Akram Nadwi – Are Men and Women equal in Islam?

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of understanding the concept of a "hasn't been forgotten" event in Islam, particularly in regards to the need for transparency and understanding of the system. They also touch on the topic of the war against Porsche and the importance of love for women and children. The segment concludes with a discussion of the confusion surrounding the role of men and women in Hellfire and the importance of good reasoning and love for women and children.
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The question is that, you know, there are a few Hadees which very often people refer to, either to being, somehow disrespect to the women, or making women lower than the men.

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One of them is that the Prophet salallahu Salam once said, in order to Puna, I've been shown that women are the one who are most in hellfire.

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That is to we must ask him why we are in you know, more in hellfire. So because he said the reason is because, you know, you don't thank your husband in one.

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So he mentioned like that. And then he said, you know, in our bodies, I never have seen anybody, you know, who take who has.

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Who has a defect in the mind, reasoning. And

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Dean, who can take away the mind, why is the mind more than the women around it said, the pastor said, you know, those people who have married women as a leader, they can't succeed. The few houses like that people kiss to one is basically women have defects in their thinking. Women have defected the religion, women are in bigger number than the men in hellfire. Women can't lead people they can't be leaders. So this is a sign no doubt about that. Where the problem really is people don't understand

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that Islam is you know, completely Legion, you know, don't make don't understand anything isolation. There are many thing else which don't women and compared to new, and then they learn this thing, they understood what it means to we need to understand the system properly for Apple, you can see really, people can say this ROM, women are half of them in under can refer to two examples. One example is their current lead the current Mithra how

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many got double of the shear the women, one man who got share of the two women. And the Quran also said if there are not two women, two men in the witness, then one of men to women, to not miss the women or half of the men. This is a very wrong way to enter dr any knowledge. You know, there are hundreds of the thing in Islam the same Quran, where men and women both are the same.

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You take two examples and generalize.

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You can see like even in America accused of adultery. The Quran says the man has to witness four times. And then fifth Ave sadistic say we will we will have to say four times and the fifth time distance. So many times in men and women, you know when prayers obligating under men or women, men have to press your number that either women,

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it never said women have to pay double because they have less, you know, religious, anything you go all the time concede same ruling for men Same for women. Now two examples, you get three examples. And their differences. Now generalize it is not right to first try to understand really where these rulings fit in Islam as a whole system, everywhere else in Islam, that no different between men. Now file differs here to you know, be careful about even actually inheritance inheritance. People don't understand this one example, where you can see men get double of the shells of women, but in the same product, the same same product, it is law, it also mentioned that if somebody dies in a certain

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condition, and then he leaves behind his penalty for the other way, luckily VA had a min Huma pseudos. Therefore each parent, my father and mother both of them they will get 1/6

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it does not say the father will get double of the of the mother here.

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Sometimes sisters or brothers both are getting same thing to same same current mission. Actually sometimes fully possible. Women get more than the men. We could not look same witnesses you have seen one witness in Islam, but there are other witnesses where women and men both are equal. The witness and the witness are taken equally.

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And the product will judge on the on the witness of the wound alone. And in some cases, and the big case of horrible case

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in what accompanies Buhari. He's married someone and then a lady kept to myself.

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You know he the mother of milk mother if both of us

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know my wife become haram because she's my sister. I went to the person in Medina. And he said no, you can't have

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what somebody said. The one who said is a woman, but under her witness, the professor loyalism forbid, an order my mouse, everybody said, there are certainly witnesses where the women are preferred over the men. The first thing is this always keep in mind whenever you find something Islam is about men about about anything out of which actually looks to you something different, something strange, then your duty to study the whole thing properly. That what cannot say

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Elsewhere, then you can see then you can sit here in one case or two cases people generalize to generalization that women are half of the men are men or double other women is not right, it is two or three examples, you take them and you generalize them. Is it clear to first in the desert generalization or right now, the question will be, but why the process allows an operon mix in these few examples, that exception to that good question that should be solid. So, the question should be like there should be, why did examples, things like that happening

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for this thing, second important first thing I said you know, you have to look at the whole Islam to make it as comprehensive and look in everywhere, john generalized second thing very important reason, whenever Quran says something or whenever the professor say they already speak in a context

