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AI: Summary © The success of Islam is highlighted as a means of guidance for everyone, with a focus on positive behavior and positive actions. The importance of unity and negative behavior is also emphasized, along with the use of words like "bringing" and "will" in the title of the book. The history and potential of Islam is also discussed, including the need for people to show honesty, integrity, and values to their neighbors. The importance of education and educating oneself is emphasized, along with the potential for conflict between Muslims and non- Muslims.
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Salam Alikum warahmatu

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Allahi I'm gonna love Al Hamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala manana

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Amma map I do for over 90 minutes shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wa T Allah wa T or Rasul Allah

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will call it the ANA. Water see movie a heavily laid me out for Rocco sadaqa Allah will

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my dear respected elders and brothers. We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala sending salutations upon our beloved Nebia Karim Serravalle he was salam Hamdulillah we are here from the Jamia Tirana, South Africa, previously known as the Jimmy Salama Transvaal, and

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the Jimmy Coloma Transvaal was established in 1923. So in 2023, this is the 100th year of the Jim metal Alama. And in this regard, we are here as part of our outreach and we will be inshallah engaging with the community and we will be having a program also inshallah tonight after Isha where we humbly request everyone's participation and our message that we would like to convey

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to the Muslim ummah, is four important points that we would like to present forward to the people. And this doesn't mean that these four things are the complete picture of Islam, but we feel that these are the important points that we have to keep in mind. One is obedience to Allah in His Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There is no doubt whatsoever that Allah subhanho wa Taala has sent Islam as a means of guidance for the entire humanity of the day of Kiama so much Alka Cherie terminal Amma. Allah has given you a Sharia a path for

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follow it. When I take the Bianca Aladdin Allah Allah Moon do not follow the path of those who follow the desires and who are ignorant. Wa T Allah wa T Rasul Allah says Allah in Surah ma ADA, the seven Jews of the Holy Quran, obey Allah obey Allah's Messenger and take precaution do not become heedless of Allah subhanho wa taala. We firmly believe that our success both in this world and in the year after

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our complete success in every matter, lies to the extent of our obedience to Allah and His Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam everything relates to obedience to Allah is Rasul Mufti Shafi sobre Kalani one of the great scholars in our history. The Mufti Azim of Pakistan in his tafsir writes, in a very amazing thing he writes, he says, the greater and the better your relationship with Allah, the better will your relationship be with human beings? Just imagine many times you and I, we worry and we concern. We don't have good marital relationship. We don't have good relationship with our neighbors. What does he say? The better your relationship with Allah, the better your

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relationship will be with people.

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Under the verse in the seven Jews in Surah, anam Allah Allah says,

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Allah yabba dabba Min 40 km Omen Tatiana Truly, Allah subhanho wa Taala says Allah has the capacity to bring other up upon you from the top.

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If you disobey Allah, O Allah has got the capacity to bring other upon you from the bottom. Normally the Allama translated it said Allah can bring other in the form of rain which creates floods, who Allah has got the capacity to bring adapt from the bottom with the earth shakes and the earthquakes. We not say that every earthquake is necessarily an add up and let Allah says Allah has got the capacity to bring it up upon you from the top and from the bottom. One of the top seeds of beleived near buzzworthy Allah Allah says, Allah has got the capacity when you disobey Allah to bring other upon you from the top from your authorities, from your government. When you disobey Allah, your

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government becomes unconcerned about you. Your government becomes corrupt, and it makes logic. You disobey your Creator, your authority, the people who are in authority

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wouldn't have and they will not care about you. And similarly he says, from the bottom means Allah has got the capacity to bring a verb upon you from the bottom that the people who are under your authority normal listen to you. So I believe in your pastor theologian who says the day I do something against a last command, I see the impact upon upon even the camels which I hide. They don't obey me. And then we tweet we complain about the labor force. Well, what do you say what do you expect you have not been obedient to your authority? How are they going to be obedient to your authority over them? So Allah Tala everything my dear respected brothers, it is for us to understand

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our success is in obeying Allah in his results are Allahu alayhi wa sallam, you cannot achieve success. You cannot achieve happiness by disobeying the one in whose hands life success and happiness.

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How can you be happy when the one who is a source of happiness you have disobeyed? So my dear respected brothers, we make mention that this is one of the most important things for every believer.

