Akram Nadwi – Test your thoughts and ideas against the light of the Quran and Sunnah

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The importance of learning the Koran and practicing it in order to achieve good character is emphasized, along with the use of personal information in legends and the importance of finding one's source and action on the Hades. The conversation covers the history and significance of the title of Islam, including the use of headaches and confusion in media, and the significance of the title for our beliefs.
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Hello my Rafi

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alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Muhammad.

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He was heavy marine I'm about I will be learning in a SharePoint regime. Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Yeah, you are Rasulullah lucuma zerah illegal for a lump F alpha lottery Santa Wakata tada put in contempt of a boon Allah.

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Allah, Aparna Musa La Jolla selam munia hanamura monitor berkata Allah, Hanuman filaria ma poly or Hanako manaphy sama were partners disorderly sell them all Mr. lumm beer wine Colombia, Allah mujer, De nada Mullah de Rahman, Warnock in order to hire the lawyer from an ohana who may have been wah wah

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as my dear brothers and sisters in sha Allah today I'm going to teach you know introduction of the main principles in the science officer Hadith inshallah brief history of the Hadees and also Hadith, but before that, you know, I like to just emphasize a few points inshallah we take religion on the board.

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So, first thing is to keep in mind that the professor Lissa lump, is a messenger and is a prophet of Allah swatara has sent down him

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to teach people the Koran and explained the meaning of the Quran and explained to the people how to apply the Quran is a professor Latham has come as a messenger, you know, he's a messenger people have to receive the power from him. And people have to learn from him, how to follow the Koran. So he did a very, very important learning. It is not that you take Quran from him, you have to tell the Quran from him. And you also have to take the meaning of the Quran from him. And you also have to take from him how to act upon the Quran. So you know how he practices the Quran, that is the most authentic one. So when the Quran camasta established a prayer to praise the God to do hygiene, in

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order to have good character, all those things, the word good characters mean it is what he has showed us. So the prophets Allah Allah, Allah has come, someone you know to teach you how to read the Quran, to teach you how to understand the Quran, and also to teach you how to act upon the Quran. To his application of the Quran is the most authentic one that actually sooner so that all together by the Quran

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so before we come to the burn, first thing actually let's let's make clear why Quran has come What is the purpose of Quran? So one so in summary to in the first point, write down properly and understand it. The first thing is, when unless hautala revealed revealed his book. His purpose was that people understand who are lies. They believe in Him, and they worship Him. He said the messengers Allah Allah said to people understand what a messenger means what a prophet means, understand properly and then believe him and then obey him. When he revealed the Parana people understand this is Book from Allah if they have any doubt, they make effort to understand it is

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Allah. Once there is no doubt they have no choice but to surrender to the book. That is why the Quran says valuable key tabula rasa fi houda. The Quran is book of guidance. Lara, Allah Reva FICO, human light Allah there's no doubt that book is from Allah that why after a few verses in sutra, Caracas find

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me man is Allah if there's a doubt, then Quran says, you know, remove your doubt fasting in this former life you think that from Allah, then make history make research, your study will lead you that book is from Allah subhanaw taala did no harm that before believing Allah hautala people make effort to understand easy really our Lord, Is he aware of our ala we should really worship Him. Once you become convinced that he is your ala. Then after that they had no choice. They have no choice but to surrender to Him for submission to like Rahim Ali Salaam, people have full right before believing the Prophet muscle Allah salam, to study to do research to find out whether he really is

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missing or not, therefore right and that's not that does not want to force people full light, you know whether he's a messenger or not. But once you find that the messenger, then you have no choice but to obey, then no other choice. Similarly, people have full right to fight about the Quran, which is the book of Allah or not, once they find it, then you have to surrender to the book. The book has come to teach people how to worship Allah, and how to obey the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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that the book actually had not been revealed. There. Do you appreciate the book? detecting one mistake keep coming all the time left after this universe.

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In this universe, there's so many secrets millions of secrecy for all the scientists on the face of delta. They get a million million lives is still they cannot find all the secrets of the university impossible. You know y'all is it

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Example even if it were a small finger, if the oil scientists they make research about the finger, they still the finger will be much much bigger than their knowledge, every reality that Allah has made on the face of that it always are much bigger than human knowledge you never can do. So tell me what should we do? Should we keep learning those those details? Or should we stop somewhere? that the best way to find out really why we are learning something?

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Focus on the Purpose The purpose of the Quran is that you have to enough is a book of guidance book of instruction, take a step back from it, learn how to do I bother focus on that if you want actually to find at every secret of the Quran, millions of life can come and go but sacred secrets at the plant never can even the Prophet muscle al Islam and if you can assume messengers many many like him, they never never can know all the secrets of the Quran is impossible Quran is too big pharma profits and our listener for the messengers for the human being for anybody are until until the deaf committee impossible. What then what is your follow up if you buy house?

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In the water you need to know you need to know those details which can help you to live in the house. But he was saying no I want to know every secret of the house. What are the bricks who are the stones all the secrets, your life will finish but you don't know the secret then you never can leave the house. So in this thing, one thing had to people have to understand really, unless 100 Allah does not want from you that you appreciating

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a lot of not one from you that you appreciate it. Allah did not want from you that you appreciate his messenger does not actually he did not he did not send the messenger to people appreciate him. Allah wants you what that you are seeking. Allah wants from you, that will take instructions from the Quran and obey the Quran. Follow the Quran Allah wants from you, that you will learn the sooner the prophets Allah Allah is Allah and I act upon that. That's why it is very important. If the prophets are used with the right hand at the right hand door to spend your time to appreciate how good is eating with the right hand, it is not going to benefit you are going to benefit you when you

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start eating with the right hand.

