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The hosts of Q Kia discuss the confusion surrounding Islam and the importance of unity in understanding the Bible. They mention upcoming events and webcasts, including a free workshop on the Quran and a free workshop on Mars. The importance of understanding the Quran and its use in various fields is emphasized, along with the need to avoid embarrassment and avoid getting into trouble during hot weather. The segment also touches on the use of wedding ceremony and the importance of staying up late to avoid embarrassment. The video is uploaded and shared for the audience.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam or Aleikum, wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh everyone and welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a with Chef Akram nadwi. On every Thursday at 6pm GMT, before we begin, Chef, we have a webinar coming up on the topic of Moon sighting in Islam. Do you mind introducing the webinar for us? This Monday of Narnia Rahim

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you know, Moon sides definitely has been one of the issues in this country in the West particularly were Muslims are so much difference. But despite the day of dispute, and some time in the same country, they have to dare to begin Ramadan, and two different days or sometimes even three days or they'll eat on some time in the same masjid. And in the same area, some Patrick people said to me in some houses of people differ some people from the same house they do either one day and other people do it the other day. So there are so much confusion and we have to understand this too, because our new generation they had to think really that was innovation means emerging new team people must sit

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back on the same day they should start Ramadan same day, either they go to

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school. So all this confusion actually, you know, have a lot of problem

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in all the the, you know, difference of opinions about the moon sighting in a windmill, very heightening it all these differences used to exist in the past. But Muslims in the past were able to settle the differences, they had difference between two things. One is those matters which are, you know, individual and do the matrix which are done collectively. For that reason you come to the prayer, you know, you are 100 Maliki somebody sharp is somebody hungry, you raise my hand, somebody put their hand on the chest, some people put the hand under the navel, some people even leave, you can play the back and it's a personal mastery. People choose their motto as they like.

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But when it's coupled, the Imam, everybody has to follow the mount it doesn't matter whether Mr Hanafi or Shafi or humbly American to win the Mongolian rock, we're very very happy to do Roku on the side too. Similarly, this route, though, the matches which are in that collectively, they are people must follow one leader in one day, in all the things which are done collectively, like a beginning of month of Ramadan, or need hygiene, you know these things they should be done in a proper way and

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that's some guidance in Islam. We need to learn Inshallah, in this, this seminar and go to explain to all of you that what are the opinions of the jurists and how they you know, toward the Muslims, how to light you know, on an opinion, difference is not a problem. But sometimes you need to have unity on one or two opinions, you know, for the sake of image and OMA and also in many people think that moon sighting itself is something religious. So they fight so much, they don't understand the moves beginning of month, a month or two the sunrise those sunsets or declines, if these are worldly matters, you know, they don't need to loosen to know this, even non Muslims can know and people have

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been noticing the past and well, we have to understand that this is actually human, probably near all the humanity and the sheer distance. So anywhere in the seminar discussion, Inshallah, how much religious or how much did another non religious well, we need to insist on the opinions on a well you need to be flexible on why you revere the believers is so important to inshallah all that will come in this.

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Sokolow head on shift, just for the viewers, to let you know, the seminar is next week, Thursday, at 6pm. On the 29th of February, it is a free seminar, so you just need to register, and then you'll be able to have access to the live zoom call. So you'll be able to join it alongside that shift occur. And we'll also be delivering another course titled Jinn possessions, the evil eye and black magic on Sunday, the third of March. So that'll be a full day course, in case you're interested in signing up to that one. And there will also be another course that's being run by a Salam Institute, called the conversation between the Quran and the Bible, which will be on Saturday, the second of March, I will

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share all the links for these courses, as well as the free Moon sighting webinar for next Thursday, in the comments, slash the comments box in Sharla. So you'll find the links there, and you can sign up and register to any of them. Now we'll move on to the question.

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Chef The first question is asked, says a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah chef in one of your videos titled How to understand the Quran, you emphasize two crucial steps towards correctly comprehending the Quran. As a beginner student with only basic understanding of Arabic and limited knowledge of Hadith. I kindly request request your guidance on the first step, which involves understanding how the Quran was interpretated and practically applied by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam and his companions during their time. Specifically, I would appreciate your recommendations on how to approach and practically implement the steps including the resources or references that will be

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beneficial for me just

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you know, one section is very important understand that the Quran has not been revealed to anybody other than the Prophet masala. Listen, everybody in the world of high school understand the Quran.