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Ultra in the Quran says yeah, you are living in a roofie silica enter into Islam wholeheartedly. Every aspect of Islam you carry it and you try your utmost to deal with it. Islam is not only about salad, roses ecard, which is an important fundamental aspect of Islam. But Islam is also about our clock. How do we behave with other people? Maybe a Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it said that the person in the movement and the youth recur because the whole thing intelligent that to me lady was

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that a movement and a believer gets that reward of a person who keeps makes the hatchet all night, and he fast holding because of good conduct he displays to others. The longest verse in the Holy Quran is about monetary dealings, that when you take a loan from someone, have two witnesses and write it down. There are many occasions in our in our Sharia, which tells us that despite a great amount of the burden of namaz Rosa has occurred. If a person has let another person down in his military dealings, he will not go into Japan.

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Maybe a dream source will say that through normal movies, do you know who is a person who is a pauper, the person who doesn't have money set the Sahaba himself some said he is not a poco. A poco is the one who has got great amount of deeds, good deeds he will come in front of Allah was good those good deeds. And Allah will say you will get done someone down monetarily. You took a loan from him and you didn't repay it. You let a person down in your business during you were to say deceitful up upon him. You saw him You abused him, you took away his rights, Allah will take away all your good deeds. So Islam is a complete way of life. Let us follow Allah this Rasul for our success both

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in this world in the year after. The second important thing that my dear respected brothers we are emphasizing and of course the Quran emphasizes upon us he is to strive for the unity of the Muslim ummah, while at the same will be humbly law he Jamia want to follow Rocco holdfasts and to the rope of Almighty Allah collectively and do not be divided. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in Unity lies strength, they can be no two opinions with regard to it. And because of the importance of unity, Islam has leach so much of emphasis with regard to it. Maybe a cream so Allahu alayhi wa sallam it said in a hadith he had Allah He

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allows assistance and his hand hence here meaning ALLAH Tala as assistance is upon the United Road, man Farakka and whoever goes away from the United lat, he becomes part and upon of Satan.

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In the medina for wrockwardine Omaka. Lucia, let's come in on fishing, the one who does and goes away from the United grace. He falls into the prey into the wings of shaytan

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Baraka Baraka Ma Ma. Blessings is what the United Lord and NASA systems is with the United grace as it Maulana Yusuf satrap. Milani is one of our great scholars. He is the son of Malema in just a

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few days before he passed away he gave a talk in Lahore. And in this talk, it is known as MK panna bringing the Ummah together, he emphasized the importance of bringing the Ummah together and in that you must read it it has been published in English also. And I will just make mention a few points which he has made mention in his beyond which was nice last by and so to speak, his farewell message, he said in Madina Munawwara if there were 10,000 people in a time of near dreams awesome. Everyone had the support of now

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1999 people, no one wished him in, in the Muslim ummah, each and every one must be supportive of one another. Well we know in our bathroom only Allah says Allah in the Holy Quran, the believing males and females as protectors of one another, protect us in one way one way or Morona will model for you and

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they help one another do good, they prevent them from evil. They establish solid with help one another to establish solid they do good. We are protect us and help us with one another. Then he went on to say that Allah subhanho wa Taala nebbia cream salsa made a great amount of effort to bring about this ummah and make it one. And this Amma was made one on the basis of the Kalama Allah Allah, Allah Allah. And he said Unity will only come when we look beyond our own people, our own race, our own tribe. He said, This is very important for us to understand slogans like my country, my people, my gum, my village, my type of people, that type of slogans, it breaks the ummah. On one

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occasion in one, in one expedition, there was a argument between a person from Makkah and a person from Medina, the person from Makkah called the people yallamotor Or people of Makkah, you are from my place, come and help me, the people of Medina, the person of Medina.

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argument between two individuals, the medina person for the people of Medina, the MCDA person called the people of maca to help him. And what started off as an argument between two individuals ended up into an argument between almost into a civil war between people of Makkah and Medina, the beer cream sauce and said Ma Bakugou da Jia Helia what is the slogan of ignorance? Leave it for in Montana. It's got an odor, it's got a smell. I didn't come to teach you this. I came to teach you oneness on the basis of a telenovela illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, then only going to make mentioned in the very same began, he made mention of a hadith of Libya cream sauce from a person will come on the day

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of Kiama he will have excessive salad, excessive seated, excessive Ibadan, Allah will put him in Jannah and he will say Allah, why are you putting me in Jannah and he will say the Ahmed was at a critical stage. You sent a statement and you broke the unity of those

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who you broke the whole unit you're going to Jana. Despite the amount of the gardens that garden Salatin demanded to meet my dear respected brothers mana used to separate he went on to make mentioned he says creating disunity amongst the Ummah is even more severe than even to masala.

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Allah Allah Allah in the Holy Quran speaks about the aspect of disunity. And he says we're not and as for tough, shallow water, the herbaria hokum was built to not dispute amongst yourself do not argue, when you argue you will become cowards and you will become weak.