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If you you know if you know that honey is very beneficial for you, then in the US it by far right point in sign in affairs, the honey and all boys have different varieties the honey in your house, and all the knots and party about honey is not going to benefit you unless you eat honey. If people keep pressing the professor praising the prophets a lot and not only by the simple thing, similarly, you know praising Allah, that nautically what Allah wants from you, he wants from you to worship Him

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in the summer. The first point actually keep in mind that the Quran is a book of instruction. It is not a book of appreciation. Simple, simple sentence in the book or a book of instruction. Take instructions from the Quran.

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It is a book from your master. Your master has sent His message to you take the message understand the message and follow the message. Your master does not want to just preach appreciate the message if you have a settlement and ask him willing Bring me a glass of water. The settlement had to be the glass of water basically keep pressing it is how nice your sentences you know how how eloquent we're speaking and all he is present your scientists are going to be happy with you

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know, you want him to bring in a glass of water to this first major point in this matter. Actually everybody had to learn properly. That the Quran is the book of instruction. It is not a book of appreciation, a book of a demonstration. Sometimes people want to use the Quran to demonstrate something the Quran has got to prove this point. No I'm not I'm not needy. You know this thing under the 34 I'm very beginning the Quran never spent any time to prove that Allah exist. For our very beginning Quran just teaches you instructs you what to do. This is a point which ethnic keeps missing many many people they come to the Quran you know if they want it they spent so much time Why

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couldn't use this what why is that what are the key to spending time to appreciate the beauty of the Quran and language that the Quran is telling the Quran you know, if you spend your life if you never can, it never can get a pen in any way. What you need to know is that the Quran is the book of instruction. Take the guidance from the Quran and take the instructions from the Quran if you learn the Quran in in order to follow the Quran, you will be successful if we spend that time in order to appreciate the Quran. No success in there in Iran is not revealed. Quran does not need your appreciation. That is the first point. Second point is when the Quran was revealed to the prophet of

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masala. The second point to come to the second point when the Quran was revealed to the Prophet masala Salem. What the purpose did the Prophet Prophet came to the people to teach them how to become prophets.

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To think properly was Quran revealed to the professor Ali Salaam so make everybody prophets

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know the Quran Allah revealed to the professor

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Lesson number two make people followers of the prophets

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understand the difference very clearly. perawatan are revealed to the Prophet sallallaahu Allah to make everybody prophets Coronavirus, revealed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to make people followers of the prophet

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who to meet prophet. Allah knows he knows best Allah Allah. Allah salata, he knows who to make Prophet, he chooses, he did not consult me and you nothing he knows who can be prophet and then everybody else has to follow the prophets

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nobody has a right to appoint himself a profit can I afford myself profit? It is a lie I cannot do that if people laugh at me and unless they will laugh at me equity is a big sin if I applied myself proper and I declared that I'm a prophet or messenger I behave like a prophet in my static we do like it in many Muslims to do in when they read the you know Hadith about Mahi and Elissa and all those they started making professes or this at the time I had Maddie will come on, Isa will come on this will happen that will happen. There's another purpose these are these are not to make a profit. These are these have another purpose. Understand the when you read the Quran, the purpose is not to

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become a prophet. Many people will read the Quran, they basically behave by their Prophet, they want now to teach your Quran like a prophet and messenger teachers. They don't teach you to become followers of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So this second point is very, very important to understand the Quran about revealed to the people in order to make them follow what are the profits, but not the profits. Nobody can be profitable in Nairobi, you know, a Messina farabi our total whatever the clever they are, they never can be profit, impossible they can become profits. The profit actually is known very, very clearly. In Wallace water Mexico, you know, whoever he is you

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that, that a second prop point, this thing I'm saying because I've seen really now in this world, that many people when they teach Iran or they learn the power on the right among Muslim or non Muslim both, they want to be happy as they are the one who received the Quran is the man who allegedly messenger they want to behave like that they are not messengers, they are not receivers of the Quran. They will their success lies in following the professor lawless if they don't follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they have no success. The Quran has come to make people followers of the profits, not to make them profit themselves is a clear.

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Third thing is Oran is a historical fact, simple thing has been revealed to the historical fact in the book really pratama and the prophets Allah them himself, it is a historical fact. And apparent asuna they are a major

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historical fact you cannot change for an apple, when a scientist in a mega theory, unified a theory or an opinion.

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What is duty is his duty basically, either to measure his theory or to test a theory or his opinion in the light of the facts, realities are the facts in the universe. If any further put if you believe there there is no the earth no in a certain way, whatever you know,

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theory about about Earth, you have got it, you have to prove that in the light of the facts to whatever scientists actually believe in about any, in any theory they bring in the muster, test the theory in the light of the realities of the in a five star universe that's what they need to do to similarly if any idea come to your mind any opinions come to your mind, what is the web the why test the opinion and your idea or your theory in the light of the orar and sooner but that's not people do what you could do. People actually never think that the Quran has to know their firm, they never think that the meaning of the ships, they never feel like that what the things that theory

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underpinnings are more important. And then they make effort to give author authenticity to their own opinion. They use the Quran and Sunnah to support the opinion that do not read the Quran as soon either measurement or as soon as measurement to for example, if Quran

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says something, any number, like you know something if you do you know 20 times or 30 times

