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Al Hamdulillah he Allah hilmi bada hilmi while if we buy the Potala T was salat wa salam O Allah says Allah MBA. He will move serene while he was Javi was seldom at the Sleeman

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kathira a mavado Villa he managed a

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local Casa de la Marina is Yuba. una carta shujaa set up Hello,

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my dear respected elders and brothers.

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They are two campaigns which are run

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by different organizations for this Juma

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in South Africa,

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one is on asmodee Sahaba

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the rank in the virtue of the Sahaba

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and one is which coincides with Israel apartheid week, which is commemorated worldwide. I would like to briefly touch upon these aspects in today's talk, though Mohammed Mohammed

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motorist and zimo catalepsy take as much as Sahaba can one per or a Philistine yo que zulum kibarim A Husqvarna mayhem charlotteans kusari shot ph carinya.

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The first aspect is with regard to the Sahaba and the companions of our beloved Nivea cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Sahaba are those fortunate people whom Allah subhanho wa Taala had chosen to be the companions and the first recipients of the final and greatest message of Allah subhanho wa Taala as a hobby is a person who believe in aquariums awesome to be a prophet. Sona via cream sauce alum spend time with Nivea cream sauce alum and died upon a man that is in brief with regard to the definition, Allah subhanho wa Taala His praise daiki man, Allah has called them true believers. And latinus ha Vikram myrina haka for Maya. Nassif in K Man kittehs de Laken enqueueing K

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Man co tomamu salmaan achillea kasoti panacur pesca. Up muscle man who in a SATA gemtech aapka. Eman Saba kitara No, you're not only did Allah subhanahu wa taala their testimony to the man but Allah subhanho wa Taala has presented the demon as a barometer for your Eman to the day of Tiamat

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when Latina armano

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Adolphe Sevilla, those who have a man who made Egypt who strove in the path of Almighty Allah, when larina when a sorrow those who welcome them and who gave them refuge, Mahajan read and answer what is Allah Allah says, Hola, como como una haka. They are true believers. They are true believers. Then Allah subhana wa Taala makes a man a means of testing your Eman for in our man ob Miss Lima man to be here. today. If you bring a man the way the Sahaba brought a man

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if you bring a man the way the Sahaba brought the man you are on the right path.

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So not only has Allah subhanho wa Taala bought testimony to the man has made the man a parameter for your mind. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala together with that, Allah subhanho wa Taala has praised them. And just to give you the example of a man of a savvy, has it widely traveled with he alone was in Syria. And when he was in Syria, the Sahaba who in Syria were overtaken by a plague on Cobra Marilla gay Jessica Jesse ports Jada caffee sahaabah shahidul gay, some 20,000 became Shaheed

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Jebel Ali Ultron, who also became part of the plague, part of the plague was a small boy used to come upon your hand, small boy used to come upon your hand. And when

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he got that boy,

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he used to kiss it and said, You are more valuable to me than the whole world. companions who say how can you say a boil, which signifies a sickness and a plague, which people haven't been able to be safe from which becomes the means of your death? How can you kiss it and be happy with it? So he said my Navy said, you will go to sham. You will go to Syria. You will get involved in a plague. Whoever Gods gets involved in the plague. He will go to Jana. I am welcoming this plague case in NaVi K.

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Bartok Botha Cooper's manotas de what great Eman and conviction in what nebia cream sauce and and said you will get involved in a plague. You will die in that play wherever dies will go to Jenna. He welcomes a plague that is a human which they had the conviction that they had Allah subhanho wa Taala praises their efforts and promises them Jenna la casa Ravi Allahu i mean is Yuba yo Nakata, Shakira and another place in the Quran. wakulla wa de la la casa. No amazing Allah tala says Allah is pleased with those Sahaba who pledge allegiance in the hands of Nivea cream sauce alum under the three Rabia chip Allah tala when Saracen was Kamata, pa karanka juice, Allah tala Hama, Shakira.

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Allah will be forever happy with them.

