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The period of constant change in human life has led to the development of a new warfare and the development of new language. The use of sauces and other social media platforms has led to the development of a new warfare and the development of new language. It is important to be aware of one's intentions and avoid harms, as well as the benefits of being aware of the negative consequences of giving false information. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to use social media to express themselves and not let things happen, as well as the importance of teaching children to use social media and avoiding harms.

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Allahu Allah hilmi bother me. Well Allah if we bought the food roti or salat wa salam ala

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l mursaleen.

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He was Javi was seldom at the Sleeman

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kathira amalga ruffolo favela Humana, shaytani, r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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levena man who

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may never even want to Cebu coma major Hala fotozap who alhama fall to know Demian circolo horologium

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My dear respected elders and brothers,

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one of

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the most surest things in this world is the aspect of change. It has been correctly saying that the most constant of all things is change. Human beings have always evolved, they have always been changed in human beings situation, from the very inception of humanity till now has been various aspects of change.

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When Allah tala created Adam alayhis salam, wa salam, Allah tala gave him the knowledge of certain aspects.

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And then Allah tala tala Malaika you tell the names of these things. Who Allah Maha Damaris marcoola Mahabharata whom Allah Malika

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for columbiana via smile, how will

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you tell us the names of these things if you are true? So Adam alayhis salam knew the names of it, the Malika didn't know the names of it. So this was the beginning. He had named Chico Joe who Judah would dunya cake lasma cheese, everything so then, when Adam and Sam came in this world, the first revelation that came upon him, we're not about salads a cottage. The first things was how do you live in this world? Zindagi Mecca says in the Kiku Sarna so the first aspects with regard to ye Gurkha Savannah, how do you put your fire? Yes up Cheetah Johanna was upset Palawan copertina de patata. The after human being when from that particular situation, they progressed, then in the time

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of addley hudl, a salatu salam, the tribe of up they became very, very professional in the building of the homes. Allah has made mentioned they put up such beautiful homes in the mountains. And they used to take pride with regard to what we have done and I used to say Manisha to minocqua, who is greater than us in strength, look at the beautiful homes that we have been able to put up in the mountains carving the mountains up. So, that was another phase of change in the evolving of human beings. They after time came that Allah has made mentioned in Surah Saba whole su surah, Allah is made mention of a tribe. And this tribes distinguishing characteristics was the agricultural

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revolution and the agricultural expertise. They had such great expertise in agriculture, in terms of trees and vegetation, in terms of the the progress in this that historians and mufa sitting right there that builds such beautiful fruit trees that you don't even have to pick the fruit from the trees with a person used to walk through the Gardens by the time someone came at the end of the garden, the MA the basket which was on the head was filled with fruits.

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They became a Nana sugar and a letter destroyed them different matter. So he he said to Anna in Santa Michel Tara soltara, the type of Nivea cream salsa, Nivea cream sauce did not in any way resist change. Now we saw slim embraced it. Anything new came via cream sauce from said look at it, if it was beneficial and heavy sauces accepted it. Look at this aspect. When the entire Arabia came to attack Marina nebia Kareem saw some didn't have the resources, physical and human to protect Medina against them. So salmaan frcc rasulillah dig a trench. Now someone could have said so the way sometimes we and I we argue ito hirakata rica

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This is someone else's way. Why was we Why must we adopted the resource limits

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looked at it and said for the occasion. This is right. And he built a trench. Do you know that when Abu sufian came and he saw the trench, he said this is not the way of the Arabs, ito hirakata Rica. This is the way of someone else. And yes, it was a way of someone else. It was a Persian way of doing warfare. But nobody saw some didn't say, ito hirakata Reconquista Malka Why must we accept it? Why must we take it? It was the way of the Persians the minister Allah Allah wa sallam adopted it. Change has always been constant. Never saw Silliman Islam did not resist change and progress. Now via Kareem saw serum sent

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one of his hobbies at Shabbat to go and learn a new language. And he told him go and learn Hebrew go and learn Hebrew and say dimly, sabot mustard the Hebrew language in three weeks

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teen halftime a report a bronies zamar Cobra Kawasaki the Anika democra

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Bonham Corsica Nevis awesome the hurun Chaka Chaka

