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wa Salatu was salam wa la Mulana Viva La Mulana ademola Viva una matava Houma de la Kitagawa kitabi hula Sharia badassery it.

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Nanny Rocky,

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in a la jolla movie lively

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Colin Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Allah Hakata

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subhanaw taala has him, respected elders and brothers.

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And now Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran

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and our beloved navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Hadith

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have used the word, son, many times

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the word son in La Jolla Morrow Bill adly, well, son, son, and in Islam son is the responsibility of a Muslim to obtain excellence.

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And believing that Allah is constantly watching over him. In short, a son is excellence, it is perfection. It is beauty, it is balanced, it is harmony, it is discipline, and much much more. Allah has praised axon in many is of the Holy Quran. He has also used the word in Allah how you have poor sin in Allah loves those who have son. masa name is derived from the word son which means excellence. A Sun is a combination of all good and it implies striving

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of a believer to achieve excellence. Quran or Hadith May Allah tala a sangha loves St malkia him or Islam in some comedy club, Kemal Kahu Sol hoops sureties comm konjam deny that the meaning of your son via Karim Salama said in a Hadith, Allah loves when one of you is given given a task that he does it in a most excellent manner.

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And law loves it when you are given a task you do it properly. So he torossian john doe, and in a heartbeat maybe a cream sauce lemon said Allah loves the servant who does his job with ICANN. The word used in a hadith is

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the Allah has made mentioned that the word it can means do it meticulously. Do it nicely and properly. Excellence has two types. One is excellence in our worship with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he bothered me Come on. Come on. Okay Sam key is a Cali key Baraka Kemal doosra mahalo, Casa Mohammed llama common two aspects of perfection and excellence. One is perfection in our ibaadat with Allah subhanho wa Taala. One is perfection in our relationship with people. And let me give you

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the essence of the perfection in these two. Nivea cream sauce lamb was asked in the very famous Hadith Aditya Jabra in Malaya son, what is your son? What is excellence? What did you say and taboo de la haka Anna Katara. For them to fail them to fail them to counteroffer in Iraq, to worship Allah as if you are seeing Allah is terrassa Barranco de la Tanaka de correo. And if you can't do that, commas come yet

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if you can't do that, please feel allies watching me that is Exxon inhibit the sun in our relationship with people is the highest form of African conduct. Silman Pathak wha hoo among salat wa rahmatullah wa Sindelar Manasa la men your relationship with those who break your relationship, forgive those people who have done you wrong. And leave aside those people who annoy you or abuse you. This is this is this is so common and perfection in the bar. That is what to worship Allah is if you are seeing Allah If not, at least, visualize it. Allah subhana wa

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He's seeing you. Now this is, as you know, excellence in rebar. That is something that will be a whole life to finally perfect salad. But at least we should make small small steps on a daily basis to be able to improve our salad. You know, to achieve excellence in Surat is not an easy thing. And Allah says in the Holy Quran Menon alladhina woofie Salah to him ha Sharon, successful other believers

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will log me in finance for her kamyab Hey, what is the first aspect of community and success? Those who perform this a lot with concentration. Now, this aspect of our son and Barbuda lagana Katara

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Iraq is not only in Salah many times you think we must have this this aspect of our son What is awesome said Malia son What is your son? You worship Allah is if you are seeing Allah otherwise la seeing you now it doesn't mean only in Salah Dr. Abdullah sobre la to La la la la la la la la when they went to LA Amman autonomy he chef and told him I got the state of Assam in Salat. Can you imagine? If a person says I can actually feel I'm seeing Allah otherwise Allah icing me I got the state in Salah expecting mana autonomy to say we have done a very good job. He said that is not enough.

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That is not enough. What do you mean you gotta

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have a son in every walk of your life. If you I was your wife, see, Allah I'm seeing Allah if not Allah seeing me if you are with your business, you can carry on as if you are seeing Allah if not a lie seeing you in your relationship with people I am seeing Allah otherwise a lie seeing me. He told him that who says when is only a son in Salah bring a son in every aspect of your life. My dear respect of others this aspect of excellence today you and I we try to achieve it in many things. Look for example when we were small, and it is such a beautiful you know beautiful thing that when you are small we used to have this in our school. I don't know if it's still there today. If it's

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not there, it's supposed to be a perfectly your hair must be cut properly. You must have come with the shovel hair

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properly thumbnails perfectly tie shoelaces perfectly and uniforms perfectly stand straight in your assembly see that your beds are properly packed properly. We all know that when we were small these were the type of things that we used to do in our school. If this is the code of conduct for worldly life, then why can we achieve the very same thing in our team.

