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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam ala rasulillah Muhammad Ali he was Harvey Molina about well, we'll be learning in a minute. rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem falola Follow me in Kula Putin, pa two min hum, Leah taka houfy Dean William Ruto, mommy Dada really him

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so my dear brothers and sisters inshallah I'm going to teach to them

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the history of Indian scholarship

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and it is very important for all of you to learn this history for many reasons. One is you can see in this country actually anywhere in Europe and American west you can find there are so many madrasahs

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you know, Islamic schools or Islamic colleges and most of them you know, the curriculum that they teach actually the Indian curriculum, do you need to know really what people learn in the madrasahs when you send your daughters your son said to these madrasahs what the London So, this is one important that people need to understand. Similarly, another thing is that many many more things in the world the basically from Indian origin, to you need to know their background and how they think

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and similarly many movements in the Muslim world, they are really from India, like Malaysia mark, you know, Giamatti salami. So, an affiliate even those which are not from India, during flows Lucky One was a Muslim Brotherhood, they have been influenced by Maula Modi, many of these people do you need to learn, you know, the history or how the influence came. And similarly, if you are interested in different kind of Hadith, you can find it in the later centuries, in the most scholarship, actually, about these two was in India, to even people from you know, from Syria, from Iraq, from Kurdistan, from, you know, from Saudi Arabia, all these countries, the

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Central Asia, they used to travel to India, I learned them, you know, I went to 93 to Samarkand Bukhara, and I saw their people's, you know, private Library's most of books that these two have, they are originally printed in India, they said their ancestor went to India, they studied there, they brought the books from there, even in China, people used to go to India and learn there and come from there. You know, one of the great teacher of Hadith and 15, Syria was the chef Khalid, Mohammed Khalid, Al qudra, from Allah tala, and he's from Kurdistan, certainly in Syria and out there. But he went to India, he studied there, and you know, every single thing and then he became a

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big teacher in Syria, most people actually let people let them starve to death.

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And even if you have to book Bulgaria, Bulgaria and in Europe, yeah, there's some because no, this is a worker, which actually, you know, in in Oxford, the work I did I spent my my life really 20 more than 20 years, it is this this world, in the history of India scholarship, do I know exactly how much influence was there? What are they not and GSM generations of Indian people. So, you know, and then you will be really impressed that how much India has a miracle tribution in the history of Islamic scholarship,

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you know, books written by Indian people, and, you know, they're traveling not only directly and they use many of them, they left India and they settle in Makkah and Medina. So, their students basically are everywhere. So, you can email actually somebody, you know, longtime attendee of one of these colorful bows in here, he emailed me, he is looking for Indian teacher, he said, You know, my many of teachers in Virginia, they study with this man. So, how they studied this with this Indian man, and when I searched it, because that Indian man, he came to Makkah and settled there, the now people are both in here they come and history with this man. So, this equity, how they have, you

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know, inflows have been all over the world, inshallah, some of those will come. And you know, and it is actually good that you learned from me, not because I am the most legit person, but this is actually something which on which I spend my life more than 20 years studying this. And this one reason, second reason is it, actually, I have been part of that system for a long time. So, when I studied started my study in the madrasa near my village, that Marissa used to have a hospital and all that, but it was very much part of the initial system. You don't find any model that model isn't there is nothing new, it ought to I know really exactly how the teaching used to happen the past

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two, when I study the sources, I could see very clearly certainly, however, my mother was there, too. I easily could relate. Now the mothers are India, they're more advanced. But when I studied, they used to be the same pattern in like a local mall period, exactly same madrasahs in the same way of the building and same teachers, same curriculum, and all the same.

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So I can relate myself to, you know, to that education system very much so that inshallah you know, you learn directly from me. And also one of the thing is that there is actually an effort, you know, in in India to reform the madrasahs or even in this country, I feel there have been writings by orientalist by many modern Muslims, or even by Kira mother Assad to refer them others.

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When I read it, their writing and their criticism of mothers are most time I feel really, they don't understand what the whole system they don't know exactly what it is, or what the purpose is, if you don't know, you know, a system how can reform it? If you don't know really what other side to how can you reform it? So this is one of the problems marry me right? Even actually, you know, the people are the mothers are many of them, they have forgotten really what what the purpose of mothers are, because what is happening, the compare the mother assault with a modern Western system for education. So the defined really huge guy, big distance between both of them, to the war to refer

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them to they can make the mother Assad actually become in war, exactly same, either Western, in our education system that they want, without realize really what a mother's purpose is. So this is very important for you to learn out this inshallah, throughout the day, you will learn most of these things, though, I'll focus more on the later models, because one day is not enough for all these things, too. I'll give you a background of, you know, Indian history be very mobile history of Indian history of mother Assad, and then during war period, then I'll come back to the later mother Assad, which become more famous in the world. Everybody knows them to one of the mother suffering

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people like one of the patient and family and all these people. And the second one is matassa. Emile, we're actually chavela Lee was there. And then India used to have the mother Sahaba were people used to specialize in racial sciences. If you want to read history, philosophy, and Sciences at those time, you have to come to Hyderabad to they're the three major centers, Frankie Mar, in Lucknow, Hyderabad, a town near Lucknow. And then with Asana and Delhi were actually more focus was on a hadith and other Islamic sciences. They seem others are, you know, they became very important in all period, then after that when a mobile Empire finished, and you know, British took over India,

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then we have a new mother a south, that older mothers are basically finished, new mothers are scelto among the numerous are the most important while they are one of the branches.

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And then University of Aligarh well established now it's another university it we can use later our way anyway, it was established to we have two extreme basically, one is Delmon, which was to people to reserve the ancient knowledge. And then there is the illegal which was to reform everything and make it more as possible, then people establish another one as to all of my where I'm coming from, and they wanted to make something in between between the ancient method of teaching and curriculum and the new way. So something basically combined between both of them to the novocaine. And there are many mothers, I started like another trauma, like the mother, Samana, Farahi, you know, you have

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heard his name from me so many times that, you know,

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all these mothers are, and you can see you, you have, you know, here name of yoga so much, and it has gotten us in his army, but people don't are with us, because it doesn't allow you basically cause for reference.