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You know what he says that the meaning of the Quran that to first understand the Quran had not been revealed to me or to you, or to any Arab other than the Prophet Masilela lesson, or to our historical

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or to Messina or in the Tamia where we are of a new family nobody has received all the people in the world they are commanded to follow the Prophet masala and Islam in understanding the Quran in applying the Quran. To get a very important understand Allah had put his trust in Muhammad is the prophet Muhammad not anybody is so Mohammed somehow somebody that trustworthy Amin, who the Sadek is true, he did not compromise he conveyed them I had conveyed the message is to firstly understand really that we all received the Quran through the prophet masala Salam, we don't receive the Quran directly. They firstly understand.

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Second thing you the most activities in the Quran, they are actually tied to what Allah has put already in the human nature and what Allah has actually put also in the human reason, so everybody can understand most teachings of the Quran about Allah He that reviews about you know, hereafter, Paradise hellfire, you know, good deeds by deeds, you know, honesty, truth, lying backbiting, nearly 80 80% of the Quran, they are relevant to all the people all the time, so anybody can understand them, you know, the people don't have any problem. So that first thing understand it, even if translation you don't need to know already, if you read the diversity in the English language or

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dual language, you understand, you know exactly I what you need to understand.

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There will be nearly 20% of the Quran that are Africa rulings, something related to certain metaphors of the time of the Arab people there you need to understand what are submitted that time to for example, the Quran has commanded the women to put on the femur you know, on tears just on the head. And now, some people will say to Mr. Miss any covering. So, you have to then you have to know really what the proper understood by femur, but what he understood that to be the most authentic one. To get there, you need to go to the professor or listen, whenever people are going to have some of these integration. We need to go to the time of the professor lesson in civility the covering of

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the women covering up the men, you know and many aspects of the prayer. Fasting is the cause of divorce or marriage life to most things which have gone rulings. They're needed. You need to know how the Prophet Isilon anyway simple matter eat even if you don't know how to be better, but really nearly 80% of Quran devoted to human nature. We then can understand when it comes to diversity work could be more than one possible interpretation. Then you need to find out how the professor loves them. I said what did he do? You will find out mashallah sometimes couldn't possibly you don't find to at least find out what is company septum because they have been fronting to the Sahaba so that it

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will be an official mantra, you know, the

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most evolved the real Quran means that those who the fundamentals, they are the kind of the immolated Phaedra you can understand them any language, you know, at any time.

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Or color picture. The next question is by Feriha who asks, When can we follow the hanaway? Hanafy way of karate, of judo of only four steps? Is it allowed when the water is less or can we follow it to read knuffel Salah and resuscitation of the Quran

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the Quran has mentioned already forced so you know that for us to do with the professionalism whenever we learned the Quran, we used to apply the Quran as best as possible to work

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seeing the face to him was complete fails meaning you gargling and cleaning the nose properly to the profits and lots of damage. He used to wash the parts of the body three times nothing remained dry. His son NIDA several the Quran, sunnah is not different from the Quran. sunnah simply means complete application the Quran you have to apply the Quran as complete as possible.

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But sometimes you could be rushed sometimes as you mentioned the cold water or something you said I'd love to propose anything to if you just suffice to work Quran says Your will is fine, you can do anything but generally do i The Prophet it because the prophets Allah is the One who understand the Quran properly. He knew really, what I loved meant it. So most time we should do every follow every sunnah, you know, in detail. i

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i There are many things people do which are not in sunnah so that you don't need to worry now you know how much the mother was there remember, at least what the Prophet said nothing has done it. We make effort to do that because he's the most valuable person

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that's on a low Laker ship. The next question is by Tessa, who asks a Salam o alaikum. Dasha, what is the common root cause of all addictions, from social media to drugs? And what is the cure for all of them. The real problem is people don't understand that Allah has created them