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maybe a cream sauce from Sweden to Sahaba, Robin Massoud and other ones name I forgot. He sent them to the city of Gerrish which was in Syria which was a very important number Kareem Salalah serum sent to Sahaba to Jewish to be able to learn the aspect of new warfare or how people used to use catapults. So this was how nebia Karim sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam dealt with different aspects of of change that came to be occurring socialism, never ever resisted change or progress. But one thing what Nivea cream sauce lamb did, and the Sahaba did was whenever anything new came, they look at the aspect of nefa Indira in this new thing, what is the benefit? What is the harm and then they looked

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upon it? So this was how the Sahaba dealt with situation and maybe a cream sauce them just being an example when in the time of our karate Ultron who when they were cream, maybe sauce limit passed away in the first battle after Muslim passed away they fought against lucila macadam 500, who first died passed away martyred Shaheed and when Omar was rotten went over and said

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if we're gonna carry on like this, who files are gonna die, the Quran will get lost. Let us put the Quran in a book form I must have. So avocado said naini hum as a precursor, how are we going to do what do we see this aspect? Remember this when something new comes? So there is a degree of conservatism with regard to to Dickies. makaha, is that nefa chi chi? What is the aspect with regard to benefit and harm? So in this way, a worker said no, no, I can't do it. Then when he saw the benefit, he said, we will do it. And he put the Quran in a book form today we look at the Quran in a book form in our shelves, no one looks upon it at something that is haram. But yet when it started

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off, there was a reluctance reservation Karna Nicola, they can jump potential Akito is made to no fighter, then we went ahead and we did it. And now no one regards Is there anything that is wrong. So, in every aspect, this is what is the reality, we cannot resist change, we cannot resist technology, we cannot resist many of the changes will come upon humanity. One such item that I would like to speak on today, which has become widespread. And it is such a thing that today we cannot perhaps maybe in theory we can do without it, but the way the world is running, we cannot do without it. And that is where I spoke about the the introduction about change about technology and progress.

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And one thing that has led to one another is the aspect of social media. This is also something that has come in recently in our community societies, maybe a decade two decades back, but it is now such a reality that perhaps we can say that it cannot be undone. This is a reality. What is social media? I picked up a definition last night and our chairs share it with you. Social media is a tool that allows people to create, share, or exchange information,

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communication ideas, pictures, videos, in virtual community and virtual networks. This will include WhatsApp, it would include Twitter, Facebook, instant

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gram, all of that is regarded to be part of social media. Just to give you an example with regard to how widespread this has become, this has become so widespread that

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some years back I think I made mention of it. I spoke in one conference and I said that if Facebook was a country, it would have been the 11th most populous nation on Earth. and thereafter, I received a call from someone after I made that presentation about after six months, what are you made mentioned with regard to this whole particular aspect, but in reality, things have changed now. Now it has become the third largest population on Earth. This was about a year back. Nowadays, if you look at it, perhaps more than the population of China in India, you will have people on Facebook, and you will have them on these particular aspects of social media. There was a survey done in

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February of this year, that for every 228 messages on social media, one phone call is made.

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Sort of every 228 messages on social media, one phone call, or one verbal communication takes place. whether it is right or wrong, Allah knows. Yes, it has decreased our physical relationship, our communication. Previously people used to wait to tell one another things face to face. Nowadays, we have a situation

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nowadays, we have a similar situation where people just find the communications Salaam jumma. Mubarak eat Mubarak call them through the means of this. Now in this is a reality, how do we look upon it. And this is some for us, we have to look at it if it is a reality. And I'm perfectly sure with regard to it, that they are like every tool it has its benefits, it has his harms. And when we take it, we have to take in the benefits, stay away from the harms. Unfortunately, today, we are blessed, and we are cursed. With our technological progress. We are blessed and we are cursed. Sometimes these things are so beneficial that it can, it can make you communicate with people across

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the globe, your own cousins, your uncle's your own colors, you have been able to speak to them for free on Viber and all of that. But yet sometimes it can cut you away from the person who is sitting across the table from you, or he is communicating with you. So this is the benefits and the harms with regard to it. And for example, really, I don't think anyone can say that. We can stay without it. Why should we stay without it? Why should we stay about out?

