Ebrahim Bham – The importance of family ties in Islam

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of family ties and sharing history is emphasized in Islam. It is important to avoid breaking family ties and stay true to family members' values. The speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of family members' behavior and avoid breaking family ties. The importance of maintaining healthy relationships in public settings is also emphasized. Jesus's message is that everyone should be thankful for their relatives and that anyone who made a statement about breaking family ties is the one who thinks they are doing good to their relatives.
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Al Hamdulillah Jana hit me by the way I really wanna have we buy the opportunity was the latter was Salam wa ala so you will, you will mousseline wa the US having pasta lemme just Lima interferon interferon gamma value formula he's gonna share it on the ministry ledger wotnot Irati quad Korova

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set up Allah with us here

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my dear respected elders and brothers, Islam has come

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to set all our relationships correct our relationships with Allah subhanho wa Taala and our relationship with human beings.

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And there is a special emphasis upon the correct relationship with human beings because that forms the core principles for harmony and love in our families and in our communities.

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And Islam has also specified that there are certain relationships that are more important than others. Like for example, we all know the famous Hadith and a person came to me a Khadeem saw Salam. And he said Dr. Asuna, who should I show the most kindness to and we can install some said your mother. Then again he asked him again and he saw some said your mother, again you asked and the resource and said your mother and then the reoccurring saw some said your father and they after the relationship that can be after it shows that there is

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a degree in our relationship. Now today I want to emphasize upon family ties

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to speak about Rich Dad Okay, we'll talk about to speak about the rights of our relatives. Now, although parents and children will also form part of our relatives. Normally when we give talks we give talks about parents and children separately. Today when we are talking about our rights of relatives. We are talking about the rights of our brothers, our sisters, our uncles and our aunts. These are the type of relationships that we are speaking about. What does Islam tells us about such family ties, it will amaze you with regard to it. The importance and the emphasis Islam has given and this is also part of the fact that when our family ties are good, our house relationships are

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good. It impacts upon your dunya and your deed and the Astra it has a very great relationship. It has a very great impact upon social harmony love you know beautiful relationship, your state of mind in many other aspects. Islam there are a rich Toko Jordan aka unlucky VISTA or in San officer or it was messy here to Dino dunya que ma fad or vida

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de meme clarify that dunya can we find out and not verify that or whose mercy Adriana will reach to that Okay, okay. Are you happy to this is occupied me I'm Bianca to holidayme or Bitbucket, you will book and will be reached out okay, who cooked me?

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They can argument Obiang Caerau obeyed by

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HANA. Churchill was rocky to cook Islam is a young guy was Kibera me and Bianca when substep ended the most important thing Nabil Karim Salah why didn't he was salam it said in a hadith that no your relationship has to live in a passerby Maria Marie allowed to Musa de Maria first who unsolvable thus you are our hammer calm for Enola Iran, Iraq corruptor Allah What a beautiful thing to live in a bus yet know your family history. Know your family history. Now today we return our children they laugh at us with regard to it, but they say that know your family history because by knowing your family history, you will know your relatives.

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Today we say like you know kiss gum sigh Tober Cecchetti bubblegum they say which gum you come from the sea bubble gum but know your family history maybe that's a very far relationship but know your family history that you know who your relatives are. It should not be because you don't know your family relatives. You distance someone who is close to them Subhanallah

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it should not be because you don't know your family relationship. You distance someone who is supposed to be close to you. So now up neighbor Choucair Christina rakia who are Risako up Uncle Sam down so now okay walk you see it not dude.

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Okay, Joe Shariat from the iTunes Store corroborated that we are supposed to keep them close to us. One important part. Islam has not looked upon family ties as something that is good. It is something that is socially good. Islam has taught us that family ties come directly from Allah subhanho wa taala. He reached out to who cook but

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it comes directly from Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. So in the military Ahimsa Allahu Allah, he was celebrated in a hadith call Allah who has another man up to rhyme.

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I am Rockman the greatest attribute of Allah Tala is rock man and I have created family ties

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and Family Ties comes from the woman the mother of all family ties come from the womb of the mother. So Allah Allah says I am Ramadan, I have created the womb and I have created all the ties that come from the womb and anyone who keeps that relationship I will protect that person and I will keep him close to me and anyone who breaks that relationship he's breaking a relationship which Allah has created and I will distance myself and I will bring my adapter for that person who breaks the relationship which I have created.

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Yet Yet Allah Allah Tala kita upset or Allah Tala fermata Shimon Josko Jordan judiciaire opium Hupo Georgia mount Vocalic Crota are to receive Naraku by ICLEI.