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a very important creation, you know that they are one of the most important places on earth. So they have got a responsibility and function in order to not that you desire and you do to see you have guidance, instruction, mind, heart. So people have to understand they are important, they are not like any condition, like any muscle, you know, the way they like they read what they want, they don't understand they don't think they don't look at the consequences. trees and plants, they don't know the consequences. Nothing but human beings are very important to education to people to happen that Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran, the Quran, nobody would have given you know, made money

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being respected people are honored in honor, when somebody is stripped in honor, you have to understand that we are not like anybody else. Like you know,

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if the king and his sons were present, they start playing with the cleaners, still not good enough and you know, extremely people and behave badly and bad language. It is not something people say you are not found Brian Finley, your immigration be different. You are not like anybody else. So similarly, human beings, they are not like any creation. They're different. They're very important. Just, you know, any desire or somebody you see in a trip, something you want to see, do the same thing. And then you become addicted. You know, understanding isn't going to hurt me isn't going to you know, your thoughts aren't you're going to lose your product your life, even when you don't,

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when you get all these addictions, you can't do anything. You can't control your body, your costs the level of the other hybrid. So a human being is not like that. Because the left to the real problem really is that people don't understand that they are important that we're used to teach people

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that glow head and shape. The next question is by Zara, who asks a Salam aleikum, chef I was given taweez for me and my husband. I had knowledge regarding this. Found out I did shirk, I cried night and day as the scholars from Islam QA say said I'm not Muslim.

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I do understand why you are not Muslim on home. Coffee just using Cargill. It wouldn't work. If it isn't something under the name or something pranic versus agenda nothing is not very good to us. I don't like it. But if there is no ceiling to how can be carried on you have not not in Islam. I used to have Tavi when I was in India young boy in my favorite food bucket difficut if the person will love the name targeted you're protected now I don't do I don't advise people do either but if somebody does it did no harm done. So I don't understand why you go to these

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websites and get knowledge on death None from the teacher so you know the people

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performing so first thing it opened the door didn't see what it did if it returned me something Quranic verses or something like that, to take no harm that it made it not very good thing. But how can the conference ship in this? I don't understand why you think just having a real membership. So I really need to understand, I can understand that. That you think we can assume that the Prophet did not do. The company's did not do the shipping good and just good. How can we ship

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If you're using another name, how can we should? So maybe next time you explain to me because I really didn't understand how can I never have that? Anybody can pull out the the shortcut? Do I don't advise that by in your collection

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in SOC, putting your proper Muslim, don't worry, nobody can make you coffee, you know, they have normally it's playing out don't need to cry or anything just to just take up the target if you don't like, but there's nothing around that you have not had not done anything wrong. There's no shake, no proof, you have problems.

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As an ally, Lincolnshire, the next question is by basil, who asked chef, I want to know about the workplace pension in the UK, where the employer has a duty to provide a pension. But the employees have a choice to opt out. Can we receive such a pension?

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Ya know, if you have a duty or something like that part of your contract, you can have that in the pension, how can you be returned? And at least they will tell you what they've taken from that I understand, you know,

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but if the if you have twice, you know, not to be part of the appeal, but if you want to join us and you have to do

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the northern economy's long in use of important and jobs have reported to one of the conditions the job is that you must have pension to pay, then you do them to us.

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Zach Lohan and share the next question, asks a Salam o aleikum share, what is the percentage of will distribution for two sisters and two brothers? Keep in mind the questioner is female, and that the others don't practice ie they don't pray. And also the family is disconnected.

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know there's no guilt in religion is number 10. When people die, then the property or the spiritual they can post on the globe. So if there are two sisters, two brothers, nobody else is there. I don't know how many people are the family close to them, the property will be divided into six parts.

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Divided developers will go you get two parts each of them and sisters will get one two sisters will get half of the welders and if your father of mother or somebody else down so we have their shift, but I don't know who are there. But from simple metal you will is a you know you can't just

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build a dagger, you know depends on the death of the person or somebody died. Then you distribute.