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Without me give an example? Why Why would someone want to escape the luxury of being communicating communication with one another? Why should we want to escape the luxury of being communicating with one another, communicating with your loved ones? Sometimes your friends are in China you can be able to communicate with them. They are sometimes in Malaysia you can able to communicate with them. Why will you stay away from gaining knowledge from experts from experts. So through the means of a Google not saying all times, I will tell you the cause of today and maybe in the next two three weeks, we will talk about the guidelines with regard to it. Why must we stay away from gaining

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knowledge from the experts? with one touch of the button? Why will we stay away from knowing what is happening in this world? Why should we stay away from that? I mean, if you look at what is happening in Nigeria, AXA Alhamdulillah. throughout the world, people have mobilized people have been able to put pressure upon the oppressive Israeli regime that look at what you are doing. Every time one Palestinian is killed. The video of it is circulating throughout the world. Why should we deprive ourselves of knowing what our Muslim brothers are going through? Hidden been Halla relates a hottie from Nebula cream sauce, which move to chef is a Brahma to lolly. The Grand Mufti of Pakistan in his

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time said it is the basis of the media. He said that when the via cream sauce them after further used to sit with his companions, he used to ask them what is happening in the world. Tell me what is happening to Muslims and people used to relay that this is happening that is happening and the vicar himself seems to communicate and comment on it. Those coming from here came muscle man okay barama muscle Monaco follow me he Peter Whoa, the heebie

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jeebies somehow was cassava ragna innovia cream sauce. So you getting to know it via the via the means of the smartphone. You getting to know it via the means of the social media. And today, people don't want

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We don't want any aspect with regard to phones. We want phones that are smart, not dead. So what do you mean what is difference between a smartphone and a dead phone? a smartphone is that where you have the aspects with regard to social media and other hand

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those particular aspects like the old Nokia's, that people used to talk and used to regard as very, very valuable in those times, those particular aspects you don't, you don't find it, children do one that you can give them a normal normal Nokia 222 and zero, you see what we'll do with you. They say we're not living in the age of dinosaurs. And people used to laugh and we make jokes with regard to it, that that particular aspect get very big battery life. And now the smartphones and half, half a day your battery life is finished. So someone made a joke that they said, I went into my cupboard, I have to pick up my jacket, I found an old Nokia phone, and there were still two hours left of the

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So this is a situation that today, two hours of battery life is finished. Now when something is necessary, when something is necessary, you are dealing with it, then it is maybe not enough for us in the in the in the sense of the dean, it is compulsory for you to know how to utilize it. And I will say something just as we today teach our children to wear clothes, just as we teach them to tie their shoelaces. Now the time has come for them to teach them how to use social media. And I'll give you a hadith with regard to it. Where do you get this from the Hadith? Let me give you an example. nebia Karim Sinhala William Solomon said he kumal julu Subic rocket

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Yakumo Judo super rocket Oh people stay away from sitting in on the on the street corners unless there's a necessity stay away from staying and wasting your time in the street corners and just sitting in wiling your time away in the street corners service area rasulillah sometimes we have to

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sometimes we have to sometimes a time come we have to be on the street corners we have to sit and talk to one another make you know Salaam to one another find out how one another. We have to do it. Some people know it better than others. So when we do this whole particular aspect is you Yasuda we have to Marlena Louboutin Butera if we have to do it, what was with you? So what you look at what Nivea cream saw some said, and I want you to think about this. He said if you have to, if you have to then fulfill the rights of the street if you have to then fulfill the rights of the state either we're happy

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to sell Johanna skirt you have

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Orosco at Casa Whopper Rana Yaki Latina, then you have two zero sola what is what is the aspect if we have to what is the etiquette of selling on the street maybe salsa made mention of four things he said Castro gays down to look around things you're supposed to get some some message and

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you're gonna look after your eyes got full other, don't harm someone, someone is coming past you can throw a stone at him or someone is coming first, you can give up sly remark. Stay away from that American maruf command people through both good nahua Mancha and tell him to stay away from evil. Now look at what I'm saying. We saw some said if you have to be on the street, then take the etiquettes do this. And now take that particular Hadith. And take the lesson forward. If you have to have a cell phone, if you have to have a smartphone, then take that particular Hadith and say just as Nevis Aslam said, if you have to be on the street corners, then have the certain etiquette in a