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America to maybe win by either

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Subhanallah This is such a beautiful Nebia cream sauce lemon said in a hadith in Sahih Muslim a Rahim Allah aka Tom Bill harsh you're all my worst enemy was Salah hula woman Caetani Allah Rahim, the womb of the mother the relationship which comes from the womb, it attaches itself to the culture of Allah. And it says Allah keep close. Those keep those people close, who keep relationships together. And oh Allah break off with those people who break our family ties in relationships. This is such an important thing, the word that the word use in the Quran and Hadith for such a relationship, the relationship of the family is known as stiletto Rahim. Today we make a joke about

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it. We say you can choose your friends you can choose your relatives, we have we are forced to accept them. We make a joke about it but in reality Yes, we can choose them. They are given to ask Allah we are forced to deal with them. We are forced to be put with them. But Allah Tala has commands and this is something that we have to understand your friends while it's an important thing and inshallah in a few weeks if Allah Tala keepers I will speak about friendship also. But our relationship with our relatives plays a very important part in our worldly life and in our life of the year after the Vietnamese Allahu alayhi wa sallam has been placed special importance upon Him.

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The word used for it is similar to Rahim.

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Salam to Rafi means good relationship with our family members. politeness, kindness, kind treatment, concern for them, be good to them at the time of the difficulty, share the pain, share the joy and joy the joy. This is the Meaning of Solitude to him. This is the meaning of being good with your relatives. Amazingly, I find it very amazing. Today, most of the time when we have family disputes, it's almost the time of joy or the time of pain. Some says

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Who shut your cable cable Jota here Janessa

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just meant

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that if you had to swap to an obsolete I look okay, okay, can you imagine these are beautiful occasions in the family. This is a wedding in a family and there is someone you know who breaks the ties and he creates turmoil and he creates fitna and he creates it.

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As it moved into this update. Welcome aboard most of us when I made mention of this incident many times that in his family, he used to be someone who always used to create a stir in family gatherings. So he said on one occasion when he did it, I wrote a letter to him. That letter was very harsh. So before I sent it to him, I went to show my father. I told my father Mukesh himself this man every time it is a family occasion, he creates a turmoil in the family. I wrote this letter to him. My father had put it away.

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He said my son don't send

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don't send this letter. So my I said I said Why should I send the letter? He breaks family ties he creates rumpus in the family. My father said in a hospital

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to keep relationship is part of the mind

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restore for Jonah Hill Eman catalyser. He said oh my son don't set this up to break family ties. If you can't get along with a person keep less don't break ties. I will make mention with regard to him and these many benefits in keeping family ties

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in the via cream sauce limited man a Hapa I am super goofy recipe. I am utterly hip full Yeseo Rahima whoever wants Baraka in his risk, whoever wants blessing in his life, let him keep good Tallarook with his family members, Joe coin risk never catches up now Omar Mirka Chai Tancho Chai killed listed out Okay son so he can look

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wherever he wants Baraka in his recent and Baraka in his family and in his in his life that I've seen it aligners him I've seen him, people who get cooked Aluko the family members and that Allah gives them a lot of Baraka in the risk. Allah give them a lot of baraka and blessings in the life. You see them they are prosperous, because they can keep up with their family members. So this is the example with regard to the blessings with regard to now in a similar manner. Allah Tala has given great amount of warnings for cutting off family ties Kitakata Ravnica bots yadda yadda yet, sometimes you will be surprised with regard to the warnings about breaking family ties. It is so

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great that it is akin to us our understanding of Allah's punishment with regard to major sins. For example, one of the things is Allah Allah has cursed the one who breaks up family types

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as a Jaffa Sadek Ravi Allahu taala, under the great grandson of our beloved maybe a cream sauce to his son one day, oh my son. Don't keep relationship with someone who breaks family ties.

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jawed reached a doctor who cannot operate upon Kisara Navedo who can match this maniacal because Allah Tala his curse such a person three times in the Quran, Allah has cursed the person, the person who breaks family times allies cream, we know Gustin three times. And one of the times he is we are not Allah says in the Quran, we have to order Muhammara we have to order Muhammad Allah will be here use the brother said no.

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We have to own Mr. Ahmed Allah will be here usin Allah, Allah says they pray that which Allah subhana wa Taala has told them to join. So this is something that we have to be kept maybe getting started with if you're the janitor for tattoo, that the person who breaks family ties will not entail.

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What do we do today? We don't fulfill the rights of our family members. We don't go and visit them. We don't even show any type of concern with regard to them. If they have any type of good times. We don't join those particular times when they have any difficulty we don't come to the assistance and rather sometimes instead of joining a family relationship, we break family relationship and sometimes we create more fitna and this is something that we have to be very aware of maybe a cream sauce them and said Mommy AHA you acted Allahu Allah Kuba to fit dunya Ma Ma yo

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kalburgi Waka TRT Rahim hokum aka that there are two things that Allah Tala hastens the punishment in this world

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together with what he has kept in store for the after Dharma Jew Allah Tala yeah happy as updated him or accurately to as rb

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one Islam one who's oppression in just being unjust to someone and one is breaking stereotypes.

