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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of hedge, a way to get away from the church's culture. They also emphasize the importance of nature and technology in various areas, including education and technology. The conversation shifts to court proceedings and experiences with chef experiences. The speakers also address questions about Islam and its stance on Moore's Law, as well as upcoming events and a course for those interested in learning Arabic.
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So now on a Goomba hammock hola Yo, bro, everyone. Welcome Welcome back to our q&a session hosted by SLM Institute was Shall I come that way? This q&a is usually every Thursday 6pm UK time in sha Allah. For those of you who don't didn't know, we took a one week break because I was traveling handler we're back, you may have also noticed the time is a little bit different. So anyone in the UK, this is still 6pm for us.

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But other people this may be an hour earlier than you're used to. So maybe just reset your clocks. In terms of the q&a, Inshallah, our time has moved one hour back. This q&a is 30 minutes long in sha Allah. So without any further ado, I know we don't have a lot of time to do this. We will get started in sha Allah and chef I want to start with a question that I think we had. The last session is one I wanted to take

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by sister Noria and she's asking us Alikum Can you please explain the concept of obedience to the husband in the circumstances where the wife is educated and wants to share decision making and be a partner in the relationship

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you know, one thing we have to keep in mind that there is no absolute obedience to anyone in the religion except for Allah. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who must be obeyed, whenever he commands he must be obeyed, absolutely, without any condition, people are his slaves, they are made by him owned by him, after lots of data that nobody even the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he had limits he could not impose on people, everything. So you know, there are things where the companies ask the personnel to sell them. And it became very clear that you know, his commands are related about the

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life after believers i The Muslim, but to many other things like you know their family life and all those things they don't they're not they don't have to over the prophets Allah Allah Salam. So, like you know, science museum, his grandfather has an hour was a believer when you know unbeliever then become Muslim and the prophets Allah said to him husband is the you know, very rough name to kind of change it to solid the he said I don't want to change the name that is given to me by my parents see, he did not obey but the Prophet seven do not mind and then in many cases like that were the people in their daily life you know, and the Prophet seldom you know, knew that the people have

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tried to do whatever they like. Similarly, parents after the after the millennials who loves and the parents are more right but even the parents don't have right to impose everything. So, there are cases where the profits are absurd and the father has no right to force his daughter to marry whoever he wants, you know, she should be free to choose what he wants. Similarly, the wife says though, you know, husbands don't have any absolute right or the wives you know, to command them to do whatever they like you know, it all actually is the family life you know, when they raise the children and something like that. So, there should be mutual you know, understanding and if the

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differences happen yeah, there is somebody be like, like a boss because husband is the one who provides accommodation expensive. So, he has to make final decision, but it is very limited about the FIM but what to eat what to drink, who to meet who will a friend which might have to follow you know how to pray you know, all those things to help with or to meet your parent not to meet your parent in all districts in the life you know, if you don't need to husband had no right to impose on the wife or the Mitel it's only when the red might or the raising children comes or something like that.

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And then if the definitive happen and then one of them to cut if don't make a decision then you can't do the like a husband wife so the mind go to marry my daughter on Friday and husband so I'm going to marry on Sunday and they can't solve the problem we have to make one decision so in those cases husband will decide because the reason I said but only these matters urgent and Islamic which advises people to do things with understanding properly anyway but what happened nowadays is the people think you know husbands think that they can impose on the watch anything they want. So this not right there no absolute or be just for anyone to say this religion

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okay, just

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let's go

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I want to ask a few follow up questions to us, but maybe we'll come back to this inshallah and we'll take some of the questions we have here.

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We have a question about hedge and the reward by him setting we discussed this in length, the last session. Okay, but we have a question from a donor Heidi saying, Why is the phrase when I can and will chicane constantly mentioned for Ibrahim is Was there any doubt of this? Or was it for the emphasis?

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No, no, it's not like that. Because you know, every every group claimed that Ibrahim is from them. Jews say Brahim belongs to Judah, Jews and Christians believe Christians claim their draft Christians and McCann people used to believe that, you know, and claim that it belongs to them. So for us, the Makani Ibrahim hooyah, who the young runners running Abraham was not a you another Christian, you know, and he was not from Bucha keen. In Michigan, you should know that just by claim you can't make a dime from yourself. You know, Ebro Ibrahim is stands for certain principles and faith and practice if you don't have the same thing, just because you are his family doesn't mean

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that you are you belong to him, you know, the blood relation that doesn't mean much. What matters is you know, the faith the belief

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to get away is because Quran is in has come in Arabic language or dressing kurush so it has to make all the time clear that just because the Brahim was your forefather? It doesn't mean that you belong to him. You know, you do Shere Khan. He never does, too. He's not from you. That why Quran? kisi making this all the time emphasizing.