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people take that thing out. There nobody said out of context, people or even Quran Quranic verses are in a contest. in that contest, they make a sense. Now in our time, many people misuse your Quranic verses to use it out of contest. Let Quran the Quran say Akina hydropic to kill the machete wherever you get them, if I ever find them. Now, there are people Sanjay Kumar says kill the unbelievers world find them

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is not like that. Did you ever happen? Who is the one who is the one who obeys the Quran more the professor? Did he killer videos but he got them? No, he never happened to him to that theory, what it means he tells a certain contest contest basically that people rush people they got it retrieved the parcel Alice alum, and they should have respected the treaty and treaty was they will not kill anybody from the silence from the Allies at the parcel awesome. And he will not kill anybody of them. But they killed and not only the killer went awry that the person that took refuge in Makkah in Harlem, they even killed there in the hora they did not expect anything to answer these people.

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Now they don't deserve any mercy now declares that the war against Porsche not true it is finished perawatan under the treaty, now you fight them and kill them. Or even if the tech refuse harder, you're still allowed to you know kill them there. It is about this contest. This will blow the treaty Quran allows you are so Kanika You are the one who started this not for all unbelievers. context. Similarly, there are these the prophets have said that when somebody dies and people cry, so the people the person who did he is right, the Buddha Mojito boca de la, where somebody dies. And people cry when the dead person is punished, because of the crying of the people.

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Two people say See,

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I had a lot of people told her Ayesha that Omar and even Omar and Abu huraira and many complained in Urdu, this professor, she said Omar will not understand this thing. He said what actually happened is the professor Latham was passing by a Jewish family somebody died in the Jewish family and they were crying he's trying to say they're crying over him and he's being punished

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he not to be punished because they're crying he's punished and the door understanding the crime that you know somebody good has passed and all the things but they don't know he's punished to his combining between these two the devil but a crime over him and they don't know is the punish to double my Magneto he said this thing but he made for that that person he is being punished under crime. Now you think Decker is bearish because their crime to this narrative people have to understand the text in the right country if you don't understand the content and you take general then you know in ethical

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karar said, Good enough and vikatan mode enough, we tested it

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ever enough if they were to ever in our Quran also says you have como lo nafsa, who Allah wants you or get his enough to hear also has enough to be the level right. If you make a generalization, Allah, Allah mentioned this for himself as well.

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Nobody said like that, nobody can say, Allah said in Allah Allah.

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Allah has power over everything. To now somebody asked Allah Akbar to make some someone like himself

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can raise this question. If people saw Jesus try to understand what misery what the contest contest is when he wants to do something, nobody can stop him. But in India, people are really fighting that you know, can Allah like,

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give a light HyperX actually had books have been written in India, Canada, and they've got to school. But anyway, people said I cannot lie. Because the lines so bad Deobandi people said luck and lie. Cafferty cannot lie the level of thought or not wanted a cabinet of job and have written books that Allah can lie if you say he cannot, like you'll just be limited his power. He does not live by his power to lie.

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Allah will lie in a small office and that's good news. Now the people, people take the desert

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Unless in the law coalition or the if it's a law cannot live, you limit his power, this understanding, but very bad really two people have to understand what Allah said unless power over people say Kerala makes someone like the professor, listen.

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This question is pretty stupid to get the professor is sila or the preface to how can we to seal up the profit thing? Really, this question that people don't understand is that when it comes to your mind, it can be real mind. realities are different from the mind, the mind has possibility to jump in at anything real or unreal, you can make a story somebody was flying with 10 wings at 20 wings, and I saw Perea theory and this and that mind can produce all these stories. But these stories don't have a really in reality, they don't happen. mind can jump anywhere, that our lead the mind, but realities are so different. To try to understand now. mechanistically these two points, the first

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thing I read that whenever you read something is wrong, which there is some problem, or at least compare it with the rest of teaching of Islam, then you understand really what you've been up to it is there something minor is more exception, you know, Second thing, whatever the prophets, their messenger say, it always bound to be in a context, their contest you have to understand properly. Now, when you read the Hadees, that the person said women are in Artesia to eclipse decrees they have you know they have defected in their reasoning and deal or religion. What does it mean? It means really, in every single context,

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it does not fit. Because the Prophet never said if you learn the Quran, for our men, then one of mine is fine. And in front of the women you need two women like that.

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for learning Quran, one woman is fine I the man of mine,

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for a fatwa did ever say if you ask a fatwa ask a man, one man for women to women need selected

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for narrating her this dislike did any RM selector did or am I ever said that they had this generator by Oh man, we can't accept less two women? Did anybody say like,

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there's so many Hadith where we depend on just one woman.

