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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam wa rahmatullah wa Viva allama la vida.

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de la kita Baba kitabi wa Sharia Tabata Shariati. Amato favela, Himalaya shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Allah Masha Allah Casa de la cabeza de

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la casa de currach Sara Kala hula z.

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My dear respected elders and brothers

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in the ayat which I recited a very famous and well known suit of the Holy Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala has spoken about the raising of the name of our beloved Livia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah tala has spoken about the aspect of opening up the chest of our beloved labia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to receive wisdom from Almighty Allah azza wa jal and you and I am aware that to take the name of our beloved Navy aquariums and allow them and to speak about any aspect of the life of our beloved Libya creme de la haleiwa silom. At any time of the year,

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at any juncture, in any aspect of his life is full of blessings. It is full of reward, whether it be done in Muharram suffer review, till the end, to take the name of our beloved Nivea cream sauce on any day, any month is full of virtue. It is not as if you take it in one month it is more virtuous than any other month. This is the greatness of our beloved nebia cream sauce. That to take his name and to speak about his own serve, and to speak about his character is rewarding at all times of the year.

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is the month in which maybe a Kareem Savalas alum was born, and he passed away. So sometimes people use that as a means of discussing and speaking about the life but that doesn't mean that it is confined to this month. That doesn't mean that it is any way attached only to this month. In fact, the name of our beloved Nivea cream sauce from the south of La Silla should be with us. 24 seven we use us work 24 seven in reality use it in such a way that our clock of Navy sauce from the character of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam trying to emulate maybe a cream sauce alum should be with us 24 seven Nivea cream sauce from co south or

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or Sumit keep me karna hamari choppies gunpei k dinky Mashallah Chai. Bashir can me a cream sauce from somnio on the via cream sauce from Kitchener keep a record via Kareem sosman qaisar Kumar me or Nevis Aslam, Kiyosaki, Mr. Ma, or Nivea Creme De La Hoya. He was Salam ala Cooper

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Who are we to talk about the greatness of our beloved Nivea cream sauce from we have absolutely no method. We don't have the tongue. You don't have the ears to listen about maybe a creme de la partie was that is a reality and I want to put it so beautifully said it. Arizona I mean hotter more serene. Put soco in a heat sakuni or a solar I mean seal all the profits, there is no one like you. There is no one like you. Here clean it up. Now the silica younkin to Tsavo Hina he, he, this is our firm conviction with our heart that there is no one like you there is no one and you are unequal. Amongst the creation of Allah Allah is the Greatest Allah amongst his creation. There is no one that

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is equal to you amongst the creation of Almighty Allah, Allah will remain Allah and then the stay put with Marissa saponaria to J Joomla. Also, co huzzah Jaya to J. Allah has made you so every aspect of greatness now has placed in you a nice me to such that every aspect of great greatness Allah is pleased in you to stay put up near saponaria today Joomla Osaka huzzah Jaya to be here as well.

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Yeah, but guess he took soco Hina he

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the one who is beautiful from the inception of time till the end of time. Here as you can see in

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the one who is beautiful, from the inception of time till the end of time to coin a coin a there is no one like you

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These no one he did for him. He left Korea a deal for him but no he,

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he, he, he

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doesn't have the courage. Our words do not have the method or do not have the capacity to be able to describe the greatness of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. Whenever we speak about maybe salsa, we start off on that particular prefix. We start off from that particular way that we do not have the capacity to speak. You do not have the capacity to listen about the true praises of our beloved Nivea cream sauce them we do it not to praise the enemy of Allah we do it to bring blessing into our own life. We do it Kamara Mr. Raja Raja nebia cream sauce Dr. Curry Ganesha cream sauce lamb Kiana one

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hamara nama Rama Rajan was at the bus yakata and this is the greatest of all beloved maybe a cream sauce them what can we speak about that human being

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takes an oath in the Holy Quran from all damiana salatu salam

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ala whom he

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took an oath.

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If in your lifetime, the number of outcomes that he will attend soon, you will forsake your number one and you will bring him on upon.

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If in your lifetime Navy Army Navy air cream sauce along comes you will forsake you and you will forsake you on the board and you bring upon a man upon our beloved Navy aquariums and allow them What do we say about that Navy that needs not only Navy of ours?

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What do we say about that Navy, about our Asana is not complete without his name been taken. Our Sarah does not take a complete without us reading the root Ibrahim Our janazah is not complete, until we do not read the root Abraham, what can we see? What can we say about the human being without whom Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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we have raised his name and and because of him, his entire tribe, his entire lineage, his entire people, they become blessing

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because of Libya cream sauce

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or cream sauce alum become becomes blessing. Hashem was the great grandfather of our beloved Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Abdul muttalib bin Hashem. Now Hashem was a great grandfather of our beloved Navy saw some historians narrate that Hashem because of Libya, Karim salatu salam was so handsome, that his face used to radiate nude, that the Jews of Medina and the Jews used to say that upon your face is nude and aboard, upon your face is a more of nebbia Kareem salado Islam the the more of the last prophet, the Jews used to send they to get the daughters married to Hashem. He said that on your face it seemed that the last prophet is going to be born from your lineage. The Roman