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We want to do everything properly with regard our children going to school who are by the best day we will see that there is a school the books are covered Well, the books must be packed well. But when we perform our to record select go and look at how our two rocket celebrities look at our aspect with regard to fear for Allah subhanho wa Taala worrying about the Astra. So we want to achieve excellence in many things with regard to our world which is also part of them. But what about the aspect with regard to the aspect of excellence and perfection in our daily life? It is made mentioned that one day someone asked Mohammed evening was he one of our great scholars and our

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grain saintly people in the US and US. How are you? How are you feeling? Today? We will sell hamdulillah Morocco top che everything is going well. My mind health is everything going very well. What did he reply? What can be the condition of a man who is drawing closer to Almighty Allah every day?

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What did he reply? What can you tell about a person who is coming closer to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala every day can we give that reply? We want excellence. If our business is not doing the same as it was doing last year we will consider whether it is worthwhile for us to keep it or not. But we are eating salad for so many years. Our Aflac is still the very same we do not have not been able to build tolerance we have not been able to build showing people the good we are not worried with regard to it. We are worried about worldly perfection. We are not worried about our perfection in terms of our Deen we are coming closer towards Almighty Allah everyday

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reflecting on who you are coming closer to you, but you are neglectful. So this now how do we build this excellence in terms of our Dean? First thing let me make mention with regard to it. I'm done up torpor. Hershey met Kemal huzzah at chata hamara, bol nahoon. Capri subcut stepped upon Acharya ghurka Sergio Garcia. The school may hurt cheese may 13. Lipton Dean Caterham Kemal hassel kinetico Shoemaker Why don't we try to achieve that perfection. One of the aspects

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That's why when we do ng four eyes, that's our duty. If you are going to perform your five times daily salah and May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it such that everyone performs five times daily Salah inshallah Kobe. If we can read our five times daily then what is the what are we calling ourselves Muslims? But if you cannot stay only with regard to and saying I am only doing my fries and nothing else, maybe aquariums are Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Whoever performs 12 rockets of Santa Allah will build a house for him in Jannah Joy Joy aqui para cashewnut para Whitson the 12th Sonata Matata for before suhara to after Sahara. Then after after Muslim before further after

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Isha whoever made the 12 records of Sonata Makkah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will build a house for him in Geneva.

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Hmm, can we do it we try to achieve that.

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Now as

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we see this, I mean if you read 12 rockets of tsunami, Allahu Allah wa sallam said that Allah will build a house for you in Jannah.

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Allah while he was alive, Sallam underlined, Omar says my family my hubby, he advised me three things. What was those three things? perform and make three fast every month a year maybe 13 1415 of every month to offer char salad and to offer Witter before you sleep Subhan Allah nebbia Kareem salsa one day Swami Lando villalta no op la what action do you do? I went I went I went in the in Jana. I saw your footsteps. I saw your footsteps. I heard your footsteps. What do you do that you are walking on this earth and and your footsteps have been heard in Jannah belagavi a lot of new thought. After a while he said I can't think of anything other than whenever I make yuzu. I read two

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rockets of Nuffield solid, what you and I will call the here tulou

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do we ever understand that perfection excellence of trying to achieve that by first name as per your coffee.

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So part of excellence strive to achieve excellence in there. Then another aspect is trying to achieve perfection compete with one another in doing good deeds. By a hamburger Queen if we make competition with anyone, but we pass a Gary Amara pass,

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he spent so much 1000 in the flowers for the Decker in his hall, I must spend better.

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But this is not what we valic affiliate and soon, Allah says compete with one another in good deeds. First step people higher up compete with one another in hierarchy, not in expenses. First step people hire out compete with one another in this, this is what we are supposed nekima process hassle

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to say I always used to try and compete with avocado the ultimate in doing good but every time we used to outdo me, and he always used to be one day after maybe a cream sauce and and passed away. There was an elderly woman who was blind on the outskirts of Madina munawwara I used to go and try and help her, I used to go and try and clean her house, put water that time you can't get water in the taps. So you have to get water from outside and put it into the house. So I used to try and go and help her. But every time whenever I went there, before I went house was clean, the water was put forward put on his place. And whatever she needed was put on his place. One day I said I'm going to

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go very early to see who is doing this before me. I went there, I waited at a place to see who it is, who do I see the 74 of the poor slums of Accra villatoro coming to help and then I realized I would never be able to outdo avoca

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they were competing with one another in what in helping a poor old lady who was blind. So brothers This is a thing that we are supposed to be doing is compete with one another in doing good deeds and even if you don't compete do something good for your own selves. achieve excellence not for others for your own self. If sometimes you can compete first of all another lie in the Holy Quran tells us to compete with one another. But even then by we do excellence for our own selves. Dora Katniss atra Santa Maria Yeah, if we have done something good to someone, don't only do it for competition with the Quran tells us, you know, compete with 1 million booties What about your own self? What about

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the pride and joy of doing something good and excellence for your own self? Don't you have pride? And don't you have honor of your own self to be able to do something excellently.

