Ebrahim Bham – Ibaadur Rehman #11

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The three qualities of Islam, which are negative and rewarding, cannot be sanctioned by divine law and must be fulfilled with whoever is willing. The third approach involves fulfilling natural and emotional needs, but it can dampen society and create emotional vacuum. A woman named Zina caught doing a behavior she describes as "immoral" that was considered an evil act, but refused to do it and the behavior is called "immoral."
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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Allah hilmi bada bada bada karate, was salat wa salam wa sallam via serene, Allah Allah He was heavy in Ahmedabad for the villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, when levena the owner ma la isla and

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whenever you go to Ronan of sanity Ramallah Hilah will have what is known Sara colloquialism

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respected viewers and listeners. We begin by placing Almighty Allah sending salutations upon our beloved navia Karim Allah Allah.

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We are continuing with our series The battle Rahman, the qualities of the favorite bondsman, and servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The first few qualities which we had outlined and given a small and brief commentary on what to do with righteous deeds. In this verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala has referred to three qualities in the negative sense that the bad man would not come near, they would not do it. Firstly, when larina LaDonna mala Isla and they would not invoke and make dua in worship anyone with Allah subhanho wa Taala. They will not kill another person and justly except if there is a just justification and the right theist justification in here in this verse, the third

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prohibition, the Hebrew ramen will not commit adultery and Zina and this and although they have different definitions with regard to what is adultery and what is what is fornication. For the purpose of this program, we will say Zina adultery, the Bible Rahman will not commit adultery, they will not commit Xena. Now we know that one of the greatest urges and desires in a human being is the sexual urge. And a sexual desire which Allah tala has ingrained in human being It is part and parcel of our makeup. Now however human being responded with regard to it can be three ways. One is to suppress it completely. Don't allow it rain, don't allow it to be fulfilled, don't allow it to be

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manifest. Obviously, that goes against the natural order, which also requires the fulfillment of this desire for the continuation of the human race. And of course, suppression of such a natural desire goes against the natural order, and it is also not healthy for human being and human society. The second approach could be that give it a free rein, why, why in any way, curtail it, let a person go and do it with whomsoever He wants, let him go and fulfill. Allah has created that desire, let him go and fulfill a desire with whomsoever He wishes. It might seem attractive to some people, but it has many, many flaws and cannot be sanctioned by divine law. It reduces human beings to the level

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of animals that you can be, perhaps go and do that act and fulfill your desire. But it really leaves you with an emotional vacuum because you don't only go and do that act, you are also supposed to be doing it in a way that satisfy your emotional needs. And just go and doing it with anyone. It creates a emotional vacuum, then it is if you go and do it with whoever you wishes wish, then it is about an obsession, which is not healthy. And of course, if that becomes the norm, that go and do and fulfill your desire with whomsoever you wish, it reduces our society to a very cruel society. Because then people will only be

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looked upon and only will be respected, can only be valued because of the attractiveness and beauty, you know, and other people won't be valued. So therefore Islam is not even sanctioned there. Then the third approach is the way of Islam and the way of all previously divinely sanctioned religions that fulfill this desire within nikka and outside nikka it is prohibited and greatly warned about so within Nick if you fulfill it, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you a reward as nebia cream sauce limited you get the reward of silica, but doing it outside is amongst those things. That has been greatly warned about an Allah tala and our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum has warned us with regard

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to it and it can never be the Forte and the quality of a person who is about to Rahman adultery and Xena it shatters one self esteem it makes one low. Even if a person gets physically separated or fulfilled. It impacts upon your esteem you feel guilty with regard to it. It breaks family ties. It is amazing.

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SM therefore in Islam, and in the Quran, Allah tala had said la karabo Xena don't even come near adultery, nevermind performing or doing it. Allah tala says la Takapuna don't even come near it. And this is in Surah burning Israel in the fourth in the 15 Jews of the Holy Quran that don't come near adultery no kind of fascia it is an evil act it is an immoral act was a Sevilla and it is a very bad path there is a subtle indication in this verse was a Sevilla that there is no end point once you get involved in Zina and adultery then you continuously go in that slope and you are looking for even more perverse ways of fulfilling your desired end result.

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Therefore lateral says Lata cavusin told him come near it what is the aspect with regard to coming near it How old am I have made mentioned part of it is don't look at the one of the opposite * with with lust and don't look at them pull a minion Yo man up sorry talent to the believing males that they should cause the gaze down and they should not look at strange woman then could live a minute and also tell the believing females? Yeah, I mean I'm sorry when they should cause the gaze down and look at not look at strange men. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mentioned Allah in alytus neon, Libya cream sauce them said there is also common sinner. So this is also another aspect

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that we have to keep away from the via cream sauce from tourism. Allahu Allah. And once you said only your first gaze, if you look at a woman, if unintentional, it is forgiven if under an intention, another half an hour gaze. No just a small gaze if you look at a woman you turn your gaze away, but to a second gaze. It is something that Allah will hold you accountable for. other aspect is maybe a career hazard. may have been came to me via cream sauce with a group of woman to make bed and they wanted to make bet on the hands of they wanted to pledge allegiance to the hands of Nivea cream sauce via cream sauce and said No, I do not touch the hands of woman. strange woman. Don't

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touch woman. Thirdly, do not ever be in a place of privacy with regard to women. You know, nebia crimps awesome. And Sarah daddy never is a man and woman in a place of privacy, but she turned would be the third goading them to go and do the act of Xena with regard to Xena itself. to cater Allah tala says the statement of Allah. Yusuf alayhi salatu wa sallam. Caller of BCG No, I have bought lamb, my own and he, when he was called towards fulfilling the desire of Zaha and she wanted to fulfill her desire with Yusuf Alayhi Salaam because of his beauty. What did he say? And this is just to remind us with regard to what Xena is, he said, Oh Allah, I would rather go in prison than to

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fulfill and to accept the invitation of this human to what she is calling me to. This is one of the major sins and therefore we are criminals who said nadie Eman does not remain in the personal e commerce system and the Bible Rockman they will not be amongst those who commit Zina. As Allah Allah says Allah is known. May Allah tala because understand and make us a common word.

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