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Empire wrote a letter to Hashem that get married to our daughter, because upon your face we can see that there is the last the lineage and from your from your lineage will be born the last resort of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Abdullah was the father of

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what am I have written that there was a woman by the name of patella in MCI mocha Rama and patella was the one that she had some sort of, you know, messages that you used to get from the Janata etc. And when she used to see a doula when the first time she saw a doula, she saw a doula and she could see the neuron

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on his forehead. And she paid a biller from when the young age that I want to get married to you, I want to get married to you. And then the via Kareem saw some good many, Amina Ravana. And then after that, when, after a while, one day, Abdullah was going to pass by and had no option but to pass by her Street. dreading that every time I come pass the street. This woman is asking me to get married to me, he went to the strip gridding but this time when he went there to Taylor saw Tila, he she just walked away. She just walked away. And Abdullah said, What is the reason why you're walking away? Every time he came in? asked me, she said, You had a note on your face.

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More has been transferred, conception has taken place. Therefore I no more have any inclination. My inclination was because of the fact that perhaps I would become the mother of the last prophet of Almighty Allah. This was our beloved mini sauce. No problem is we can talk about these aspects and no is no doubt. We can talk for many, many hours about the greatness the various aspects of our beloved Navy sauce alum who will benefit from

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We will benefit more if we emulate nebia creme de la la wasallam sooner it should not be that we only talk about the greatness TK robot concertina via cream sauce from kill.

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SHAN kibarim a lickin. Kusama Kalani, Kalani

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banker. I sell cheese to you Hey, can I be a cream sauce?

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The greatest thing is to accept and to follow the middle of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala in his pseudonym and the way he lived his life, Lacan, Allah comfy Rasulullah he was very linear, a pseudo format Yama, you have the most perfect example. And not only annonces Libya, Karim serravalle wa sallam showed it in practice brothers, maybe a cream sauce. He's the best person to follow, because he his words in his practice with a theme of leaders.

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Today, you have followers were leaders, this is something else the practice is something else. How is it possible? How can they inspire confidence? People want to see with their eyes. People want to see with their eyes, they want to see applied Islam. The problem today is we talk about Islam in Islam.

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We talk about Islam Islam is not in our in our life, therefore people do not get inspired. Why is it that people saw the Sahaba accepted Islam they saw maybe a cream sauce from space, they accepted Islam, they stay with us for sin two decades, they can be accepted Islam, because we got Islam on our tongue not in our practice. Look at maybe a criminal law whatever. Whenever you saw some preach the importance of being kind to your neighbors himself was kind to what his neighbors whenever you

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spoke about kindness to women, in an age when people used to bury their daughters alive, then the baby of Allah when Fatima used to walk into his room,

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he was to step up in respect for his daughter

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in a daughter's life, he used to interact with his wife, it was unheard of at that time, to interact with your wives, speak with your wives, be kind towards your wives, be legendary with your wives be sometimes light hearted moments with your wife. That was unheard of. So when Miss Aslam told people

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he was the first among the people to do so. He when he spoke about the truth, and he said the truth is a virtue. Not only did he speak about it, he was known as sir amin, but even his own enemies. We speak about the truth, but we don't have truth in our businesses. Maybe occurring shortly when he spoke the truth. He was known as the person of celiac by his own enemies. And when he spoke about being kind to the weak, he didn't really speak about it. But he showed people how to be kind to the weak. He one day saw a person whose hands had become rough by manual labor. And he caught his hands and he asked, Why is your hands are rough. So he said you're a smaller I work, I work I do manual

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labor, for the sake of my risk, so that we service them took his hand and toss them kissed his hands and let me sell some stuff Alka sipo habibollah the one who strives to earn halaal risk, he is beloved to Allah, Allah right he was he

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was in kissing a person's hand. He was kissing the hands of every employee.

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He was kissing the hands of every person who strives to enter Hello, honestly, let me saw some kisses until the day of geometry. When we spoke of forgiveness, he didn't speak of forgiveness in abstract term. He spoke of forgiveness in together with it forgiveness, he forgave the one who chewed the level of his ankle. He forgave the people who used to put stones in his path. He forgave them. And in an error in a tribal in a people who used to continue the cycle of revenge, sometimes for 4050 years. The gentleman before the missile cinemas in Abu Dhabi, was fought for how many years? Why? Because their grandparents did something to me. Therefore, I'm also going to do the same

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thing. Like how sometimes in our Indian culture, it also happens. The grandfather did something to you also now, you must continue that whole culture, maybe cream sauce and forgive the people who did wrong to him. And then he stopped the vendetta in a people who can who continued to do the cycle of revenge that he saw stopped it. Brothers Wendy is always violence and is always speaking bad about one another. Someone needs to stop the violence. Someone needs to stop the cycle. Otherwise the cycle will continue. So

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You speak better about someone who speak better about you, you speak better about him. He speaks better about you, you speak better about him. When will the cycle stop? Someone needs to say, I'm not going to retaliate.