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Okay, let's get a question from Facebook.

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This question is from Yacine who asked a question in the last session I'm not if I'm not mistaken, so he's asking the follow up. So now alicorn would Allah may Allah bless you and your family in this life in the next few weeks ago, I asked a question regarding teaching priorities when it comes to children. You mentioned the first thing we should focus on is nature do you mind expanding on what aspects of nature and how you recommend doing so

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you know, what I mean is that you know, people have everything okay know, when you have plants into their nature as to how much to how much light it needs, and how much water it needs, you know, how much air it needs, do to provide that same human being had been created with a proper nature in nature is a new kind of seriously for that prevent somebody does a favor upon you, you feel obliged to thanking you no other I feel like very bad really to I come to your house, and you respect me receive me well

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give me food and water. And then I become mean to you, that everybody will know relate in that right? Naturally, I will feel from my heart in a big pressure to thank you to thanking for a favor is the nature of human nature, you can see similarly you know, is somebody

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you know,

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someone you know, hurt someone, and you feel really that you know, you need to console the other person to help the other person. But there are many metal naturally, people aren't true nature, they can do this thing. And if you want to understand your nature, look in the food that the people have developed. So many cultures have different foods. But if you ask your nature, your nature will ask you just a food which can give you energy and help the rest of

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the people I had many thing so that I'm trying to say like, you know, your children, for example, they need to play is forcing because they want to why they want to play while the reason is because in order to elicit them, you know, to build their body to become stronger

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and develop a friendship and so much because when people play with each other, they develop friendship they know when you're angry, what happened when you lose how to how to deal with that when you win, how to be happy, too in the in the sports you you come with all those things winning sometimes sometimes losing sometimes your friends they are sometimes your enemies out there sometimes you're strong, sometimes weak. So you have to go through all the conditions.

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That is Pospisil. But now people have developed those ports which are electronic where you don't meet anybody just do on yourself, do you don't experience all this anger friendship, love and all those things to people are raised in an artificial way. You know and similarly you know in the past when people used to come you host them even you go somewhere the host to you. And now these things are finishing people don't host anybody nothing to nobody learns anything that I mean really natural environment then, in the past used to see what Allah has created the mounting of the real

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Are the sky The moon and the sun, do you see how alive but now most people are interested in what people have made, they know they want to go and see those things

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everything emitted by lightning here, but these things more actually human color. So, you play the human being.

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So, if people start coming to the nature in their mind very very clean then when they read the Quran, it will be more have more impact upon them, because in Quran for that mind, so, emphasize on the nature and emphasize the reason these two simple reasons should be a reason with knows that nature otherwise you know people who follow culture they also reason to people will say that my culture is the best one you know why they say because they love it, but not rational people don't follow reason most of the time they cause rational thing, but not rational thinking. It is just desire the expect to find out the nature the very very important like eating you know, you just your

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child was asked to eat to any food and just give him but think really what is good for your child anything sweet he was in all these

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you know, fast food he was you know where the so much sorta because the testy and do give him because he was there. But that's not natural upbringing, nature, think which food is good for him. But he helped because they want to live here. So what makes him better human being is stronger and stronger in the mind. And physically. So you have to look after that in some time, you know, maybe more natural foods like cucumber, fruits and carrots and all the deli much better. Even if the people don't like them, they are much better for the people do you have to make your children to be raised on those. So that way I met you know, find out finding your niche is not difficult. You need

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to think and you'll find it and everything and last word is good. It always depends on thinking too when you think you can find otherwise easy thing to follow culture. Lucky when you get up in the morning for you know in water breakfast, you go to pizza, and you find it in some cereal or something like that. And just you take an go for the for your work because you don't have time. But that's not natural breakfast, you have to think in the morning. What is good for me what is good for my health, what can give me energy and then you go further. Don't go for anything which is just easily accessible. So people are lazy and people don't want to think don't want to understand that

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Why They're Healthy that window and thinking is wrong. All these things that nature is the best health for the people to raise your children on the right nature and yourself kill everybody should think about their own nature.

