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The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding illness and disease in relationships, respecting people and not just putting money on one's face. They also touch on the use of the title "naausea" in the Quran and the importance of avoiding confusion and confusion in behavior. The speakers stress the need for people to be clear and accurate in their behavior to avoid confusion and confusion, and encourage people to attend the mosque. They also discuss the use of hoodies in the context of the message and the importance of burning oil to avoid damage to the body. The speakers emphasize the need for people to practice proper prayer practices and avoid burning oil to avoid confusion and confusion.

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So welcome everyone and welcome back. I'm very excited handler and q&a is back on. We had a little bit of a break. Because I was traveling we're handler we're back to our usual routine.

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Hopefully inshallah more of our regular viewers join us in sha Allah and if you're new here, this q&a is hosted by SLM Institute's where we have a we have Chaka Khan that we have as a guest and he answers your questions from if wherever you're watching from whether we're live on YouTube and Facebook, just comment your question in the comments below insha Allah and I will be able to see them and I'll try and take them in order in sha Allah.

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So we will be done at 630 Let's start without any further ado, Inshallah, let's take a question from okay we have a few a few from YouTube. Amin is asking how should one overcome his anger

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that was salam ala Rasulillah Mohammed while he was heavy mine on my belt. So this question that is a very important question, I want to answer in ways which could help you for other partners that we have other similar problems in Sharla. In whenever people have any disease,

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and illness, first thing they have to realize really illness and disease and they have to kill it, that first thing they have to realize that many people they want to live with the disease and illness to the nuclear for that

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one of the great philosopher, Greek philosopher was asked, you know, what is the worst disease, he said the all the diseases are fine, because, you know, if we work, you can kill them, except one disease. That is it, that people who have it, they don't consider it as a disease, that incurable, you can't cure it. So, first important thing is for any disease, whether physical or internal, like anger, you know, like other patients, in ungratefulness, mean character, you no disrespect to the people, all these diseases, they can be cured. But what is first thing is we realize their disease. You know, if you don't understand, ask other people, if they help you that no you have got anger,

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and you have got this problem that problem, then look at it and

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test yourself, you will find those problems are there,

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then how to cure them. So, like anything else, when you want to cure, you have to make effort, you have to really make effort. And don't worry if you fail, you know, first attempt a second attempt, you had to keep making an effort until you can get an artist still you don't need to sit, relax, do you have to work hard all your life anger is one of those diseases, you know, we have got Ngara has caused so many problems in the world. You know, all the problem the family between the friends, even actually among the parents and the children you know in work or colleagues, it so many problems that we have come from anger I've seen it people become angry for very, very small thing. So and that

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actually is very bad for you for your soul. And for your character. Nobody wants to travel with an angry person. I know somebody in Oxford is good position. But nobody wanted to travel with him because he had no anger. So if people are angry, they don't want to travel with him they don't want to live with him. You know people live with you just disappear you and you know I always say that people don't become angry if they look their face in a mirror they will help themselves and imagine how people you know told you you know such a bad face and nobody can work with you is really very bad illness and people should make an effort to to cure it and what the kill it you know there are

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many in fasting determined I'm not going to be angry. Second thing whenever anger comes on, you think you can't control it? did leave the place. You know wherever you are in gotta constantly leave the place with the people we're lucky being angry with your colleagues or your family. The leave usually go somewhere else. You know, go to the masjid pray to the QA or somewhere else. Remember Allah subhanaw taala read the Quran. Until then there is God then you come back is always deliberate and control. Maybe some time you make fine that you say that

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If I become angry with anybody, I'll pay 10 pounds, 20 pounds, you know, for charity or make a box in your house. So as soon as you become angry, put the money there.

