Ebrahim Bham – The harms of haste and recklessness

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of control and a calm and factory-like manner for human behavior is emphasized, along with the need for a common molecular control. The importance of showing enthusiasm towards good deeds and avoiding rushing is emphasized, as well as the danger of spreading rumors and hesitation in shaping behavior. The segment discusses various aspects of Islam, including rumors, legal disputes, family matters, and ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
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Alhamdulillah you woke up our Salah mana iva De La Nina stuff oh my god. For all we know him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Julio Collinson, Amina Nigel, for call it Allah gullible to a buena La Jolla, whatever Runa sakala will awesome.

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My dear respected elders and brothers Allah subhanho wa Taala has created us with certain qualities, certain inborn characteristics, and one of them and that Allah has created us is haste. Human Being likes to be hasty. Allah Allah says political insano mean agile Haleakala and Sandra joola, we have created you in his you like to do things very quickly. And there is no doubt whatsoever that this haste needs to be controlled. Because there are many times we have done things we have spoken too soon, or we have reacted without thought we have reacted hastily, immediately followed by a wish that if only we could have taken that back, if only what we had spoken, we had taken it back

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whatever we had used with regard to insulting someone, if only we could have taken it back. If only the divorce that I had uttered in haste, if only I could have taken it back. And this is something that we have to control. It is part of human nature. But yet, while we've been part of human nature, it doesn't mean we have to follow it dictates. Islam has told us that it is part of your nature for you to control it. Joel bazi, in sunny fifth radka Hassan in santel bazian. And despite that, we have to control it. And another aspect is despite the fact that you would like to be hasty.

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You cannot your haste cannot over run and cannot come before the deal. No matter how hasty you are. And no matter how much you want to do things in haste. You cannot overcome the plan and the decision of Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada. And before I make mention of this, I think it's very worth him to make mention of a statement of a very great alum in our past Hatem al busti who said in alhaja, he Apolo coupler, a wire g Bo coupler AF hum, middle coupler, you're the one who is in his speaks before he knows, before he knows he speaking, he answers before he understands before understanding the question he is giving an answer. He praises before experiencing the person he doesn't know the

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person is praising him, and he condemns after praising and therefore the hasty person is always accompanied by regret. And in this regret he cannot overcome and people's hastiness does not change the deal. Allah tala in the Holy Quran says wahala kakula Shin fucka Dara huzzah. khudiram. Allah has appointed a fixed time for his creation and Allah will not go beyond that fixed time which he has made for creation. So this is another aspect gel posse keep our Jude Allah tala netta mama Hello cat cafe Isla de cardia gel bozic in Festo Copa del nissa t. Now, in certain things we have been told

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to take, make haste. I just have to understand this very carefully. And that Allah wants us to hasten towards good deeds. But even in that Allah wants us to be doing it in a calm and dignified manner faster because Allah tala tells us in the Holy Quran, that go and hasten towards good deeds.

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Allah Allah speaks about as Mousavi salat wa salam wa jal to La kharab

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Allah tala tomaselli salat wa salam, come and meet me in this mount mountain. Mousavi salat wa salam went in front of his home before his people and he said what a deal to La karabi over la I've hasten to please you to do do things towards goodness to show enthusiasm towards good deeds is very, very good. And for example, what a beautiful example in history who Sahaba said Sahaba workstyles drinking wine. And they said when Allah tala made it haram and the color

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To the streets of Medina and said Allah has made alcohol Haram. They didn't say maybe you and I would have said the same thing. Let us take one more segment last time before is around one more so

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we let's take one more step. Then they didn't do that. He said that day, the alcohol immediately they broke the glasses alcohol flowed freely on the streets of Medina like water.

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Immediately they did it. So this is a but even in that we have to be calm and collected. Let me give you an example. You know, novia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam one saw one Sahabi came to know about Sahaba young Sahaba running to the masjid to get the Salat. He was running now we saw some came to know about it and we saw something about oh crap. May Allah reward your enthusiasm but don't do this in a hadith in Bukhari. nebia cream sauce from said yes, hastened come five minutes before namaz but when you are coming and namaz is on then don't run then come in a common dignified manner.

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get darker.

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Navy Navy saw some said come to the masjid in a calm manner, whatever salad and whatever record you get, do it. Whatever you have must tweet afterwards. Don't run in the masjid tweet in a calm and dignified manner. This is the way we are supposed to do it. So why we are told faster people higher up even in there you do it in a common dignified manner. To give you an example, Osama bin Zayed radi Allahu terrano. On one hand, we would say if you look at this incident, it would seem that this is something so great.

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Osama bin Zayed is in her in a battle and chasing an enemy who was in the battle against the Muslims. Osama bin Zayed he he comes around him and he surrounds him. And at that time, the person said La ilaha IL Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah.

