Is the wife obligated to live with her in-laws – Religion vs Culture

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First thing, let's be very clear, you know, the every woman, she has a right upon the husband, the husband must provide her accommodation, accommodation independent accommodation in which she can take off her cloth. She does not, you know, they're not indoors, because they're indoors, she had to cover head and all those things to that her right, and also the expenses. Now many men, you know they have their parent or parent or maybe people who need

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someone to look after them.

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So they think actually very natural that when the wife comes, she looks after their parent, this is just a culture. This is not really, right. You just think if the wife has got all parents,

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whatever you do, I go to move to her house to look after their parent. You don't do her parents actually also apparent that human being if they're not, no one looks look after them, do you think really the men have to go and sit and live with them or make them to live with the you know, the husband and provide them the, you know, the care? No. So first thing, we have to know that the rear right reel right in there, the woman have, you know, have to have separate independent commendation and expensive your pilot are your responsibility.

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What your wife, you know, if your wife wants to do favor, she wants to make some for you, you take but you have to look after them. You have to make arrangement for that. You know, one thing while supported possible is, if the wife is happy to you call your parent to live with her. The difference is when she lives with them, then she would like to follow their rules. So their their children can come anybody can come she basically all the time like in or somebody outsider, when your parent come to her house, they different than they have to adjust themselves. So this could be possible that you know, somebody had nobody look to look after and the wife agrees, then you can bring your parent or

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anyone to her house. But you should not make her to live with them. Because that actually always creates problem. You know, because your parents are elected they will come because they think they're right. And she's not inherent to them. She'll have all these problems, she had to always put our foot put on all the clothes. The summary of the matter is that every buddy's parent are their responsibility. They have to understand really how to look after them. Don't make your parent either burden on your wife. Either wife has no right to make her parrot add burden upon you. If she wants to do a favor or you want to do favor favors allowed as long as the favor does not create any

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problem. Is it clear?

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Yes, that's very good question.

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The next question is from Mohammed and he says I have a question about