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So then that has this cannot mean the women are different in the mind. Because if that's the case, that everyone should be something you should reflect. But teaching of Islam not like that. In Islam really, we meant can teach the men can teach. Women can be taught by the men Academy festival. You can set a woman as incarnate, so the professor consulted his wife Alma Solomon, one person. And he just thought that he went for that just one woman who can advise. So this thing you try to understand the professor when he said it, not somebody's gender, it is a particular contest. That contest we must understand what is the query where women have some different innocent thinking and

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their religion, not every religion for women pray diggers everywhere the men harassing women first, because every not every part of the reason, there's something that they have default to in the deal and they have defected, but the defect isn't limited to a context. It is not a gender as people think. Generally in religion, men and women both are the same. Generally in reasoning, men or women or both are the same. But there are a few cases where the difference is there to question should be why in this limited area, there is a difference. This question is good, valid question that I want to spend. Firstly, real easy, that no difference between men and women as being human. The

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difference one Li has been made by lasala. For the sake of the family, women are going to be mothers, for that purpose. They need to be different from the men cut, they have to be mother's mother, who's the only reason that why Allah made men and women to definitive otherwise there's no need men or women, this should be something that no other purpose, the only purpose to make difference between male and female is in just a mother with nothing else. And that is so clear in the Quran. And the Quran says Eliza dakara can infer or in that matter male not female, because female going to be mother and in male cannot be mother motherhood is at least so amazing thing is

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such so much virtue.

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motherhood, mothers have so many virtues like what how this muscle is stronger in Reese's, that paradise the underneath of the feet are the mothers but they're stronger this somebody asked in her body and other other books. Somebody asked the parcel Allison, who deserves my bill, my obedience and my you know service more than he said your mother omocha he said then he said your mother then he said your mother. Now see, mothers are mentioned in the study three times before the Father

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and a Quran also all the time when a Quran mentions that you know this, about the about the pirate. Quran mentions the virtue of the mother the she carried us womb and miracle miracle so many times at least the Quran whenever karate Manchester. Why then there are karate refers the mother

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Whenever Quran which other way, then the father because our Musa responsibility all the time you can see

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that the meaning of the mother, their father, when upon us when there is father, the mother to win a karate, karate or the time Quran always a while then in the context of the mother, when a parent mentioned the responsibility on feeding and taking care, then of course otherwise, but whenever it comes to, you know, love affection or you know, you know being born, then the word is valid, because women no doubt will they struggle, so much effort that why they have so much reward

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there is thuggery because even more, you know, what makes a people to have a lesser

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hardship there might reason you know, when you make a good reasoning, he said, Okay, this actually makes sense, even if I don't like it, but I will go for that reasoning always is helpful to get less suffering. In whenever I'd like I mentioned to you that you know, when your husband shouts, just think like, you know, a dog is barking, barking, you'll be happy reason can make you to become happy. There are reasons unless Martha wanted to make a mother and a mother actually are the one who have to look after children children, not with the reason. Otherwise Allah created the mankind from the trees, you pick your child and make a hostel and they grew up there, why he needed February,

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they need love for the beginning of love and affection. They don't want to work with the reasoning. Sometimes you need to sacrifice the reasoning for the sake of the law. Your child wants something he wants to use something sweet which is going to harm him

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and you want to give him something which is good for him but hixar crying and all those things that you will love will make you okay the next time I'll explain to this will happen because that's how Allah made the world people will do mistakes

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for that purpose Allah wanted to make the love of the in the women much more powerful than deadly the reasoning they have saved recommend but what happening in the context of the family their loved because more powerful to win one typical more powerful the other competitor in this list the reason they're not less in the men because men did not have more more love so men sell reason reasoning is still remained the same because it doesn't change for them. But for the women once they pick up the now this become less attractive to when we might have this mothers actually have already probably the one on one side love on what's the reasoning generally do go for the love. Same women, I'll tell

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you same woman for other people's children, since she had absolute perfect reasoning to for example, you are a mother for your child. If your child says no, no, my mother I'm not feeling well. I'm a Catholic. I can't go to school. It's okay It's some you have rest then you go to somebody else house on the child's car to go to school in why not finger No no, don't listen to her he just making excuse same mother for other children will not select cuz she has put that up there is not so, so powerful to defect actually easy compared to this, this 11 and it is big suffering for anybody because when you get more like that, you know, if you have a friend, you love him more, you get more