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and then you start doing 50 times the well people said you know your parents are gonna ask you to do 30 times on your phone and you're doing 50 times you say no 50 times even better. The 30 something more so evaporates to use your number for 50 is more important. In that report the word Quran sooner teaching you now uses sunan as an operand to support you. This keeps happening all the time really all the time people people don't read the Quran as soon either measurement means any idea any theory that comes to your mind, whatever clever you are, if really is not tested properly by the parent asuna. There is no right it is not Islamic, it is not from from Allah subhanaw taala understand

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properly do

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It may Puranas love to support you, you have to basically follow the Quran the sooner that in that major, well this does not happen and when people's opinion or theory because the more important more central, then what happens is, then the people started making more problems, because they need support, they invent Hades, they find any weak argument, and they use that, but they say this is a nice good thing anyway, you know, even if the heavy salad is not a strong, but the meaning is correct, who told you the meanings correct your own measurement, if that meaning was so important, why Parana sooner or not there? Why a luckily had another meeting more important that this thing

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keep happening really, when people don't understand the Parana sooner the measure measurement, you have to test your opinion and your findings. In the light of the Quran sooner what happens actually Is it your opinion becomes Central, then you use karasuno to support your opinion. And if it doesn't have support, then you find any weak argument any fabricut argument to support supporting that all the people are doing that why can't say DOMA, fabricator hobbies and weaker this they have become so much important reason is because people's own opinions become more and more important. What are teaches you about night of other that's so important, you know such a nice and third important

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night, the horse rider was not a father. And they're also hinting about a sudra with other placenta puravankara keeps mentioning about that, that blesser night is so clear.

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But somehow people think, you know, night or the 15th of shaba. That's more important.

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And then after that, if they get any weaker, this only thing they get all the support, they never realize it by doing this what you have nuclease you are changing the religion, you have changed the whole balance because the night of the other have other more important now because this week or this, you got another night. And this week or this tells you this neither more important, not a father, because the night of the other you don't have a reward either in the night of 15th shama in the 15th Siobhan either many people are forgiven, either mainly here in the sheep or one who can

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tell me then we will lift her This is that you know, the night or the 15th Siobhan I the many people are forgiven, I the many here in the sheep have been a barnacle is big tribe, they have 1000s of sheep, and every sheep has got how many here? Can you count? The Tell me Will anybody left on the face of that? Then we need 15 Shabbat we don't need a father. But Quran does not a measure 50 is a Chava ROM is not a puzzle. Now basically by having this thing, you corrupted the whole, the whole wealth gap in whatever more important become less important, and what is not in the Quran not in sound sooner became less important. And not only that, then you will thinking we are more pious and

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the company's companies never never give any important to the night of 50 Chava. And we need to be more important. You are now more important than the companies then tell Ryan that Abu hanifa then malignant Shafi then number then whole oma for regeneration that actually what what what keeps happening in this matter. Another problem he is arising is that you know what happens when people don't people are not contented with the Quran sooner. So what happens is that they keep idle choose to follow that but let me give you an historic example. And another example for that for our Friday.

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Kotoba is before the prayer

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the goodbyes before the prayer and after that the prayer on led to the by after prayer

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when manomaya rulers they became you know kalaba came to the house of manomaya One of the things that the changing the the chain the place of football in our youth so what they used to do they used to do prayer they used to do for the bar before if prayer that change sooner sooner. It prayer therefore Baba Baba, Nehemiah did they made kotoba before

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when they were asked why was changing the sooner they give good reason they say because if we give up after his prayer, nobody will be left. After each breath he will leave nobody going to listen to us to do one little action you have got to have potable before people can listen.

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Think properly What the heck happened. Mistake happen instead of to correct the people to make them to attend the football after either that was their duty to command would forbid the evil or to make effort that people understand the sooner properly since the people don't fall out sooner what you did, you invented a new sooner. You did two mistakes. first mistake that you accepted not to have sooner a second thing actually the universe knew sooner for you have been added to or you made it you think you do something right? That what you should test your way your opinion in the light of the Quran sooner is a professor Latham has taught us football should we have to eat prayer that he

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does sooner? If people don't sit after a prayer, then you should come on then. You know make it very clear make your football much better. But you have no right to

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agenda for the bar. And this thing actually keeps happening again again, in many, many cases I give you example, I feel even now I mentioned footbaww. To let me mention that as well. footbaww are Fridays before prayer. How many foot baths, two foot bath, two for the Bible which have got no afraid of Allah subhanaw taala salah and the prophets Allah Allah Salah, reminder Tawana piety and also some a sermon for the people. That means

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now for how some reason we have married a fatwa that these two for the bad there must have been Arabic language.

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But we also know that the people don't know or we can wish to what we do. We added one more in one guidance

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and exerted or do people want more, but we'll do language, one more integration to now talk but we can how many 34? Did we change? We change when we said to the people they say no to just a speech to I said, Why don't you make after for a Friday prayer to this and nobody got to sit to think properly just just understand what you do. And that's not a master to get people by far sooner prayer for everything I say. And then to put the bar in which it should be enough since you do not understand the meaning of football and you think there must have been Arabic language then I had a you know, it does not that's not enough, you know that people need in their own language to you basically, the

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other for the bad for the bad The sooner it becomes a ritual, no purpose anyone and you're set by America you prepare for your football, you don't make any preparation for the football you make preparation for

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the professor letter become meaningless on your foot. But more important, not only that only my boss now for

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in the football. Every time what they do, they spent time to praise to do prayer for the Ottoman Empire halifa Turkish califa all the time in certain ways soltana upon him look upon harder the law students who have all the time King attorney, the innovator, Ottoman Empire will likely no doubt he's that great man. In India, people used to have so much love for him. So well in football, they used to pray, you know, pray for him, or the prayers for

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me the time has gone. But in India for the BA is still a place for him where farming remains all the time. And now people have moved to England is still the key to safety. They don't know what they're doing. They just keep reading the same thing. Tell me This

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is another parcel on itself. We don't understand really what why this region has come you understand the functions of the things in the region properly. Otherwise, you keep inventing without upon the without, if people don't understand the simple thing it be content with the Quran asuna don't invent the things and in any opinion any ideas come to your mind, test them in the light of the Quran so that they are your major method that must be happening all the time.

