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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone. Welcome back to our weekly q&a with Chicago nadwi hosted by by me. I Salam. As I said, I'm Institut, this q&a is usually every week every Thursday 6pm UK time. So we are currently on GMT at the moment. So it might be a little bit of a time change for other people.

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But yet, Charlotte, this q&a is going to be 30 minutes long. We welcome everyone watching to share with any friends, any family, anyone who has some sort of question that they want they want answered, and then perhaps don't have access to a teacher or scholar that can answer for them. Maybe this is a place for you in sha Allah. We did have a small break last week, we did not hold a q&a. So I'm hoping in sha Allah those of you who maybe you had some questions last week, you can come in this week and bring forth your questions in Sharla and share Hakan will try his hardest to answer but just remember at the same time, inshallah we hope we will try and answer as many questions as we

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can. Sometimes there are questions that have been asked many times before and answered by shall come extensively, or he already has work online that he can refer you to. So there'll be some occasions where we might skip a question

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or maybe try and just make your question as brief as possible, as clear as possible. Inshallah, without any further ado, here, we will start with our first question.

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Okay, I'll put it on the screen. Now. This question is from Sahil. He's asking I said I want a gun. I've heard him and to even tell me I believed in the infinite regression of created things. Is this happy that correct? And what about the Hellfire coming to an end?

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Quite a big question.

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For him,

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you know, this this thing? You know, I don't know luckily, you know about it multimedia, to you to find the reference and bring it and I also tell you one thing, rarely they don't worry about the people you know, when the discuss about Theologie and Kalaam you know, people's opinion. These things actually have been explained in the Quran and the Sunnah, in the best way, to what people relate to somebody else. I don't think that's so important for us, you know, what matters to us at least what the Quran says, and what we understand from the Quran and then move on. Otherwise, you know, theological diversity, there are so many, and then the people move away from that purpose. The

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Quran was revealed that people learn how to live by it. And then the Quran became, you know, the point of discussion and argument and debate, the real thing that people love to learn how to live right, that has disappeared is a difference between us and between the Sahaba and Tallinn, they used to read the Quran they fear Allah they used to make it for how to obey Allah subhanaw taala now we learn the Quran to discuss and to debate and to reject each other and to make argument and discussion that is not the religion of Allah subhanaw taala we should be careful about these matters. Many if you find the reference, let me know.

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Okay, um, we have a question from what cause I don't know how clear this question is yet we might need to

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ask him to make it more direct but he's asking the price of stocks are increasing foreign for an investment is this riba

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agree that the price does not make something Reba. Reba will be when you know basically on the loan that you know you borrow from someone or money and then they charge you more than you know basically they take profit on on the loan that the real rubber that's haram you know and there are other types of the rubber but the real rubber is when people take profit on the loan. So just change at the price does not mean Riba.

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Okay, we all of our questions are from YouTube or about where our Facebook audience I think we are live on Facebook if I'm not mistaken.

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Okay, we have a question.

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Salam should we stay positive for the situation where people cause the harm the harmful effects such as sorrow and disrespect? Can we say Allah is with us in this situation when the other side almost linked to?

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Below this thing is this word unless a hotel has made for testing purpose, so people are always tested.

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And he wants to see that when people die, they come with a pure heart build heart. So that Allah Allah Subhan, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah be a Colombian sadeem You know, the people will be only solvated when they come to Allah with a pure heart, the

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heart of nothing, many jealousy, hatred, or something like that. So Allah has given the people this space, and they'll be tested and trials will be there, many, many different conditions will come on everybody tested, that how they pass the test, and they come with pure heart to the test also in the suburb. So there will be problem with a live split you to do suburb, to be patient and that is very difficult for many people. Because people want to enjoy the life, they want to know comfort, they want people respect them,

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all those things, but don't happen, even the fathers they are abused, and people harmed then people have their family, they call the maid at so many things, but the prophets have to be patient. So this worthy like that, to whenever somebody calls any plan for you with Muslims and non Muslims, you have to think that you know, how can I avoid any anger and, and move on in my work, unless somebody is so horrible that they don't want to do anything.