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suffering, that every time you keep thinking why he said this, it will be loved brings all the suffering because we got a more love for the children and reasoning because weaker compared to the love, they get more more suffering, that why they have so much reward because it could be suffering,

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that what the professor have in the context or the family, when husband comes when the children come didn't pleasant, we must in a feelings affection love must be more powerful than the result reasoning is does not decrease. But why is the price defective because compared to the lover note and defect, now the card make good decision, the decision will be always depicted. Because love does not make you to think properly. Love does not mean when love is not so much you can think properly. This is a problem for the same woman for everything else. She has good reasoning, nothing no problem. But when it comes to the husband and two children discipline that one process that met by

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defect in the reasoning. Now the question is a defect in the religion. Again, I said everything the religion stuff or the woman Only thing is what comes in the context of the family. to hire to be mother. You need to have higher you have need to have the fast. women had this top thing hired and they first hired an effort only to make the mother hired either monthly cycle and FRC post birth breeding. These two things always come in the context of the mother again, when grading happily they can't play.

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You know they can't force in the month of Ramadan they have to do other but everything else they can do zaca they can do hedge they can do. Everything is charity. They can do good command the good they can do for me even the Jihad they can do everything.

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under threat of death and do one lady can't do two things.

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They can't pray. The mistress prayer. They don't do karate. Ramadan, they miss but they can do other breasted now, are they not similar to similarly, when people missed these prayers,

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they missed the prayer erotica sin because they had no, no, it's not your fault, but you've missed the boat so much.

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So, this is missing. Now, in this matter, women, if he if men have all the good deals, and women all the good deals, but men have more present the women certainly the preferred,

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but if women are somewhere else is more than the men, they will prefer, but in these things, we have defective women cannot play eyes much either miracle play, and every player has so many words, you cannot imagine if that man is the fault that has been compensated.

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Same thing like for Apple, the processor, paradise under the sword of fighters, why paradises because the big sacrifice, to big reward to save for the women because women sacrifice so the one way, they'll lose reward the other way, if they are good mothers, it will compensated a lot of the good product, whatever good their children do, they get a reward for further suffering.

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There's one area that actually we have got this defect to the one Li in the contrast assembly, in the context of being Mother, Mother, nothing else. But even that period, they can do they can, they can do many other good deeds, maybe some tax was a good other good juicer, it can actually compensate after them by generally what will happen is women will not get reward of the player, they don't get sin, but but if they don't get reward for the player, they can do the secondary Quran understanding so the touchy milliers are the things they can do. Nobody can stop them from from doing this. So this one, same actually in the family contest. Also one thing happening,

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men are met for the present. Women are made for the future. All the time is there it is so my deep in them. I tell you, if I'm working in office, or up here we are sitting here a cynic consult.

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You know what all men will do. All men will say for the women, you leave the room will will happily do whatever will kill the report you leave. Men always asked women to leave in the office, women find that we should get safe salary because you know we're equal to the men and deserve. You get the same salary of men. But you will sit naturally, if something harmful happen. I'll open up the hole somebody is going drip Mary will say you stay I will do he will not remember do she grabbed the same salary like me. She had to just know naturally, he will do this all the time. While I get why men are asked women you live and I do. Why this keeps happening all the time. Why naturally this all the

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time in the middle of the night? What applies to you. If I go outside, and Tupelo fighting one is the Indian and Pakistani and just gives up? I don't have Pakistani people give example. Though I maybe naturally I support Indian apartment, because Indian but I tell you, if a woman is fighting a man and the man is Indian, I will support the woman. Naturally people will say the woman then they are not thick or who's Indian. Naturally if the fight between a woman or between a man people will support the women Why? Because women are the future peoples are mind naturally there are women out there who look after children. They are going to grow the children. You want to save them you want

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to keep them I die but my wife women I die but a mother of the child remain people this is so natural it always can find really people all aware in the danger I've seen everywhere in a scorpion comes up we'll ask him when he will leave we'll do some some time no doubt some women will be more but at the moment it's such a dull boy generally This will keep happening to similarly in the house. When the money is there. Women some mind in the money is good for the children in the future. I keep it in the future can be held. Man was name and fame and you okay somebody wants to build a house. Okay, I'll give my money. You can see Arabic poetry or weather dispute between a man or woman man