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So you will know, the history of forgiven or inshallah, these things are what actually I am planning to teach you, their curriculum as well as how the teaching used to happen, and what are the language of the teaching. So this inshallah will come.

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And because I mentioned to you, I have been part of the mother system from very beginning, you know, so I really how teaching used to happen. And I, I know really, that it was exactly extension of the same teaching I did in the past. So I'll, I'll share with many of those information for you before starting this history. But one thing I like to you to understand exactly really, what what what was the mother's education? Because then why if I say to you, that people who want to reform others, they don't know what a mother sighs they don't know what the purpose is. So how can you afford to first make effort to understand what mothers are worth? What is the education of the mothers? So if

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you want to understand that, you know, we have to go basically, the truth is that education system in the past, it all used to be same, not only Islamic non Islam anywhere education system, actually to when it was this revolution happened in Europe, the Industrial Revolution, hyper, then education system of the world starts changing very rapidly, especially in Europe, and then everywhere else, before that education system in the whole world used to be very, very similar, that why people easily could fit anywhere. That why they used to borrow the buffer pool, Europe had been influenced so much by ceramic

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We have loving, the same very, very similar

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to what was the education system, you know, in Europe and you know, in the world in general, before Industrial Revolution, what was actually in what were the focus that you need to address because the thing when people you know you when you go to the osteopath now, you think this how has been all the time to this electron app or you know, very often in work, I've been working on feminism now to still say, to when you read the writings of European people, the way they write it, no, this freedom of women, or whatever it had been Europe, they don't realize really the many, many countries of Europe, they only allowed women to participate in the voting system, very late 1960s 50s. Or very

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late, in a women were only allowed to study in Oxford, you know, in in 20th century before that, they were not allowed to study in the University of Oxford. So what you see what you see around, it is not actually died all the time. It came very, very late, but people don't understand because people don't study. So this is a thing what what the education system in Europe and everywhere in the world, before Industrial Revolution, if you understand that, what it will help you to understand Islamic education system, but it's basically exactly same thing. The education in the past used to serve to two purposes, they used to have basically do when they used to have any Center for Learning

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teaching with a private You know, one teacher is teaching or whether you know, in a in the center of learning a school or madrasa they used to serve to pervert and both purpose basically were related and the whole idea was that people are born

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now, they are going to live in this world. So, they need to be wise simple matter to basically education system, what was the end of us to make people realize that simple material is the focus was to make people wise to they can live in this world properly.

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How to achieve this wisdom, they used to have two things that I mentioned to purpose to educational system used to attend to purpose in order to make people realize that all the time has been an optical eyes 32 I know exactly really, that the main focus was to make people wise in our time, you don't see this wisdom is not a burden to you can see somebody in a study in Oxford and a PhD in all right and many many books, but he failed to live with his wife

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they commit suicide they don't know how to live they never learned wisdom this was not their

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what used to be in the past to the end result one to make you wise to that give him a really that in all this assisted education basically was to make you white everywhere in the world, in Europe, in China in India you know even not non Islamic Hindu education anywhere you go in Islamic education. The end result basically what they wanted to attend to make people wise to wise people used to come from from the from the from the education sector centers, and they used to help the society they used to attend this wisdom through two means

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one thing is that mother assassin is okay and sentient education system it used to focus focus first thing is to teach pupils towards a more general

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more general skills, which deca which can be helpful for any you know branch offer or any walk of life when they enter further put in if people want to come medical doctor if people want to become an engineer of they want to be mathematician, if they want to know you know Islamic educate anything they wanted to they used to teach in a mother Assad and oh in the educational system of the ancient time they used to teach you one thing what more generally skills what more general is is that they will teach you the language

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they will teach your writing reading or writing you can read and you can write and when the teacher writing they will make effort to teach your writing you can express yourself well you can speak well you can know good writing you know not handwriting meaning that you know express yourself you know properly more literary thing to that one thing they emphasize on the language aspect in the grammar and all those things properly. So, you know and this thing you need for everything you know the language isn't good language for every practice in early two they used to teach the first thing on language your faces will be underlined that you know you read you write you understand you speak you

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communicate properly in writing and speaking everything that was emphasized and with the grammar or whatever, then those General sansour which also are helpful and diverse for them later period, they will teach you logic

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because logic will be helpful for many many sciences towards you know logic you know the ultimate you know how to, you know, move from one point to the other point, philosophy

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We'll teach you mathematics, the cosmetic medicine here for every single thing. So, they will teach you most many of the more general skills is a career to one part of the curriculum used to be in the past is to teach us to raise more general skills towards the learner, then after that, if they want to specialize anywhere to Denali deal with general skills will help them

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if you want to become military treasure, it will help you you have got foundation if you want to become involved. In fact, it will help you because you know the language, you know, all this to you know, argument, you know, logic, you know, philosophy, you know, mathematics, you know, inheritance law and this and that, for the first part of the of the curriculum would be one more general general skill set, which can be helpful for that in any way, they will not teach you more specialized thing for that you have to go to more specialized mother Assad out his teachers, but general education will be this more generally schools, anywhere in Europe, you know, in China, in India, in the

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Muslim, no education system, others are, the first emphasis would be to teach the students a more general writing, reading, understanding, thinking, you know, these things.

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Second thing either to teach people how to become in a good citizen, good man, other society, you know, a good person, you know, how to control your anger, how to be with how to be in the company, or the people, you know, how to look after your children, how to look at your parents, how to be with them, how to look after your wife, you know, this which are more wisdom in Islamic education systems are attending is a little different. So it could be it more after it is actually, you know, organized by a religious education. To this second part, which equals to make you more virtuous, it's basically very often will be based on religious studies. Do you read the Quran, you study the

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Quran, you study history, the prophet, you study subject, but still the only fair size more general wisdom.