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Then if you can take some measurements, legal, you can take but the best thing always is not to take revenge, not to take, give any answer. And unless ohata Allah will actually help you. Because the people can't keep harming you or the life. One day will come when you will be you know winning. And we'll get a victory lap. Long story into his brother's had been horrible to him all the life until the throw him in the will. And then he moved from one trial to another trial until the time came when headless Hautala you know, gave him the honor and respect and he became the

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winner on his brothers came to him like a beggars. So, I sent a prophet masala Salam McCann's forced him to leave MacArthur and Kurama then the time came when he entered the conqueror. And same people asked came to him to ask Him to forgive him. So this gift coming in your life will happen, but this condition is to pass the test you know, whenever any problem happens, you have got more than one choice

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choose the one which Allah wants that what is the answer Leah will welcome a Yo como hacer la mala. We want to test you, the two among you are the best in action. And best action means that whenever you have a difficulty or problem, anything that life think that in this condition what the Prophet Muhammad would have done. So a lot of some of what he had done in the field is Sunnah, to follow his footsteps. And second, whatever you do, do for the sake of Allah to pleasing, don't look at anybody else to impress anybody that you are to impress people that I'm so patient, and so good. No, just do things because it is commodified.

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And when people harm you or hurt you, you get reward. Or think really, you get so much reward all the good deals that they do. The rewards come to you to somebody, somebody by bites you. You get the reward. They pray they fast they pay the card, they go Farhan Umrah, and you get all the rewards

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you earn if they don't have any real good deeds, then you're bad deeds are given to them. So you never do anyway. Whenever people hear me you will don't you will not lose. You become periodically to Suburgatory than that why? Carozza in ama you have a cyber Runa Agera hombre hisab the people who do slavery, the rewards are uncountable, nobody can count them. You know, there are no counting for that. You know there are the people who are going to be mere leaders. Sabra curry had the big biggest reward. So people always should think that whenever somebody hurts you, you're getting reward. So don't worry and one day and if Allah subhanaw taala you are written as cyber, the patient

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move on to our next question. From Faisal, who's asking, I wanted to know how are we to understand the word corsi mentioned in certain Baqarah

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Remo thing with the last one that Allah has used human words

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to describe the realities which are not human.

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There are no other way to evolve. That's what I want to discuss, to explain to you something that you never have seen, never have imagined. You can't even think he can't create a new language for you, even if it is a new language for you.

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Still, he has to teach you and He got to teach you in your own language.

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So the, this is the problem that people don't understand the problem is the language of God, you know, we don't understand we don't have the language of the heaven. And even if you get we will not understand. So Allah Sumatra is revealing to us though the realities in our language. But at the same time, he says, Lisa committed he che, nothing like Allah subhanaw taala.

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And all the realities in that world there are so different from even the Creator reality, like, you know, a dipole that we see here. It is so different from the people that people will look at in paradise. It's huge and big, you know, nobody can imagine. And the Hadees said that people have gotten in paradise those favors, which would never have seen they never heard about it. And even cannot imagine to similarly, you know, kursi you know, when others Jota said, it was cool to see your summer work rather, to his goosies charity encompassed the whole universe, seven heavens that he can't actually measure how big it is. Because even the distance between this earth and between

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the first heaven is huge. In all the stars that you see, they are just under first heaven underneath of that, and some of them are so far away, you cannot imagine. So it's unimaginable. Just one day thing is just you think it is a ladder in Accorsi, we can't define it, we can't understand it. And what we learn from that is that Allah subhanaw taala when he created the universe, he is a narrative

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you hero, he did not leave them abandoned. He is taken the charge charge like people the king No sir done that year. So the look of a martyr to that meaning to a loss of Matata is in charge of everything, all the things in the hammer dark under, and he deals with them directly, every single moment, all the time, you know, millions of the things he does at the same time, where people only do one thing at a time. You know, to run such a like, you know, qingsiya in this world. When they run things, they have ministers and all those things. And they don't want ministers are doing until somebody reports a lead not like that. He does everything directly. Though he has got hinges, but I

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can just do exactly what He commands to even I'm just powered by him. He does. This is so complicated. Nobody can imagine at the same moment. Billions and billions things happening. We don't know. So nobody can compare anything that looks amatola We can't compare ourselves with angels. How can we understand real love power? It is you know, immense, it is so bigger. Nobody can imagine.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take a question from Facebook.

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From smile. She's he's asking my question is about the orientalist are all Orientalist bad or anti Islamic.

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Means Orientalism means the people who used to study, study study, you know, Eastern science says that history, their culture, their religion, so they're all interest, people who study Hinduism, people who study you know, a Chinese religion, and among them actually also Islam. Today study Islam, Muslim culture, Muslim history, you know, of the past, a beggar thy neighbor, Muslims and Christians have a long history of conflict from very beginning. So certainly there is hatred in the mind of the Christian people and Western people about

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but not everybody the same. Like you can see, you know, whenever you have a two enemies, not all the followers, you know, those enemies, they are same. Some people don't actually have any reason to hate anybody or to, you know, to have enemity against each other. Similarly, among orientalist, there are those who are just kind of they just want to know the truth. But the problem is really we don't understand their way. Because our way either when we learn truth about Islam, to we make effort, if there's something in a misunderstanding, we construct a scar scholars, we don't want to have any bad thinking about Islam, to we are very careful. They are neutral. They're not careful.