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retaliate, maybe the cycle will stop. Otherwise maybe occur himself some put a stop to the cycle of revenge by his own conduct. Now we've got this example. I mean, this is an extract. Let me give you some examples with regard to how nebia Karim Silva and Ravi Sue said we don't read the life of Navistar cillum we can take hundreds of lessons. Let me give you two examples. Maybe a cream sauce from the Battle of quad nebbia creme de la Valley wassalam cannabis sativa and the people of Mecca have now camped outside Marina. They are three times more heavily fortified and heavily armed than what the Muslims are. And maybe a cream sauce and Kwanzaa mushara and the other Sahaba What must we

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do to views amid emerge? One view of the youngest Sahaba What do they say? They said we are going to fight them outside. We must go and fight them outside. You show that we are also people of courage. Why must we fight them in our own homes. Let us go and fight them outside. We are strong. We are we are the young people who will bear the Kegels of this particular battle. The elderly Sahaba including many aquariums

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no stay inside Marina. We are familiar with the terrain of Medina. When they come into Medina. We will know how to pick them up. Both his views were correct.

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view was the length of view but maybe a cream sauce from seeing that Jessica she seemed the enthusiasm of the younger Sahaba goes with that first view. We will go and fight them outside Medina. We will go fight them outside Medina then the youngest Sahaba came after Juma so Nebojsa went into his house. Nivea cream sauce him after Juma comes played with his armor to go out in the battle. And so hon Allah what was up let's say, whenever you have a lot comes up with this armor to fight in the path of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala, the youngest Sahaba now start feeling regretful and remorseful. jasola we perhaps emphasized our view your viewers otherwise, you go

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according to your view, you go according to your view, that we saw some said no. Now that the decision is made, we will go by the decision. And we will now rely upon Almighty Allah. What does it show? What do you learn from this brothers? Firstly, a leader whether it be the leader of his own household, he is not that rigid in his decision making. He listens to the people.

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A leader doesn't just go and do whatever he wants, you are the head of the household is going to whatever you want, my way or the highway. No, no, you listen to your wife, you listen to your children, and then you make a decision for them, listen to the people. What do we learn from this? Once you make a decision, then you stand by your decision and you rely upon Almighty Allah? Who made the decision? He said, we are going to go in that particular. It also shows in critical junctures of your life, especially for the broader leadership of the oma, what do we learn from this set? When you you can vacillate you can, you can, you know, make different decisions on a daily basis? We saw

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someone made a decision, it was a critical juncture, right? When we saw a pullback and going back to the other decision would have shown weakness. No, no. Once in a critical juncture, you make your decision. Sometimes they might be wrong, they might be pros, they might be cons, you stand by your decision. And then another important point, never do we find in the history that because of that particular cause of events, Muslims suffered a setback? Never do we find in the books of history that nobody saw Islam taunted the people who gave the decision, because of you, we came to this problem. No, no, no. We made a decision. We all stand by the decision together, good or bad. We made

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that decision doesn't mean that my right in my view, and my opinion was against it. Now I must say, you see, I told you so. No, no, no. And

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they made the decision. They went out in the battle who had suffered a setback. But no one went to say Yeah, why do young people why did you leave this right, is to better decision how many things you learn from the secret of

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how many things maybe a cream sauce loves to show kindness to the people to the extent that so many so many aspects of the Slavia in order to be ultra breastfed maybe a cream stand alone. For some time. She was an ordinary slave woman. She was an ordinary slave woman. After the conquest of Makkah books of history record. Libya, Korean salatu salam asked ways to Abia

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she breastfed me for a few days where is to be? Sabah Sierra Sula and to find out Jaroslaw suebi. I passed when we are children, the children come let me saw some so generosity to the children, someone to kindness to you for a little while. The sooner was when someone does kindness to you make much about it.

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When you do kindness to someone make very little about it. Nobody saw some toted when someone is doing wrong, and you try to rectify that wrong, don't go and do it in such a way that you make matters worse than what it is.

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This also the center of the human example.

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Who came and he started urinating in the corner of Magellan. Right. So he started urinating Saba got angry yellow tsunami gonna stop him

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down What are you gonna stop him? You pronounced to him while he's urinating, you're going to stop him, you're going to chase him. He's been around around the entire machine. So that particular property which is now confined in one place, by you chasing him around.

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So in stopping into the wrong room and make the fix even more worse, don't stop something in stopping in such a way you make the metal worse than what it was before. Leaving the finish his thing he finished whatever he did was wrong. Let me saw some called him and said this is not the way people do things in the market. The market is a place of divided the market is a place of the heart. This is not how you're supposed to do. That is the way in a via creme de la jolla was slums life was there is a way that is a reason why would that type of luck 1400 years down the line

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1400 years down the line when we take

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medicine we cannot do so without emotion because he applied Islam because he showed people what is Islam is Sharia law can I use a kind of Quran is a flock was the Quran a topic of understanding the greatness more important also the greatness to follow the sweetness of our beloved Nevis Aslam to make that the ideal way of living our life.