Is Ramadan for breaking the fast or fasting? – The Essence of Ramadan

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People fasted Ramadan and they only eat a kebab samosa. gulab jamun Indians will sign all these biryani and nice food

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so is it that's what Ramadan is? Do they get any benefit that why Indian people do you know somebody from Gujarat mentioned to me gratitude I think there are more in this profession. He said in the women our house, they prepare for Ramadan, two months in advance what what they do is that they just make all the scarf samosa they fill their freezer with the Ramadan they can use it.

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See, Ramadan fasting is not to eat on what we make Ramadan to eat.

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You know if you look in Arabic language Psalm Psalm, I assume means you stop your horses from eating to reconsider him and the faster you control the eating diet. That song comes from the farther from the horse's tail ramadasa want to make you trained up stronger and tie us and all those things. We eat more telling me when you need more diversity.

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If you make your host to eat more, do they get faster

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that what we do Ramadan, some Hindus in India, they fast. And when you ask them while you're fasting, they say you know very fast and then after that when if Thor comes and you sit with people and eat and drink so tasty that they won't leave faster because the taste of your star.

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I had a friend here he's too fast, not Muslim, because if you start telling me that I'm not very thorough for fasting,

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either I'm Darfur Burkina Faso fasting for fasting. We have met in Ramadan for breaking the fast or the Muslim families only talk about food in Ramadan. how they're going to get over that they only talk to their food while going to happen whatever to make while you're going to cook. And then the women go to the kitchen after prayer until mother if they are just in the kitchen, sweating all the time. You know nothing do to get the car. This is what appointments, eating and drinking. So be careful about that really that is not waste don't waste so much time. When Ramadan comes in the cardinal is very special raw material.

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is a big thing. The month which is nice to talk about it is bigger and Allah rested the month.