Prophetic Du’as #12

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Oh Allah, Pardon Me

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So I want to leave you with a catchy. Thank you for joining us for another episode of prophetic as we enter into these last two nights of Ramadan. There's a really important to either Ayesha rhodiola and her she narrates she asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a messenger of a lot if I find data, if I happen to live and I realized that I'm living the night of late so called vanetta uku a matter of fact, then what should I say? And what should I do? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then said to Ayesha, he said to her bully, Aloma inika iPhone to hebbal Alpha four I needed all law you are a lefou You are the one who pardons You are the partner to help will offer you love

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to partner flat for acne. And so Pardon me. And this is a powerful, powerful tool. That should be said throughout these last 10 nights of Ramadan, especially as we tried to find and try to gain the rewards of later. And, you know, in this video, I want to just you know, this begs the question, this begs the question of why are we looking for later to God, why is it so important? Allah Subhana Allah says in that Enza now feed a lot of clutter Indeed, We revealed the Quran la letter called will Madoka mandate as we'll call it, and what can make you know, what's the little cutter is why is it called later to other to begin with what what is this terminology mean? What does other mean?

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Other can mean something that is very valuable, that is

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something that has a lot of value, a lot of power, a lot of significance, and this is a night that is of great significance, that is of great value that is so powerful, and that's why it is later called and other came in strength and power in this night is so powerful, the power that of what you do in this in this one night. overwhelms all the other nights throughout the year and other community decree, the decree of a law unless penalty decrees predestines and Allah Subhana Allah says in the end for you for cuckoo eminent Hakeem, in this night, all the issues are being decided. And so what is being decided of our mercy, of our guidance of our sustenance, all of this is being

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decided on this night for the next year. And so this is an amazing opportunity for us to ask a lot too big of a loss so that on this night, where these decisions are being made in sha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala chooses for us a great portion of mercy, a great portion of benefit, a great portion of guidance, a great portion of closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, He says, woman as a raw commodity, that's what caught them and what can make you know, what's needed? is Allah Subhana. Allah is telling us, we as human beings, there's very little that we understand, we have very limited capacity of understanding how can we actually know what this night

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is? We will not be able to understand the greatness of its mercy, we will not be understand how great be able to understand how great and deep the rewards of this night actually are. Our minds are not capable of comprehending that so Allah says Wilma as the rock How can you know we can't know is the reality. Then Allah Subhana Allah tells us something that can maybe help us begin to understand, begin to understand a little bit of why this night is so powerful of why this night is so valuable that Allah Subhana Allah says in it, he says, The little cuddly Hiraman alpha shark that's a little cut, the night of color is better than 1000 months, it's not equal to 1000 months. Rather, it is

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better than 1000 months. Imagine the people were able to go for Hajj, we're able to go for Umrah we're able to worship a less penalty Island gain reward in these places. And you can't go you don't have the ability or the money or the means to go and you think kind of law they get all these rewards and I don't. And now today with most people around the world, they can't even go to the masjid because the meridians are closed. And you say I can't even go to the message and get the reward of the masjid. And now Allah Subhana Allah sends you a night doesn't matter where you are, even in your house, no matter where you are a lessons you a night that's powerful and more powerful

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than anyplace else. Power data sends you an idea that is more powerful than 1000 months. So kind of how powerful is that and you can receive its reward in your own home. And he says tenants, the tenants don't matter. It gets World War Kofi habanero beam and Quilliam. He says the angels in the spirit, meaning to be nice to them, they descend by the permission of Allah subhanaw taala. For every matter, the angels are asking a lot for permission. They're saying, oh, Allah, please give us permission, we want to come down to the earth. Can you imagine that the angels that are in the heavens with the loss of hello to Allah that are close to a lie. So again, they're asking permission

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to come to the earth. Why would they ask permission to come to the earth? Because they know that on this night, the greatest amount of Allah's mercy and His guidance and his light is on this earth. It's not up in the heavens, it's on Earth. So they're begging a law for permission, oh, let me come down to earth. They're competing, they want to come down to earth because they want to live in the greatest amount of blessings of Allah subhanaw taala and that's the night of latest record. And so how, you know, terrible is it for people who are alive during latest and father and instead of worshipping Allah, they are disobeying a law