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But when I was in middle school, they used to teach those books after in the Persian language, which is more wisdom that really stuff Saudi, both tough Saudi us Latin Western, which has got 40 chapters, each chapter one thing after, you know, morality, to like further pull, you know, like a suburb in patients sugar thanking, you know, so many, many things, how to talk to people in all the wisdom take the 40 chapters of different wisdoms, in each chapter, they will split nicely with poetry and everything, it will be there

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is a clear to everybody, the best two thing really the first thing is to teach you more general skills, second thing what to teach you those sciences, which can make you a good human person, you know, to develop your personality to make you a good good person that was so, both together, they make you wise, the second part was very, very important. Basically, it is education therapy to raise you as proper human being, not like anyone, they knew how to you know, how to be happy, these two things have been the parts of education system, and that how the mothers have been, when industrial revolution happened in Europe. So the first part, which is more general, discuss, the kept it there

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in my latest change. The second part, which actually was to make a more virtuous, you know, those, you know, good characters, to build yourself to make you really to train you are the person that finished now could not have taken to train his specific skills, because they need people in the industry, too. They needed people who can fit in any anywhere in economic system, that infested the basically this part of education where they want to make you more wise or equal, more virtuous, that that becomes unimportant. Nobody cares about that. They're not going to teach you how to control your anger, how to be patient, you know, how to be you know, controlling your desire at this dinner,

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they encourage you to fulfill your desire. So, those still finish to they are not focusing to make you a human being to proper human being, as a person more actually about the skills to how can you make a basically, education became more centered around money, money became the main thing that happened only after Industrial Revolution before that, it was not the case that will clarify people people used to learn, they will not very rich in the past, which mean a poor people, but they used to be more important people.

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It is only after industrial revolution in Europe, when poverty became a defect. If you're poor, it means that you are not important. In the past, if you read the history of the of the world, you can see really, poverty was not a problem. Poverty was not a defect in the people. You could feed the poor people, people respect them, even if they don't have money, because they have wisdom. They have knowledge. They have some virtues that will control their anger. They can they can control the desire there was to be recognized, acknowledged, appreciated, and, you know, money was not the main virtue actually money was not a virtue in those days. What was what

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Actually something else is clear to everybody. But now our time when you have grown up to UEFI, what is important is money. That way, consider your mother's especially Indian people, their mothers and parents always want the children to become doctor, because then they can make more money to some of those things. reason is because all his money around money, that was not the case in the past, is it clear to all of you basically, education used to be these two parts, first of all, to teach you more general skills, second word, to teach you those things which can make your character which can make the person a proper human being, develop your character properly, these two things or two, then you

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become a wise man after society, you can help your society properly. That was a career education system, similar

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to the first part where the strategic army can end with Persian language, whatever language was there, and they will teach people logic, philosophy, mathematics, and altos in another hand, they will teach those things which can make you good person. So you know, moral lessons, you know, from the stories, many, many stories books will be there, in the Koran howdy fact, all those is the proper human being to worship your Lord, to serve the community to be good, good person, that how the mother's education has been no. But until now, really, but now pyramid changing, but they don't realize really what a mother's education is, is it fair to everybody? So this education system that

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I explained to you, this is not only mother's education, that was the education system, all over the world, before this revolution that happened Europe before that are everywhere. So even actually, if you look in Oxford, and again, if you look at the history, that was a strategic, same way, Greek logic and philosophy and this and that most teachings used to be around the same subject, everything because that's what the main learning one, that white people you spend so much time in calligraphy in a good writing how to become more literary, no, not produce so many poets, poetry finishing. The reason is because it's not important. Poetry does not make money, what makes money those those signs

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are more important. In the past really, people use this for so much time how to get good writing to when they see something, the word to describe it, till even a tree if you ask

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your you know, your son or your daughter in the school, to describe a tree, it will be difficult for them. But in the middle of a system, that what you learn nicely in what tree actually is, what it does, and how you know, Devin, you read it writing the customer interested in testing anything, they will learn how to describe properly This is one of the Democratic poetry basically is this inner poetry was very, very important part of cut poetry and poetry makes you to think to understand in different way.

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So this is water, mother's education, discipline, what are you going to get here? Then, certainly, in I wrote I agree with the people who want to reform others in that way because they just want to basically make a mother so I'd like modern education system to I don't agree with it, but certainly there are there are many aspects in models that we need to have report that that should happen all the time. And that what you learn in this history, that every time they used to reform it, they used to be make it more relevant to the society, what the mother said become more relevant to the society. So that effort always had been in medicine in early in the modern time, what a mother says

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people don't have this effort to make it more relevant to the society. So that inshallah I will explain to you at the end of the day, when I teach you about motormouth the result of India, this is one thing. Second thing is what was the language that Indian people used to use? You know, in the madrasa I you know, and learned people, when they used to study or when they should teach or write what were the languages. So, in India, the use of two languages. One was Persian, Farsi because Muslim conquerors who came on to India, they the language well, Persian, Farsi to people who come from Turkey, Turkish people, Iranian or whoever can elite people, the land waiver petition. So

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that's why the language of the teaching and learning communication of Indian people went there to study it, do they have their own language, this is the language they use to study to all the curriculum all the books will be a functional language. Second of all, Arabic, Arabic was basically language of the more elite people, the especially the all Ummah, the scholars, the fukuhara, the jurist, there will be more especially in Arabic language, to when Allah ma used to write for common people, for the general public, they will write in Persian language, but they're when they're right on those subjects, which are more consonant for orama for scholars, they will write in Arabic

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One example, he has many books in Farsi, in Persian, and many books in order to you can see really the book that he wrote in Persian, they belong to more in a general public, what he wrote in Arabic, it is more for the automa for this specialized people, for experts, to the US to have these two languages. You know, until very, very late

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It will, even when I started it was the same system to I had to learn PowerShell in which I cannot be RM and in this I learned in Farsi two I spent two years more than two years just learning Persian language all those curriculum then through Persian Island Arabic language. So that was the system these two languages were the main languages in that education system.