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You know, until it really up until you're 17 People think, see that you're embedded kind of but you have to make effort. It's very, very important really, to do it. And, you know, I've seen people you know, even among the students, you know, they have got anger, I've seen some people actually become angry in front of me without a pill not with me. But you know, very badly, you know, why can't you say something nicely, nobody needs to be angry. So, anger is a very bad very dirty thing, it should be cured properly. Nobody likes people who become angry. And similarly people have seen disrespect to others respect to learn how to respect people find always good thing to say about the people in

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all these illnesses they are actually also their organs. It means that you don't care about the people this is very very minor be humbled think really that you know, everybody needs a split Why should I agree with anybody and why people have to accept my my anger. So you know, a lot of this thing respect Allah subhanaw taala fear him and think that if I learn because angry with me what will happen and so if people become angry with me, what will happen? I don't fasten on absolutely very male character. When people know that you become angry, they're not happy with you, nobody likes you. So you know, in front of you, maybe they are happy, but they don't want to be with you.

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They don't want to spend time with you. And they want really to leave you as soon as possible. So yeah, it is really full effort Make effort to get rid of this problem

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okay, so let's move on to another question which is, why is an A for an called and put on and why is this named the Quran? Why was this name of the Quran chosen for a surah in the Quran and not other names of the Quran for example and Kitab

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you have the Quran actually has you know, many many attributes like Allah subhanaw taala Allah the name in a properly Allah, but he has all the names and names and miss all attributes. You can call him a rough man or Rahim, Allah Malika producer, Sara Ali Muhammad, Muhammad so many names, a you know, or refer to same, same Allah. But they have also some theoretician to do a rough man with some butter ramen, you know, reminds us that one of the important attribute of Allah

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and I find Miss Allah Bella Farah sorry mindset that Allah is all forgiving.

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So you know, and sometimes it's alcohol, it also law but the mindset that he he dominates everything under him. So all the attributes that refer to the same noun, but at the same time they have something different from each other. So similarly, the Quran you know, it is it has so many names. So they refer to the same book of Allah subhanaw taala, that were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam with a verse and meaning but at the same time, each name has something different. So when we say Quran, it refers to something which is going to be read Quran people read the Quran, the Quran is when people sell Akita, it means it is something written down it calm, you know petagna

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are up people used to write important commands and teachings, you know, digitalise Kitab commands calm so that Al Kitab one Quran calls itself Alpha con, for carnage from the word farak Are you afraid to fire up admins to separate one thing from the other? Quran is which separates one thing from the other admins this appears between your mix separation between truth and falsehood How can you select criteria the people know the Quran they know what is good and what is bad. They know what is the truth or what is lie or Quran makes it clear distinction between two things so Quran in a Surah or for cast in that Surah that there'll be more teachings of the things that we can make

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criteria to Susan for can you can see it a very clear you know criteria distinction to who are Ali Baba Rama and the pizza, you can see very clearly who are good people. So in their humble the affair Allah they pray they do inside Nico inside the Quran and makes them very, very clear.

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If we want to know the people who are alive well as a Hautala, the resource of Khan it will help you to understand who are these people?

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So anyway to all these attributes of the Quran, do do they refer to Quran but at the same time they have something you know, additional another for con means, criteria or something which may be good

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layer districts are not you know something, people cannot very, very clear distinction between false and truth. Nobody can be confused Quran never creates any confusion until you put out removes all the confusion. Is there a problem in the world is because people don't know the categories properly. People don't know how how to sort out informations properly. Quran teaches them how to sort out you know and the argument of the Quran to sort out some things are things are very, very clear and very logical integrational people can understand them very clearly anybody who reads Quran understand the Naver can have any confusion where people only see the Quran you know for just reading and they

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don't understand nothing happened you know you understand and the follow the commands so things will be very very clear to you You never can have any any confusion your life

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Okay, the next question we have is from Facebook from specifically here.

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He's asking about verse 95. From certainly set I've just pulled up the verse just the beginning but that relates to the question layer so we'll go I don't I mean element meaning earlier audio I thought it was imager he don't if he said Ed la he BM Wiley him one what I'm putting him.

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She's asking in verse 95, of Surah Nisa about and Mujahideen and Eloquii. Then, who are they in our time? There's an Mujahidin only refer to those who fight in war or battle against enemies. Therefore Allah prefers them with some dynajet over over an abiding

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Yeah, good question. Sometime Quran mentions a particular group.