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So when he said Laila Elijah Muhammad Rasul Allah, obviously it looks he's fighting against you. You surround him and then he says the kalama What would you make up? What would you say? He's doing it to save his life? Osama bin Zayed Ravi allow Toronto killed him. And then when Libya Kareem saw slim said and came to know novia Kareem said Osama Did you kill him after he said kalama Osama Did you kill him after he said the Kalima and with Somerset Yasuda? No, he did it to save his life. And then we saw some said hola Shaka culpa, did you open up his heart to see what what intention he saying it was insane said maybe so Salaam rebuke me so much? If I would have I would have wanted that the

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Earth would have opened and swallowed me. Now look at that, you would have said that maybe he was enthusiastic. No, that was not doing it according to the calm and dignified manner that Islam tells us to do it. So first people say that is good. But even in there we are supposed to have do it in a common dignified in a correct manner. And of course, in the other aspect that we have to keep in mind is that Islam teaches us in things other than the command of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. We should do things not in haste. Do it in a calm and dignified manner, in a measured way, thinking about the consequences. Now, I'm not saying that you must do things in such a cool and calm manner,

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that you become inactive and lazy. Someone goes the flight is 11 o'clock he gets late. Why you came late morning I said I mustn't be rushed. Now what you must do is go go earlier. Don't rush in such a way that you go in cause rush and you're going must fly go in time. That is what Islam has taught us. So in this particular way, it may be Demian when he bought Nicorette he will still Orca heliborne j

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or gel bazi or lapper ye k Bartok Sonata. They have many, many great harms with regard to it. But we are saying, Don't become so so cool and calm, that you become inactive. Like someone told a woman that get ready. You know, she said, I'll be ready in five minutes. Don't remind me after every half an hour.

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I'll be ready in five minutes. Don't remind me after every half an hour. So reprehensible haste is that which occurs in other than the obedience of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala via cream sauce limited modula two minute shaytan. To do things his haste is part of shaytan and to do things in a calm, dignified manner is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now let me give you some examples with regard to the harm. When we live a life of haste and rush. We put stress upon our body and on our psyche, which has repercussions upon our health. rush in haste. Activate the stressful state through things well in advance. Don't rush and hate haste because it activates the stressful the stressful

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When we do things with harmony, and with calmness, we increase the peace and tranquility in our lives. And that is a reason why today it's a quite a parody. That paradoxical thing. We have more gets to save time. But we don't have time. hooman today God magimix and they got this and we got that. We got phones. We know we have diaries. We know more, right things. We got all of that. But we don't have time. Mona Tammy Rahmatullah Lee lived in a time where we didn't have all those things, you know, 1200 books in his life, from entire Sears encyclopedia works and to small resellers and small booklets, how did he do it? In a time when we didn't have all these technological

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advancements. And perhaps one of the reasons is, we don't feel things with forethought and planning. We were not made to rush. Allah didn't want us to rush. Because rush and doing things in haste. It creates stress in the body. And it is against doing things with peace and tranquility, which Islam recommends. Now, some of the many some, you know, harmful, many manifestations of rush.

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Now, just to give you some example,

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I'm Jay Burnham gel gel basik is in the giggles out there to apne zanni Bosco berhadiah to head Cham Aram ora sukoon secom kurta head to happenings in the game make it mean an berada dead gel pasa K is alkene extra nuke Sander tariqah. Just to give you some examples, one is

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in case we choose the world over the other, because this is the natural thing, we would like to see things in cash. And we would like to see things that are immediate, rather than doing things which are beneficial for a later life which you can see in front of us killable to a boon Alhaji Allah would

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you like to do and you'd like to do something with regard to this world and to do things which are beneficial to the world, even if it is harmful to the earth, but you like to do that. And you forget that

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Allah Allah in the Holy Quran says, who went to Pharaoh, to Pharaoh,

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for Salah eronel higher to dunya Oh people who live this material world, but the alkanet is better for you. And the threat is more permanent. This is one example of haste, which is harmful, and what is haze which is harmful. The haze that we do that we give preference to this world over the earth. And over the year after when the year after is more enduring. And the more year after is more permanent. Another example of haste, which is something which has become one of the veins of our society, and that is haste in spreading rumors. Before we know about something before we can verify something before we can actually see if something is right or wrong. Before we are sure with regard

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to something We are broadcasting it.

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And laterra says in jacquin Farsi can be never in before anyone comes to you with any news first verified before you send it out. Please see to it that you are sure with regard to it before you push or you put something that is post or forwarded for seeing that it is true or not. Last week, a colleague of mine who I did completed my art impose with monana Salim Karim, who is from latest. The rumor went around his past passed away. Some of our colleagues passed by you know for him, he said a Salam alikoum he said he said he thought he was speaking from the cover.