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Okay, Inshallah, we are going to take a question from

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Sister Surya. This, Jeff, this question is quite serious. And I think maybe it does require more time, but she's asking

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in regards to when a wife wants to divorce her husband, because he's been very, very physically abusive.

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What is an easier process if every Moscow counsel she goes to is always trying to impose them reconciling and I'm taking the abuse seriously

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you know, separation between husband wife, there are three different ways. The first one is the husband divorces wife.

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If that does not happen, then second that is the ortholog if the husband did not follow up or divorce, then separate option for the wife with a four out what that means that the husband

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says give me you know, my motorbike and I live separation can happen. We agree that first impression, but he must have money due to the remaining but anyway, some people are like that. And then when they agree to some elderly people or the other family, they can revolt and a whole lot can happen. That is a you don't need to go to Sharia court or something like that. If someone agrees to take some money, that can happen. But if he does not want to divorce, he does not want to bucola didn't go into a Sharia court anywhere is you know, not helpful, then the entire way in Islam is 13 is the first two The first is Talaq divorce, second is hola and the third one the first first

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convenience then involve the authority of the country and they listen to the case and then they cancel the marriage that marriage will be canceled. So in this country, you go to the British port, you go there and

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appeal there and put your case forward. The judge will look in every condition and then after that they consider marry that fast enough so the faster you spend your waiting period

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And then you are free to marry whoever you like. And he's free to do whatever like. So this is the first. So I in the first car I have been getting fatter for a long time that the people should go to the

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the court or the country where they live. Some people will say to you that animal How can a Muslim go to non Muslim court? So if the Muslims live in non Muslim country, how can they go to Muslim court anyway? And in our the Sharia courts they are they don't have any power to enforce the law, political area code decides the husband should leave you better not leave, they can't do anything but they don't any force. The only thing which can impose on the people is the authority, the power of the state. And also think and I are really shocked that all the people force women that they go to Serbia, but very men dispute do go to the they go to the country of the quarter the country. In

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all these big models are the India, the Urban's motherhood loom and other their disputes to party fighting fathers didn't go to Sharia court. They went to Indian court,

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in even in this country went all Mr. Fight. They don't do Sharia court, they go to British court. Anybody when they're fighting, you can't dispute cannot resolve. Why, by mosque, even mosques when the fight where they go in nearly every mosque in UK has got a case? Do they go to a mosque Sharia court? No, they go to British court, to the court of the country, to I don't understand why people are forcing only women to go to Sharia court. When you have dispute, the only thing can solve the problem is going to the court of the country. So if divorce does not happen, if Quran does not happen, the third option is first. And the first one can happen with the court which has the power

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to enforce it, the court cannot enforce it in our record. It is like fatigue, I love to use a Sharia Kaushalya quote inadequate because it does not it does not have power to enforce it cannot enforce anything. And that's why even Obama don't go there. They go to the court of the country to understand this fabric explained to the people so many times that women when they have disputes with their husbands, and the husbands don't divorce and don't agree for the hula, then the women should go to the court of the country, you know, and that is absolutely fine. And when I give this sativa to some people in the UK and also in America, some actually went before the women went to the court,

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the husbands made effort to reconcile because now they know seriously, they will travel to they want to reconsider their before they don't want to hold anything. But once they know the wife is serious, and she go to the court, they want to reconsider saving up India, I've seen cases when the husband realized that wife will go to the court, they want to settle the matter before go to the court. If you don't go to the court, they never go to listen to you always problem all those things. So I've been giving the advice for a long time. You know, and I think this what this does for women and Baltimore even people say no, you must go to Surya code, because code means an authority which can

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enforce the Sharia court have no authority to enforce and enforce anything.

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Okay, just talking about home chef, we will move on to a question from YouTube. This question is much more lighthearted, but it would be nice to hear chef.

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This question is please tell us something about your recent journey to Bangladesh. How was your experience

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on the line I had been to Bangladesh actually long time ago 37 years back in 1985 to Wh tema Indian taka in a place called Taunggyi. A very, very big I'm going to write about that as well because I want to make a full book on my traveling for validation. And this time

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I was invited to by University International Islamic University in Chittagong. They had their Jubilee, silver jubilee celebration, and I went to different cities and I was really impressed by the welcome the people made every we are so much reception and respect and love and people from far far You know, they came to meet me and there's so many people studying with me. So I never knew really that so many people they knew me and and also some books have been tossed into being an island when the language like my mom said they thought mother's alive and doing some other things that were so you know, so many people knew me that I never thought But anyway, this was a really and

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and also I found really Bangladeshi, you know, is much more

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advanced than many people think

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people are they're more keen to learn and study, and much more serious.