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Meanwhile the angels are begging a lot well let me come to the earth because on earth I get to ask Allah subhana wa tada and live in the mercy of the blessings of Allah and the prophets of Allah isn't that he teaches Ayesha that if you find this night, then say alemannic afternoon to help with Alpha Phi for any Allah you are LFO. And you love Africa you love pardoning for I mean, so Pardon me. Why does the Prophet sallallahu Sallam focus on the name of Allah laffel? Why does he focus on the name of Allah, the One who pardons and last one is really it's greater than mafia, it's greater than a lobbying for a lobbying the forgiver you know, the Forgiving one, the one who forgives, it's,

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he forgives you the sin, meaning the sin is there, but he forgives you there, he protects you from the consequences of the sin, but the sin is still there. And that comes from the word metal. And metal is to erase something completely erases the thing as if it didn't happen to begin with. And so m, f, f out, you know, the Arabs would say that, you know, the,

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the wind will erase the footsteps, meaning that people are walking in the sand, they leave their footsteps, but the wind will come and the wind will blow the sand over the footsteps. And that is a Africa, because it's as if the footsteps were never there. And so when you're asking a lot for Africa, you're saying, Oh, I committed sins. And I'm asking you to remove these sins as if they never existed to begin with. Whereas Allah subhanaw taala being and of our food, for example, you know, the opposite of that a food is the one who protects you from the sin, the sin is still there. It still exists. It's written, the angels have written it, they've recorded it, but it's forgiven.

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Whereas allow for the sin doesn't even exist anymore. The angels haven't recorded it. You come on the Day of Judgment, there's no sin that's being forgiven. It's not like the sin is there. And then Allah says, it's gone now. I won't punish you for the sin. No, the sin is not there to begin with. And so this is the night of asking Allah the Most that you can ask. And the most that you can ask a law is from him is his pardon, right? mofetil is even less than his pardon. Right? forgiveness is even less than the pardon of Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah as Oh, gentlemen, he gives you this alpha. Maybe you forget the sins that you've done. Not only that, he has forgiven the sins and he's

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removed it from what the angels have written but you yourself forget that you did that sin and it's a mercy from Allah subhana wa Tada. He lets you overcome some of the sins that we've done because of his alpha because he removes the sin away from us completely. And we become like the day that Allah subhana wa tada brought us into this world because of his outflow, because he's removed it and think you know, of an example of a man who committed evil sins, and he's trying to make you think, oh, Allah, please give me alpha Ola, please pardon me, and the angels are trying to hide his voice. Why? Because they have anger to this man. He committed so many sins, he did so much evil. They're so

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angry with him. They're trying to conceal his voice. And unless of handleless Allah says, Why are you doing this? And they said, Oh, law in the Himalayas and a little fear Allah, Allah, he's not worthy of your forgiveness. And unless of penalty, it says, Well, I can do the taqwa, mucked it up, but I am worthy of his consciousness, and I am worthy of granting forgiveness. And a lot of panelists out it says, because of that photo, too, that I have forgiven him I have shown him mercy I have shown him pardon, pardon ship and pardon his God that I felt naghdi I have pardoned my servant. And so this is something really important for us in this night to ask Alice penalty Ida for his

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pardon, to ask a lot to forgive our sins. And just as we want the pardon from Allah subhanaw taala we must pardon others, we must forgive others. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was going to inform his companions which night was available to them, but then he forgot why did he forget? He found two people arguing and fighting each other. And this is a symbol for us to understand. If we are arguing and fighting against each other and having you know bitter feelings towards each other and not forgiving and not pardoning each other how will we get the pardon of Allah subhanaw taala if we want the pardon of Allah subhana wa Tada. We must pardon others. Well, yeah, for the US Federal

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electronic boonah if your luck will come, let them pardon and let them overlook Don't you love for Allah subhana wa tada to forgive you as well. And so let's incorporate these meanings in our when we turn to Allah subhanaw taala during these last 10 nights, so then why they come back to life