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Now they got rid of a Farsi person no more there so I can see really you know, they got rid of that but they did not actually knew know properly what to bring in in the place of that when you you know when you reform that a problem happened before equal human knowledge in limited they exactly don't know what what will be the consequences of your reform. And this is actually very important not now because I've soon I'm going to say the people who reform in their curriculum to the problem really easy. You exactly don't know really what the problem is. And you don't know really when you make reform, what will be new problems.

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I'll give an example.

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You know, I got I have grown up in Indian village so there was no modernism no electricity now there's everything but in the past when I grew up there nothing like that it basically was like you know, whatever you read about ancient history world it might result like that in the same same thing. So in everything in the old style, mostly their mother was there but everything in to when you read any history up society in the past have a stone age that was my village

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in not exactly his resignation but I'm thinking I'm saying that you know, the people were like that. So the problems were not what you have now motor problem, we used to have the problems which were the prowess of the past people so in the past that people generally used to have two problems in their life.

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One is the hunger you know, they are hungry, they don't have enough food to eat, this is one problem. And second of all people used to have hardship in their life you know, things are not medical mean it's not easy to look into your life you have got in a fridge and this and that too. When you cook one day you can you know use it the same for for a few days, there's so much easiness in the life in real life in the past in the Indian villages and actually even now, many places that used to be very, very very hard to two things used to be basically part of the human life and human society in the past one is hunger and one is hardship.

00:27:25--> 00:27:30

In a modern time, people understand the problem of divorce they want to replace they want to change it

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you know when somebody's hungry is a problem no doubt, but what is the cure for that to eat food you can ask any child if somebody is hungry what he needs to do find a food and eat it this a problem which anybody can solve. Everybody knows what skill is when people have a hardship in their life he will say what he will say okay have some risk little change you know something like that and people get in their way used to when they are farmers they work very hard then after that they will come You know, some sports in the evening and put on nice cloth and sometimes it's gossiping. No sometimes they go further market to the market and sometimes it was you know, sometimes they go to

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the related nice cloth so you know some entertainment say so you know the the hardship the lifer will easily you know, basically replaced by something like that. So, you know, they both go together but not more than that these two things in modern time like you're like especially in Europe and America you know their changes now you have gotten you know people don't have to be hungry they might produce so much food where you never feel hungry people usually when they even that not hungry

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they didn't really I really that what will the problem when you remove the hunger from the society and people are no more hungry in what will be the problem the now they've got a problem obesity people are so fired put under so much weight. Now tell me really do the people know what cure for that is?

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Even as specialists have probably even that everybody in the past we used to have problem hunger. It's your word not even a child to any but everybody knows what the cure for the hunger is.

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And people who die because of the eating so much food they are very number more than those who used to die out of hunger it all you can see all the statistics are present very clearly. Now you got you got rid of that problem. But you don't realize really what will be the consequences of a new thing. Now people don't have hunger but what they have got. Tell me Is it easy to kill it when people put on the wait is it easy? ask anybody Is it easy to kill it new to you basically replace a problem but you do not realize what to do with a new problem. New problem is much more dangerous. Much more difficult to kill

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it when I started there are many many aspects of this too much because eating too much makes you lazy in the past period to be active. In football it could be for the people that food used to be rough because they don't have so much money. Now you've got all this food to the make you lazy they have to make you to sleep so much in all the time tired in a

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Many, many problems. Second thing, you finish hardship, not easy life. What happens is easy life, people come in, they want to have what escape from the life escapism, basically, that what they call now, the Escape is what escapism is really meaning it has nothing to do boring life, TV, internet, and this and diet and WhatsApp. And it's so many groups and a member of every single group. And every time it likes it clicks, if you think there's some important, nothing important in the

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data per se, boring or you are boring, both are bored, either, right? You read, you write the read, there's all these accusations there. What happens? You think this is the life that what they do really, in the past, people used to work hard, because they know that, and then they're tired, too, they want relativity in total? Now you are not tired? Then what do you do?

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Then what do you create a new problem. And some people who are more clever, they become tired of this life, they want to die before the death, they want to commit suicide, because this is not theory doesn't mean anything, just have worked. And then at the end of the life, nothing to do really, of no use of anything in society just doesn't fit my house. In the past, people used to be part of society. When they come they know, now you know what happening somewhere else in the world. But you don't know what happening next to your house, you don't know your neighbors, you don't know your own wife, you don't know what your children are, each one of you have got a mobile phone in it.

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And you want to talk to someone who's 2000 miles away from you, but you don't know each other. You don't know neighborhood. You know, this actually hardware problem in our time really is that people replaced it or, or the problem by new problem without making understanding the consequences. consequences are very, very bad anyway. So this, I'm trying to say that when people want want to change the education system, they don't really know really, what will be the problem. And when they see the problem, they can't go by that shall come to precise in more detail. When I have done this course, one thing also is

00:32:02--> 00:32:04

in this old system of education,

00:32:05--> 00:32:20

you know, which I explained to you, the two parts one is to give you more general skills, and secondly, your upbringing to make you in a better human being. in that system. One thing very important to make your knowledge to be internalized

00:32:21--> 00:32:58

inside you what I mean that agree, you had to memorize many, many tools. Now people could say that you know why you need to memorize so much people can in a waste of time, you just miss thinking, thinking really depends on how much you know, you've got the things you can analyze, and unless you've got information. So in the past that people used to memorize many, many of those things, which then New Delhi, you can't go all the time to drive you've come to me and asked me what is the Hadees of Oman on wudu? And he doesn't mention muscle once all three time. Then I say okay, I've moved to check in my library. No, I should know this thing. I'm expected to know this too. When you