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de la kusina Allah is promised good fall of the Sahaba so Allah subhanho wa Taala has praised them Allah has granted them Jana, Allah subhanho wa Taala has bought testimony that they fulfilled

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the commitment and the covenant Allah made with them. minella Marina deja vu ma ha de la Holly amongst the believers are those who had fulfilled the covenant Allah made with them. And Nana would say Khattak a man or Eman khazaria Salah taco Jonathan gay, Tononi a plethora of say Joe karna chahta Khurana Korea. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says here fulfill a common commitment. Mousavi Mousavi, who was so wealthy, and he was such a person who was known for his elegant dressing. In the early stages of Islam at that time when people were not so well off, who's to wear two pairs of clothes a day. And Kareem sallahu wa sallam used to see him, he became a Muslim. His family turned

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off the taps with regard to a wealth. He became poor. In Oh happy he was martyred carrying the flag of Islam. And when they came to, to make his coffin, there was not enough cloth for the coffin, he they cover the head, there was not enough cloth to cover his legs, they cover the legs there was not enough profit to cover his head, maybe a cream sauce from said cover his head we will cover his legs with leaves and then maybe a cream sauce alum burned him in such a way and making mentioned that he was a person who was amongst the most well dressed and look at how he discovered his brothers even if we have a better life and even if we have a full coffin, no matter what brand of clothes you

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wear, your end result is going to be white Calico. No pure cotton no nothing. No Polo, no brand. At the end of the day, your your coffin is going to be pure white Calico no brains. This is a set. So let me add cream sauce romaine he did this and then stood at his cover and said Minami Narayan Sakuma de la Holly. These are the people who have fulfilled a commitment with Allah subhanho wa Taala that fulfill the commitment Allah. Allah praise is a four qualities. Muhammad Rasulullah

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Rama obey no those who are what the prophet

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sallallahu wasallam

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what is the quality qualities? They have very compassionate to the believers they are straightforward with regard to the disbelievers. They are they stand firm with regard to the disbelievers amongst themselves, they are very compassionate. Unfortunately Today we are done the opposite. Opposite of the Sahaba Sahaba were very kind and compassionate to one another. We are not compassionate to one another we are harsh upon one another. Sometimes we are more compassionate upon zero. We are more compassionate with

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Others, but Allah has praised them. Now remember why does Allah tala you know, bear testimony to the man bear testimony to the good qualities? What are the reasons? Let us understand this. The first thing Sahaba a link between nebbia cream sauce cinnamon the entire gamut they are so, they what nebbia cream sauce told him they told the next generation and it continued till the Day of Tiamat. If there is a doubt in the integrity of the link, what does it mean? It means that the entire transmission of Dean becomes doubtful.

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It means that the entire transmission of Dean becomes doubtful. Your Quran becomes doubtful your Hadees becomes doubtful your Eman becomes doubtful because they are the ones who carried nebbia creme sallahu alayhi wa sallam his message to the oma and this is the reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala and libertarian socialism. They speak so highly with regard to the integrity of the companions. Hmm, why did Allah while he was celebrated as happy as happy can boom, lotta humara the main body phenomena happens from Ethiopia. Don't make my Sahaba a part of criticism after I passed away. Whoever loves them loves them because of his love for me. Whoever dislikes them dislikes them

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because of his dislike for me. Why is it so because if you doubt that link without the entire Dean chiamata Sahaba crumb nebia cream sauce from mK eternian raabta Sahaba ki Tiana perky Sikhism Tasha, sorry Dean.

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Or Pharaoh salado Tata. He is he a few down the link, you doubt the message. That is why Allah subhanho wa Taala and nebia Karim saw cillum gives such great threat tidings with regard to the rank of the Sahaba. The second reason why Allah subhana wa Taala and our beloved nivia cream sauce Allah has spoken so highly about the Sahaba and the companions. First of all the qualities was such another I chose them. And of course another reason just understand this. Maybe I saw Salaam was an example a guide and he was an instance a motivator, one who inspired us up till today. Whenever we feel weak, we look at himself while he was selling we get inspired. We get motivated by the

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beautiful example of Libya Creme De La Jolla, wasallam Libya cream sauce, Olia un, India Rasulullah. Jamia Oh people, we have made your soul of the entire humanity eternity of geometry. Now, if the Navy of Allah is unabie to humanity till the Day of Tiamat, he is a guy, he's an example. He is a motivator for humanity till the Day of Tiamat. Then obviously, if he's going to inspire us 1400 years after his mission, he surely must have inspired the people whom he came into contact with. And if

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you believe that the people whom he came into contact with are not rightly guided, they are not inspired. They are not motivated, then you can ask the question if he could not inspire and motivate the people whom he was in contact with? How can you inspire us 1400 years down the line?

