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guerrilla II Allah hilmi bada ilmi Allah Fie bada Cody was salat wa salam O Allah al anbiya wa l mursalin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira kathira Ahmed favela hamina shaytani, r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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In Mineola horto fastly obey naka

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de la la la comida Ramune sakala who loves him.

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Many respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is put upon us to fulfill various rights in this world.

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And the chapter on rights is a very vast and broad subject.

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to this extent, there's maybe a cream saucer made also made mentioned. When the Sahaba crumb Ridwan hula hit Allah who magma in

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putting so much emphasis on fulfilling the rights of Allah and putting so much emphasis on sacrificing for the sake of the team that they forgot their own rights. And the number of Allah had to remind them in early Jessa decoholic Huck well enough sicherlich Huck, Molly Molly colleague,

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colleague, Huck, your body has a right upon you. Your wealth has a right upon you. Your family has a right upon you. Your neighborhood has a right upon you fulfill all of those rights simultaneously.

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The chapter on rights is so extensive and so broad, that even the rights of the animals have been made mentioned in our Sharia that when you even slaughter an animal's the Vietnamese is limited. When you slaughter an animal do it in such a way in Allah Subhana Allah coolish a

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little too fast

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when you slaughter it slaughter it in a humane manner, giving it the least inconvenience possible via cream sauce limited through the means of the Hadith, Allah tala showed our beloved Navy saw Salaam that a person and a woman who was given towards not so noble ways, Allah subhanho wa Taala forgave her because she showed kindness to an animal and shown kindness to a dog that was on the verge of dying due to lack of water.

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And a pious person who did not show the rights and do not look after kept it locked. They're kept without the cap fending for its own, and not feeding the cap. Allah subhanaw taala took the pious person to task. So even the rights of the animals have been made mentioned in our Sharia. Now there is a situation, how much more rights do we have towards people who are close towards us. And one of the people and one of the groups of people that we are close towards us, is the rights of people with whom we share our faith, the rights of people with whom we share the kalama the rights of people with whom we share the oneness of Allah subhana wa tada and the prophethood of our beloved

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Livia, Kareem Allahu Allah wa sallam, and this is a very important right? That is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says, He never miuna Verily, all believers in the oneness of Allah, all believers, who are Muslims are one common brotherhood. They are like one brothers, they are like one body, maybe a cream sauce limited.

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Then entire Muslim Brotherhood is like one single human being. It is like one single human body. It's impossible for the human body to be in a situation where a portion of the body is in pain, without the entire body not feeling the pain. If the Muslim Brotherhood is one brotherhood, then there is even one portion of it Brotherhood is in pain. The entire Brotherhood is supposed to feel that particular pain and this particular Brotherhood is not based on economic interest through us people Alliance of Civilizations, then we have people alliance of people who want to have economic empowerment together be black economic empowerment, or what is it based on based on economic

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interest, then we have the capitalist groups. Sometimes there is an alliance based on economic interests. This particular Brotherhood is not based on economic interests. It is based on faith that you have been brought together, all of us are here together on the basis of the calima

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La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah. He is not only based on faith, this Brotherhood is not only based on faith, it is part of faith, a Jeep by chargee elettronica himself Monica darmian Nassif Yaki Johanna you must have are kalamaki piatto Copperhead lekan Yay, Eman katusa. It is path

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You cannot enter Jannah until you have Eamon

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Tata boo and you can not enter into genital you heavy man and you do not have a man until you have love for one another. I'm telling you you do not have love for one another. for believers. You can not have a man if you have nothing. If you have hatred to your next Muslim brother. Your Eman is incomplete. Your Eman can never reach the level of what Allah tala wants if you are sniping at one another if you cannot love one another if you are hating one another. So this is an amazing aspect. And Allah tala in the Holy Quran does name addresses only as individuals, Allah tala addresses as a collective. Allah tala addresses us as a common brotherhood. We are one Muslim Brotherhood, look at

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all the Pillars of Islam, they have been given a collective design. So our salary is an individual thing, but it is more beneficial when you perform it in Salah in Jamaat. So Allah says worker, Moroccan make ruku as people who are making ruco the person who makes Raja Martini seven times better than the one who makes it individually. Why? Allah has given us a deal that is a collective Deen. So Salat is more beneficial when we do it collectively. Hutch is a manifestation of Islamic brotherhood, people coming from four corners of the earth, people coming from Eastern West, people coming from different ethnic backgrounds. Coming on the basis of a column Allah Allah Allah Allah

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was very one type of attire and worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala, completing the same rituals, which is a one of the greatest manifestation of this brotherhood. Zakat is also an aspect with regardless common brotherhood, where those who are well to do have been given the responsibility of looking after those who do not have the same privilege or do not have the same economic situation or might. So is the cut makes the well to do responsible for those who are not so well to do and then even so, so much is a highly individual act of about it. So and fasting is a very individual activity, but it only you know, the pangs of hunger that you are going through, but that is also

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being given a collective design. A collectivity by everyone making so of Ramadan at the same time.