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So that we should understand who are the people Quran mentioning, but after by but the teachings of the Quran are never limited to any particular groups, meaning anyone who's similar to them, will have the same ruling, same thing. So it is actually about the people the prophecy when it was commanded, that people go for the jihad. Jihad means fighting the pot of Allah Samata Jihad actually means to spend your most effort for the sake of Allah. And that was actually fighting with your money and with your body physically, you know, attend attending the battlefield. So you know, the people, they also family, the people to go for jihad, they have family, they have their farms, they

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had their business, in Germany at home, but still, they sacrifice all that. And they also lived their life was to the sacrifice order for the sake of Allah and they go, and there are people who who fall excuse not to attend the battlefield, like their farm field, business family or something like that. And there are people who have some good issues, like, for example, somebody blind, or somebody who got physical problem, to decline to the better Tolosa knows that. Even if people have got a good excuse, it still decayed not to be equal to those who are actively fighting the path of Allah, those who go there. You know, nobody can be like that. So that's true. No doubt about that

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really lovelock's excusing, meaning it, you don't get any sin. But you can't have the same reward, as do who have sacrificed all those things that have said about the people in the town of Barcelona, listen, who go for jihad, and those who don't attend jihad. But in our time,

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there's no jihad. This verse is still we can learn from that, too. For example, people who spend the time and money and lucky people have come and attend the class and learn you're spending your time. So people like you and those who are not doing this, they can't be equal, because those will come along.

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They they improve their learning and understanding it makes them more pious people who don't attend the classes, maybe they have some skills or love will not give them sin, but still the contract integrator Eman the contract will expand their knowledge. So, they have no skills. So they will get you know, silly if they need to learn similar electrician, you know, if it is obligatory upon me to teach and there are people who need to learn so on I make a fart I you know, some time maybe a headache, some time, maybe fever, sometimes something inconvenient, is still I make if I do read, and then teach. So, you know, people are teaching, you know, they will have a bigger thing that I

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understand and don't who don't teach the curriculum to them. But if the T those who don't teach them excuse it, I love it, forgive them, but still they can't at the same reward. Don't teach to every good things that people are active. You know, they are really very near to Allah subhanaw taala and those who are not actually they don't participate. Sometimes they can be excused to Allah will forgive them and sometimes they don't have excuse. So you know, we can generalize a verse to our time but really meaning of the verse is about the people who attended the battle in the time or the province of London.

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okay and shoulder let's move on to a question from Imran he is asking. Can you explain? Wearing the hoof in the masjid? Did the prophets a lot SLM and Sahaba? Were they were this outside of the message as well? Or did they wear them inside their shoes?

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Yeah, I have written an article in Arabic I could have maybe two articles to make very clear that the hoof actually did not mean what people think leather socks, which actually means shoes, which covers the you know the ankles that will means they used to work with the hoof they used to go to the mountain they used to travel everywhere for our people actually not his socks, you know that they had this for traveling you know, and then they had also an sandals so there are different but the Hoefer actually either like shoes, so they used to wear inside the mosque and outside the mosque at the mosque whether or not like our Thai Mosque, the prophet Allah lesson, um, when he did tawaf

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of the Kaaba, once he did tell off with riding on the climate, that people used to ride the timer and do tawaf around the Kaaba and cameras sometimes can make something dirty or will you know that how things were and the professionalism not only hopefully you know, they used to consent just not anything that wearing they did not take off Monday or bring in the prayers they did not have their shoot, they did not take off their centers the praying like No, no, no prayer actually was the prophets Allah Allah Salam he took off his shoes while praying and the Companions also followed him and after the salon the Prophet let them ask them why did you took off your shoes? They said we saw

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you doing that with the same the professor said no actually my shoes were dirty he told me to I took them off but you do not need to do anything like that.

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So the prayer in the shoes are absolutely fine even if of course

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the people ask you know when you're walking sometimes you know that can come in our cloth or something like that. The preference and no don't worry when we walk further it will clean it. So cleaning also happened by itself anyway. So people should unless you have very clear proof that your shoes are dirty impure denier then take off them or wash them then pray otherwise people can play in the shoes and then nothing dragon absolutely fine.

