don Miguel Habibi, what's wrong, I just could not get enough. Fake lovers and fake lovers I refer to love of this world, this mundane, temporary transitory, superficial love, you're talking to someone and I always used to say this to my students. It's unfortunate that when we need to give the analogy of the wholesome love with Allah, to draw a parable, we have to share the example of love of this world, or lust of this world of fantasy of this world, because we have not experienced or read or felt that rich and pure and

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wholesome love, like the Gambia had in the Sahaba head. So person is talking to his beloved My love My darling, my angel. You know what I love you and blah, blah, blah, and it continues and then he's like, I'm not gonna drop this call. Because for me, time doesn't matter. A time doesn't matter. I'm all yours. The night is young. I just don't want to end this call. I can talk the whole night through I'm fine. I'm fresh. You're gonna have to drop the call because I won't able to end it such ease my, my yearning for you such as my pining for you such as my feelings for you. So regardless of how long it is always your seed. It's short. Leanna Hola. jacoba Amina, Habibi withdrawn because

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because you never had enough we're in funny a dahiru Amara, even if a period has to pass in a year has to pass and a decade has to pass. And yet someone else said and as mentioned by Quran as well. Well, I can do your own doodle more Hi, Bo, Elia Lee. Well,

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Li Li, the lover doesn't look at his watch when he's with his beloved. The lover doesn't count the time and is what is Beloved. May Allah make us like that my brother Roger known talbo more I love him. Bill must in the seven people who will enjoy the shade under the throne of Allah is one whose heart is attached to the masjid attached to the masjid restless outside the masjid, he will have shade under the throne of Allah. Last night, I was thirsty and I was drinking some water and having family time. And I'm saying to my kids and my wife, you know, as I'm sipping through that water, I had a flash of the Hadith of the intensity of the day of the Yama and how sweltering and scorching

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and blistering hot it would be. And can you imagine the thirst on that day may Allah save us? If you one shade, then connect yourself to the masjid.

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So this was true love and this was mentioned in biannual Quran. Anyway loveth now young men our bamboo will spend half a day or one day whereas they slept 309 years. So others from amongst them respond by saying or Rob Bogum Alamo Bhima beef Tom, Surely your Lord knows how long you slept again. Again again now see what's written in the tafsir Rob bukem Allah mu Bhima Elizabeth dome Surely your Lord knows how long you slept. Ferber is to third Basu. So dispatch someone, send someone, delegate someone assign someone appoint someone to go to this city and purchase some food. We'll open up on each word in sha Allah, because each word has something to tell us at that's the

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beauty, this is what you talk of exegesis right? critical analogy of the Divine text critical analyzing. So furfur in Arabic tells us that the man whistle while Metallica started my alpha cell, basic Arabic grammar, October your active alternative means to follow the after, which we refer to as sequence without interval and sequence with interval. So Summa in Arabic also comes to denote sequence this happened then that happened then that happened, a call to fishery B to some men into I ate immediately they after I slept and then with the Boers in between I then went to sleep. So I ate I drank something oppose and then I slept. So when summer comes to Medina sequence with a pause and

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an interval, while third comes to denote sequence, but uninterrupted no interval. So the word for you and that same thing, what the scholars say regarding Maria Maria lagana

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for Agia al Maha ala Ella, just enough luck in my mind is going to go and we're going to go into a long separate story. Maybe we'll discuss it on another time in sha Allah, who knows we'll make it a dedicated Tafseer one day instead

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Allah Surah Maryam in the miraculous birth of Isa alayhis salam, okay, let's just get back here. Thurber. So I told you basic Arabic grammar those that aren't grammar will appreciate that it will denote in sequence without interval. This release is the him stop discussing how long are you saying this he's saying this year facto it means that

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terracotta fish terracotta fish, livery brewery, leave something and don't probe and pry and query and investigate when it is not essential now to sit and argue and counter argue and labor how long it's not going to buy us anything different. It's not going to change and excellent has happened. Of course forensics have come in the traffic department has come in the necessary you know, what sketching of the accident, the details need to be captured, etc. That's a separate thing that has been cordoned off. But you as a family member, you know what we need help an intervention but what happened but it happened but what time now at this stage, we need paramedics we need a doctor, we

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need a chopper, we need someone to be airlifted we need to help we need help to sit and labor but why but who but what is not going to help this situation. So the word for and as mentioned in biannual puran. Ferber Otto is indication of technical difficulties to stop probing something greater the Rudy which is not necessary, which is not essential. And to my whoever can do that, which is key now we are hungry, we are hungry, we need to eat now, let's not discuss this. So that's another reflection my brother.

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So many times, we over exert ourselves on things that are unnecessary. So I put the thought in my mind now, we focus our energy on the wedding, and not the marriage. The wedding is one day the marriage is forever. Like you say with relief. Oh, the wedding is over. Show. That was a long weekend. My Word. I'm so exhausted. At least I know they married and I'm done. No, you're not done. This was the wedding only the real thing is the marriage. How many values moral system you know, teachings have I instilled in my bra in in the bride and the groom. How much have I put in place in terms of the of the marriage? I've invested so much in the wedding? And was it really necessary? No.

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We exhaust ourselves in things that are just you know what? complimentary By the way, not the absolute essence. So the word for denote sequence without interval which implies and impresses and indicates and releases a hint, let's focus the energy on something necessary. Further I thought I had the can be what do you think Omaha he sent one of us? What these coins? What do you think on silver coins. This indicates that it is necessary. When you travel as much as you rely on Allah, you need to keep some money with you. These are the friends of Allah. They had absolute trust and conviction with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yet they had money with them. And I'll tell you as things

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open up, these coins baby, they back this is all money. This dates back to three centuries, they don't know the season outside the century outside has well done. And this is not the currency that's going. So this also indicates that in travel, it makes of basic essentials, that you keep some money with you it's always necessary and important.

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You could be stranded. You need to spend a night you need help you need assistance, etc. From birth to send someone. So send someone from a 15 perspective, from a journalistic perspective speaks about the permissibility of partnership and delegation. Because remember, the money belongs to everyone. I don't know if you understand what I'm saying. Like how many lessons have been deduced from one word and letter one one word and letter. Arabic is the only language that there are translations of letters like ba, ba comes for L sock mean comes for, you know from inner comes towards. So in English, like a doesn't have a meaning you say A for apple, B for banana, for orange, whatever. But

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a independantly doesn't have a meaning in Arabic. Every letter has a meaning. That's the depth of the language. Anyway, our time has expired. And we're going to wrap up on this note here. I think the lessons and the takeaway from today was the moment spent in the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala are the most fulfilling moments and are the most wholesome moments. May Allah blesses us with that such that we simply cannot raise our head. May Allah bless us with that night.

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tahajjud with the night fields to short May Allah bless us with that ecstasy when we recite in Quran that we so consumed, that we can complete the Quran in two units of prayer like say the northmen or the Allah hanwoo manera Bella alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala aalihi was happy chameleon welcome gorilla Hello bill admin

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