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So these are three points to keep in mind it will help us shala for many, many sins. The first point is the Quran is a book of instruction. It is not a book of demostration a book of appreciation, a book of celebration, that you make a conference at the masjid and the Quran and because it did not book a celebration, I the prophets Allah Allah salami the messenger as soon as you have to follow sooner, he does not messenger off Mila did Nabil and celebration in a Nadkarni in the people have so relatively new language is not a messenger for that purpose. He's a messenger for what purpose that you will not hit sooner and follow soon it follows you will Baraka you know if you eat with the

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right hand, there's so much Baraka. But if you keep no writing no art and poetry about him, there's no bark and that

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second thing is, the Quran was sent down to the Prophet of Allah, Allah, Allah, not to make a profit, but to make you fall over the profits and be humbled. Don't behave like a prophet. If I start thinking the Prophet, I'm a liar, simple thing, if anybody claims that he's a prophet, they are live my success alive. To understand the prophets, Allah has to know and follow Him. If I follow him, I had the much I follow him, I become near to Allah subhanaw taala. But if I have to be Prophet and Messenger, you know I will become far away from Allah, Allah did not choose me and anybody after the Prophet of Allah, Allah says, I the messenger. The third thing is that the prophethood of the

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Prophet salallahu Salam is a historical fact. It is not something that no people, people just you know, maybe imagination, it is something affects all it factor. And you must actually measure of testing or your findings, your opinions, your idea, your theory in the light of the Quran as soon as Is it clear? Okay, now let's move on to the asadi. So I mentioned the Quran, the Quran was revealed to the professor lesser known, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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you know, taught the Quran to the people for what purpose to people take instructions from the Quran, under follow the Quran and act upon the Quran that it was very important that people learn how the prophets and acted upon the Quran and that we can say application of Article

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Officer Latham basically we can you can divide

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divide three categories. First one is the teachings of the Quran. Second thing is the first application by the prophets Allah Allah Salam. And the third thing is other applications then he says

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so understand this in the Quran was revealed and the professor Larson applied the Quran to that the first application and after that everybody has also to apply that not to their life, but you apply the code on how the way the professor law is applied the purity you need, what to learn what you will need to learn the Quran and you need to learn the first application. The first application that is sooner you can't say no we had the Quran that's enough for us. We just not proper underrated No, you need to learn the Quran. And you will learn how the professor lotta applied OpenOffice application you will learn in that without that you never can apply the Quran simply the prophets

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Allah. Allah has chosen the prophets Allah is to teach you you cannot teach yourself simple thing. If the Quran is there and no prophet people never can follow the Quran, the prophets Allah azza wa jal he postman

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was a postman to take in a karate every hug delivered upon and disappear then you don't worry about it while the postman he was a messenger understand proper he had come to teach you how to follow the Quran. You have to learn from him, his sunitinib portfolio so first part in the Hadees understand properly, that we have to learn the Quran and you have to learn the first application you have to learn that why anybody who teaches Quran without knowing the Sunnah, his teaching is not authentic.

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Anybody would teach you to follow the Quran or without knowing the sooner his you know his instruction not authentic. You never can follow the Quran unless you know the sooner the professor listen meaning if you knew the Quran, and you knew the Sahaba you need Sahih Muslim you need the books or sooner you cannot say I just need the Quran because without with the Quran you cannot know how to play the Quran. So first point is the Quran has been revealed for guidance and instruction.

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But you need to have you need to know how to apply the Quran. And that is the sooner the Prophet sallallahu Sallam you cannot read to the Quran directly. Simple thing is in other words, the Parana was not revealed to you. It was revealed to the prophet and masala is that it is historical fact simple things you don't take for our foreign debris you take from from the Prophet masala a simple thing, God did not come to you and me you will come to who to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, whatever he told about the Quran that is authentic, unless chosen him how we acted upon the product that authentic Allah play with him. And Allah said in the parameter about our great

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character, his character matters. And Allah says very clearly, tell them if you love Allah, Follow me Follow. Follow the professor Dallas Allah. If you pray, he prayed your spirit accepted that he says Sol Lu Kamara is to Mooney or saldi if you do Hajj, he did it accepted geyser hadou Omni monastic aku take from me the rituals of the * do you knew the Quran and you need the first application and the first application what the soon after profits a lot from that a very very important law.

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So now the professor listener means what? So now the professor Larson means that application far which he has been sent either messenger to the human being

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the professor Larsen before being meisinger he used to do many things.