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said I want to give money and I said no no display money. Why we might not want to spend money. Not because for themselves. Women actually enjoy not to eat every way. In every house. I've seen really in India, especially in our February, women are the one who eat less last, when nothing left. Or maybe religion lift. Women don't do for themselves. Women are love women love money for the sake of children. They look for the future. They want money to be kept. Men don't think like that. Men they just want to you know give because they want generally that will happen. So the professor said that you know women are he asked him at the sadaqa you give charity because he knows really they are the

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one who leads to give listing. They want to encourage them to you can see this her This is in the context of the family. So then he said women are more in Hellfire, meaning in this contest, where Allah will judge about the people and charity that people who got respect

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The money to go more in Paradise and those who spend less money, they want to * far in a spending money less spending less money. We may be more in Hellfire than the men, because women are more miser in this matter than the men to do

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this in this country, but in their judgment, there will be judgment also but other things. Let's also judge people who are humble, they go to Paradise. People who are rocket they go to * for now tell me in this contest who will go more interfer who is more of a man or woman many

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people will lie they go to * for those who don't lie. They're fine telling me who lies more about the hobby said you know all the lawyers in here these are men no woman has been able to write directly one quarter Syriac report by the women there's so much different you know almost to where her these lawyers will go to Helfer is any woman go to * for

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it one Li in debt is spending money in that context, more women, but in lying aroca zoom around to tell me who who does wrong more.

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Or all the women come their husband wrong with them, the more women are going to help find out more women to when judgmental about Zuma more men go to help her when judgment about Iraq is more amenable to parent helper when judgment will not line more cheating deceiving Let's all the rules. Most these are men who is fit on my omen for our Harman Kardon number. All the things you can see really are the mid to when this activity will happen. It's all Amanda qabalistic bar. Many

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people forget another Hades in Muslim vibe.

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Women it will be doubled of the number of women in paradise that people forget. Generally actually women have doubled. If you take as a whole if you've taken that contest, then women are more in spending money but generally women are double the one of the models that I've met Be creative freshly, but at least they are generally men and women are both Equity Partners. The Hellfire is nothing nobody will go to Paradise or fight because the man or woman for that. But in that contest, certainly in his bed, when a cup the contest after spending money, then more women go to * far compared to the men but look at other things as well my lying around doing injustice or ogres in

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those cases Mormon so people don't look at what

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Allah curses are the liars who's being cursed Mormon

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when Allah did not like Allah said no well I mean why don't look at that move with more Valley men Omen men people to women as there are this a woman as well but also daddy so many firemen

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you know when they said anybody who makes a trouser below his ankle, they go to it goes to * for it he said in his I Buhari

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is for a minute for women. For men, women actually are allowed to make it below the ankle. Actually, they should do that. How are you to do you see, there are so many many people to Hellfire because their trousers are below the ankle, but no single women will go to * for for that purpose.

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Men will go to * far because they were gold. But we never got to know when judgment will happen. The Pit over gold they will go to * far hulagu men, people who wear silica in order to punish but but we will also gossip will represent the women who are sick, nothing will happen to them malware protection will happen. Look at this not properly, comparable to you. Certainly if you look one in one case, sometimes everybody's comprehensive. And I already tried making this effort to understand all realities and all commands of Allah, our creation that connected don't study any reality in isolation, our weather, study them in all the typical weather, then it makes more sense is alarm

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either whole will make sense. We've taken one thing from Islam, it is a problem.

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Is it correct? I think I answered only one hotties left when the Prophet Sal said people will not succeed if those people who have made Omen that leader

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now people think see women cannot be leader. Look in the pride surfer who has praised for oh man who was the leader. She was you know, Queen our people are chronically praised her intelligence particles reverse has tempted said for local. So for her, she was a leader the people that know crucified for that woman, and it's wrong women happy leaders in India, one of the Tanana winward or the Sultana, she ruled India, you know, for a while, and then actually two good, very pious lady Indian rulers. nafsa Begum, her daughter in purple, and one of the American wife of the biggest half Indian half said the big man who wrote hundreds of the book said his wife is the ruler. He's not a

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problem. And she's not. She was so good, really, over the good Indian apologists lecture to not be moral superiority or to be the best advocate in India. So to NaVi, it was actually sponsored by this lady. She was a ruler and she sponsored and many of them were mothers and all those things. He did actually this

