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The upcoming week's video discusses the blessedness of material Aqsa, land, and a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to create a machine to

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah NaVi Avada a mother to follow Villa humanus shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Saba Hannah Liddy, Asahi Abdi Laila middle Maji de l'homme min el masjidul. Her amin el mas de Lappe salary Baraka, Allah. plenary, a woman IR Tina in a semi co set a colloquialism. My dear respected elders and brothers we are all aware that during the course of this week, it was the night of Shabbat Mirage the night in which our beloved navia Kareem Salah Holly he was said Sallam undertook his miraculous journey in the presence of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and orama in various parts of the world had spoken about the incident. Today my my intention is not

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to speak about the entire incident but one aspect with regard to it. And that is throughout the world. There are many Halima and many masajid who are on this Friday, because of the relationship of Maharaja in the sense that nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam travel from MCI mocha Rama to mastery AXA and Muslims in various parts of the world have made this the week to commemorate the significance of mastery AXA axon and its surrounding and attala. In the verse in which Allah tala has spoken about Mirage, Allah has given an indication of the blessedness of material Aqsa and its surroundings. So the handler the asabi Abdi Glory be to Allah who took his bondsman minella Masjid

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al haram lol masjidul axon from Nigeria haram to machete axon and Lady Barak na hola that not only is Majidi AXA bless it, Allah says that the entire surroundings of Nigeria Aqsa is blessing and in the words of the Hadith, we find that this is known as our the Sham the name of Sham which Allah has made bless it. So yes, this is one of the aspects that we will today it is one of the lessons one of the aspects of Mirage that we can reflect off is half tech or Chevy Mirage T is azim watty Ahmed Bhatia as Belkin arch k by unmet cellphone miss a kibarim a bad karna changa is a former Marine nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam, Kaba said baytril mocha test Marciniak schottische replugging

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he said machete Aqsa or escaped garco nahi kiya facilite moto Moto G, moto Moto E m jessic Allah subhana wa talana Khurana kurama Jennifer Maya and masjidul Lizzie axillary Baraka Hoda, who must say hoxa or iscan avahi or SK.

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Allah has made it bless it. So this is one of the aspect now, one very important point that we have to keep in mind. And that is the blessedness of a place the blessedness of a land the blessedness of a day is not determined by you and I

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kisi Jagga akbarpur Katana hamara zimin A Hamas Guevara manifest on a concept.

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Allah tala decides which lane is more blessing, which day is more blessing which night is more blessing? Allah subhanho wa Taala decides and Allah has made this land desert and there are many aspects with regard to his blessedness one of the aspects of his blessedness abou serve as a foreigner the Allahu Hadith in Sahih Muslim as our mazurka Ferry asna via cream sauce. Yasser Allah which Masjid was a first Masjid to be established on this earth? So maybe a Karim sauce from said Kaaba Baitullah. Then

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the other fella which is a second machine, he said baitul mocha does much. And then opposer said what was the time spent between the two? He said 40 years. Now there is a difference of opinion amongst the Halima, who was the first one to build the budget acts up. One rewired makes mentioned the melodica were the first people to build musharakah A Cree wire kimitaka dussehra muchas de la Majid his sameen para Majid Majidi Hara

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Today Majid Majidi Azza

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wa sallam said Pooja key don't don't get me I'm far faster

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and faster Charlie Sal 40 years the difference between the two. So who burns? The majority AXA first one rewired, says the America, one rewired, say, Hi Emily salatu wa salam. So this is from the very beginning, Allah has created material exam. Then in this particular situation, the other aspect, it was our first fibula. It was our first dibbler

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for 17 months in Madina munawwara nebia cream sauce in a meaty salad, in the direction of material exam in Mocambo karma. Anita we cannot know because nobody saw Santa perform Salat in such a way. He he directed and he faced Kaaba and Marciniak sir in one in one direction. But when he came to Medina, the directions were different. So in that particular situation nemea Kareem saw Salem Mora faced machete Aqsa for 16 or 17 months our first Qibla Jamar Italia Qibla and in this particular way, in this to perform salad in this Masjid, to perform sonatinas Masjid, other than MCI mocha Rama and Madina, munawwara it is according to one rewired, 500 times more virtuous and according to one