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Okay, our next question is

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the Imam at my local Masjid has informed me to not bring my two and a half year old son to Juma prayer anymore as he plays around and makes noises. Does this seem fair as my son wants to come to the masjid?

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No, actually, you know, because people do all this all over the world Muslim people just for their convenience. Because they you know, they have carpet and all those things and nothing can be dirty and this and that. But they don't understand it by doing distantly harming bigotry in Islam. Because we need to encourage people to come the masjid and effectively sometimes become dirty to clean it. You know, the parcel of something, you know, children used to come and play with him. And sometimes they urinate but he never stopped and then we clean it cleanly, very easy. And if she'll just clean not big thing, you know, it can be clean. Anyway, I you know, they're all the kinds of prophets a

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lot of them used to bring his own grandson into the masjid leaves the prayer while holding them on the shoulder. The Companions used to bring their children and the professor said in his Bukhari and Muslim on all the books of the Hadith that I come to the mosque and my intention is to make the prayer longer but when I hear the cries of the babies in the after the mothers I make it shorter I don't want to distract the player he never asked the women you know don't bring the children because it just cost me nothing. He never asked you know because if that how will people learn the command they love the prayer and they grew up with that in that how we let you know Villa children and we

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used to go to the our local mosque you know and making wise sometimes running here and there and people accepted that that people become you know, grown up with a lot of damage to this habit of the images I have seen in my mosque but something became very angry for some people is not really in orders of the religion and also trustees you know that waiver trustee if it's something goes wrong, then fix it but don't stop people from good. If some Buddha had some some problems then we have to help the people not to stop them from coming to the mosque. So it is very bad manner and all the Imams and auditors did the need to talk properly there they have to encourage people to come to

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Moscow even the children curfew stop the children they you stopping the parent as well. It's very bad manner. I don't understand how people think

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If you did not write really every child should be allowed and their parents should be allowed the burden. And even if it means that at some time most schools don't worry, they're clean it people can clean but most people should be welcoming everybody. So I'm absolutely against this thing and I think it is very bad food bite and very harmful to Muslim community anywhere. You know, they should encourage children to when they come to learn also the parent will be happy to come to the mosque

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Okay, this next question is quite interesting. Question is, what would be the correct way of disposing of a Koran theoretically, only by burying it and wood burning it to be considered blasphemous? I'm a radula. One who did it as well, didn't he?

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Yeah, you know, the Quran is good, really, you know, to ban do not disturb the Quran, if it restricted because of whatever you do, really, it always will have some problem when people burn it, then they remove it completely, or you throw it or in a sea or something like that, that are more helpful. Because when you bury somebody can dig it out. I don't know how people can bury properly, the best thing will be to burn the copies of the Quran. When you know, when you don't need them, that water. You know thermoelectric commodities, the people to do that investing that there's no other way to burning is a disrupter for something, but not for everything in the world. We prefer

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the papers that way, you know, people in the past when they wanted to, you know, they have some writers which are not good. And they don't want people to see them, that the only way they used to have is to burn the papers. So burning the best way to remove all the in to get rid of the papers that you don't want.

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Okay, I'm not sure if this question is clear, but I'll read it out. There it is asking Can I follow different methods? The rules are the same way but at different times. Nothing really this religion is a desk Dean, follow the dean and people's a mother's opinion, it doesn't matter really, whether you follow one opinion or your change opinion doesn't really matter it it has nothing to do. For example, if I said to you, you have to attend the prayer in your matches with Jamar

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and there are five, six ways to go to the masjid. I don't care whether you go this way or that way. You know, I will attend the prayer in Jamar that's fine. A lot of them will be revealed to you. He doesn't care whether you go this way, that way. He doesn't care whether you four or five did you go this way? And it's already go this way or NASA God, whatever way you take, you know, you take every day same or different. You know, as long as you attend the plane a mosque is fine. Unless command is Gula carnitine. Winston, the prayer is turn with the humility, the humbled some people to find the humidity and attendance of the mind while putting a hand on the chest. That's fine. Some people find

