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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The first part of the Book ofoni discusses the importance of avoiding bad behavior and staying away from evil actions. The importance of high morality and staying away from evil behavior is also emphasized. The transcript describes various aspects of Islam, including the negative consequences of evil deeds and the consequences of people's actions. The pastor reassures the audience that the experience is not a coincidence and that everyone is supposed to stay away from it. The transcript also touches on the use of "monster" and "monster" in the context of the church's culture.
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salat wa salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva Viva la vida de la vida kitabi when actually I

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am abajo favela Amina shaytani, r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Inna La Jolla, hora de la de

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Cordova vn hahnel Sasha curry one Baba is a comb La La Quinta Kuru sakalava roseum. My dear respected elders and brothers the ayah which I recited is a well known ayah with which we conclude the Juma football in the past two dramas or in the past two talks, I have been speaking about the first portion of this ayah which dealt with Allah subhanho wa Taala commanding us to do good

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about the command of Allah tala towards good. We had made mentioned earlier that this is an ayat which is comprehensive of the entire Deen many people accepted Islam when they heard this ayah and it has been part and parcel of the Juma footbaww. From the time of Omar bin Abdulaziz Rahmatullah. From the time his time he made this part of the Juma Hooda which has remained almost throughout history in various segments of the Muslim community. The first part of it deals with Allah tala command in good in La Jolla amuru bill idli said what

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Allah tala commands you justice and then Allah Allah commands your righteousness and Allah commands you to fulfill the rights of your relatives. These things we have made mention of in our previous talks. Now the next portion of the ayah deals with what is known as money here are those things that Allah Allah has prohibited when

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he will moon curry when Baba, Allah tala prohibits you Allah tala tells you to stay away from fascia immortality you immodesty Moncure all evil, but he in short words oppression and injustice. Ub copular Jorge This is also something for us to think that in the commands and in the prohibitions in itself sun or good is made mentioned

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and in Moncur all evil is mentioned all evil is comprehensive of that word. But in both commands and in prohibition, Allah has chosen to in this ayat in commands justice and doing good to relatives in prohibitions him morality in injustice and oppression. Just imagine this he Allah tala a son and Nataraja Amica chakrata mom Acharya yes here loves you if your son neshama Likud Allah tala, neto chisako ha seeker from Maya or waka Adele, or rich taraka sadhu snaresbrook or man he at me moon kermis Tamam goraya Gemma, Likud Allah tala, Neto kaha seeker for Maya, aka Jai or Akin nine seven.

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So just look at the importance of these two aspects. Now Allah Allah says, I prohibit you from the higher him morality and I prohibit you from immodesty.

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Now, brothers, what is higher, really in reality higher is the cornerstone of a man to have modesty and to have higher we can lose the translated higher via Creme De La Jolla, he was given this beautiful You know, in the Quran, you have this on one hand is the benefit of higher and the other hand is the harms of

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modesty modesty. Now look at this particular shader,

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Moroccan bill fascia shaytan commands you immodesty, shaytan will be Hydra Allah and Allah in namaha Rama PL For ye. Allah tala prohibits you from For ye shall modesty. There another makanan hire Shane

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McConnell for sure fishy lashana set higher and modesty does not enter into any armor but it

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beautifies that armor it makes it beautiful. And when bear high indecency vulgarity enters into any action, it spoils that action McConnell higher and higher middle man via cream sauce Limited is part of human and in reality when there is no there is no higher there is no higher there is no EMA and there is no stopping, there is no break, to do evil.

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But before I go on to this make one thing that is comes to mind that I needed to make mention you see, just as Allah Allah has commanded us to do good. Allah is also commanded us to stay away from Guna or you know, Jesus satsang a person can say, I'm just going to do good metropass balaka calm cartera hunga Moon Karachi razza matcha Napa Jamelia Serena Yeah, maybe you can say that. Just as it is important to do good. It is important for us to stay away from evil. You go to a doctor, the doctor say you know, this particular tablet I'm giving you but part of this template here cholesterol killer here, but you must not eat red meat. Now a person takes the tablet doesn't stay

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away from red meat she for no two he blames a doctor doctor can say kataka don't eat red meat. He Guy kokoshnik high. Now it depends on both on eating the tablet and staying away from what is not good for you in your sickness. Our Eman depends on both. It depends on doing good and staying away from evil.

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Now hold on to forever Johanna, we will not achieve some success. There was a very great politician, Muslim politician very very remarkable human being Elijah is a better week. He was a president of Bosnia was a very inclined towards Islam. He wrote very beautiful books Islam between the East and the West. And quite a few books of his written he written a declaration of Islam also, how Islam as we practice in today's time, so one of his very amazing statements was this, that he said, morality was born by prohibitions.