00:32:58--> 00:33:39

asked me this question, I'm expected to know this thing you come to know and ask me that to know by using this, his poetry, this phrase, what he mean? I expected to know it and card. So I got to look at you know, collection of poetry and index to find that what then I tell you what he means. No, I'm expected to know this thing by heart. That how wise to basically a lot of memorization, like Arabic grammar, they have to memorize. Because many, many things if you don't even write understanding that help you, you need to memorize in this curriculum in there of other really in big part of the curriculum that you need to know by heart, then your thinking will be based on debt, by the people

00:33:39--> 00:34:16

in rent, how can you analyze something unless you've got data information, if information not in your mind to you, when you analyze it, it will be always incomplete in a couple of thinking, that why conceit produce many great people very early, because they've got enough thing. And now they can build upon that those were clever. You know, in every system, there are people that are clever, not so clever. But those electoral conservative people like in the scene and all those people from very young age, they're able, you know, to think so sharply you cannot imagine reasoning, because a lot of knowledge they know by heart, that why when people ask him to write know his his philosophy, he

00:34:16--> 00:34:41

didn't have a library, he just used to openly dictate all the love of his mind, he had the knowledge in mind and also what he analyzed what he developed further, he told his mind, he does not need to have book because both things are in his mind. Now if I have to write a book, in that information, not accurate in my mind, I have to check to maybe my think my analysis is, you know, in my mind, but what I best is not there to I have to refer properly. That was lucky

00:34:42--> 00:34:45

for that policy, when he wrote a major lawsuit.

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

That time he was put in the prison. He was in the prison in the world. I need to declare from there to mitigate him memorize all those of us have felt before and then he also built upon that his own filter and

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Both of them in his mind, he can dictate easily, the people used to dictate and many many prompts are these unless you ask the teachers or they'll explain to you without referring to any book in our time, this is not happening there. So, it is true that in a model system does not have, you know, memorization might not relate to that not memorizing is better than it didn't they have more advantage not necessarily agree, I still believe the people who used to memorize it, they used to have more advantage, the problem is, when in some of the results, they don't train you how to think how to analyze your how to process information, so, that a problem is it clear to everybody. So,

00:35:39--> 00:35:48

these are the filters you know, keep in mind that and another one after memorizing one thing also while importing another system or discussion,

00:35:49--> 00:36:23

to teaching basically while around discussion, the teacher will you know, take a subject discuss people ask question are good differ and although say that about them all the time discussion and argument in the mother in the in the classroom outside the classroom, to when you read that letter, you can find now when you see go to more modern madrasahs in this country, you don't find this thing happening. So, this is a problem of this mothers are better mothers are in India, they are not like that, to that I'm trying to say that when people no see the mothers are around to death in this word, how education about the Indian education in general very, very advanced really, in 18th

00:36:23--> 00:37:02

century one of European history, his own memory of you know of Indian mother. So, he visited and he said really an average Indian, you know, he provides the education to his children, which actually even lead ministers in England can afford it, he went to order the mother thought he was so amazed impressed the mother side here, so advanced, you know, the way they teach the way the discuss the way are good. And you can look in the books you can find you can read his story is in a story and I mentioned to you I have been a part of those mothers, that however, you asked question, you discuss those things and all the time to it one where you know until you can tell your teacher No, this is

00:37:02--> 00:37:53

not right. Because you know, in that book, we read this and you quote, he has to accept that. So memory, understanding, thinking discussion, they are part of the education system. So, in summary, they used to give you two things. One is to provide to you more general skills. Second thing is to train you as a person, better person and reservoir to make you a wise human being, then you can work your society properly. So that the summary of the madrasa education system in the past. Now I'm coming in to do the history of Indian medicine. As I mentioned, I'll mention also some of those important people who used to be before mobile mobile period you know, mobile basically, in India, no

00:37:54--> 00:38:22

mobile Empire came in India in 1526 have question questionnaire that what nine 930 to 932 of Islamic calendar on the 15th 26th of Christian era data morning party, but before that, there was no under Muslim rule, the first time where Muslims Muslims actually conquered part of India the first conquest of Islam have been India well in the year 93 official and that is

00:38:23--> 00:39:08

712 of Christian era, the not in 9393 basically means that 83 years after the death of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam nearly that the first time the conquest of some parts of India started you can see India from the first century of his era, you know our age since you have Christian era remained, you know under Muslim rule sometime partly sometime more than data sometimes the whole India remain under under Muslim rule until 1857 1857 at 57 is the time where British took over Delhi and they basically vanished last Mughal Emperor mahadasha suffer from their to Rangoon

00:39:09--> 00:39:21

to the Horde and they've gone to the control door is still there used to be some part of India under Indian rules under Muslims or Hindus. But they used to pay tribute to British. You have kosher

00:39:31--> 00:39:45

I'm sorry, I just wanted to clarify what year was it that Muslims first started to conquer parts of India you observed in the calendar 1993 93 our Christian era 700 to

00:39:46--> 00:40:00

712 712 that in the first time when Muslims came to India, I the Conqueror before the days to be there on the coast of India. It must have been even the time of the caliphate.

00:40:00--> 00:40:17

leeton rs used to be in India, even before Islam, on the coast of India, there are always our colonies. They know the people, traders, they trade they used to buy Indian goods. And they were the only means, you know, for for the trade, they were link really

00:40:18--> 00:40:35

for the trade between Europe and India. So, other people have been already the young people of Yemen and all those things, but as a political power and military, the first time the Muslims actually came to India, you know, either 93 of era and that is 712 African Christian era

00:40:36--> 00:40:37

is it clear to everybody

00:40:39--> 00:40:50

so that actually Muhammad even a passing a sack of Muhammad have no passing Arthur Arthur puffy. He was 17 year old young boy.