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History bears testimony to the speck when the Muslims are disunited, they became weak. And this is a reality when we argue we become weak I've seen Nevermind the Ummah I've seen families. They were empires, they started fighting on themselves.

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This is a general principle Allah makes mention of in the Holy Quran, you fight you argue you become coward, you become weak. Look at the history of the Ummah, the Ummah prospered and the Ummah gain greater amount of success when they were united. And when they were disunited. The enemies was always looking for an opportunity to complete and to have authority over the Ummah and they are looking for ways to dis unite the ummah. Today we are talking days, nowadays a gender

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that has been prepared for the 15th of May is a NACA catastrophe.

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Where Palestine was this was disunited and the enemies took over Palestine. It is known for Freemasons regarded as a catastrophe. And of course the person who brought in that didn't happen who didn't happen previously also, that Jerusalem was taken by the Crusaders. And for over 87 years there were no two Mossad performing the Majid Aqsa Salah who do you know, UB Rama Kalani regain Jerusalem by his Jihad and his effort and his striving and go and read his history. You will find that Salah Medina UB Rahmatullah li

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first before he attacked the Crusaders brought forth the major cities he brought them and he united them before he attacked the Crusaders and regained and re took Jerusalem. That was Cairo, Damascus, Aleppo and Mosul. He united the Muslims of these four cities and then he attacked then Allah Tala granted him

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and this is the reality until we are not united and nonetheless the systems will not come upon us. So the second thing my dear respected brothers, each and every one strive for unity, we must not be

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either one to bring about more disunity. Now. The third thing which is very important for us

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we are living in a country where we are 234 percent of the population. We cannot be islands of our own in a country in which we are two or three or 4%. There are many situations in the world if we just have to start thinking, look at Sri Lanka, Muslims were very, very settled in, they did not have that amount of effort that they made upon interaction with a majority of the people. They came a time upon them they were regarded to be anti nationalist people who are not for the country. And they were put under a great amount of pressure, that it became difficult for the woman to even wear the Islamic garb and go out in the open and she was looked upon as a threat to the country. My dear

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respected brothers, we have to be very careful with regard to this particular aspect. And this is something that we are putting forward that we do not believe we believe in it we say it very openly. We believe in the uniqueness of Islam. We believe that Islam is the religion of truth. In Medina in Allah heal Islam, the deen in the eyes of Allah Tala is Islam. Well May yep does he fatally Islam he didn't follow up with me. But whoever chooses a way of life in a religion other than Islam will not be accepted by him. From him by Allah subhanho wa taala. We believe in Islam with a capital T, the Absolute Truth, not part of truth, the absolute and only truth. But together with this mercury

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spectralis We have a huge opportunity and a responsibility to share the beautiful teachings of ours with the people of this land. And with people who do not one of our faith has said more than Abu Hassan that we Rahimullah one of our greatest scholars in the past few decades. In the opening of the gooseberry Marcus Dewsbury masjid, gave a talk and he said a very important thing. He said wherever Muslims in AI in a minority, they have a responsibility to play such a role in the country in which you are living. That that particular role is a role in which they show the people of a country that we are well wishes of yours. We are well wishes of the country. We are we are ones who

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want your prosperity. We want your success. Even if you do not follow our feet. We want your success both materially and spiritually. And our beloved may be utterly exhausted. I'm sure this the Quran tells us about it. And let Allah in the Holy Quran in the 22 part of the Quran tells us lie on her Kamala and Hillary in LMU katello comfit deal with them you're free to come in the unthinkable room were toxic to Eli him. Yes, we are wary about any relationship which compromises our faith. As I said again, and I'm repeating Islam is the absolute truth. But Allah Allah Allah says, Allah does not prevent you with regard to those non Muslims who are not hostile to you who are friendly to you,

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who Don't expel you from your homes, and the above who whom that you must be kind and just to them and the actual word is built. And in Hadith terminology, the word bear is used for our relationship with our parents, builder rule validating that word Allah uses us that you must be good to the non Muslims who are not hostile towards you. What have we done to share this particular Deen to the people of our country? If we had this particular mentality that we have in South Africa, we don't share our our deen, we were in India, we were non Muslims. Those who are from the Indo Pak background, how did we become Muslims? If the people who came from Arabia to Indian if he had the

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same mentality and didn't share the team, we would have been still languishing in Tirana and Kufa.

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What have we done with regard to this? Maybe a cream sauce one day went to a visit a twitch youngster was sick? And we all say follow the Sunnah. How many of us have gone to another Muslim neighbor who is sick?