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morality is born by prohibition. If you want to be a moral person, then you have to stay away from things. So he says morality and then he gives an example he say eight out of the 10 commandments of the original Bible, which also makes me make mentioned in the power of the Holy Quran Allah have made mentioned that multilotto Mahara mirrabooka Mala Mala to Chico in the Quran is also is something similar, or an edit or better version of what was the 10 commandments, out of the 10 commandments. Eight commandments has to do with prohibitions, you shall not steal you shall not phony Kate You shall not lie, you shall not do this, you should not do that. So eight of the

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original 10 commandments is to do with prohibitions. So we have to keep this in mind that for more prohibitions and stay away from hoonah goes hand in hand with doing good. So coming back to another aspect of higher other higher no to a person who won't be able to stay away from from even a very interesting incident. Abdullah was

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in his time was

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the robber of the time. He was the guest of the time. So Abdullah one day, one day when sugar amuro Mini if he had if he was the amuro Mini in the Hatfield sugar judge so he caught whole of shoppers

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called whole of shoppers camel and when he caught hold of shoppers kibble he said, Oh sugar. Tell me a hadith while the shopper was

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while shop I was walking somewhere. So he was against the sociopathic. abdulah I couldn't tell you a hadith like this come in and relate to the Hadith. He said You better tell me otherwise I'll fix you up.

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So this hadith came into the mind of Bobby judge either further called Alma shit when you don't have to go and do whatever you want to do is a

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fun machine when you don't have higher enjoy Pooja Karna China poker sector. So it has such an impact upon Abdullah Abdullah left his gangsterism. He went to go and study Hadith, and Abdullah became Abdullah bin Muslim.

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One of the transmitters of Hadith whom Buhari Rama Talalay relates from on what had if either further can hire or fire machine when you don't have shame. Okay, I'd make a pass hyaena we can do anything whatever he wants, and what is the definition of hire most

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Hello, my name is Mira Rahmatullah Ali who taught us a Muslim used to say, molar Can

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you allowed Muslims see you doing something or at a place where he has prohibited you from doing or being at molar color calaca Haytham

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alarm has not seen you doing or being at a place where he has told you not to do that thing, or is to do not to be at a place. That is the most remarkable definition of hire more This is to prevent us from wall. It's an extremely desirable quality that keeps you from all wrong. And all the aspects with regard to you can take it from there. I'm not going to go into today. I want to conclude this. This is because inshallah next week we'll speak on alpha, next up alpha. So I want to conclude this, so I'm just going to tell you all aspects with regard to how you can make mention of it. Therefore Islam in Islam, in our Sharia, there is so much emphasis upon hire, a woman must cover herself

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modesty. Allah has made mentioned in the Holy Quran, about the woman in Midian. When they came in meet has it Musa alayhis salam Allah says, For

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them, she must hear it when she walks. She was walking with modesty. You could see she was walking with modesty, that the way she walked her whole, her whole attitude was full of modesty, as I shall have the ultimate says may Allah have mercy upon the humor of the answer. When Allah tala commanded if

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they went beyond what was required and they covered themselves so much that you could not even see the shape that they figure and this particular aspect of covering yourself and dressing modestly is part of this higher. I'm not saying it is the only aspect of higher order yeah

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autocannon a moto kelebihan

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mininova Zhu min Abba sorry him open Oh people who are not proper for me to tell the believers they must cause the gaze down and they must protect their modesty they must protect the chastity they must protect doing anything which is immoral. So this is the aspect of higher so this is the first aspect with regard to Anil fascia. The second aspect while Moncure Allah tala prohibits you from evil. Brothers Evil has consequences whether we like it or not. Evil has consequences. Stay away from Ghana stay away from sin, because it has many, many consequences amongst the consequences. Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mention of many jubair been affair on the time when the Persian

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Empire was defeated. So Abu Dhabi alone crying,

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why are you crying? Today Muslims Allah has granted Muslims look at Allah has granted Muslims, that particular aspect of honor that they have conquered the Persian Empire. So who said who'd you to where I'm crying because Allah had said, when you neglect the commands of Allah, Allah tala takes away your respect and honor. And I'm looking at this Persian Empire. They forgot Allah. Look at how and now you may leak.

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So this is not only one place in the Holy Quran, many places in the Holy Quran Allah has made mentioned that what is the consequences of our evil deeds? What is the consequence of our evil xrl pasado filbur we will be Marchesa, but ad nurse corruption has come upon the lead in earth, Mr. Customer in us because of the doings of humanity. masaba masaba, Femi Marcus, ad whatever we'll see what comes upon you. It is because of your armor and your evil deeds. Allah has made mentioned with regard woman on decree for in Allahumma schatten dunka. Wherever stops remembering Allah, Allah makes his worldly life straightened Allah makes his worldly life narrow. Joby Allah tala Casa Casa

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La Fille Allah tala was a risk of open Caleta himself himself. People many times are prevented from risk because of the Guna and since they have omitted These are just some examples maybe Academy sauce limit said whenever Zina and adultery becomes common amongst people, Allah tala visits it with earthly tremors, and death and frequent deaths. When Zina becomes common and prevalent amongst community, Allah subhanho wa Taala brings about such diseases that you cannot find a cure with regard to those diseases. These are some of the aspects that I can just go and make mention. Even with regard to ungratefulness. Allah tala changes peaceful conditions into conditions of fear

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because people are ungrateful to Allah

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dorabella Houma from Korea to incarnate Amina Medina Yachty rs quatermain Colima con, Allah gives an example of a city. The city is peaceful, the peaceful appear city is prosperous, businesses are flourishing. They have no fear, they have safety. Then Allah subhana wa Taala says, Yeah, forget for a moment. They made na shoukry to Allah. No sugar, no sugar away. They became Midna shoukry na shoukry Kiva say, Allah tala took away the name of Allah.