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rewired 1000 times more virtuous. Today we are eating salad here, the people who are eating namaz in bacon mocha test, they get 500 times more reward than that for the salad that we are performing. This is from the hadith of our beloved Nivea cream sauce to them. He had dunya met Tom Tom here, honey Valley, Majid Hey, yah, Namaste panicky facilite be Jews MCI mocha Rama or marine I'm gonna do say a massage massage it

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can be Napa or do self massage it Kelly has said yet pants Oh goodness, yada,

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And then an important point. It is a place where the VA Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam has shown us we have now for maimunah have been tasered relates to Hadith in Abu Dhabi, Sharif and Muslims. That she asked Nubia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam Yasuda Allah tell us about baytril maka little McCarthy Escobar

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de novia Karim solonius said, It is our cool man Sherry Well Masha It is a place of gathering and a place where amongst the different signs of Tiamat will take place. Many of the signs of Tiamat will take place around material outside its surroundings.

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tiama care, courage to have

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access to material acts. Okay.

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So the coffee

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machine, it is a place of gathering the place of the Gambia in the place of the resurrection signs of Tiamat. So, see us Yara Sula, what should they do? I'm Katherine. Again.

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I'm Catherine de novia, Kareem sallallahu wasallam said, Go and perform Salah

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by We are fortunate the people who are in South Africa, our passports allow us to go and we should be able to be amongst those whenever we have the opportunity to go and perform and adapt. And then he said she said you had the time to travel was not easy. You have to love what happens if we can't perform certain budget. So when we

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go and sell oil to be burnt in Nigeria,

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if you can't go and perform Salah go and sell sell oil to be burnt in material exam for you to go and spend something for material would be equivalent to performing certain material. Just imagine, just imagine the situation that it shows that our talent and our love should always be for material itself. If you can go there, for instance, something going make dua for the people that make to offer the blessedness regard the blessedness of something that is important. So this is how our beloved sallallahu alayhi wasallam shown us then the incidence of Mirage has linked Majidi access to the hearts and minds of the Muslims. It was here that our beloved Maria Karim saw Selim came, Allah

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Allah could have taken our beloved Islam directly from MCI mukaiyama to the seven heavens in his presence, another chatter to perahera reoccurring sassolungo MCI mokara masa

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leakiness and aka materia haram say Majid Bella Lega Pharaoh hasa

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lattakia was removed from their laterra took our beloved Nivea cream sauce in the presence of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and then in materia XL Subhan Allah What happened? Neeraj k awatea sin, Mazel mano he de la mer was Kima Ziad koshish para Huggy.

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Yeah we're Hema comhair geohab sallallahu alayhi wa sallam near Tamam MBI chrom ki mamod cronica sraffa hustle here, he said nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said of amarena Beanie Baby will ambia been gay or the Nisa he'll say but he is smart he'll men know what

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a very important aspect maybe a cream sauce ROM comes from Algeria Libya cream sauce from ties his Bora had one place up till today there is a place that booger Brock was tied here. Maybe a cream sauce and I'm Tom's has a lot wasallam presents to him to two drinks, one of wine and one of milk nebia cream sauce from choses milk, Nivea cream sauce, lemon, he chooses smell, has he validly set wassalam Congratulation, he's awesome. You have chosen that which is fitrah inshallah, your Mutt will remain upon the natural temperament upon fifth. Then the reoccurring social income, all the humpy alima Salatu was Salam was gathered, they're all there.

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And then has

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everyone is waiting now via Karim Allah Allah wa sallam is put forward by jabril to lead the Amelie Musa that was Salam in prayer. The only place in this earth where all the Emilio Salatu was Salam performs together, collectively in one place is much of

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what our G What an amazing virtue Allah has given us. I'll give you another amazing incident.

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In a time when our beloved Maria Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born. There is as that mana Idris candle we refer to Lally in his Kitab sera to Mustafa, with a narration and with a transmission and with evidence is narrated this incident, a person comes into MCI mocha Rama, he says, show me a house today show me a house where a child was born. Show me a house where a child is born. So they took him to one house. He said Why? He said, our our scripture says on this date, on this night, the last nebby of Allah would be born. So they took him to one place. They said he said his father alive today as the father is alive. You say no, no. Our scriptures say the father won't

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be alive. Take me to that house in which our child is born. The Father is not alive. They bring him to the house of Amina. And then he sees

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he sees the seal of prophethood between the two shoulder blades. When he sees them. He comes out of the house and he shouts and screams loudly, way luckier but he got hurt. He didn't know what I mean. Hmm. Destruction be your Lord Bani Israel. Allah has taken the bullet away from your aura minha yamashiro courage, Congratulation, be upon your courage. Allah is putting in you.