00:40:52--> 00:40:58

His uncle, hi, judging the use of a third toughie. He was governor of Iraq

00:40:59--> 00:41:26

under the Omega two high judge, even the use of assertive he was a gardener very powerful government of Iraq. He was so powerful he is the one basically who established oma yelling prior to before that it was not so strong, but he is the man so powerful. He came on really, he did very well anyway, I don't want to go in his history. So he was governor of Iraq. Iraq was basically the place where you know if any complaint happened to India will ever throw

00:41:28--> 00:42:06

a bus rightly used to because sometime India you can see where sometimes you see the so on so in India, meaning Buzzer Buzzer I used to because the part of India does some time in history if you want to be in history, sometimes bus rides refer as Indian casino data where people used to come to India through Wasilla. Anyway, when he was hygine, Sasaki was governor of Colorado. a complaint came to him from Muslims in India, that one of the Indian ruler had insulted some Muslim women or something like that, to some problem. hijab became very angry. And then he sent to his nephew, Muhammad in the past actually who was

00:42:08--> 00:42:20

engaged with his daughter, he wanted to marry his daughter to the bar before the marriage. He sent him to conquer India to Muhammad Ali is the first person who came to India in 93 of Islam.

00:42:21--> 00:42:23

And he came and he conquered sin

00:42:25--> 00:42:32

Malta part of punja Park actually what now Pakistani that most of that was conquered by Muhammad

00:42:34--> 00:42:48

you can set Pakistan basically the Muslim cotton under Muslim rule from very beginning what Pakistan what is now Pakistan that has been an under Muslim rule from the first and Jeff era. And until now, is there any way that what he did?

00:42:49--> 00:43:06

He didn't he was so good in Congress he killed he basically many of these Indian rulers and you know, he kept moving he didn't tell shall really well, to keep conquering until go to China. But it Madhya dynasty divided attention. Tension was that

00:43:08--> 00:43:13

a hijab he said he became governor during that time of up to the Maliki Marwan

00:43:14--> 00:43:15


00:43:16--> 00:43:21

and he helped him with other medical matters. So much of the medical marijuana has got for something. Waleed, the paramedic

00:43:22--> 00:43:34

slimani nondramatic Hassan Malik, he has enough money or for the king Khalifa. And in between also, Omar, he was he also qualified people from the, you know, very, very powerful people.

00:43:36--> 00:43:49

I was very popular during the time of turmeric, Marwan strongman, they were very worried califa He also respected Hijaz very much a judge. But while his younger brother saw a man, he did not like a judge,

00:43:50--> 00:44:36

as a man was also a good friend of Omar, Rajiv, because was a very pious person, he also did not like hijab too, when when he died as a man became the halifa then hijab basically hijack hijab and his people were punished and finished, then that one month passed that he was called from India and he also people say was killed many ways that history finished, though Muslim remain in India, but more than that, in a corner get reward of what he has done, you know, he was he was killed because of the tension in the dynasty. And then after that, in the Muslim, the rule then a Basset came they had rule then forest grief period is Marley's got power in in Malta, they had their own rule until

00:44:36--> 00:44:59

Muhammad was when he comes and he can curse in all these places again and in an unsafe set the whole place around from Smiley's from Dino this militia, and then he gets, he goes deep in India, he conquers all Punjab, and he has 17 campaigns in India is famous for that, too. Then his his dynasty is also over Lahore in all those places and after him what really wants to

00:45:00--> 00:45:46

To Him is another person because Mama, Mama od comes on then he's the first person who can not only concur in that part of Punjab, he will concur daily and up to Banga, the first time you have got daily Sultan, then his solicitor established, then many, many dynasties one after the other, they keep coming until Mongo Mongo said that took power, as I mentioned to you, in 1526. Two before the moon was there have been many, many dynasties in, you know, Ori, and SLS their sizes, then, you know, loot lodhi and you know, sorry, all these people, they have the ruling one after after the daily and there have been many original Muslim Muslim. They're very, very powerful people. So this

00:45:46--> 00:45:59

is just briefer political history. moguls took India in 1526. And in Islamic Canada 932 932 that one barber came on conquered India

00:46:00--> 00:46:01


00:46:02--> 00:46:19

at least six Mughal emperors. They're very, very powerful, great. Mughals, really that time really not nobody can challenge them. The first one, the barber, the one who conquered. Second one is someone who might last for a period I don't want to go deep in history. Second one. The third one, the

00:46:21--> 00:46:21

fourth one.

00:46:23--> 00:47:06

The fifth one cha cha cha Hubertus Byron all these big buildings, Sharjah, and the sixth one our observed the most pious Indian Tudor Indian ever had in his will have more pious than our own say, He is the one who made the automa to write in Fatah Griffith Hinduja to make Indian constitution around his Hanafi Hanafi mother. So, he is the most pious one, he is the one who ruled India more than anybody else, he is the one whose Empire was the biggest impact in India in the space, our exit after our exit his sunset could not keep this united then split happened and they become weaker than you know, so many players didn't wait until 1857 when the last mobile Emperor Bahasa was basically

00:47:07--> 00:47:09

vanished and you know, he was sent to

00:47:10--> 00:47:13

So, this is political history of India.

00:47:14--> 00:47:51

The whole India became under Muslim rule first time during the time of holidays, holidays are very early such as period and other holidays The one who conquer the whole India and he used to call himself Alexander second Alexander 32nd Alexander the Conqueror then after that again who said last little bit there Muhammad Allah comes from amatola again conquer the whole Indian you know, under him to this to allow the LG and moto moto or India then after that, the person who rule or India is our

00:47:52--> 00:48:04

dough nobody Pyro is very, very powerful anyway, even the P part which is not under boring part is still was very big. And basically, they used to pay tribute, but direct rule was under these three people allowed the Haji

00:48:05--> 00:48:23

matola and then our observer of Muladhara the three people they basically ruled India, indirectly, properly all over India, you know, from Afghanistan to Vanguard, then, you know, from Kashmir to the south, nothing was left really everything they did the rule.