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And he continued to teach after after being messenger that is not why he has been sent for Apple he's part of our people to know he is our food, he is lovely to now it is not my duty to go everywhere in the world to teach people how to make 3d and to history is if about why he had misheard what he said to teach people how to make 3d and how to use it there is no there is enough art people before he said he did not come to teach you three but when you eat three eat with the right that he came to teach that what you have come to to either my hidden mind whether you to read or to biani or you to cover whatever but eat with the right hand that he didn't come to teach you

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three why he came to teach you eat with the right hand he came to teach you eat halal food you're our nation then after the whether you cook cook Indian way of Iranian way our way our Italian way of course anyway you don't mind what but what he was he the ordination Gala. The food should be hot what it should be Hello. Is it clear to when we talk about the sooner what we mean is soon after guide died sooner far which he has been sent. Don't mix between ticks there are many things he did as a human being. He did something I then add up. Those things are not far which he had been sent for that to the professor lab is a lump in the night he is to tell his stories to the wives.

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One of the wife in one of the stories in cyber hurry. The professor Larson wants to mention his story of 11 women they got together and every woman is telling about her husband and how easy it is the longest story in the book of zaharie. Now you love

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destinies inside Buhari and you come to your wife and said, You see, I must follow suit. Now, I will tell the whole story, she will run away from you. She will not let this story is not relevant to her, you're not going to listen. And you think you see, I tell my wife in a story as soon as she said like I want to divorce her, because she didn't follow sooner. So, this is not right. You have to learn, it is important to tell your wife his story, but not the same story he tells the story of a story of his own people cut his wife the other two, they understand it is a cutter you need to tell your wife stories of you know, if they are British British story if they're indian indian

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stories, if they're from Bangladesh Bengali stories Pakistani story, then they enjoy, but if you insist on that story, if not sooner, understand properly many people keep doing this take care people you know about the cloth they bought the dress about many many things people mix up you know what I mean? And you know, when you have cloth, what soon I understand properly in a colossal Nile it must cover your body it must be the cloth other noble people of the society where you live that way. So Muslims whenever they lived, they did not you know take with them the design or the cloth or the process No, they have these two criteria whenever you go to you know, Ibis cloth, which can

00:31:11 --> 00:31:46

cover the body properly the hour per minute women domestic load, we should cover the Aurora and we miss pross should cover there our answer should be close up the good people as a surgeon, nice noble people as a society, that what you need to do anything else at that price, there are some good in the cloth in our in the food, which not sooner guidance. If you do follow the prompts or listen, because you love him, you get reward. We're not free. Somebody wants to determine like a turbo of the price allow the seller in dollar occasions when he's to have we don't usually sooner guidance, but if people do because they love the processor, they get rewarded, because the love of the

00:31:46 --> 00:32:06

processor itself as a reward is somebody needs to read because you know he loves the process so much he you actually want to change is this what it is whatever the process, you know, we appreciate that. And no doubt is very important thing he will get reward for that. But he's not allowed to teach it. It is your personal matter. You know you love him. But this thing in this is not what he came

00:32:07 --> 00:32:40

to keep that in mind. prophets Allah Allah salam, sometimes the occasional something for a reason. But if not sooner, go further inside or you also can get it the Prophet sallallahu Sallam once he did you read it while standing. Now you come on the number of the most considered no people must urinate while standing. I haven't say Bukhari it did not like teaching. We did not live in Sahih Bukhari what he can teach in the first * cinema Albania they know every action by intention. That is something people teach anybody but you know, people should teach, too, there are many others you can teach. By start teaching this, you have to understand the context properly. The only way I'm

00:32:40 --> 00:33:15

saying that people have got the Quran and they have gotten the first application sooner and people's mind is not very clever tsunamis. So now means that sooner for which the profits will last them have been sent down those practices, which people can know from their own experiences, that now sooner the further medical treatment. RFC used to have their own medical treatment. They used to even they used to be less they used to know how to treat they had some some some knowledge. And I said the other night, she also have an expert of that. People ask Ayesha, how do you know this thing? She said when the price that used to fall ill or have doctors used to go on you know, and they advise in

00:33:15 --> 00:33:26

certain that I learned from them, and then how I know. So this medical treatment that the province allows you to follow, he did not follow because it is to nav guidance he is to follow that was actually medical treatment of his own people.

00:33:27 --> 00:34:01

So for APA you will live in this time, if you go to a modern doctor, that's fine. You need to go talk to doctor not necessarily same medical treatment either professor, there are no perfect medicine. You know, when people think that profit in medicine did nothing. Professor Latham did not come to the world to teach people about medicine. He applied certain medicine because that was the way of his people maybe if you follow that is going to harm you. He did not offer that person you have to follow the medical treatment of your own people, not the prophet and understand the set properly. The professor lesson did not come to the word to teach people in any certain medical

00:34:01 --> 00:34:37

system. No, he came to teach people. So not the guidance, something which nobody knows. There are some things you only depends on the revelation. Those people can develop from their own experience, reenacting to teach everybody can know how to make food how to make medicine out that people can develop to many many people actually are confused in this matter. You have to take from the professor listen as soon as the guidance in this matter is Dima nobody can be equal to him actually nobody has to know anything other than him he's the only person who are the profits now we don't know the only sooner we know in the valleys so now the professor nihilism anybody is in this matter

00:34:37 --> 00:34:59

don't make your share equal to Professor your share. If he follows sooner the parcel Allison he because in year two the perhaps a lesson if he does not follow so in other parts of lesson you can find excuse for him, but you are not allowed to follow your show. When it comes to the prophets Allah Allah solemn nobody we should follow nobody authority that no authority except with the professor listen there

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

No authority in any text, in any institution, in any person, anybody who ever he is, the authority lies with the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam have often etha Annamalai can Shafi and we love them, because they learn this authority, and they follow the authority. But when they don't, somehow if they do not have proper knowledge, and anything where they differ from the person or lesson, we find excuse excuse for them, and we love them, we may refer them, we still think they get rewarded. But we are not allowed to follow those people in the mistake, we have to follow the prophet and muscle Islam. That must be clear in our mind.