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So Allah took Naboo away from Bani Israel to smile. He Bramley said to us Salam ala two sons

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as it is smiling salam, as a disciple a Salam from his happening salat wa salam, all Prophets came but he is right all prophets. Only one Prophet came from buddy smile award whenever Tamam Bani Israel k MB appa Javi. He had, you know, he was more greater than all the prophets of the bunny side. He came from Bani Israel smile, only one prophet. Now look at how Allah Allah made this. Allah tala brings our beloved nebia Karim Allah Allah wa sallam from MCI mocha Rama to mercury XL, which is the Marcus which is a center of the Gambia, Lima Salatu was Salam of peninsula him and and that Allah made him perform the Imamate of all the MBI Lima salatu salam, according to some of the

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allameh it was a sign that Allah is transferred from Bani Israel to Bani Israel were in the place which is a Marcus of the Bani Israel. Allah Subhana Allah COVID

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This is the blessedness of the place. Another aspect with regard to it, it is the land of the Emilio Salatu was Salam. He ended the Yaki service I mean, and we are the people who believe that

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yes, this can take up to three facilities, the artisans Amina or humped Imam Bianca de la Johnson or Monti, a muscle man he chapter Come on.

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You cannot be a Muslim. If you don't believe in any one of the NBA musella we believe in all

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Allah says no, no for me, Rosalie, we don't make a distinction between the MBR Lu Salatu. Salam in terms of our data, in terms of our belief in terms of root parties difference, right in terms of status, there is difference, but in terms of our data, we believe in all the MBR

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salatu salam, this is intermedius Sharif there is a hadith and is required it makes mentioned there is not a spin on of much in Jerusalem in quotes where some nabee or Angel did not pray

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in this now this is UN High we believe. Hum Johanna appname apne bateau cannamd hoonah Malibu Salatu was Salam kidnapper yapper Kiss Kiss kill

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hazaribagh Emily Sara has that is Hakone salat wa salam has undoubtedly salat wa salam. Ala Moana Li salatu salam has the creality salat wa salam has that yeah la salatu wa salam has salat wa salam has at East LA salatu salam o from from upwards. We keep our name by the name of the Amelia musella salam. How many of our children we have on this names may have named Michelle data I give you my example. five generations, five generations. My great grandfather is Marine, my grandfather Ibrahim, my father is my my name Ibrahim. One of my sons is my five generation hamdallah mustard was Salam cambia Subhana Allah inshallah Dwarka will be up Jerry Rocky. You can also keep it going. One of my

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grandson's visa, we keep our names of them yeah.

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So the land, the land which saw the the

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the land that saw the propagation, the land that saw these people making he bothered them. The land in which they stated is that land is supposed to be dear to us. We are supposed to love that land because the land of Aleppo Salatu was Salam. As the primary Salatu was Salam came from Iraq. Where did he come he came to Philistine. He came to Philistine and he bramalea salaam then came to mocha mocha Rama. What one son is Madalyn salatu salam, he burned the Kaaba and Baitullah while the other son is happily Salaam. He bought material.

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Material Aqsa was burned with the primary Salam and he suffered a salat wa salam today in a hurry named after as Emily Sarah has it the Prime Minister has it is happily Sarah is happily salat wa salam, his wife has abusively salat wa salam are buried in one place. What must they have buried them? So Panama has a doubt la salatu wa salam O Allah Allah says in the Quran,

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Allah has Is it a somewhat old madhab and remember hazard elderly salatu wa sallam making dua and making a budget in the mihara what he weighs at Mira to Allah tala para make mentioned with regard to the raw materials

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Subhan Allah, then as a Delta listener was Salaam Sunni Medallia salat wa salam, as absolutely Madalyn salat wa salam. O Allah Allah says huddly mulk alliander helia had him in body may block Almighty Allah Allah give me a kingdom we do not give to anyone to anyone

