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You know, I've been singing sing all the time, there are matters in Islam, which are more personal, you know, personnel matters.

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If there are differences of opinion, people should follow whatever they prefer, you know, I prefer this, to put my hand on the chest, you prefer to be under the navel. somebody thinks to leave the fun, you know, still recovering together, then know how, you know different said don't don't hurt the society, not affect anybody to anybody collection of like food in the house, I like to eat meat you like to eat, which they would somebody else like to eat, it still can live together, eat on the same table come in the same place. You know, just different test does not harm anybody. In those matters, people should differ. And we should not disturb differences. We should toast the AutoSum is

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everybody's fine. But there are matters, which only can we do one way Mr. Doe the matter which are elected a committee whole community as a whole. So there you can't follow your own way. So like the beginning of the month of Ramadan, he said well shall eat all these matters. Man, you married your daughter or son to maybe your wife and your husband both different on different date, but they have to find one did because they can't do two marriages to equals to things like that which are more in order to the community, the facility there, but we have to find out how to agree on one thing, that how Muslims are successful earlier or have been Yes, what more society that exists now. None of them

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are new. Or the differences you can find the opposite of somebody prefer this way somebody prefers to be this way. But in one way they're better than us. They did not insist and opinion when it comes to the celebration defer to one opinion, which not everybody, Giovanni final Kufa, he will follow the mirror of Kufa, the governor of Kufa, not his opinion and he will pray behind him even if he does not agree with you that what should really Muslims in this country, there's so many mothers, so many schools that can differ you could be Deobandi, you can be brave, you can be hard if you couldn't market you're going to Shafi then no one would people play in a different vein to say most

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we don't mind it

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but what are really really in those matters which read to the community you want to be different that national with what should happen for each school

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if people take one representative one party from job and the school or maybe even the school divide to two debit each from one person from each group one from selfie people one from do barelvi I don't know how many groups are there maybe there are 30 groups 50 groups of 50 make one person from each one of them

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and then get together and agree on one day to start Ramadan maybe they don't agree then the follow Western voting Let's vote if there is a 50% voting for this did we all go for that even maybe a week opinion but this is united all the believers do further or maybe not such like that there's so many ways if we really what they're after that you play a card without force you to when you pray either you've got to pray 100 feet but simply what the problem is that if they weren't really beginning of Ramadan beginning of the day of eating

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all those things related to Muslims I the whole people can find a way how to agree do one way and the rest of the things you have been doing differently anyway to further this purpose I would like for all do the matters which are you know relate to Muslim community as a whole in those are matters and Muslims should make effort to unite under one unit opinions not so strong. To You know, under kind of be more than one really I have no problem. I'm in Oxford I listen to the people.

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I have my opinion. Well, if you agree on any opinion other than my opinion, I'm fine. I'm no problem. I'll provide you the same thing you should do. Then it's kind of play by never happen until now really was there was a gathering in one of the Deobandi mosque. I was invited.

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But barely barely mama yet to do one thing when mom was complaining that you know, brave is inevitable. I agree. Whatever we make effort, they will never agree. They always sister on their own way, too. I said to them, then why don't you agree with them?

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There's no how can we agree with them? You know, they are really under this under a problem. They don't agree with you your unity can happen by any of them. If you follow them is still you call me.

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I just don't understand why you want to be the only bird in this matter. Okay, even if you really want to be best people, okay, follow them. One day they will figure it out because for the sake of unity these people 375 European, let's be softer. Maybe you can ask them one a year use it. We follow you. They'll suffer the human being. But we never really if all Deobandi all selfie everybody in this country say no. We follow brailey people, the fun I don't have to have what you want to lose nothing. Nothing happened. It still is. But nobody never will do they never want even a small thing like that.

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To tell me how can how can you just

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So many ways I can ask you to note but people have no interest in reading I said in Oxford Why don't you pray together even though one day people want to have so many different expressions you want that you know what are servers server really that who is going to take the collection meaning after either the collector money to if all mosque pray together to who will take the collection each and most want to have his own prayer and many many times so then to have more collection. So this was an iron was I cannot prepare myself for now I can say okay, my collection and then devote

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something. I don't understand why you are distracted because the collection

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which is nothing, but yeah, anything can make us to be distracted.