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And, you know, and is, especially the students in the universities, they really want to know to know about religion and Islam in a much more intellectually, so they're, you know, quieter. And they're very clever people, you know, when they're discussing when you've told them to talk to you, they were clever in this university where they invited me, it was theirs, Jubilee. And the most guests are, they don't know much about Bangladesh. So they thank them, and they say something good. So then when they asked me to give a talk, I reminded the people about the history of validation how it was, how it's passed, many madrasahs and Hadith and all those. So I shed light on their past that people

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have liked it very much. And then after that the speaker start referring to my speech and those points, the NEI as a whole, really, it was a good experience, I really am very impressed by the welcome and hope Inshallah, and they just did asked me to come again, and I gave few lectures on Hadith and authenticity, which was received very well, some interviews as well. And they wanted me to compare a golfer teaching and some scores. I don't know when I will be able to go because somebody's busy. Well, certainly I'll say, Bangladesh is moving in better direction, and which Muslims from all over the world, they should support them. And in Paris, the more and more people

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should follow in their footsteps.

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They really are very keen to further knowledge. So I don't think I can say much at every time I'm writing anyway, people who want to be they can read all these articles every day, whatever happened. I rotate, you know, with my old feelings and whatever I thought, so it all written.

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So, Jeff, how long were you there for?

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Yeah, the trip or the old? You know, one week I stayed two days in Dubai to divert some meetings and some talks in Dubai. Then I went to Manila. The Shabbat is five days. Okay, and then you came back yesterday? Yeah. Okay. handler for those who, who aren't aware you chef, He's chief actually has a telegram channel, which he updates usually daily chef Hi.

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Yes, yes, definitely. Sasha has has his own Facebook. Facebook page too. So if anyone wants to keep up to date with anything that Jeff is doing, especially if you can maybe read and speak or though or Arabic I really recommend or maybe if you want to practice your although Arabic okay in sha Allah let's move on to a question from for him Han who is asking, what is the reconciliation between Surah Tov one so sort of the first verse of Surah Yusuf in which a Brian says it is clear and from sort of any lines the seven first which says there are some verses which are clear and some which are ambiguous

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know, the Quran actually clear for the guidance for the perpetrator has come. So that's very interesting Quran one of the themes of Carozza cuttable Medina, it makes everything clear to that's the main thing understand everything the Quran is very, very clear, does not leave any ambiguity, whatever people need to learn it all they are for guidance, purpose. But certainly Quran talks about those matters, which are beyond human comprehension, because they belong to the next word or other attributes. So those things you only can know from the words something a little bit, the full thing cannot know that never meant to be know. So their daughter Don't have your guidance. So the Achillea

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but the problem is not in clarity, the problem is we look for an apple I write a clear book in our body sciences,

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and somebody studying in the primary school, give the book they will not understand it, and then they start using me or you wrote that is a very clear book, and I don't understand anything, but the reason he did not understand because you know, he's a very he's the level is very low, he wants to history is more and more, one day will happen when my book will make sense to him to similarly when Quran talks about this world, I bought Pete What people need to do, yeah, they understand fully what you know, and they appreciate this case, it's clarity, whatever Quran talks about the next word, you know, they have not experienced that one. So, the old language is very clear. And work Quran talks

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is very clear, but we are unable to comprehend reason is because we never experienced something like that to one when will be in the hereafter. Yeah, things will become much more clear to us on loss of authority boost, nobody can comprehend anyway, can light unlimited. So even in the Day of Judgment, people will leave will know Allah in a little bit. It at least more

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than here, but you never can comprehend Him.

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The problem or Quran said there are things water Shabbiha meaning though the verses where the words are from this word, but realities are from other words with the Shabbat in the similar to the Quran if you know for example no there will be iPad in the Deaf in paradise that I've been here. So the only share the word iPad but truth really dipole there will be so huge that somebody had traveled so many 100 years to can reach and the sweetness will be different. Nothing in the Paradise has people can know because the Quran Hadith said no aida has seen it no air can hurt her hurt no no one can imagine. So they are beyond our imagination to any language cannot help

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to when Karasik clarity it means clear when you are up to deliver when a product of war this word you have to find but when a Quran talks about the hereafter it only worse. You can't imagine unless you go there to the no contradiction between these two verses.