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It's not that they are against Islam. So if they find something wrong, you know, it got to the mind in Islam, they will say it, you know, they will not make effort to find the truth and they'll be waiting, they will say to when they say we think they hate Islam is not necessarily if you explain to them properly, you know, it does not mean what you think. And you bring the argument that they will understand. So many of them are, you know, press colors, and they just want to understand things. And many of them have done very good service in publishing Islamic books, and Arabic sources. Some of them are certainly they have agenda and they actually have TRICARE for the purpose

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to distort Islam and they had their own hatred of against Islam.

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Some slang sources. So they are not the same Quran says about do their Christian lace was the Salah, they are not all the same. You know, some people here some people are just unfair. And I've seen in Oxford, there are people really, you know, very fear and understanding and when explained to them that mistake they are very keen to learn. And, you know, they make effort to understand your language they learn or do they learn in a Phrygian they learn Arabic language they study with the teachers, you know, so they spent the time to some of the Mara property scholars, they won't know the truth, or some of them actually become Muslim. Because you know, the reality, the truth and

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understand that there are Muslims, many of them have come through, some of them did not change their names. You know, in our time also, there are some of them, Muslims, I met few of them to their Orientalist and there are Muslims.

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So they are not all the same. You know, this, this idea that anybody who must hate Islam is not right. Some of them are like that.

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Okay, just talk loco. And, Jeff. Our next question I've seen asked a few times, I don't think we've addressed this before. But Abdul Rahman is asking about the situation in some parts of India, if I'm not mistaken. And he's saying in India, the Supreme Court ruled Muslim girls are going to school.

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Muslim girls that are going to school must not wear the hijab inside the classrooms, should this girl stop going to school or follow the order and study without wearing the hijab.

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Salam has got actually many regular videos. So they are more important than anything else, like Imam believe in Allah, we live in the day of judgment and obedience are the messenger, the prayer and you know, fasting is about how many of these things nobody can stop you.

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You know, these issues are discovered until after they become very, you know, known everywhere so quickly. But truth of the matter really is in many of those areas where Muslims have got choice, and nobody interferes with their freedom, how much they follow. So if you go to India, and find out how many Muslims do regular five nines of prayer, you will be actually sharper, less than 10% display. Nobody's talking from the prayer I tell people to expect when you pray, but nobody's praying. And certainly hijab is not more important Islam than prayer, but nobody cares, you know, there are real values, there are their hijab actually is covering all districts, they are not the rear where they

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are to protect the real value real wedding is that people should be pure, you know, they should not have relation, you know, without the marriage, you know, the men or women to have to protect that, you know, there are some rules of covering one of the hijab, so it is to, to help with that. But as what happens is

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her the scarf and these things, we consider them our you know,

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you know, honor, nation honor. So if somebody countries buying hijab, to rethink our national, in honor has been in, you know, challenged or something or threatened. So we act very sharply. If we come down, really nothing happened, and then the people enjoy that. And they want to do more and more in DNA, you know, Hindu Hindus, also Hindu women, they also cover their head and all those things. So it's not an issue, but people want to hurt Muslims, they want to bring those issues where they can make, you know, Muslims, you know, become defensive or something like that. I was in that state where this happened. I was there, you know, before Ramadan. And people asking my question, I

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said to them, that be patient do this, if you don't react, nothing will happen. So if they force you that don't wear a hijab, inside the college on Saturday school, don't worry, take your hijab, and when you come to the classroom, put in your

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bio go somewhere, and they shall finish and then you will see a sudden cut in India, there are many, many laws in India.

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A couple cards are not important, nobody cares. People break the law, you know, hardly find in India, people follow the traffic rules and these rules, there's so many laws, because they're not important. So, similarly, this thing will finish die then after that people put on a scarf or something, nobody will care. But as long as the muscles keep reacting it all of it will be alive then media people will get interested in it they will keep coming on for too long and this and that. So this is the big Thai pharmacists. They should be quiet and they should not react. But I never advise anybody to do leave their education because of this. No because that what they want really

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that Muslims remain by quarter, they don't do anything to know, you know, keep studying, keep learning this is this is temporary, it will finish inshallah. And when you studying a lot of you become more powerful, and they don't want Muslims to be powerful. So I advise people that calm down, don't react and don't and if people want to make something smaller as a big issue, you know, don't follow them just calm down, let go, it will pass, they have to find something else.