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had this in a context context, the people of Persia in this ruler, he went the letter the person came he, it just took the letter, it tore it into pieces, perfect, become angry. There were lots of other activities after the kingdom either did. And then when he died, his daughter became the king, the parser these people they know, after doing all that, anyway, they can't succeed. II think about these people. Logically, not all the people who make their women a leader, these people, you know, making women leader, they're not going to succeed. Because these people not everywhere else, other than I shall not run her shield, the reasons she's repented not because it is not allowed for her to

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lead. Because even with the wrong people, the professor has said that he will be with the wrong people to see what our guests are is the latter on Whoa, that was her mistake. Her mistake will not read army, or the competitive thought that didn't have the job, Erica fit with her. Her mistake. Nobody said that he the duty. Her mistake was she was wrong with wrong people. If we met the leader, and she's wrong, certainly it is a mistake, but forgive her. But if she right, she will find. So in order to understand the context that had this knowledge, now could we have seen in inland? So but people are asking me some slave societies in London, that you know the woman a woman, people want to

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select her? is president of the society? Can woman become president? That's what the Prophet did? They said this or this. I don't understand what to do with this. Do we want to be president of America and run the Islamic Society better than demand? That's fine. But the problem with that, you know, Omar de la Toronto in his time, he wanted to appoint someone, either supervisor the market, Medina was the most sophisticated market the whole world because the capital of Islam and they are all big Empire. And in Medina, they were people like Allenby thought he was a man. People are people like big people compared to think casinos or virginica or the forecast Harbor, but O'Meara pointed a

00:31:59 --> 00:32:38

lady Shaffer winter Villa or the visa. I supervise at the Medina Margaret Medina upon her because she could do Omar also wanted to make somebody who can go in Mr. Medina to command the god forbid the evil to evil do not done that is in the city. He could make any any man but one woman her and so via Omar Omar gave her his you know, stick to see to going around in the city in that city if something wrong she used to hate people. He made a moment the woman can do this job. Why are they making them? They used to fight they go war, or all these things happen that had this very context if a woman can do something better, that no harm in debt relief, you might be more qualified than a

00:32:38 --> 00:33:21

man. Certainly she should do in a thing really? Is the two colors happening over my teaching art grammar and teaching but oh man is more qualified. And I have a son My father. I want to say certainly I prefer the woman. I'm not episode mentioned referendum. No. She's more qualified. She to learn from her on the field do people used to come to Medina from all over the world? But they used to come to LA from Asia. There's so many companies Why do I show firstly Ayesha? Big, big people, intelligent clever few from Kufa acid Allah when they come to Medina faceting room Ayesha, but she told me why they study for a woman because she's more qualified. And a comparison is to set the

00:33:21 --> 00:34:01

mascara Alena Nanos Havasu Lawson, Dallas alum. You know, whenever any difficulty came to us companies, we used to ask Ayesha and she has solution solution that people have to ask her the problem. So we try to understand it to disagree all the time people keep missing, or did Hades, any teach in Islam, they are part of a whole study in the in keeping that whole in mind. Second thing whatever the professor will always bound to contest even the quran quran says something, don't take it independent of the contest that big party produce really miniature Quranic commands, but it is in certain countries semantically. I learned when I was teaching Souter majda the few, many people

00:34:01 --> 00:34:42

think a man can marry a Christian Jewish lady or look it up. It is actually with the condition Quranic context, is it indoors time when a man or his alarm is a complete? And israa has got the power society blocked Muslim in that contest? If you've read the book come to Muslim house, more likely to become Muslim, and children who was not in those contests with the Lord in that Islamic Society, actually, more likely minded to come follow her. So that I certainly do. I don't refer to Robert I always encourage people, men in England or men in anywhere now in the world, in Saudi Arabia, they should not marry any Christian or Jewish women. First thing is this thing, because you

00:34:42 --> 00:34:49

know, it's not the commodity not meant for our time, it is for another time. Second thing is if Muslim men marry Christian Jewish women.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

What will happen to the Muslim women, a 5% men marry non Muslim women that 5% of women will lift without any husband, what we'll do with that, then you have to give

00:35:00 --> 00:35:15

But they also can have very nervous women, but we have to solve the problem. So for these two reasons I always give fatwa that Muslim men should not marry Muslim, non Muslim women. If we ask them, then we also can ask women not to marry non Muslim men.

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