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So not only every pillar of our Deen every worship of our Deen has been given collective design to show the importance of this brotherhood. Then another most important aspect with regard to look at the beautiful style of the Holy Quran with regard to this brotherhood. Look at the beautiful style of the Quran with regard to this brotherhood normally will tell a person makes Salaam to one another make Salaam to Muslim brother or Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran when he makes mention with regard to Salaam he said makes Salaam upon your own self assembly mo Allah unfussy come to make salam to Muslim brother is like making Salaam to yourself. Look at the commonness in the oneness of

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this brotherhood. And when he says do not kill one another fella Taku

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Do not kill your own self to kill your next Muslim brother is like killing your own self. That is why we look at what happening in Pakistan in other parts of the world. And you say how can they kill one another they killing their own self.

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And now when he wants to tell you do not take out false in your next Muslim brother. Allah tala uses a style which is so unique to the Holy Quran. Allah tell Meizu for Sacco don't take out false in your own self to take out false in your next Muslim brother Kemal. What perfection. What? Yeah, what did you do by taking out false you're someone with regard to OnePlus is fully clean. samudrika

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take out faults in an ex Muslim brother is like taking out false in your own self. Brothers. This is such a remarkable type of brotherhood that it is Islam is so sensitive with regard to the Muslim Brotherhood. We are cream sauce limited. If two people or three people in a gathering. Two people should not whisper at the excluding

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Third person with a third person will think what are they speaking against me? You will hurt the Brotherhood. Don't speak to people alone when you are three people in the gathering. If you want to tell someone something that is sensitive or confidential, don't do it in the gathering. People will feel hurt with regard to it. Via creme de la silla method will disappear, said the greatest form of Mr. Mr. columella ilaha illallah wa rahmatullah sanitary the lowest form of Eman is to remove an offensive item that is on the road that is used by Muslims are used by the by, by by the people, then maybe a cream sauce was made mentioned with regard to this brotherhood wants to be

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looked upon the Kaaba, the Kaaba and we all know it is a source of respect. everyone respects the Kaaba and the Baitullah. When you go there, how do we look upon it with love, with admiration, trying to learn, the beauty of the Kaaba is such protect GABA, the first stone of which was surrounded by three primary Serato ceram. One stone in their particular capitola has been come directly from Jenna, that Kaaba, that the Muslims and the believers make our fifth year in this world, and directly above it, the flourish doesn't the angels make the worth of it in between or more Muslim addressed that karma and said, very significant to our very greatest your blessings by

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taking an oath by Allah in whose hands My life is that the respect and the honor of the believer is even greater than you in sanctity.

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The honor and the sanctity of the believer is even more greater than you in sanctity. Therefore, my dear respect.

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Firstly, obeying if Muslims are brotherhood, if you want brotherhood, see, that Brotherhood is maintained, and people have love for one another. So firstly, who being brothers together, reconcile brothers, don't let them go astray. We all know that the hams have disputes that many that through the means of dispute. We know all the harms that through the means of dispute and argument

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was coming to tell the people about the precise night of labor.

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And when two people were arguing in disputing, maybe a cream salesman said because of two people arguing and disputing Allah subhanho wa Taala lifted that knowledge from this motto that they have because of the pernicious pneus because of the harms of arguing in disputes. arguing in dispute today has made a such major respect. There are so many so many pressing things that the Muslims are supposed to be looking at today. Our youngsters are involved in drugs, our youngsters are involved in satanic worshiping, our youngsters are involved in different types of Apostasy including apostasy of the mind. And instead of addressing this today, we find Muslims are arguing in disputing with one

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another, much to the detriment of the overall development and benefit of the Muslim ummah. So the dispute is no ordinary thing. It takes away blessings. It takes away burrata, it takes away unless you are Nautilus help. Therefore, la swatara says if two brothers are fighting with one another, or if two brothers Muslim brothers are fighting with one another, to reconcile them, bring them together. Abu Omar villalta Mousavi of Navy says them he said walk one mile to go and visit your next Muslim brother. Walk two miles to go and visit a brother who is sick but walk three miles to go and resolve a dispute between Muslims one multiple visit your brother walked through multiple Muslim