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in Sudan and decide is one Hadith after surah Manali salat wa salam ala Majid accept so the Mona Lisa

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he made three dewas he made three to us in one two hours Allah give me such a kingdom you gave no one else second wha Oh Allah, I am a judge. I just decide amongst people always that we decide upon Huck said to her over now whoever comes to measure the XL forgive his sons Subhan Allah whoever comes to mercy accept forgiving sense. So the mother is Salaam hood he made the Chyna

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under his command and when he built Missouri then his death came and then he said you're not if you're going to take my who now this agent should not be here you know they have they are rebellious they want to Allah tala says in the Quran for ma Polina la Hill mode ma de la mala Moti Illa de Arte de taco Roman SATA read, then he put his head on the on his staff, and they did not thought he was alive. He they continued building the material until the staff felt Salamat Ali Salatu was Salam felden they realized Monalisa Salam had passed away. So she remodeled a salon with the Jeanette put up material

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as it

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was in emergency action, as it was it

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was overlooking and looking after hazard Maria when hazard Maria was in Nigeria. What chlorophyll kitabi Maria interbedded minahasa makanan Shara

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machete Gianni Marciniak Saki Macerich Gianni has said Maria has recently said that was Salaam. She got the glad tidings of the miraculous birth of a city Sally salatu salam he paid 100 he said he said was Salam was conceived in material. Then she went away to Bethlehem, Bethlehem there is where she gave the

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The birth was officially salatu salam for that behave Omaha Nero. After she gave birth she came again to match it. And when she came to Nigeria, she bought me Sally Senato Sara she bought this

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without getting married for that behavior. Oh my God hallelujah Maria.

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de chez Maria. Maria What have you done? What have you done? Yeah, the Harun Moroccan Abu Kamal Hassan

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mokuba your family are not people of, you know, repute and your mother is not someone who has been more or Maria you are bringing a child without wedlock. But

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what did she say?

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For ashera? La she didn't she she showed them as at

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all okay, fine. Who can limb mankind?

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How can we talk to someone how can we speak to someone who is a child? He was born miraculously he spoke miraculously. Color in knee Abdullah I am Abdullah. Attorney Al Kitab wa Jalla Nina BIA. Allah will give me a kick out and now will make me an AVI kahawa Where did this happen? Majid AXA and throughout history My dear respect, I will conclude with this. Throughout history. Muslims had a look with Majid Aqsa throughout history as a woman will be allowed

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to be allowed to return come

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tell me where did you

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tell me so they told him that place was pulpy as humara took the dirt on his porta and he cleaned the place and he put up a Masjid there. As a matter of he allowed him to contact Muslim Jerusalem and he built a Masjid and now after that is why you see the masjid is in front because the rock from enovia Kareem salsa made you know made me Raj has it was worried if you make the budget behind people will start making it would seem that they are worshipping the rock from whenever Kareem salsa made me so he brought the the budget in front

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of you.

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And then throughout history our our there sama

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bin Salman is buried outside material.

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You know suntan Saleem, there are so many he out here mm was le rampolla Lee wrote portion of his Al Rahman Majid Aqsa Sultan Salim and he conquered Nigeria. The Christians. They brought agreement that Omar with Yamato gave them when he conquered Jerusalem and he gave them an agreement that you will worship freely while I am the philosopher and the Muslims rule. Muslims were tolerant they told the Christians you can you can worship according to your situation, Sultan Salim took that agreement of O'Meara de la to put it upon his eyes and he said I will do what my qualified I will do what I do, I will also give you freedom of religion. So this is even in our worst times. When there was for

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almost 8090 years there was no masala tea.

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It was at the time of the Crusaders. So nurudeen Sanjay Rama Kalani in the last point that will make no routine zonkey Rama Talalay he was in Syria. He made a member with cedar wood

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whose work Wabi

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Sabi Okay, Gemini men to know routine sunken head member

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or Luca

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Fatah hajah member co

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so today we don't have it only to nuruddin Sanjay who was the founder and the and the ruler who was the start of Salah who did a UV he made a member and he said today we don't have control of Majid AXA the day we regained control of Nigeria AXA put this number in materials, even the time when we didn't have control. We had love for material. So that is one of the lessons that you must take me under give us a topic

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.