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Is that gonna hurt the show?

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Just just one maybe. Question on this point, chef. You mentioned about the hijab, maybe not being one of the core values. And it's, for example, they're not forbidding Muslims to pray. But from the other side, maybe could Could one say if we're letting these quote unquote small things slide

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how long until the big things how long until they forbid something like someone professing their Islam in a public way or praying salah or going to the masjid?

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You know, this your writerly wherever people you know are become weaker to the able to take it from them one by one, it always happened history, nothing new, really, it all the time happening. So what the way is the way that you are, we can still keep fighting, that easily you will be defeated. The way the think okay, what are my core values, let to be insistent that and do better without fighting anybody, then Allah will help you. So in Muslims, instead of fighting here, they should think of the water the main thing that are missing our society, people don't pay to now Muslims to stand up make effort in every area every quarter, teach people how to pray, you know, go there, spend time with

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them, teach them all distributed in the Quran, and activate even teach non Muslims, you know, come to the non Muslims and teach them about Islam.

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menyatakan there are many Hindus accepting Islam anywhere you can teach them, you can go to the minister people or the power explained to them your position. So this will become better, but nobody's doing these things. You know, the people actually people don't know what Islam is. I know really want some people invited in Bombay.

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And they wanted me to have a meeting with all these film stars or their family. In one of the you know, big hotel, in Bombay, I want the audience Muslim, you know, some Hindus are very mixed really, in all different stars that didn't marry each other. So they were there. And they asked question, many questions, very simple. And I answered them, I realized I just want to learn, they don't know. Similarly, I went to Iraq. And in all the learned people, many of them they said they had no idea did immunity to most listen to stuff, teaching people coming in here to them, explain to them what they do fight when you fight, then it because firming their mind that these people are not civilized

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people, the uncivilized, they can't come, come, they can't talk to the people nicely. And when Moses appeared on the TV, then again defied the hate that, you know, they come out with become very, very ugly. So this is not the way that the prophets, the prophets are salaam, they used to spend things nicely. And if people actually you know, hear them or disrespect them, they used to be come down, they used to come and patients that why they want the heart of the people to save in India in order in all human beings are the same really, human beings. You know, I've seen, most people will be impressed if you're patient, and they will learn from you to advise people that if they don't come

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to the real thing, yes, I'll tell you one thing after the other will be taken away. But if you want to save yourself, the way that you know, stick with your core values, feed them to your community, mix with non Muslims, teach them, you know, bring them nearer to Islam, explain to them everything, remove misunderstanding from their heart, keep working hard, you will see, you know, they're such a big population, Muslim, nearly 300 million Muslims in India, easily they can prove to everybody or explain the same thing the West really that we're not doing enough to explain Islam to the people. And then we keep complaining that people hate Islam, if you come come to them. Then I was once than

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attending a conference in Leicester and one of the MP,

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you know, white, a British MP from Leicester of some era, he gave a speech. And he said to the audience that you know, you almost think that we hate Islam. The truth really is when we grown up, we have been taught to, you know, the history of Islam like there, the Muslims are the one we're taking our land we used to, or Syria or Iraq, during that, you know, before Islamic or Muslim Christian countries that are Muslims are the one who took all that we have been reading all your history or the history in this way. You never came and explained to us your viewpoint. So how can we know

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That what Muslims need to bring the Quran explain to the people explain to them the history, the teaching and the different thing when you teach people they learn by when you hate people, and we react very badly, nobody loves really they hatred will grow and more and more. And that is

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happening in India because the Muslims actually doing exactly what extremists want them to do. So then Muslims become more and more isolated.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's see if we can take hopefully two more questions. And we have a question from SR 30 Ha.

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SLM chef, how to correctly understand the best use of use. So for a new house the day in which the person who said it to use it was the one who was with him in the present. Some people quoted it as he got a hidden agenda. So he was so polite to use of, clearly it's a declaration that you realize you use of wise, which is a sad day.

00:26:02--> 00:26:39

I don't understand why people think he got a hidden agenda than nothing to suggest that, you know, the people who lived with Islam in the prison, they have seen him how different is from the people, you know, write nice character prayer, you know, fasting devotion, remembering Allah subhanaw taala you know, not in avoiding all those things that are the prisoners that reward the people who got ready. That is a different matter. The truth. So dear to me is the one who's true to his actions and the words to he never does anything wrong. Never bike bikes, never hurt anybody, rather carry help out the prisoners to realize a different problem. That's why they came to him and asked him to help

00:26:39--> 00:27:02

in their dream didn't go to their own people as a religion. So I don't understand how this somebody can think it agenda. You know, take the words I dare somebody said like yesterday to find that no agenda unless there's a proof for that. And if there's a proof corroboree hint to it anyway, but I never hinted that they had something wrong in their mind. Just retake it.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take one more question. We'll try and see if there's one that would require sort of long answer.