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Anyway, if you write down all the news properly, how many people out there that I can tell you by that I only can tell you after the death

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person who's giving you can't give you the life

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desert globe and and one anonymous question that's come through. The question asks regarding the beard in Islam, the person asks that multiple scholars have chastised him, saying that a short beard is not suitable for someone who is a student of knowledge and that they should have a long beard as that is more befitting of the MACOM of someone with knowledge and that is the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and he feels very bad about this. What should he do and what do you advise them to smash? You know, I've written an article about this Michael styles nomadic Han Rekha

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scholar, he asked me the question, too, I wrote a detailed answer. It cannot be but you know, nowadays, people can translate easily to find out of my

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article on a gift to him and people can go to this artificial intelligence or something and translate, maybe somebody can talk in English. So everybody can learn from that, but it's already written, or the details are that I don't need to repeat it.

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I'll do that. The next question is by Faisal, who asks check, I have another question about disbelief. If a person does an act of disbelief in a drama or in a play, does this person become a disbeliever taking into account that this person was only acting,

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you know, understand first and properly, nobody can cough it or mushy, just by some words of some action, unless they will, they want to become confident their mind is that first thing you recognize somebody showing up just using Word Of course, to show people are in display or I think that does not make anybody covered. Unless you like divorce is somebody divorced in real life, just to show people how divorce happened, but it does not mean to divorce. Nothing happened, no divorce will happen. The first thing is, you know, in all these things in Islam,

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nearly importing normal American media. So nobody becomes caffeine and sugar by words and actions. We will become coffee and we should buy intention. If they want

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have to become coughing into the pocket. The first thing? Second thing is, yeah, we don't actually lie like people to say, What's off cover on the ship, you know unnecessarily unless they're forced to do this, to me, I think or anything like that, where your role is to say something about confidence shortcut. You have done the past, repent to Allah subhanaw taala. You're not perfect, but it's sinful to the difference. If people say worse off COFRA Schilke. But the door to mean that is still sinful, act it in major sin, if they mean didn't have coffee, if they don't mean they're not confident, but they have done a sin. They need to repent and ask her to forgive. And to make clear

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that they're not going to do this again. Is it clear unless you're forced, forced? Did Allah allow that people can say what's a conference chakra, if their heart is contented and therefore they will not forcing within willingly for the sake of money or something, then it is sinful, you should not do and if you have done then repent to Allah subhanaw taala and he will follow.

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Exactly. Okay. And the next question asked is, How will wedding ceremonies use How did wedding ceremonies used to take place in the time of the Prophet Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam because nowadays a lot of an Islamic stuff happens on weddings, like mixed gatherings, music, women showing off their beauty, etc.

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Yeah, and people used to celebrate in those days as well. But the most important thing is to be the feast walima that, you know, after the marriage, you know, the

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bride or groom or even the man, he will, you know, invite people for the feast. Everybody comes and they eat. And there are celebrations sometimes they used to have like, some singing some songs, not necessarily music, because you know, singing used to be there. And prophecy that's actually incorrect that there should be some singing some beef. So there's no harm in that. And, you know, if the men or women get together, and they are serious, and they behave properly, they don't show up

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to being the same between men and women, there's not a problem because even in the time the Office allows men or women used to be together, and they used to be together. Somebody asked now Maga Monica from a lot of cushion on the tape instead of men and women doing to their mother. Even in the house of the cops a lot isn't up to just because men or women out there in the same get in the same boat on the same table dad does not make around unless it you know, people don't behave properly. They show off that should not happen. But don't expect in return party that you know men or women, the daughter we are nice growth that will happen in the jewelry, they will have nice clothes that

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we're wearing means, you know they can't come just, you know cover everything. So something but still there can be no distinction.

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the next question asks, by Maria, who asks, tell us about the importance of staying up all night on the 14th of chatburn and doing a bada and you might know it's almost celebrated like a mini eat in some parts of India.