00:35:36 --> 00:36:12

That how the companies did the campaign here so far, then they were no teacher or in the process, a lot of sympathy really, they have no reference for the company for every single thing that only one reference who is reference, the professor listener, if they want to know how to pray, they come to pray behind the prophets, Allah, Allah from him, if they want to learn how good characters, they come and accompany the product sellers and that no reference for them, except the mice and just a lot of them understand properly. And the messenger and the companion Yes, David, is the Prophet was the dean. So they're very keen to learn it. Whatever he did, they learnt it whatever he said, they

00:36:12 --> 00:36:44

landed on Arab people in have no doubt any people who are doing society No, they don't know reading or writing their memory because very strong cut when little life on Apple, you know, before the time after, you know, these navigators and people have been all those things that people used to know their roads by heart. Because if you go anywhere, you have to write down a proper the artist and then you go once a second time, and then you know by heart, because if you don't learn, then in basically every time you have to depend, but now people have gotten all the advanced system what happens, you don't know any, any road, all the places where I used to go before, you know, this

00:36:44 --> 00:37:21

system, I know you know all them by heart. But after that, I don't know when people don't depend on their memory, it becomes very, very strong. Our people depend on the memory very that why can see memory was so strong. If they want really to know, sometimes they hear a long speech only once. And they know by heart, Fatima interface, or they love the line her she's the one who narrated the Hadees after me, my daddy about the job very long had this it's a Muslim. And the books are very, very long, she did not hit the hardest for the parser more than once only once. But such a great memory, she actually the Hadees has got a very difficult words. She will not only once and she could

00:37:21 --> 00:37:57

not read the whole Hadees in Dubai, London once Dr. Shiva data divorce, when women are divorced, they don't know anything other than their own family problem. But she actually in love with this properly that how they used to learn the memory was very strong. You know, like many, many long aside, I'll be portrayed on the path of seven For example, mollepata morotai, smaller path Far, far more lack of libido. So harami Shula in Ohio, and untie Misha dad, and all these people and even before that Inuyasha poetry and all this poetry, poetry, or have you to listen while he was. And they knew by heart, that how their memory used to be then you know, the genealogy of their own

00:37:57 --> 00:38:29

people from beginning to the end, they used to know I'm son of so and so son of so and so going back to Brian, for him to the other Muslim, they knew very clearly that why are people never have me confused about their genealogy, in our time that will confuse Some people think their ancestor is a donkey or a monkey or something like that recently, because they don't know their ancestors. But our people they knew by heart, too, they never have you confused, if you don't know your father and your ancestor, anybody can say that, you know, so and so is your father. And you just believe in that. So the memory was very, very strong, understand properly because we have so much proof for the strength

00:38:29 --> 00:39:06

of the memory, you know, people that you know, that we had no doubt, really, that this was very often I'm going to among my teachers, I've seen some of the teachers, you know, law or the points, they learned what he wants. And then by heart, they read actually the many, many long questions from the heart, so much agreement, like friends really, once I was asked one of my colleague, you know how many will do poetry, you know, about the love. And then he started saying, you know, in the assembly, we can tied, but he didn't finish, he could continue many, many people know, you know, by heart, I'll tell another story of India, and that is time of integrate.

00:39:07 --> 00:39:10

You know, Indian King Akbar, and he has very important big

00:39:13 --> 00:39:51

ministers, I will fatherland finally the big people, greatly clever people. I will father about very good memory. When a person wants you to come from Iran, to say, in a point, say in the prayer back, but to get in Britain in the money for me get you know, get some price from him. What I will tell you to do after they finish that point, our father who said to the poor, no, it's not your poetry. I know it, and then he'll decide the whole party by heart. And the person became very upset. They don't want to do because whatever they say, I will fall no in any way. Or fishy Razi, he was clever man he came and asked him, do you have any appointment? My prayer would be silly and an office

00:39:51 --> 00:39:59

started the point halfway is or if he stopped in person, no continue to if he said no, your honorable minister. I will further he knows it. By

00:40:00 --> 00:40:24

had any way asked him to read read rest of it. I will follow on linode when he hears if he did not hear anything he did not know that I will follow you can quiet then the people read likely what happened and then I would fish it out. He continued it. It was secret about node to see about further by hearing only once. He could know the whole point, you know by heart. And okay, there's so many things about about about this story. I tell you a few stories of the companies and even historically how

00:40:26 --> 00:40:41

they how much they knew Hamada and Zed nurse from American Obaidullah sorry Hina restaurant I was right above zero I was Isaiah is in the security of marijuana once a month one Abu huraira de la did not like in her this to be written

00:40:42 --> 00:40:55

to water Marwan did he he asked his secretary to be behind the curtain and ask Abu huraira to teach it all he had this from beginning to them and the Secretary is writing down every single her this you know behind the curtain

00:40:57 --> 00:41:00

and a finish and then after that after a while.

