Why do people call me a feminist but not Imam Abu Hanifah? – Women’s rights in marriage

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Recently, I'm working on my book alphacool Islami, the volume number three, which is about the family matters, the marriage and divorce, and all the rights and duties of the husband or wife.

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When I'm work was working on this book, I read, I really, there are so many details about the rights or the women in Islam in the marriage, which men are unaware, even the Automat don't know, they don't learn that. And I found that in depth earlier sources of hanifa and people like that, how they in Islam any we used to be so advanced, now you know, Muslim women all the time they feel insulted, humiliated, no respect. If you really want early Muslims have in a, in a legalized and medical year for the women, if people apply them properly, I'll tell you, all the women in the world will love to become Muslims. Now there are so many cases where Muslim women are leaving Islam because the Muslim

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family is so bad. But truthfully, the the rights that Islam has given to the women, even now they are more advanced than any Western legal system that's so so advanced, you know, the independence or the women. You know, I just was reading you know, yesterday in one of the Hanafi sources, the book written by Muhammad, the students are strewn about honey vaca tabula rasa.

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You know, he said, If a man becomes adult,

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then his parents have a no right to keep him with themselves.

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If he is a mentally sound, and he can marry the matter, then parents have no right to keep him with himself. He can live independently, that you must be knowing that there's so many boys that live independently, then I was shocked to see really say Mima, hanifa, and Muhammad they also say, similarly, if a woman adult, and a mental issues sound, then her father cannot force her to live with him. She can live on her own.

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Unless he can prove that she is mentally not find a father, then yet the court can decide. He thinks like that you never can hear something like that, you know, the women have a right to refuse the father's a proposal for the marriage.

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People will say to you, no, you must listen to your father and carto disobeyed. No, the prophet allowed that, that in the sound I had, if you don't listen to that, the rise of the women inside the house when they get married, accommodation expensive. In the Hanafi madhhab, what the discuss really easy, then the wife comes the husband had to provide her independent accommodation, not with in laws that provide her expensive maintenance, about the food Hanafi madhhab said, either the husband has to give his wife raw materials to she can cook, if she'd not happy, then he had to provide her cook the food.

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And she's not happy with that, then he had to give her money to she can buy her own food. And then about the clothes that you know, two pairs of the cloth in the winter, two pair in the summer and some when she goes outside this thing. And then more than that, if she had a settlement, then the husband had to provide accommodation and expenses for the servant.

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She has two servants, his steady mobile use of Abu hanifa as a young dentist, the husband had to provide all the facilities expensive for two servants and details like that really, which makes women more dignified. their independence, you know, in deciding that owner might have their independence in the money miter. You know, in the ownership of the property, all of those things, you know, it is so clearly there, you know, and once the people know that they will realize really that many many things that men do for the women, none of my favor. Actually the we must have right in Islam is much more than people can imagine. To anywhere. I can't teach you all those things

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And whenever I give talks about the you know, marriage, and many, many women came to me and the Select really but no olives ever said these things. They never tell me. They all you know, we never knew this thing. So that's why I decided to make this course. And we'll teach you with all four of us. Come here. Learn in our rights are the women inside the family in the light of the Quran, in the light of the sooner in the light of the practices or the companions and in the light. So the teachings of the early Jew disturb Hanif and people like not in our time. You know if Dodo peanuts, which Abu hanifa has been saying, If I say people call me feminists,

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but nobody costs money for families