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You know, there is no proof of the 14th Night of Shabbat and nothing literally the professor's never do Sahaba never do a woman a farmer lick Shafi number or the the Master never had done it came very late in salaam, when people start oh the Buddha what happened to once I shall not on her. She missed the professionalism. In the night he was not in the grid. So she was sufficient maybe he had gone to another life. And she followed him and the prophets in other word in the graveyard and Buffy making to offer

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his continuous was died. And that was one he said for night or the 14th of Shaba. But that does not mean he intended to be that night. It could be any night to the Prophet he used to go to the grave you know so many nights to one of them happened to be that night. So that nothing like they're in the process never to get no sound this about this matter. Or these are very, very big to get ready to stand for any argument. So be careful. But you can't criticize people try to say something they will find to dispute you and it muscles are really so weak and divided. So I don't want to create a new problem.

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Do I return to the I think somewhere the about the Hadith none of them are too simple matter you don't celebrate yourself. But if people do, don't interfere with them, don't fight and always remind people you know, don't incite the prophet had to ask for them that if you follow this, there must be a sunnah of the Prophet. How did he do? Celebrate therefore production one How did

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then the fun don't have fun

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didn't have any way to ask him that if you want to do something follow the professionalism because the Quran says the problem of Muslim nothing is your ideal and your example

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to respond you need to do not don't participate but also though to stop people.

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Sample okay hair and Chef the next question asks

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Can you please explain this part of if Surah nor is this talking about men and women eating together lace Alikum Jonathan and tech Kulu Jamie and oh Ashton yeah Ricardo the family people when they get together they can eat

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so that always happens to me is that as long as you're not saying get the rent, there are people that simply work not

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they come in the women have to put on the cloth, you know,

00:25:50--> 00:25:58

proper cloth covering their body, and they still eat can eat and drink together. There's no harm. It's not that not want to start something like that.

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Because Apollo fellowship has one question that's come in, in Arabic. It's up to you whether you'd like to answer in Arabic or in English, versus Bartok. Hello, welcome Phil Hadid in the Malama Lavinia at Lima cathedral, asna. Kalamata sorry.

00:26:16--> 00:26:19

So should I answer in English with them?

00:26:21--> 00:26:51

Yeah, I think maybe an English would be fine. So what this means is that all that shows are with the media, that this actually is a you know, sincerity. And last, but people have taken for that in that this even for me at the Mitel ease, let your payments over the last Valerie worship, or something like that, to Hanafi people, they are like the rest of the people there. They also have a simple thing about media. Except when it comes to, like auto

00:26:52--> 00:27:06

Ohara. In 100, FEMA, the media is not conditional. So you know, a few people have said that, you know people do without me, you know, clothes are fine, but they don't get rewarded for that, you know, so.

00:27:08--> 00:27:31

So this is a you know, where they differ from everybody else about them identify the prayer for the fasting for the car, for the house for everything else. And, you know, send me or anybody else but it didn't matter. They said the reward survived will come if you're me. I don't agree. Yeah. It is actually sound like an African upload. You don't have any I still

00:27:33--> 00:27:45

didn't have the FEMA Tahara will do. And they are like leaving, except them on them. They also make the air conditioned. So I think people don't differ really in the media, they were different than any of the horror

00:27:48--> 00:28:03

is up below 100. Chef, the last question we'll take for today. asks, there seems to be far more females these days, the males? Is this a sign of the End of Times? Is it acceptable for a female to compromise on the Dean if she cannot find a more practicing male?

00:28:05--> 00:28:21

You know, this and one other worrying metaphor, the Walmart, pharmacy society in general, the Korean Muslims need to think really how murderers can happen. And solutions should be found really, because there are many, many people who have not met human demand and many are not really married.

00:28:23--> 00:28:42

So one solution is, is some people who are rich enough and can provide accommodation for two wives are expensive. Some people get two or three wives, some people who can afford in a typical nursing home or it's a very minor because I know that support is a secret, but there are some women, they don't have Monday, you know,

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to the secret of life, somebody from India, she phoned me. She wanted to marry I'd say no, there are people if you want to distance she's a fun killer and hyperlocal. And she got to where she is very, very happy, very, very rich man Richmond and provide a separate a commercial for each one of them that some people can afford that and properly the food just then it will solve the problem. We all know that not assumption.

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Just Sokolow head and chest. That's all for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it next week. Just upload it and share it for your time. And just like Hello, Clayton, everyone for joining. We'll be back next week Thursday at 6pm GMT as always, As salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.