The Power Of One Ayah #12

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cona wubi lc nauticam waterpolo nabee f1

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la sala de

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la buena who

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were who are in de la.

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is number 15 in Serato Norse or number 24.

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And the context of this ayah is the story of the the slander of Isola Juana, you all know the story. But I just want to stop at one scene of this story. Because one of the beautiful meaning of fasting in Ramadan is that we don't only abstain from food and drink and intimacy if we are married, but also

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our eyes fast or ears fast, and our tongues fast.

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All of our organs fast.

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We only walk to places that will please Allah subhana wa Taala we only say things that will please Allah subhana wa Taala we only listen to things that will please Allah subhanho wa Taala we only look at things that will please Allah subhanho wa Taala. So in this ayah Lost Planet, Allah says is the Lakota who you received the news of the slander of Ayesha,

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at your tongues, hold on. When somebody talks when somebody gossips when somebody, you know, slanders when somebody backbite they speak, how do you receive, you receive with your ears, and this is the process you should receive with your ears. And then think if it makes sense or not, then you choose to talk about it or not.

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And this was last month, I said the amazing things that the people who were involved in the slander of Russia, didn't even think they just received the news from the tongues of others. And Subhanallah they took it from the tongue to the tongue without thinking and Allah Subhana Allah said, What a kulula before he come by Elisa Lacombe here and you say with your tongues, that which you have no knowledge of what the Buddha who hyena Some people say, we're just passing time. You know, it just I heard this, I want to share it. No, like slandering and backbiting is one of the most like dangerous diseases that will destroy communities and destroy a whole oma. So we have to be careful. Don't

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share anything that you listen to. When people text something when people email you something. Make sure that it's something authentic before you share it. And especially when you hear about like people slandering others of backbiting them, hold off, hold your tongue.

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Because nothing will be the reason for people to be grabbed on their faces to Hellfire on the Day of Judgment, except for the harvest of their tongues.

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So I want you to reflect on this ayah and please, don't receive backbiting

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gossiping, slandering from tank to tank and talk.

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Listen, process and hold your time even if it's something bad. Over covers a Muslim allow us to cover him on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala makers amongst those who listen to the speech and follow the best of it was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.