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boys see but walk three miles to win resolve a dispute between two peoples the via cream sauce llamando tala Sahaba Should I tell you something that is even more beneficial, more Baraka more rewarding by Allah subhanho wa Taala then even salad nzqa that is mean nephew selected in the field. Sara can charity. So Sava said jasola Why wouldn't you Tell us please tell us the resource name said Alice law will begin bringing people together more beneficial than a few solid more beneficial than nothing Sarah to bring people together. Then we saw some said because I say because disputes between people heal Harley. It destroys. Then Savas the Navy sells them said he'll holotype shaves off. It

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destroys it, it shaves off. Then he said, Oh my Sahaba I'm not saying that it destroys and shaves off your hair. It shaves off your dean

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disputing with one another shaves off your team, Dean Barbarossa.

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Therefore, sauce limited the doors of Jama open every Monday and Thursday to whoever will Jannati on the days of Monday and Thursday. Allah subhanho wa Taala normally forgives the Muslims and the believers on the day when he opens the doors of gender on Monday and Thursday. Except the P two people who have

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Fighting with one another, especially the fights on the basis of worldly matters, the vicar himself himself, Allah Allah says Allah tala doesn't announce the forgiveness and tell the angels leave them alone. Leave them alone until they don't resolve the matters until they don't resolve a matters. Allah will not announced forgiveness for them.

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This is what it is, this is no ordinary method you and I take it you know speaking to so and so for so long. And we take pride in metal in a humble way to do

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so lomatium speak to him. I'm speaking to him. But in the meanwhile while you know speak to him Allah has suspended your forgiveness. Allah has suspended your forgiveness. You're not worried with regard to that. So this is no ordinary MIT MIT respectable is therefore law says firstly who obey now then the next portion of this is when natella speaks about the rights of our world to one mother, Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mentioned that do not look down upon another Muslim brother. Yeah, you are Latina. Amanullah Yes, her comin, comin, comin home, do not look down upon an ex Muslim brother, perhaps he is better than you, in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala, he might be

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better than you. Today, we look down and we look down upon people with this name. It's absolutely amazing with regard to how we do it, you know, we look down upon and don't look down upon don't cast, you know, they say there is one person one day, he was with a well dressed. So he was well dressed. He was sitting next to a person who was not so well dressed. So he felt it very, very difficult to sit next to this person. He felt it very, very difficult. I'm sitting next to this person, I am so well dressed. I was such a beautiful all of my perfume, etc, all on his place. And this person, maybe he's not so well dressed. He's slow down on the economic scale. So he looked down

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upon him and said, What's the difference between you and a donkey? He looked down upon this person said what the difference between you and the donkey. So this person also was an intelligent person he might not have been so well dressed. So he, he took one step backwards. And he said, the difference between me and the donkey is one hand spin.

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One hand span is the difference between me and the donkey. Don't look down upon people. But as we tend to look down upon people. This is something that we can, you know, really keep in mind. We don't know what our analyses don't work another person. Perhaps he is better than you in the eyes of philosophy. Holloway matters most. He's better than you. Osama bin Zayed one day was in a better and he was pursuing one of the enemy combatants. And just keep in mind the sea. You are in a better the person who is fighting against you. You are pursuing him. He's running away from you, you honor Him. And as you call him, you are about to strike him. And he says La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul

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But he was fighting against me. I pursued him, I cornered him. He had no option in order to save his life. He's in a coma. So sama bin Zayed killed him because the parents situation seemed that he was doing it for the sake of saving his life. And then nebia Kareem salatu salam rebuked Osama he rebuked Osama so much that Osama says I hoped that the Earth could have swallowed me when whenever he says them told me Osama for hella Shaka kalba Osama Did you see in his heart with what intention he was reading the Kalima?

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Osama What are you going to do on the day of Tiamat when the cleaner will fall will make a claim against you that you killed a person who said the

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previous circumstances when he said the kalama and then maybe you saw some rebuking one of his favorites.

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Someone was very beloved to Allah. Osama Did you open Did you see his heart with what intention Lima looking down upon people say Muslims is a hadith that maybe Aslam said, Whoever tells another person Allah will forgive you. And another person who is evil or he's doing evil with Allah, look at what you're doing, Allah won't forgive you. Allah subhanho wa Taala takes this method so personally, that Allah subhana wa Taala takes an oath on his honor and said, Who is the person who is charged on my behalf that I will forgive this person, I hereby declare that I have forgiven the person whom this person apparent piety said, I won't forgive that person, I have forgiven him. And I have declared

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that this person who said I will forgive that other person, I will put him in jail.