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If he can inspire his own companions, how can he inspire people to the ray of geometry? That is why we believe no there are other people who are rightly guided. They are the people who took and they took the message of Nivea cream sauce, and they fulfill the message of our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum hamari nahi Yamato in Sano Kalia azim masala Rama Allah nakara hugger Sahaba nebia Kareem saw some say he died after or Mutasa nahata to quiz someone

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who is

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here annually, annually locally.

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And our belief is that no, not only are is it nebbia cream sauce live inspired and motivated them they were the choice of specimens of human of humanity has happy to know giome via hemiptera to me today to my Sahaba Alex does in Brazil into Bharani this hadith is whomsoever you follow he will be a star who will guide you upon the right path

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to shine a case is he what is the

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sort of fish on in a petrol poderia cardia aka kobina cardia Dino corrosion Korea hood not a hood not a rapper. Or okay howdy Banga. janessa t Chesney moto Kumasi aka dia Hmm. What was that training that maybe a cream sauce lamb gave them that those people who are struggling

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He did who used to worship idols. They became the guide and inspiration for humanity till the Day of Gavin. It was a teaching of the Vietnamese awesome. So this is what we believe in, and our attitude and that is why Muslim scholars have made mentioned Imam Malik Rama Kalani, one of the four imams of the School of fit, have said, Whosoever harvests ill feeling against the Sahaba whoever hoppers ill feelings against the Sahaba The man is doubtful.

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How can they have imagined when they do not believe that the first recipients of Nivea cream sauce those feelings are not upon the right path? Among shabby, very great scholar he made the stringent remark. He said as the Jews who is the closest and the most

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virtuous of people in Yama, they will see the people who are the people who are with Musa salat wa salam. As the Christians who are the people closest in your religion, the most virtuous, they will say the disciples of the salicylic wasallam. And as the Shia who are the worst of people, they will say the companions of Nivea cream sauce. Does this make sense?

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Does this make sense? As the Jews and Christian you will see the companions of our Prophet of the greatest people? She has a against it against them. That our Sahaba the Sahaba of Libya himself silom Ah, the barometer for Eman Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mentioned they are the ones who inspired and motivated because they got the training from the Vietnamese awesome. That is why someone asked Omar bin Abdulaziz

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bin Abdulaziz

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hobby katiba he reported the way of nebia Kareem so some people have had certain types of questions with regard to mahavihara DLL

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classes. Everyone recognizes he was a very great Khalifa. Someone as Omar bin Abdulaziz Rahmatullah Lee, who is greater muawiya know someone asked Abdullah bin Mubarak, who is greater is greater.

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Greater. Do you know what reply he gave? He said how can you compare the two? Abdullah bin Mubarak said how can you compare the two? He was a Sahabi. This man was great, but he was not as happy. And he gave us reply. Nevermind the to the dust that settled in the nostrils of the animal with which he had was maybe a trim saucer. That dust is greater than or

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that dust is greater than roses, because it was a Savi. In 1970s, there was an incident which was widely reported at the time. And even if you do a Google search, you will find it about as far

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as it was a fan of the lotto is buried in Iraq, buried in Iraq. And when he was buried in Iraq, in 1930, the king of Iraq that time saw a dream to Sahaba say do something about our cover. We have been greatly inconvenienced what is seeping through the river or the rivers that are there into our cover. He saw the dream 123 times he didn't really he has the allama Salama say it must be truth. There is one final. They went to the cover of these people. And they wanted to now dig up the cover.

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And they said no, it is a time of Hutch let them to judge who just said no. Wait for Hajj after had moved on to see the spectacle. So as to sahabas covers, and the bodies were assumed

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it was

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in the same manner as if they were buried that very same day. The pouring bodies were fresh. And one amazing thing was no one could look into the eye.

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No one could look into the eye. When am I explained it? Why couldn't you look into the eye? That was the eye that sets set

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upon the greatest human being created by law, liberal dreams.

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How are we in our sinful state be able to put our eyes towards the eyes of those people America said except as a copper. Just keep nigga.