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this more in putting the hand under the navel. That's fine. Maybe some people find it you know more terminate when they release their mind. You know hanging, that's the island right? They don't pollute. People don't don't pollute. They follow him either. Nothing happened. Same issue. In some time. Maybe people Scylla Amin loudly, they have more issue. Some people have quietly they have more issue in the companies used to do all that. If companies a different center certainly means that unless ohata accept that. Otherwise, we're going to say the Prophet was not able to teach people how to pray. No. And the Quran never mentioned those details. Quranic details are different to maintain

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casu Knuth, your precious remembrance of Allah. It really doesn't matter which method we follow. Actually, if you don't have any method in your mind, you don't know honey, fina Malik and Shafi in your mind, nothing happened to you. If you don't know You know, so many fluffers in Arabic to harmless RDA, much better than the prophets. The people don't know the prophets nothing happened to them. Similar Quran said there are many prophets you don't know we didn't mention their names. Similarly, people don't Abu Hanifa Malika Shafi, nothing will happen. If you don't know me, nothing will happen to you. As long as you worship your Lord properly. That's fine. That's enough. All

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mothers are just opinions. People can follow any parent whenever they like, as long as they do a real thing properly. You go to the masjid pray properly with the foreshore just enough, but it doesn't matter which method you follow or how much follow don't myself remember that. I have been grown up mostly I Farhan if you mother, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't make money or to older people who follow Shafi mother decarbing era people who follow humbly methodical linear, and people who mix between them. They also come here to a lot of hotel. What matters is that you fear Allah and you worship with him. worship him sincerely

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Okay, I'm trying to see if I can pick the next question. Let's have a look

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we have quite a lot of questions that are quite heavy and I don't think

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okay, and Charlie, let's take this question from rather Naheed Why did the profits are lower less and m sub Ali Radi Allahu Anhu from marrying the second time even though it was allowed

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thought aloud to have more than one wife, if they, you know can have you know, good productive accommodation expenses properly and do justice. So doesn't know how to have second wife, third wife and people have been hiding, even after the Latinum after the death of Fatima the law. He had many many wives. So that's not the person never is against having more than one okay, how can the Prophet stop this? You know, when the Quran commerce Prophet never goes against the Quran? Even what's the power seller said I'm not going to eat honey to Allah subhanaw taala said to him how you can make something with halal and haram the beef the profit data level you know forbidden from doing this and

00:26:19--> 00:26:39

he's I mean trustworthy Saudi to he never can teach something with Iran. So the prophets the lesson never had been against people who want to have second wife or third wife, the case of Fatima the lottery or something different that people don't understand. If you read the story, the story tells the I really loved and I wanted to marry the daughter of Abuja

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to the prophets concern was if Abuja has a daughter come in the same house, they will meet together. It will be a problem for Fatima Eman because in Abuja, hello, evil enemy even if it is Muslim, but she will be proud of her father, sometimes something will happen. Chi reminds me that

00:27:02--> 00:27:16

Abuja has a daughter, she was selling perfume in Medina, house to house, she happened to come to the house of the lady whose father has killed up with her. So there's a big argument to be proud between both of them. Because you know, she hated

00:27:18--> 00:27:51

the one who killed her father to she says something I'm not about to sell my perfume to you. So she said I will never go to buy your perfume I'd never have seen is any perfume so burdened by the smell as your perfume, all the stuff that happens, people fight. So the province doesn't want has a duty to help not only he's gotten anybody the profession duty to help people to improve their Iman, or to you know, stop people from causing any disbelief or a little hard people seem to even some somebody already came to the person Larson and asked him that