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Then another aspect is Islam encourages Muslims to leave behind a legacy.

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A legacy not in terms of wealth.

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But a legacy in terms of good deeds. The media, Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam said he da Mata Raja in kata. And when a person dies or whatever he does, is also finished. No more you can do good deeds, but three things nebia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam made mention sadaqa jariya and element,

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knowledge which you leave behind that people benefit from, or pious children that you leave behind. So look at this sadaqa jariya knowledge that people will benefit from and pious children. So Islam teaches you to leave behind a legacy. And both these things are in the spirit of a son and excellence. You leave behind a legacy, what legacy Are we going to leave behind? What legacy Are we going to leave behind materially, if the next generation come and say what is this generation do other than fighting with one another? What what legacy Witten leave behind a good legacy. And this is also in the spirit of our son, and goodness and excellence.

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Another aspect with regard to excellencies Islam teaches us to do pioneering works, do something that no one else has done. And you keep a legacy of good by you pioneering that good deed, someone does something, and now all of a sudden you start off something now because of you Everyone knows, find ways of doing something good. I made mention of it previously, last year when we went for HUD, one went to one group. So one group said, you know, the one group the leader said that one person donated umbrellas for all the groups and when he donated it, he said Don't tell anyone. I'm doing it with the intention. The way I am giving them umbrellas to shade them from the sun in alpha and gamma

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shade me on the day of

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swannanoa pioneering work COVID look for something that you can do that is pioneering at Del Sol high Rica and he one who leads others to do good he will get the reward without his reward being diminished. Joko islamically charmel ga or logos for amankora Tosca sahab milter haga una casa Makita, Rocky Cami Kabira. To do then another thing teach your children in terms of excellence. Allah Allah Allah Allah Quran has made mentioned that will allow us Raja Camembert on Yamaha to come La Moneda when your children came out of the wombs of the mother, they knew nothing was Angela Kusama, what are sorry what Aveda Allah tala gave them faculties of hearing, and again the faculties

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of seeing and again in faculties of understanding, right so Allah has given them that talent. Now don't stand the talent, bring that particular children to be able also to achieve excellence. No, Mohammed Al Fatah was 11 years of age 910 11 years of age. One day he had the hottie making mentioned in the drama football, don't sleep in the drama football, sometimes they'll say something inshallah it will help benefit. So, you know, what did he say? He said that he heard this hadith that you would conquer Constantinople, which is present in Istanbul, Istanbul

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and there in that particular way, for an AMA mlj Delica jaysh. What a nightmare. Amira Amira ha very great is an army and very great visit Amir who will conquer Constantinople, which that time was the capital of the Roman Empire of the Byzantine Empire. Mohammed Al Fatah was 11 years he said inshallah, I will do it. 21 years he conquered Constantinople, strife, brother strive to achieve excellence. And this is what we are supposed to be trying all the time, that we must not be in any way just stunted in our development, in terms of striving to do something good for humanity, striving to do good in our in our in our Deen This is something that we need to be able to strive

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towards excellence you know, stand out to be different. We are not average and that didn't make us average naka de la Canal in Santa Fe us and it aqui em I have created to in the best of moles Wanaka kurama, Bonnie Adam, I have made you actually a form of Luca, we are not average. We are excellent. Our efforts are average. Our efforts are average, we are not average. Now do effort, which is in accordance with your standing which is in accordance that locker locknut in Santa Fe us Anita cwieme me and Allah give us a trophy. You know our men is a thing which is attributed to Muhammad Ali, the great Muslim fighter

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He said what a man says I cannot, he has made a suggestion to himself, he has weakened his power of accomplishment, that which otherwise he would have been able to accomplish if he had the striving for excellence. And that is my dear respected weathers the message of today's code bar in the La Casa Bella sun. Allah has obligated and Allah subhanho wa Taala has loved it when you do something, you do it with excellence and I love to see her for seven who does a job with meticulousness and with excellence inshallah, we should all try that whatever we do, we do it with meticulousness. We do it with excellence, because that is the teachings of the Quran. And that is the teachings of our

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beloved Livia Karim Allah Azza wa sallam