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Okay, let's take a heads question. Nate is asking, Can you please give some, some points and how to interact with the opposite gender when required, specifically through more than mediums for example, Facebook, messenger WhatsApp, maybe Facebook, you mentioned Facebook, Twitter, or the likes.

00:27:39--> 00:28:19

Letting you live in your house, your birth sisters, you've got your mother, you've got your daughter, too, if you are a sound, heart person or sound person, you will, you know, interact with them properly. You know, you don't, you know, think bizarre with them, you approach to them as a sister as a human being, you respect them, too. Similarly, all the women they are you know, like your mothers or sisters or daughters, unless somebody's got married to you, your wife, then that relationship, very different relation, but everybody else, people lead need to learn how to respect how to be kind, and without any desire. So you know, when you if they want to learn from you, your

00:28:19--> 00:28:58

tea them, if they have questions, answered them, like my answer to your sister, to your daughter, in the same way, but not more than the don't exceed the limit. If you do that, I'll never forgive you. But, you know, if the intention is to make friends, you know, and you know, and use the words, which expresses a desire, then that very danger, then you will the question about that in the day of judgment, and that can harm you, and hurt the other person, you know, that can hurt that how so many relations are happening, because of misuse of distance. So women and men both are human being that we have to understand really, the difference agenda only has been made for the sake of the family

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that they got married, they make family, father and mother and all those things, but in everything else, they are just human beings. And that humanity must be all the time kept in mind that I'm talking to somebody the human being we have to respect the person

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and just less of Allah and one day I'm going to be question that word is good but sometimes you can have mistakes the repent to Allah He forgive done if you think there's somebody when you talk to that person, you know, you get the standard either then stop don't talk to the person there no obligation Islam, that you are there even on Facebook and social media and or fasting really that you should not waste your time on these things anyway, you know, read the books, teach and be in the real life, you know, that actually is not really space. So you know, that that response has just because yet in West time, you know, not really spaces when you meet the people, go to the masjid go

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to the classroom. You know, you go for shopping, you go for so many times

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They are immaterial people. But if this social media thing actually is not not human, not natural that way, you will see sooner or later that people will develop many diseases. Because what they do is it not not necessarily does not fit with a fitrah

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okay in sha Allah I think we will leave it there. I know we have many more questions in sha Allah, hopefully we'll be able to take some more of them next week. That is ocular phone chef for joining us and for always giving us your time. We'll see you next week in sha Allah. So now I come chef. And for everyone else, again, we had a small break last week in sha Allah, we do hope to resume, we do hope to continue. We shouldn't be on a break next week in sha Allah. So we'll see you then. Just a few quick announcements in sha Allah before we go.

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If I just put on the screen now, our website. For those who maybe aren't aware chef, Chef Akram is the principal and co founder of SLM Institute we started in 2006. We have a part time idemia Arabic, classical Arabic and Islamic scientist programs.

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The year has started already, so it's a bit too late to join those boats. We do have short courses running which have gone. So we recently if I'm not mistaken, just about one and a half to two weeks ago shift, we launched a course called an introduction to an introduction to Saudi and Bihari. This is with Jeff aka midway. It's only a four day short course we have had a few other set up Bihari courses that have been quite intensive, they've been continuing for quite a few years. This is more of an introduction. It's based on one of Chef chef's books. You can find out more information on our website on our Facebook, our Instagram, or if you just want to keep up to date in sha Allah, we

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received a few questions and we normally do every week about for example mortgages and you know working in a bank or working somewhere where they serve alcohol. These are quite common questions. And these are actually questions that Chicago has addressed quite a few times in quite extensively. So if you have a look on YouTube channel, maybe type in those keywords and see what comes up in sha Allah because you might be directed to a video that might answer your questions in sha Allah.

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Anything else that I can think of we have a shooting retreat coming up next month in sha Allah this is our second student retreat we learnt we launched our first one December 21. This is for all ASI students. So please follow us on social media to find out more in sha Allah and again, head on to our website, you can find out more about what we do. And in sha Allah we hope to see you next week in sha Allah. Same time 6pm UK time in sha Allah was 30 minutes. And without any further ado in sha Allah said I'm Alikum everyone