00:27:52--> 00:28:35

this pillar proposal to marry towards your advice to he helped by her because he said I'd far more Harvia he's a very poor, he can't help you. And that is Farsan. So he beautiful women here in a very harsh on the women. So the Prophet who wants to help everybody, why not his daughter, the problem was not that Ali was marrying a second wife. The problem was he's marrying daughter, Fuji Bucha. So the Professor Dean or the daughter of one worst enemy of Allah, if she's in the house, same house, it will create problem due to helping Fatima, the mom and the faith and that is a very good visual learn from that, that you know, if somebody wants to have two wives, find her two wives. But make a

00:28:35--> 00:29:06

photo that you don't create a new problem your house that you know, something in harmony and things like that. There because if your house has problem, and people fight all the time, you can't do anything. So having to write revise for why it's not a problem. The problem is to you know, if they don't have harmony, then it will create a problem and then they will back by it, they will hate each other. And also of course talk to you as well. You know when there's so much fighting going on. So the prophets Allah wanted to help believers, how they can have peaceful house

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Does that clarify and Jeff? I was going to try and ask one more question, but I think time will allow Inshallah, so maybe we'll continue next week. As always shift is up now fine for your time. And inshallah we'll continue next week. And likewise to everyone else. Thank you for coming with your questions. I know sometimes people can be very keen on getting their questions answered, and can ask them quite a few times, please do kindly maybe just message it once or twice in sha Allah as then we can try and kind of see all the questions and see what we've answered and what we need to get answered in sha Allah. So please do come next week. Try and ask your questions at the beginning

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and we'll try our best to get them answered by shefa COMM And sha Allah. For those who don't know, sorry, I'm just kind of putting now

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Nice backgrounds on the screen. So you can see chef Okinawa is the co founder and principal of SLM Institute. I'm sure everyone here knows us by now. We offer courses for classical Arabic Islamic sciences. We do atomia courses, and they're all part time and online in sha Allah, so anyone who's interested, or maybe they just want to have more access access to Shukran. Beyond these short 30 minute q&a is and I know that it is quite sure it doesn't allow for more heavier questions that you may have. Maybe you want to delve more into something that's more physically like inheritance or mortgages. And this q&a maybe isn't the best place. But yeah, how come this whole short close he

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does hold short courses. He's actually from next from next month in sha Allah beginning of October from the ninth of October, chef will start his courses for the year and they will be on behalf Buhari and Tirmidhi and tafsir of cash Polka chef. If anyone is interested, you can head on to our website that will be on the screen and you can find out more but also chef has held many courses in the past few years. These courses are on our website too, if you go on ondemand.al salam.ac.uk, or most of the short courses eShare Hakeem has held is available to purchase and watch back on our website. So if you have questions about marriage, if you have questions about divorce inheritance,

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she has covered the Tafseer of many different sources of the Quran. And he's still going through more. These are available on our website as well on our on demand platform, which means you can access the full course watch it in your own time, and inshallah rewatch them back. purchase other courses and again, like I said, we hold our Islamic scholarship programs to and they are starting next month in sha Allah. So on the third or second of October, if I'm not mistaken will be the induction day. And then thereafter, the week afterwards will be the first day of term. This is every Sunday.

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And we will have the foundation yet which is maybe you just want to study the foundation, foundational Arabic, the foundation of Islamic sciences, you want to maybe delve into a bit of Hadith, understanding Hadith, the sciences,

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all sorts of physical solid Hadith or solid Tafseer. You study Sierra as well. And these are all teachers that are based in the UK. Some of our teachers are based in America, but they're all completely online. So you don't have to come into your class and kind of spend the time traveling. If you're a mother if you're a full time student if you work full time, and you can't commit but you do have the passion and the drive to start your studying. SLM Institute may be the place for you in sha Allah, and if you've already studied Arabic before but you just want to focus on it and immerse yourself in the Arabic language and get that confidence. We have an Arabic immersion yet which is

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just a full year of studying Arabic and becoming very confident and practicing it and then accessing

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very important core Islamic texts. So inshallah I will stop there in Charlotte next week we'll continue 6pm UK time in sha Allah and this will be for 30 minutes. Again if you are interested in anything else that you have opened does head on to our website, it will be lcm.ac.uk and we will see you next week in sha Allah s and I want to hear from everyone