What if the Qur’an contradicts Science?

Akram Nadwi


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The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding the claims made by the century ago, stating that the century ago had no sound facts whatsoever, while the century past had. The speaker argues that teaching that the century ago had no scientific knowledge whatsoever, while the century past had scientific knowledge, is simply teaching that the world is impossible.

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Nothing either. Whatever is a God's word reveal word. They never can contradict it with his creation or last creation, and He the words both are the same to get in harmony. So the Quran never can contradict any scientific facts. Similarly sound Hadith, they never can contradict any sound facts. So it is never going to happen to when the problem happens, either the problem is people's misunderstanding. Or the problem could be the Hadees not sound of a problem actually, that in a scientific fact, which you think of the fight to reality is not true. Really. You're just in front of it. You don't know how sizeable to change many, many times in the beginning of the 20th century,

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there were fights in the science now science and moves so much. So always be careful really, the first thing is, you know, in teaching that you're referring to in the Quran, sunnah odd really sound or the meaning sound, maybe your people understand something differently. Second thing what you say called as science, or the really scientific facts, truth properly, they're not in any more theory. If it both are true, then they never never can have any contradiction. So do you know that you muslim books attendee you will find all types of things in Muslim books, there are stories fabricated, there are things which are not true. You know, we are not responsible for that. But the

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Quran never has any single thing which can contract with the science or science curriculum, the Quran similarly, we don't have any sound Hadees which can contract with the the sounds impossible, but both are true.