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Just send a news that is passed on without verification. And we like to speak about rumors especially when it's a saucy rumor. Allah has made mention of it in the Holy Quran about what if when people circulated rumors about as I shared with you a long time and what Allah tala says is tele Kona will be al cinetic.

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What the cool Luna tamales and

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you will bring it up on your tongue. You were speaking about it

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and you didn't have knowledge about it. What the Wi Fi Kumar, listen. What does Sabu Sabu hyena and you regarded it as light or who are in the law he has him but in the eyes of Allah It was not right. It was a tremendous burden that you brought upon yourself. But we took delight in taking and haste in repeating rumors which has become one of the beans with regard to our society of wired, dell'Anima gel. gel Bazin, here Nita has a persepsi brahma kpcb bad

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neighbor her on pelada 10 is key Quran or Hadith, Mahatma zamata. Allah has condemned this

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particular aspect. Another aspect with regard to period haze is to be hasty in making a decision.

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Firstly a carnamah gel bazi xinda que xender xinda Gyaku berker DITA as a, you know, the ultra vehicle himself, some sent him to Yemen as a judge. So he said the others hula, you sending me I'm so young.

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He was so young, early 20s he had a son, who was sending me as a judge to a place like Yemen, what am I going to do? How am I going to give judgment? So, let me tell himself some gave me many advices one advice, he said, Ali, never charge an issue until you have understood both parties.

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Never judge an issue until you have judged and you have listened to both parties and the explanation. And when when you have understood both parties, then only you give a judgement. And you know, the ultimate said after this advice of No.

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I never, ever did something and never made a judgment that I had any doubt with regard to its correctness. Because I understood both parties. I understood both but after listening to both parties, and I made a judgment there how many times you make a judgement, without understanding one person told us something, we made a judgment. This is again, Sharia. So this is also another aspect with regard to making, you know, haste in our in our hastiness. And perhaps one of the greatest harms with regard to hastiness is in our domestic issues. Allah, we are so hasty, we say things, we make decisions, then afterwards we regret with regard to it. Most of the disputes in our domestic

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lives, between husband and wife, between siblings, between extended families, is mostly the result of the tongue and results of his

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and then afterwards, after doing something on his giving up the lack in his then you come to the molana and said, I didn't mean it. I gave it in anger. I gave it without thinking about it. Why did you do something in anger when Allah tala told us and Nagisa Salaam told us and wanted a two minute shaytan that to do things in haste is part of shaytan it was shaytan that made you make it haste to give that terror. It was shaytan that made you become hasty in making a decision with regard to something about a family matter, which cause such great amount of harm in the family and in your marital life. So it is something that we have to keep in mind. Oliver the ultimate fermata can be a

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cream sauce love in a bad mood.

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Or don't take him jab would dope. Monica cadeaux can Huni Chara Chara, joy. Carnevale, Tamara Sandy Hi, the fessler notturna Jeff tuck 4020 partners who know

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and this he said because they always made the right decision handout Oh, or as as the word is in the image regret gel bozic Anna t Jaya. And then another aspect maybe I will just conclude with two other aspects. One is Nivea cream sauce in one day. So a person making dua and in the duar he was What did he say? He Allah give me so much wealth, your love Give me so much wealth. Yola make me a millennia. Allah make me a billionaire himself. Some said he has become hasty in his door. Let me sell some said do is before you put forward your needs, you praise Allah and you make the rules then you make dua.

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So let me sell some said he has been hasty in making do that before praising Allah before setting the road upon episode. He started asking well natella with regard to his niche,

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Hunan, dwama janicki Kiba hair Allah tala

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Abner hasta la casa omnipage resene Ian. And when I did maybe a cream sauce and said Allah will accept your da.

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As long as you are not hasty. Allah will accept your dua as long as you are not hasty. So this is what Islam teaches us. And would you like to manage shaytan? Well in a two minute ramen, hastiness is from shaytan doing things in a calm, dignified manner with planning from Almighty Allah. To give you an example last last, last incident, the tribe of bunny abductees came to know via Karim Salah what he was selling,

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and they love NaVi sauce and they brought him on now the coming to meet nebia cream sauce, when we're going to meet a great alum how we like to rush to meet him. So in this particular manner, everyone rushed to meet nebia krimson lolium salaam

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as Hajj as has been twice the leader. What he did was, he died everyone's Kamal.

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He put everyone's possession rightfully. He went to when take a bath, and he presented envoy his best clothes and then he came in the presence of Nivea cream sauce.

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The brothers let you and I how we think we would say that first people they love them so much. They left a possession and they rush to God meet me so slow, how great and how great was the love? When we saw some saw, as has been pace coming that we saw Selim said, Allah loves your way asajj Allah loves your hilum and your inner heart. Allah loves that we have done things in such a cool come in a beautiful manner. We would have thought that other one is more praiseworthy. Nobody saw somebody guarded this more praiseworthy because he did it in a calm, dignified manner, not with his theology was a topic

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