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So, there is why Sahaba Sahaba My dear respected brothers. Therefore our view, we should always speak highly about the Sahaba mentioned the virtue remains silent with regard to the apparent mistakes. They will not they will not assume they were human beings sometimes as a human being there were certain shortcomings, but we will remain silent with regard to the shortcomings because maybe occurring sauce limited when my companions are mentioned

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Hold your tongue

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Hold your tongue

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when my Sahaba

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who gives you the right to accuse or speak badly about them when I'm there instead, when you want to. When you say bear about someone you're also referring to a sister, who is a Western star was never saw cinema. And that is when

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he was asked about Masada Sahaba the dispute of the Sahaba he said, Allah, Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhana wa Taala has prevented our hens from being part of that particular difference of opinion and civil war. Why should I pollute my tongue by speaking against them? We remain silent with regard to anything about the Sahaba because they are the students of our beloved Nivea creme de la jolla Salaam, and we will not cast aspersions upon them on the basis of anything, you know, someone has very beautifully said I will conclude with this beautiful sentence. Remember what I'm saying? It's a very deep sentence Sahaba a judge of history. History is not a judge of Sahaba

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Sahaba judge Sahaba dari

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tereus Sahaba caca Sati knee that history which speaks to them in accordance with what Allah Rasool had said about them, we believe in that history, that history which speak about them against what Alan is Rasool had said about them by history or

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we don't believe in that history. Either you believe in that history or you believe what Allah in the Quran it said about them, who do you believe in? So the Sahaba Judge of history, history is not a judge of Sahaba. So this is an aspect that we should clear our minds with regard to it. Because recently there has been a flood of different types of allegations, which are put forward in flowery language, which speaks and cast aspersions with regard to the Sahaba. And for our human, we have to resist that. We have to say, we will believe in them, and we will speak about them. We are ladies Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has spoken about that by m&p agha, he has a chance to say

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bye. If we want to be on the right path, would we do that inshallah, we will have our data with regard to the Sahaba. The way

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Bollywood cinema is made mention very briefly is another campaign that is happening throughout the world, which is known as Israeli apartheid week, which highlights upon the aspect of Israel being an apartheid state. And we believe in it because we have been part and parcel of an apartheid state in the past. And all the criterias with regard to be a party speech have been found today in Israel, and attend a party it was an attempt to separate people and allow resources, privileges and rights to flow to people according to the separate groups in which they were categorized. The same thing is happening, where the Palestinians are not allowed any type of rights within Israel as citizens or in

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the occupied territories occupied against every type of norm and moral guidelines and even against international rule. The South African governments answer to the aspect of people living under the control, what was it they put in gave them passes. And of course, the passes was one of the most hated symbols of a party. In fact, this measure historically has been the place where the first protests against passes took place outside this Masjid, to place outside this Masjid. And it was spearheaded by Muslims. Right? That particular aspect happened in this machine can look at the history. And today, the Palestinian must carry identity documents at all time which dictate where

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they live, where they work, and where they move. A complex system of movement restricts them from areas, there are over 600 checkpoints in different parts where the Palestinians have to pass by for their daily work. And in that particular checkpoint, these abused these beatings, these humiliations are a routine part of the experience of Palestinians. It is part of a systematic way of dishonouring them and putting them in a difficult situation. And of course, we know that it is something that humiliates them. And there are so many instances of people who have been in the checkpoints woman have give birth pregnant woman have give birth, because the checkpoints that allow them to go to

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hospitals. This is the dishonouring and humiliating of the Palestinians. And in this particular week, there is a there is a campaign throughout the world to speak about the apartheid of Israel. And we must be aware with regard to it. We must know effects with regard to it. So that when we do come into people of other faiths, we will be able to speak to them on the basis that what they are doing is immoral. What they are doing is wrong by every aspect of morality. It is something that is wrong. And of course, whatever financial

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pressures, the way financial pressures boycott was used against the South African government. financial pressures must be put upon Israel. And we must be part of that, to put pressure on them, so that in some way it could come to an end. One is not saying that you must boycott Jewish businessman, but any product that comes from Israel, we must we must not buy that we must see to it that our children do not buy, we must make ourself aware with regard to it, according to the United Nations last year, because of BDS 46% of foreign direct foreign intervention, and investment in Israel was stopped because of this pressure. And of course, if we are serious with regard to the

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Palestinians, we do what is within our control, and one of them what we do within our control is not to buy any Israeli goods, no talking of Jewish there's a difference, and you will not buy anything that comes from that place especially which comes from the settlements and this is part and parcel of the pressure that is put worldwide. And in this particular way, this is also one of the the aspects in which there is great amount of emphasis for the dreamers. Both these aspects are from different organization, which we have tried to put for one is about as much of the Sahaba and one is with regard to the the oppression of the Israelis against the Palestinians. Military make it easy

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for them Military To Protect our human, just one small announcement as much as habaki on one button, as namazi Isha Kibaki Majid Minh mana bus net we don't lose.

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The prefer manga Abu Musab goes on he was making solid

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allatra providing a hora de la ko