00:48:24--> 00:48:59

So, this is the political history. So, certainly no doubt when people have such big impacts that they must have people who can help them you can see education system really was must be very strong to provide ministers, right thinkers, to pro philosophers, you know, they were the way they made the roads, if you look at the buildings, it will tell you how much actually learned people are there, you know, and in the books, education system is very, very good, even at a period over a period during a really subtle period, we mustn't arrive in Delhi, even that period people have written the history, they say that you know, in that time, if a book is written in Baghdad will not be approved,

00:49:00--> 00:49:42

unless it accepted by Indian scholars, that they have the right the book has to be sent from Belgrade to India and Indian people read and discuss, they approve it then now basically, it accepted. So many mother every state of Delhi used her mother some reason is that the period when time or lung came and destroyed me No, no before that everyone welcome to disturb and everything to Arab that basically were destroyed. And now India is fresh to many, many Arab scholars on all Ummah and they move from Arab land to India, to India became, you know, very powerful in this scholarship from very early time. So many many mothers are dead if you look really sad everywhere, but the Sufi

00:49:42--> 00:49:59

Roshi, this mother said that mothers and to Island shall teach you some of the beginnings of the scars of India in the period of sadness, give me some time period music before moving then I'll come to you about early morning. What who are the main people and what the main centers of learning then

00:50:00--> 00:50:10

Later mothers are indifferent between all those. And then after that, you know more modern medicine like Durban and things like that. inshallah, before that, if you have any questions, we can now time for the break. Is there a question?

00:50:19--> 00:50:54

had a question about the, the way that students were trained in memorization, and what kind of techniques were used to, to train students to memorize? Well, because in the system that we have in Britain, where, you know, we're constantly examined, we're constantly told that we need to, to memorize things. But the memorization tends to be very short term, you cram everything in, in a few days or a few weeks, and then you forget it the day after the exam. So I'm interested to know how, how things were memorized in a way that established them into long term memory. Very important question, because as I mentioned, I have been part of their system, too, I know exactly what is to

00:50:54--> 00:51:06

happen. So when we are asked to memorize a text, then every time actually what will happen is to the teacher will teach us, like, you know, a poem from Boston.

00:51:07--> 00:51:47

And then he asked us to memorize it. The next day, when you come in the morning, first thing is, read from your heart, if you can't do then some punishment will happen to everybody had to memorize well to fourth every day. Then after that, you know, they used to have 32 mothers and mothers that I used to start on on Saturday, Friday used to be home for Friday's off one day, one day, two a day full teaching you to happen five days, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, full teaching, Thursday used to be when the you tap test, whatever you've done, really test the different atomic competition and this and that, to all the team coverage, then they used to have a more formal test

00:51:47--> 00:52:25

every three months, to the other teachers, the teacher who should not read it to somebody else will test to you, whatever you need to memorize, you haven't memorized it properly or not somebody else and then you get mark and this and that, that have to happen. And also the thing read most of those things that you need them. So they are used as well, to keep it kind of you know, continuously used father, memorize the Quran, you have to really try to simple matter, you know, to use it, but when you learn Arabic grammar and all this poetry, they are very much using teacher will ask you you know that in what shape Saudi said in this, you know, in this chapter, that you have to know, everybody

00:52:25--> 00:53:01

is familiar, there is no doubt I live in Berkeley I you know, there are many, many texts, we will learn by heart to that until later on, because it makes particle hybrid and then you keep referring to it kind of coating. And also that it was easy, really, you don't have much concern the life nothing else. And now people have so much concern. You know, if you have got, you know, you've got in your house, you've got TV, internet, mobile phones, then forget that you should live in memorability because they don't find any sense. Everything that you ask them, they can't. They're not they don't feel any need to memorize. For us really, it was important. If you don't have

00:53:01--> 00:53:38

memorize How can you know, the one lever to learn to memorize that no other way to memory was very, very important those days and also even occlude the book textbooks, they were not available so many models are too You have to copy them. Basically, every day one thing also used to do some of the books that we did not have enough capital to wish to borrow from the library and go home and copy them the debit that we read. So that's important and then if you copy them and read them all these have to help for the same system. So that how the knowledge become you know, more deeper and I really realized that when I came to know the trauma

00:53:39--> 00:54:12

so the mother said that I study in the beginning all these things that they were more traditional mothers, you know what now kapooka doesn't isn't me so when I came to the trauma to I was good reason is it because that's all Am I the one which has so much reform and one reform of our daughter memorize. memorization actually not very good. People don't need to memorize they just need to understand, too I know really that in Arabic grammar I was the best and people teacher said to me that anyone who says In other words for the beginning, they never can learn Arabic grammar properly. Those who can from outside they are the one who knew our grammar. Because we knew it by heart will

00:54:12--> 00:54:25

not by heart, other people just you know pass the test, maybe understand the target. You know something you understand you keep in mind but immunity you need for example, if you ask people in other trauma, how many are forfeiture? Nobody will know.