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Maybe a dream saw Salam went to a team and when we dream starts from said become a Muslim, and he looked up at his father

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and his father's

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follow up and

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he became a Muslim. And let me also say that hamdulillah Hilda the other woman and not praise be to Allah Who saved him from the fire

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ways that sunnah that we have been able to do so. Maybe a Kareem saw cinnamon, even the person who was responsible for the death of his daughter, her body password came to the vehicle himself Salam Yara Salah show mercy on me. Maybe I could go I forgive it you the entire Quraysh became Muslims by the conduct of our beloved to be a Karim Salah will Islam. We have a unique up

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Opportunity, my dear respected brothers, to not let us be in a situation that people turn against us because and say You are selfish,

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that you have done nothing for the country and these people, we have an opportunity and we have a responsibility to show our kindness and to show our, our philanthropy, our our charity, our kindness and our deed and our values to the people. They are crying out for it.

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There is a need for people to show honesty, integrity, kindness,

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and people are anxious, if only we can show it and lastly, I would like to say right here is the two of us, educate yourself and educate our children. The first person came in the Quran was declared Bismillah because of the color read in the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala and of course that knowledge is that which is real, which brings you closer towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala in Mr. Yash Allah has been able to help the learner to those who feel that Allah What is the use of knowledge that takes you away from Allah subhanaw taala so the greatest thing is see to it that we pay attention to the Islamic knowledge of our children, the basic Telugu and furry retinal Aquila

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Muslim, the acquiring of knowledge is compulsory upon every Muslim what is compulsory. So what am I have said, Allah has given you a dean, what must you do in every walk of life it is compulsory for you to know if you are opening up a business it is compulsory for you to know how to run a business according to Islam. You are going for hygiene is compulsory for you to know how to go for Hajj according to Islam and according to the Sunnah, it is compulsory telecoil knowledge is compulsory, and then also in the other fields. I don't have the time I hope I had the time to be able to explain to you throughout history, Muslims were in the forefront of every field of knowledge to not let

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anyone say that we must be behind this. When we are legging in this we have been prejudiced, we have become weak. We were in the forefront today we are not in the forefront, we are seeing the effect of it throughout the world. Because we are in many ways we are prejudiced because of our not been in the forefront of various fields. Look at our history. In the face was the first person to show people the pulmonary no circulation of the blood, which is wrongly attributed to William Harvey who came 300 years ago 300 years half a month ago 300 years after him

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even the Mossad you know in terms of geography, evening for us in terms of flying and in Messina in medicine, and you know I can go on jabbing with me here and in chemistry. Muslims were the people the first surgery that took place in terms of an eye operation that Catholic took place by a Muslim physician, that surgical instrument that he used to do that operation is in the museum in Granada. It differs very little from what the surgical instrument the surgeons used today. Muslims must be in the forefront of Islamic knowledge. Islamic knowledge must form the basis and the framework for you to achieve knowledge in all other fields. Muslims must be in the forefront. We want Muslim doctors,

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and we want Muslims people to be in engineers, but they must come with the correct intention and with the correct methodology, and with the correct intention to help people to assist people and to be in the forefront of that knowledge to be able to serve humanity as Islam has told us that we gain knowledge not only to earn wealth, but to be able to serve humanity. Basically I've just conclude by saying four things by the respect of others, four important messages that we are leaving you with. One is they must be a full commitment to to obey Allah and His Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commitment obedience to Allah this Rasul Allah, Allah was gonna give great amount of

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importance to Muslim Brotherhood, unity of the Muslim ummah, I have given you the importance of the unity of the Muslim ummah, stay away from disunity and disharmony, it creates weakness in the Ummah, we have a situation where we are in a minority, how do we reach out to the majority without compromising our ideals? How do we show them the beauty, the wisdom, the honesty, the integrity of Islam, and to be able to reach out and to show good conduct to them as I've given you the relevant Quranic is with regard to it, and also to educate ourselves. May Allah subhanaw taala give you an Uli the understanding to understand these important messages and may Allah subhanaw taala give us a

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topic or making an opponent who has to do that

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Inshallah, my dear respected brothers, we have got a program this evening, after Isha on the centenary of the gematria Halima, it will be very interesting for us to note the history of the Jillian they are great, great Paloma and scholars of the past. We have done tremendous effort and service to bring Islam to where it is. today. We are in this Masjid. Today we are Muslims. We have Eman because of the effort of those will take your time spare time to be able to live

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And to some of the efforts that have been achieved under the banner of the geometric Allah inshallah which will be really relating tonight and we ask you to please participate in this program tonight Kamala welcome with that one