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Okay, we'll try and take one more question in sha Allah we have a lot of questions we haven't gotten through. Inshallah, hopefully next week, we can

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go through them. Okay, let's take a science question. What is Islam stance on Muslims unwillingly or unknowingly committing sins? Can one unconditionally say that Muslims who for instance, a cover state statements without any bad intention? Or do other sins are forgiven for those since it since I didn't know better?

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I didn't understand the question. Yes, it's a two part question. So I'll put the first part and help with the second part. What's this? What is Islam stance and Muslims unwillingly committing sins? Can one unconditionally say that Muslims who for instance, Seiko from statements,

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without bad intentions, or do other sins are forgiven for those instances, since they didn't know any better?

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It's quite a long winded question. But you have I think you you probably get the gist of the first part I even did not read the first one is the first one.

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You know, the thing, people only responsible for what they do or what they intended, you know, the Hadith of the person. I mean, when I've been in the yard, the actions are, you know, within tensions. So, if somebody does not know something, and you know, unintentionally or unwillingly say something, which could be good for you does not mean

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that nothing will happen, but it, but if this guy comes, because of his lack of effort to understand and learn the identity he can be, could be punished for not making effort to learn. And we've had the February maybe people don't know how to pray, and they do mistakes. So yeah, we've not so serious, but at least they will be responsible for not learning. So this could have could happen. But there are many cases where people actually don't know much. And look at forgive them. You know, the Hadith somebody said, in all the, I'm your Lord, and you're my slave, he was so happy, he says something like that, to Allah did not mind because, you know, he did not mean that his intention was

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something else. So when people don't mean that, I agree, we should not judge about the people. Because if they don't intend what they say, it is not so serious, could be sometimes, you know, wrong, but not so serious. And sometimes not be mistake anyway. Because they did not mean

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to, we have to be very careful about that the other people, and for ourselves, we have to make effort to learn, if you don't know, and just not knowing is not an excuse. You know, ignorance is not an excuse yourself, for especially those things which are obligatory upon us, like with the prayer faster. And if we are money, we have managed to send the car that had

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these things we should learn properly. When you were maybe if the sun was most international, you can ask next week with some examples. Maybe he has something in his mind about Africa, or something that you know, I don't know what it means. So maybe next time if you can explain more.

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Inshallah, that sounds good. I think we'll end it there in sha Allah is I've let her in check for your time. I know you've been traveling a lot. We appreciate you making the time handed in Santa Monica chef. And likewise to everyone else. Thank you for making the time asking your questions. I know we had a bit of a break last week and Sharla we do plan on continuing. I will say we might be on a break next week unless inshallah maybe someone else can host can host a q&a. So just keep an eye out for any announcements in Sharla. And again, for anyone who's not aware Shaha comm is a principal of SLM Institute so we're a part time we're an institute that there's Arabic and Islamic

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sciences you can see on the screen. And we're mainly known for our part time courses. So for those of you who have been wanting to do anatomy, of course have been wanting to kind of become comfortable in the Arabic language accessing the Quran, understanding maybe the just the fundamentals of Islamic sciences, or maybe you want to complete a full anomia course and really excel and be advancing them. Excellent allows you to do it without having to give up your job role and your your full time responsibilities. So it's a part time course, every Sunday.

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And you can find out more on our website, it's slm.ac.uk, which hopefully will be on the screen here. And we will also be launching a short course which I come very soon for those. So for those of you who can't commit to our full time courses, they've already started so it is kind of too late now until the next academic year. But check we'll be holding a course very, very soon. If I'm not mistaken. It's starting in December.

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I won't say anything yet, but I think a lot of you will enjoy inshallah it's a four day course we'll be launching it tomorrow in sha Allah. So keep your eyes peeled.

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And I think we'll leave it there in sha Allah, we will announce on our Facebook and YouTube when we'll be back. Please come with your curiosity. Can I come with your questions? And if you want to refer back to any previous questions, just go on to our Facebook or YouTube page and you can see the previous q&a As we've we've held

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and we will leave it there and shall I send it to everyone