00:41:01 --> 00:41:21

Merman again askable Herrera and ask him that you know you can read Can you repeat all your ad that you taught to us in the doors it is an umbrella he started repeating under security behind the curtain actually checking every single information and Abu huraira data on who he actually you know read all this from his memory without any single mistake the amount of the hobby and read the stories

00:41:23 --> 00:41:27

from azada, Walla Walla Walla Walla

00:41:28 --> 00:41:35

nothing has been added, nothing has been taken out nothing nothing missing. Nothing, no order change, same order all the Hadees

00:41:36 --> 00:41:45

remember the heavy said Hi, I fully agree that this whole memory should be that how people should have memorized if you know whether you know by heart, you know, you know like that.

00:41:47 --> 00:41:48

I tell you another story

00:41:50 --> 00:41:54

of Dr. Michelle Don, I will openly shadow nurse, I'm a teacher of

00:41:55 --> 00:41:56

the Santa Fe without

00:41:58 --> 00:42:42

a doubt say that I came to see this term or another generation is when I came to San and when I came there I care for family business. Two, I did not bring my books. But you know when this comes to a city, everybody wants to learn from him. When I came to his 400 people, I sahana came to me I said to him, these are these who said but I don't have my books. My wosu are not with me. They said no you are Son of a doubt you need us. You ever it shouldn't be your mind anyway. He said they kept praising me so much, then I become excited. I never had this from my heart 30,000 or 30,000. During my stain about that minister when I taught them 30,000 had this fond memory. I came by in invalidate

00:42:42 --> 00:43:13

those people who are jealous and they wrote the price for her daughter's in him when he had made up How can he know and read all these stories? Then, the people are suggested by someone who can copy all the books of poker without and to compare what he had taught when they compare what happened for her but only if he said that they are Hardy. They found six mistakes in my narration in 30,000 words how many mistakes six and then he said mean how thalassa hardy had that to be hard come after this dough with a lot of thought.

00:43:14 --> 00:43:21

In three how these mistakes are not a mind my teachers mistake I Narrator As the only I did mistake in three Harry's

00:43:23 --> 00:43:24

arena earlier

00:43:26 --> 00:43:34

I said to his hochma away. Even if fortnight had narrated to us for our initial drama in the shoe drama, the grid for PR for Kufa, senior toe hanifa

00:43:36 --> 00:43:53

is nothing much higher than Abu hanifa hamdulillah. And his idea of Kufa is a great amount of Islam in Mishima era, Sharma said, Mr. Shah, my teacher said to me, Mark atop to soudha feabhra illa An alpha mu. I never wrote down any single thing on the paper, but I know by heart

00:43:54 --> 00:43:57

what I heard that and he allegedly had eaten for about

00:43:58 --> 00:44:21

a year. It never happened that anybody narrated to me and he had this and I I loved liked from him to repeat it never happened. The people narrate this to me. And I just know i don't i don't ask them to repeat. So when I said I mentioned this is totally to sokhna Why is that is happening to me as a woman Haha, yeah, Bahasa Are you surprised from the story of chabi?

00:44:22 --> 00:44:28

I said yes. You know, he knew every single day by heart. His heart said leave everybody is I tell you what, myself.

00:44:29 --> 00:44:49

I know 70,000 are my hobbies. So well. I'm reading another book. 70,000 heard this from one of my hobbies. I noticed that you know, so well. I'm reading for the book. This is in a bifa table dad in his locker Ravi. You know, a value number two on page number 253.

00:44:50 --> 00:44:59

Then Abubakar Mohammedan Jacobi, new superbike, and this year, I had a dream of selling the house under the condition that Mohammed is

00:45:00 --> 00:45:41

In this malleable hologram body, he came to us and we were with him. And we said to him, that is happening around a vessel that I know my 70,000 hobbies by heart, I find ready for the book to Mr. Bahari said to me to us. Are you surprised? We said yes. 70,000 have this by heart, you know, reading like, it's surprising. Mr. Buhari said, perhaps in this time, there is someone who can read his 200,000 Hadees. And if you're reading from the book, and he did not emit anyone other than himself, you know, just think really that you know, and actually I know it is another you can see more detail you can take any style and compare it Bukhari Muslim can see all of the same consistent,

00:45:42 --> 00:45:45

everybody knows the same how this liquid size people didn't understand properly.

00:45:46 --> 00:46:25

This sign actually was since eyes are preserved by Muslims, very cool. Anyway. So the Sahaba they received from the personalism his practices, and also whatever he taught, and they knew by heart, they learned by heart, we are not saying that all computers are equal, no doubt in the knowledge not everybody can not everybody has same memory, not everybody same same in understanding. In other companies, there are different levels, but generally our people they have a very good memory, you know, Sahaba who were good in understanding and the memory in order, you know, in the Hadith that, you know, people are like one of our Rashid who have derived Masood Abu huraira Ayesha Omar Salama,

00:46:25 --> 00:46:46

Audra nobis of dilemna Omar, Zed in Assad with I will say liquidity unless you know, Malik, jabil Nadella the Latin automa and many people like that these are the top people in the Sahaba who actually are experts at the Hadees they know how this by heart generate these teach properly and they spread everywhere in the Muslim world, you know, the big number

00:46:47 --> 00:46:48

after degeneration

00:46:49 --> 00:47:28

this generation but easy for them, they only have one reference the perhaps allele celem today's generic, next generation fathering problem, they have one they have to learn their source, they have done Abu huraira narrated the front the Rasul Allah is a lump of jargon Abdullah narrated to now there is not this coming. So, there used to be sooner. So, neither the application of the Khurana by the professor listener, then sooner became reporting in that no sooner you have to report you have to say that I heard from so and so that is called * the you know the difference between so now, the practice or the professor lesson or application by the processor lesson, I'm gonna hide the