00:54:27--> 00:54:41

But I know reason is I know personally I know by heart. If you know a reporter you know by heart they don't know because they have learned in the book but don't memorize this actually what happened is the more education system manages you need to know

00:54:42--> 00:55:00

to find out if I if you refer a colleague what shoulder they live in said in this book to miracle even don't know and we have to memorize some of those things. It is easy for us to recall that that information that that was very important. And it is not reality. It is something super natural thing is it everywhere. Does that mean that problem is

00:55:00--> 00:55:27

If you don't understand how much in what human mind at least the capacity of human mind, amazing, it is a miracle really, for other people. If people we don't use our mind, if you use it properly, it really can do amazing things to help you study, you know, hear that somebody new 200,000 hearts by heart. It looks a very strange, but no, the mind can do more than that. How am I used to be people. I remember one of the teacher,

00:55:28--> 00:56:11

he was a farmer in Ireland, he asked him about any mind in the Hades narrator he will know by virtue by heart. Even as a teacher, he knew all this distance by heart. You might many teachers if you ask any poetry, poetry, but they will tell by heart. So many of these particular two I'll certainly emphasize really something should have been life on an apple, you know, all the Arabic grammar, lacking all that sort of like, follow, follow follow too fast in getting run over grammar that it was actually it was important. You can't learn anything more anything unless you know for how to follow actually, or 14 words. In these 14 words, you have to memorize so much that one single breath

00:56:11--> 00:56:51

you can read three times. If you read the unrest, there's a three time due to again, a punishment of up there some punishment will be there to three time in particular I used to do five times but anyway to peep now I cannot do that. Now if you start if you have done something memorize so well configured. Now I can't forget farfalla then people used up I just gives up or you know, you can't accept that I'm from that old system to life on Apple when he used to learn in all that you know, a Ba ba ba ba ba You know, there used to be sub sub and the sub sub sub communities when you learn a muddy muddy Malou muda muda muda muda muda Masood ombre and this under or in detail that is human

00:56:51--> 00:57:02

right then you have some stuff sorry meaning one word for each one for Apple they will say NASA here so NASA for NASA rule one also used for NASA for monsoon so one

00:57:04--> 00:57:42

word for you know monsoon What do mean sir? What does it mean to be normal? toranomon salon well, gentlemen hamanasi hamanasi well first of all answer what are more nothing no nuestra vida ma ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma ma ma ma and ser una Varanasi what No. So I don't want to say now you know each for each one one word once you know one word you can order this you have to write for every single chapter for Fatah half or Samia for all those chapters, even if other models die Do you Rama your nikaya Guru? How can you forget? Then you know really and I know really many many Arabs they they do mistakes. reason is because they have not learned this to the Indian system was so strong but the

00:57:42--> 00:57:51

problem real easy, you know this all effort of reforming the last really what was valuable in the process of reform the the last many of those things. Anyway.

00:57:53--> 00:57:55

Your question is so just

00:57:57--> 00:58:38

I just wanted to clarify there were three centers of learning are three madrasahs you had mentioned which were important during the Mughal era so there was Frankie Mahal Hyderabad and there was one more Yeah, I'll come to the different game was more gender one, which basically what to produce officials for for mobile Empire, you know, Mistress and this and that, to that what for any, you know, estate that are funding. their curriculum was made really to provide officials. second word Hyderabad, Hyderabad was more specialized about philosophy, logic and rational sciences. If you want to become expert at Messina and farabi, you have to come to Hyderabad. The third one was

00:58:38--> 00:58:55

mughalsarai, Mija Rahimi of Delhi muda sabula DailyVee. If you want to become more a study of Hadith and Islamic sciences, you compare them that matassa to the three models that were important before the modern era, when modern era came definition, then we got the job another one all those

00:58:59--> 00:59:26

sure how, how much was the involvement of the family, in the learning process of students because I think now, in the modern, like learning system, at least, there's an implicit understanding that the parents are the ones who look after the learning of the child to become a good citizen, whereas a school you know, doesn't put so much emphasis on that, but was that something that was present in the kind of more ancient way of learning

00:59:28--> 01:00:00

that were very important actually, in a family's family was very important really, always have been, I can even now family is very, very important. In family equity possible Not, not everybody will learn to decart help you to teach you. But what happens is, you know, the thought the basically the main environment of the family used to be in such a way, it helps you to make wiser to what Madison has to teach you basic eating all it already got from the house, the wisdom respect the people, you know how to be how to control yourself, how to control your hunger, how to control your anger, how

01:00:00--> 01:00:38

How to respect your parents how to respect your teacher, these basic things your parents will teach you everyone in the family, you never can have any bad bad manners in the school, you know, really, that when you come to the classroom, how to respect your teacher, how to be nice to them, how to be with everybody else. So these are the main main therapy, upbringing, they have the house in the very, very important in an identical what people need really many of our very average people say that you know what to send our children to this middle school, basic thing of the day, if the house is not very good, children will be lost. They need the house should be strong really, in that in

01:00:38--> 01:01:17

that data that are bringing to enough the mother and the father and everybody in the house, they should help for the same thing to children learn from very big beginning that little line is so bad, ugly, nobody loves you if you lie, lying, backbiting, stealing, you know, deceiving cheating distance are not good to distance you learn from good families. So they're very important, but not necessarily everybody. You know, I remember when I started the matassa Farsi language, I was nine or 10 year old when I started just about the village, you know, a little far away from my village, that is the mother is our chef who's our sister, you know, the shopping the same way I would. So when I

01:01:17--> 01:01:56

used to walk up mother son come back, it was really too much. And then after coming from Odessa, after Missouri, to I would have been allowed, you know, outside my house, sit in on something. And then I used to read my first personal copy of Saudi, then all the elders of the village, they will come around me and they will sit there and the cell can read and translate for us to we also know what you have not to know this wisdom to be very happy that all the people around me they're there, and they appreciate all the wisdom hikma you know, so much knowledge, this, you can see that the people in the village appreciate your learning. They understand what the knowledge is. And certainly

01:01:56--> 01:02:32

those books earlier won't actually want to teach people you know, Guru stuff, sadly, at least the last chapter, last chapter says chef Sadhguru style, full of the wisdom that you can see when we were young boy, we not only London dectector He memorized that, in all the chapter properly understood, you know, maybe didn't understand properly. But remember I said that what helps a lot to the people. Yeah. two houses we've put our family is very, very important. That one is now having families Alibaba, that we don't like, you know, the relationship broken. We don't want to divorce in the family, because it really will affect the new generation, too. We want the families to be as

01:02:32--> 01:02:33

strong as possible.