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And that Danna brings the heads up here in the squad um they both said

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they were so prosperous they broke family ties Allah Tala took away the the risks Allah Tala took away and God as up here in this world. So this is something that we have to be very, very careful with regard to it. So much so that maybe a cream so louder Solomon said I will rarely be allowed on one day came together.

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And when he came to that gathering, he said, anyone in this gathering who has broken family ties get out altogether.

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So person said why people and because he said let me so slim said Allah. Allah Allah has made mention in the Ramadan Latin flu Allah ko will see him coffee Rahim. Allah Rama does not come upon a gathering where there are people who are breaking family ties. I'm giving you this example. If you just gathering there are people who break family ties. Then because of you Allah does Rama doesn't come upon the whole game.

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So whoever made mention about it

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So one person went to his auntie, he was not speaking to his auntie. And he went to his Patel and he said, I came to ask you for my coffee. He said, Why don't you came? He said, whoever made mention of this hadith

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I will read I made mention of this hadith that Allah Diana's Rama does not come upon a people in which they are people who break family ties. You spoil the whole gathering Subhanallah Can you imagine the handoff? You see everyone will talk about being good in family ties, maybe other religious groups also might be talking that you must be good to your family members, right? The rights of relatives. Maybe all people will talk about it generally, but the way Islam is laid emphasis upon it no other religion no other ism no other teaching has given such beautiful type of relationship and such beautiful type of teachings. One of the things is that unlike what other

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people say that if they do good to be able to go to them,

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their Son or Son

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or a cheater look chimera, Hamby Taluka American Islam Kotori

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Islam Cathay even if they break down look, even if they are the people who are doing wrong boosters be right with them because they are our favorite

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childhood to sneaker and Philby will get Aluko maybe a cream sauce some say at least at work class was to be McAfee We're not kidding that was

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that the person does not fulfill the rights of relatives who believes that if they do good to me our good to be good to them. The person fulfill the rights of relatives and even if they break you still maintain relationship a person came to our beloved maybe a criminal law and he told me according Stossel

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I have relationship I have relatives in the in the corroborated assume we're after all, Watson. We're asking for your support you say your honor for you say you really I do good to them. They do bear that to me. I try to keep they don't keep to me. So that we are getting this assumption if what you are saying is true. You up putting ashes of the fire of Janome in the path. You are doing good they are not doing good. You are you are maintaining they are not maintaining and this hadith is so beautiful the end of this hadith when I your son will come in Allah he's a hearin other Hema due to Alia that

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if you continue like that, they do embed you are doing good, they are breaking you are maintaining Allah will appoint a helper will be with you tell you maintain that relationship.

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Allah will appoint a helper who will be with you till you do that. Sometimes it could be that you know the type of relationship is a toxic one. So my advice with regard to it is keep less don't break off

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don't ever say we're not going to speak don't ever make it difficult that will have to come to your family's house when his his immediate we don't keep can look may have

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a solution but Nicorette he retired, he wants to retire.

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We have such a relationship that you can go and join your family in terms of happiness in terms of sadness.

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This is something that we have to be very very careful with regard to it. And then another beautiful thing is that maybe a cream sauce name has been mentioned work that will be Mentone start off from your close relatives in terms of giving charity. Start off by giving that answer into the ultra know when the IET rented aloe vera Hata triple B macrocarpon was revealed you will not come closer to a landfill you give what you love to hear the beautiful orchard be rehabbed recently I made a small trip when I was there in Nigeria number one where that particular orchard was you know even that next to gate number 22 That was where the orchard was it started off from there. So he came to a

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cream sauce and he said you know Sula Allah Allah said I must give charity of what I love ya Allah this i This one I love it most you're gonna give me the charity. Then this lesson said

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what a great act of reward you have done in the business some said start by start by giving your family members first charity work that

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you start off your charity by giving charity to your close family members. So this is another aspect which is so important is that sometimes made mention of study specific type of relationship together with a parents together maybe a game so assessment and akala to be Manzella to.

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Your color is like your mother. Your maternal aunt is like a mother. Treat your color like your mother and

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your your uncle. This call to make a tire your

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I'm telling is like your father

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Subhanallah which religion teaches you said specifics? And just to show you and lastly, people could resist the importance of family relationships

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or whatever the Allahu Anhu. In the time when his daughter was accused of immorality, one of the persons who was abusing his daughter was Mr. Mr. Was the family member of America. We were going to use to give him charity to help him and then when the lottery came through, he was the person whom I used to help, but he was accusing my my daughter of immorality. So Abu Bakr Allah to say, I wouldn't know more helping me i undersold, commanded many, many BTK.

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relievers Allah

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was Sati au will do.

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It does not behove a person have stepped off

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to stop helping his relatives even after what

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after what they have done, it does not be hope of obika to stop giving and helping his family members, fellas This is our family ties. Your letter give us a trophy of understanding is important and fulfilling it for us.

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