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Allah will leave us and God will have Allah tala brought poverty and la porte fear why America is not one logo kicker

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because of the doings of people, and law changes situations of prosperity into one way there is this poverty. Allah tala changes condition of safety into one with his fear because of the doings of people that were literacies in the Holy Quran. So the second thing Allah tala tells us to stay away from is mooncup even and then Allah Allah says one by and stay away from zulum I lo que por una moto tone don't cause inconvenience and oppression to people. This is the third thing Allah has made mention of prohibition in this is a cream sauce limited everybody in the Haram puzzle mercy. Oh my bondsman have made sulam

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haram upon me Allah Allah says in a similar manner I have made sudama haram between people Muslim Nikita up Islam Naka Yella terra firma. The way I don't make zula you also don't make surah in Allah Allah you please darlin when a person makes Zilla for another person. Allah gives him a rope for a certain amount of time. Allah give him though.

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until Allah tala pulls the rope, then there is no saving himself from Allah Donna's Allah. Allah tala is made mentioned that two sons I made mention of this at his last one is Katara me to break ties with your relatives in one is when you oppress people that Allah tala Haitians is up here in this world before they after. Now normally when we talk about zulum wanted so much take it whenever

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the big people in the big countries they do operation which is there and now we'll take them to task one day but for our purpose come has come here to carry by kilo kotak leaf knock on

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the bed the basic thing don't cause people inconvenience now via cream sauce limit said in a hadith that Eman has many branches below a spoon almost 77 or 70 odd branches Allah the greatest sign of Eman columella ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah

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Allah tala Danny trick, the lowest form of Eman is to take a thing that is in the in the road causing inconvenience to people take it and push it away. Yet whenever Mr. natalja that you just take something that is causing harm to Muslims and you take it and put it one side by you must get into a situation of not causing that leave to people. I mean, you look at our commands of our Sharia. How many commands only based on don't cost a cliff? Let me sauce them the caca don't eat onions and garlic when you go to the masjid PS Kaka phenom budget manager locata Khalifa just imagine even that aspect don't eat onions and garlic and go to the masjid because when you are going

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to burp or something you're going across the cliff to people Lucky's not Ramadan.

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We will know this particular aspect maybe a cream sauce limited don't make Salaam to a person when he's eating

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carbohydrate and now you're sitting he's eating you make him work. Yeah, correct. Kyle Jaco Salaam katoa this is to show your Miss giving you a spoon examples. One day a person came to knock at the door of Nivea cream sauce. And Nevis asked him said Who is it? Is it me? So anyway So Sam said who me call me take your name and so that you don't cause inconvenience to the person let me search them and let them assist in the Quran whenever you come to the person knocking at his door and ask permission and said I so and so want to enter it is me. Now you sent me the cliff so when he said mean me saw some said me me me who maybe saw some said it as if it was he was inconvenience. These

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Have the aspects that Ah, that is why Nebula Kareem saw some when he was told about to woman, one woman made a lot of Nuffield about it, but she causes inconvenience towards the neighbors. Then we saw some sexual go to Jana and one woman didn't make a lot of Nuffield Emma's but was not the cause of inconvenience to people. That said she will go to Janet and maybe I will conclude with us two aspects. In the Quran. Allah has made mention of the two sons of Adam Allah salat wa salam ala wasallam tech Muslim, to Jo Muslim Tana Rhonda yet a G but to understand the Quran musica for Maya, the imbecile la vida currituck to Ronnie ma vivocity de la Kalia pulak that if you left your hands

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to kill me, I will not lift my hands to kill you in return. Members Luca Baraka Dickens, Allah Neva if you want to kill me as my brother as my blood brother, you want to kill me, kill me, but I will not retaliate by killing you. Allah loved the statement of is so much that Allah has made mention of it as part of the Quran till the Day of Tiamat.

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So this is an aspect with regard to

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Anil fascia he will moon curry well, that do not cause oppression, injustice to people. We are lucky as a trophy of really understanding this beautiful iron which we hear every week. Let us Let the let the greatness of it sink into our hearts and maybe make a man upon the imperatives of this pirate work through the one on

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one Hadith which I will conclude by this first 10 days of a very important days the resource limited there is no days in which good deeds are more appreciated by Allah. Then the first phase the first 10 days of

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progress. Let us hasten towards doing good deeds and staying away from evil. We're through day one

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