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This is a Muslim. As I move to the close money matters. He literally says that there are three types of animals there are three types of animals, those animals that do not cause us any harm and no benefit. doesn't cause us any harm any benefit many animals that I've met in the in the animal kingdom. He said there's another type of animal that benefits you. So there is a B that benefits you you benefit from the army and the sheep and the cows, milk, etc. All of it we all know. And this is a third type of animals that harms you like a scope.

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You know asleep. He said, If you can be an animal that benefits or you can be a person who benefits others, then do not be like an animal who harms other people, at least just be an animal that doesn't harm or does not benefit, at least do that much. If you can't benefit, at least don't harm other people. And then in this particular regard, of the live near buster, the Allahu taala, a remarkable Sahaba of the Vietnamese Aslam knew the Holy Quran so well, he is known as an officer of the Holy Quran. Our computer is very beautiful aspect with regard to this incident. I'm delighted to know what's so soon well known for history of the Holy Quran that used to keep you very close. Let

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me just give you another example. And this is one incident and to live near a bus despite his young age, or in his time of effort used to keep him close to him. So some of the Sahaba you know, they said, Omar, why are you keeping him in power with her sister young as soon as you say because of his understanding of the Holy Quran? many examples, I don't have the time. So a couple of times so as a Saba, this ayat of the Holy Quran, what does it mean? And they used to give an example and he used to give an explanation and applied near boss has Omarosa called him and said, Give her explanation of this if, and normally his explanation used to be the best of explanation. And Omar has to say,

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you see why keeping close towards me, because of his understanding of this was a good life Nimbus. Because of this because we're used to keep him very close, and people were eyeing him. One day his father said, his father bus to the villa, and as a man made mentioned, he said, Oh, my son, Omar loves you. Don't ever betray the love Omar has for you, and do five things that because of this woman will always have love for you. He says he never, ever makes mention of his secrets in front of anyone first. Secondly, don't vilify anyone in front of humor, because I'm close to let me speak bad about that person. Don't vilify and speak bad about anyone in front of humor. Never, ever speak lies

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of falsehood in front of your mouth. Don't just obey Omar viola, who Tran who and never ever be treacherous. Tomorrow. He said Omarosa will continue loving you. And Whitney shaba, the very famous Maha, you know, sage, he said, these words of a bus to his son are so great. Anyway, I'm just giving you this example of delighting your buses one day in the masjid in your takeoff. He was one day in a machine in a takeoff. When the person came in, he was sitting in a corner of the machine, great amount of, you know, pain, great amount of anxiety. And Maslow came and said, What is the problem? He said, I'm in difficulty. So what's your difficulty? He said, I'm supposed to give someone money,

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but I don't have the means to pay him. And I'm afraid of approaching him. I'm afraid of meeting him. So believe me, a boss of your daughter who said, should I not intercede on your behalf to him that he must give you more time to pay? He said I would appreciate it. I would appreciate it. So Abdullah busselton, who caught up and he started walking out of the masjid. So when you started walking out, the person said, Oh, Abdullah, you I need to take off. You I take off. So tell me I'm not giving a fatwa on this. Give me what the Hadith says. So I believe your boss said he was immature. In a movie he pointed out. He said, I heard the person who is in this cover saying a person who comes to the

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aid and assistance and help another Muslim brother.

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In his difficulty, his reward will be equivalent to 10 years of ethical

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his reward will be equivalent to 10 years of ethical.

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So if you can't benefit to benefit, the superior is so beneficial. He was mad. He says, If you can't benefit, then at least don't harm. He at least like those animals who neither. Neither benefit but don't harm anyone. There's this particular Brotherhood is a remarkable brotherhood. When it was strong, it helped one another. So no one could cast any aspersions on how Muslim when this brotherhood was thrown. Even times when this brotherhood made its head full of brotherhood. So we had a similar when the Romans abducted one Muslim woman, he sent an army and told the Romans, you you free that woman, otherwise I will send such an army towards you that when the first portion of

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the army reaches you in Rome, the last portion of that army will still believe in Baghdad, you better free that Muslim woman. When that Muslim Brotherhood was thrown, it not only protected its own time. Ally. When you look at the history you find when this brotherhood was thrown, it even helped to oppress people of the world. So when the Jews were oppressed by the Christians, when law II this brotherhood was thrown, even held the opposite Jews against the tide and Christians. Today this Brotherhood is weak. Nevermind helping the other oppressed people. It can help his own people, it can help with own oppressed people. Why? Because we have lost the essence and the importance of

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this Muslim Brotherhood. Man that'll give it back to

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If he can escape ethics on a local Muslim Masjid scale as do inshallah, inshallah, we will try and look upon the other requirements that this brotherhood faces upon us in the coming weeks.