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similar manner, if you're going to have to be on the smartphone, learn the etiquette with regard to it. This is the reality. So this particular aspect makes us very, very clear with regard to it, that we have to know it. And now as I said, just as we teach our children how to tie their shoelaces, now the time has come to be able to talk to them and say this, let us let us maybe there are certain homes who are able to say that I have been able to tell my children not to keep it Alhamdulillah. But the majority of the people are keeping it the children have it. The children don't have it they feel unloved. They feel that the parents don't trust them. It's a different matter whether they live

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up the trust or not. But if it's a reality, then it is important for us to engage them and tell them this is the good, this is the bad. This is the harms This is a negative, this is a positive, this is how you're going to use it. If you don't use it, our perhaps take away the privilege. So this is now the challenge for each and every one of us. The first thing I want to make mention during today and inshallah maybe in the coming weeks or so, we will speak now specifics. The first thing is for be able to know your intention. Why are you keeping a smartphone if the intention is to communicate with one another, to be able to communicate with people throughout the world if their communication

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is to keep in touch with what is happening in the world to your Muslim brothers, your sisters or your Muslim other people that to keep abreast with regard to what is happening in the world.

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To share information to learn new information through the means of internet, to be able to receive your email while you are in different parts of the world, there is nothing wrong with those intentions, it is perfectly permissible for you to utilize it. But if you are going to use that particular smartphone, just to be entertained, to flirt, to be able to speak to people, woman across the gender barrier, whom you are not supposed to speak to, and it is easier for you to date on the smartphone than what we used to do previously. Previously, you had to go and meet someone at a particular place, and the chance of someone seeing you was very, very high. And then of course, the

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resultant stigma, now you can do it in the comfort of your home, you can sit and talk to other people. Now the aspect is how do you deal with it? How do you deal with that particular aspect? first aspect your your intention? Right The first aspect then if I got I'll make more time have one more etiquette and then from there, we'll take it up in this whole particular aspect of Facebook. And unfortunately, maybe sometimes out speak about things people might know about it simply. This is an amazing thing. Previously, if someone followed you used to go to the police station, this man is talking me he's looking after now you said what follows you a typical you get happy.

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Basically, first of all, you go to the police now say what follows you you get happy. Now this particular aspect, one aspect with regard to status, dp now we're not all amazing things happening now you know, all all people have to learn all this technology. What is this? I'm it's a it's a it's a sickness. Sometimes people put a status, which are fake.

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So they put on the status, that they have got a Ferrari

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or they got a new car when they put nothing like that.

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But why are they doing it? To to create the status to create an image to other people? Now, some people will say, but is this possible? Not only is it possible, it is widespread. So people will use things and use a fake identity on the different social media platforms to be able to give a particular image of yourself. Yeah, Allah, it is the opposite of what you are nebbia Kareem Solomon said, men shall we nurses will have a chain amongst the worst of people is a two faced person who show one face to one side, and he shows another face to another side. So he shows one face to his immediate family when he's in reality. And then on that particular probe

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that knows best that is there more better manifestation of this particular hobby than now from the time of nervously making mention of it. So that time you show one face there, and you showing another face when you're in your Facebook or your Instagram status. And do you know nobody sometimes called that person the worst of people? Who shows people a different now in this, look at the hands. Firstly, you are fake. You are You are portraying yourself what you are not in this particular way your your self esteem gets damaged, you are not happy with who you are, you are not happy with what Allah has given you. You are creating a different image for the sake of pleasing and what does it do

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to your own own self? What does it do to your own self esteem? What does it do to your own confidence? It is harming yourself. Despite the temporary pleasure you get of showing a status to other people that people are happy with regard to it, or people will feel that you are someone because you are sitting next to a fellow chronica when you vote that also Allah knows best whether you were you went to a particular

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place you took one picture you put in the status and all the girls got it you got a Ferrari BBVA when you go there with a Tata then then the other thing is that you are engaging in deception. Lisa minimun Hashanah, he is not from amongst us who deceives people he's not from the homophobia Kareem salsa, it is this honesty and you become part of this hadith. Whenever you occur himself said you are the worst of people because you are showing one face to others initially. These are some of the things inshallah next week we will start off making mention of some of the other harms so that since it's a reality, we need to be knowing the positive and the negative, the harms and the benefits, how

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to utilize it correctly, in line with a Sharia and to stay away from those things with a Sharia has prohibited metallographic of understanding well through that one and hamdulillah Hello Mila.