00:47:28 --> 00:47:38

reporting. The winds are hard data determines what was reported, how they miss reporting now, how this started coming to DC right now people report the sooner

00:47:39 --> 00:48:15

when people report the sooner sahabas concern was one the one thing I learned from the prophet and act upon that now next generation have two concerns. first concern is to conserve it to authenticate to really know that the Prophet did say this or defeated this second thing, then you have to find that too. Now you have to check the authenticity for a matter compare some people to do mistakes as well. Now they have to make more effort there to learn nalli for many, many people compare each other. Now the science that we're developing more and more to second generation is early turbine Lexile massager. But what about Zubair, Alabama, the big, big people in all the major cities, they

00:48:15 --> 00:48:26

are learning from Sahaba. But they're also traveling, they want to come in learn Ali for many, many people, they can compare who's more authentic. The first thing is demand to establish the authenticity of the knowledge, then act upon the knowledge.

00:48:27 --> 00:49:06

Because the item is not an element unless you're authentic, to two things are going out together. authenticity of the knowledge and second thing, then acting upon the knowledge. Now the third generation, fourth generation until we come younger, in the people who really are travelers going every well collect every Hades, the many many people actually the big, big names in Islam. You know I don't want to go to everywhere, but at least account to mohabbatein Allah Medina and many other people, six people in my younger tagline they are called Madonna, Madonna and a heavy they are the Madonna had his immune set that person around him or her this goes around Mr. mortally these six

00:49:06 --> 00:49:21

people there must be in every single one of them have these mostly are around these people to this six broker muda muda means something around which is to go around to the you know that what mother had up to six people are Madonna.

00:49:23 --> 00:49:59

The first one among amongst every English you have a sorry Muhammad when a Muslim English you have a Zoe's who died in there. 124. He is the odd among the young that are really the most knowledgeable person. He is the one who got knowledge from so many people in Medina, in America, in Syria in Iraq from everywhere. He got the knowledge he's not the most, you know, he's the most comprehensive knowledge you can imagine a monk who is this industry has remained at the memory very strong memory and nearly 50 You know, he not only narrator he understand properly, no matter what story narrated some 30

00:50:00 --> 00:50:39

At least to me, too, I scan to sorry. I said, I only memorize 15 and I forgot the other 15 Can you repeat to me? The man was over he said to me my tears over he said to me, oh Malik, I never asked my teacher to repeat the Hadees repeating the hardest to me is more difficult than moving the mountains may say No, they don't say they don't want to repeat the same thing again again. This how he never he never asked anybody to repeat anything. And so he was so careful about his memory somewhere he reiterated that I can harm your memory. He says since then, I never ate I felt that he never liked his memory to be harmed. It's a very sound memory in the people always they can you know the one

00:50:39 --> 00:51:15

that even Malik said that in the in the most other parcel or some so many older people used to narrate this you know, and they are very reliable people in they come to the court there you will accept their witness, but they will not the people Denali gentleman comes from Syria. And you know, he's young, but he has another will and he met him Alicia has already emerged with the hobbies that Molly called deceived. So he was not younger so he used to dye his hair with a black color there was used to do that now many people say no dye with the black color makuu you know, could be deceiving purple, but there are many many orlimar they used to dye their hair with the black color image that

00:51:15 --> 00:51:50

one of the person who mom mom's O'Hara from a loudhailer and the reason like in a war of a marriage partner Polina women I want to marry sometimes the women that got into their hair you know for English or anything you know white they want to color with black hair there's no harm in that any without the marriage payment Parliament but you know for unnecessarily deceiving the people to show your age is less than what it really is not true but enough if there any interested you know, it allowed me and we have gotten people like Missouri who to do the first person among that modality a majority in the show has many many has he is already the teacher of Abu hanifa Malik even though

00:51:50 --> 00:52:28

you're in a in a big big people Islam really had this is so much you can't have heard this with also very simple thing is already must have been a very had a very book anyway, people accuse water books under her this observably one of the famous person was put out these adoree is content senior contemporary of one Buhari, Mr. Mohammed Medina here from NASA NASA booty, he was the expert observer he had his when people ask him the humble about his ability, he will say go to the holy he knows more than anybody you know, he really devoted his life to collect together all the Hadees observe. The Zohar is a top person among the sixth in colors added added on protect some data the

00:52:29 --> 00:53:09

second person in this matter is very important is Pamela Medina. I'm in Medina Rama who died in the 126. I'm going to be inadequate somehow even higher than zuri in Hades do he does not have same knowledge or is because it is much much wider. But the average denarius is very aggressive very aggressive the knowledge and a lot of knowledge from from Mecca, Medina and others denari in muckety muck around big machinery from now bus from jabon Abdullah from great companion companion and also from many many other people. in Medina in Makati karma he was an important eyesore in Medina. People used to come and learn from under the era from the water with that why going in Marina in a start

00:53:09 --> 00:53:35

learning and he came to market and karma he learnt a know from Marina most of these people ask him Marina how many holidays you have not from our dinner. He said ma labayda Northen fee apology. I had many hobbies. I had many years newer Islam still with these people to how many years 950 years. He has got 950 Hadees from Altadena in Vienna is the most valuable person in narrating harghita family family dinner.

00:53:36 --> 00:54:15

And here in Moreno has got in a virtue. Professor Malik Malik does not have a hadith from Medina. Malik Miss Medina no he met him but he never learned from him people ask him Malik Why did you learn from dinner he will not travel anywhere. Malik never traveled anywhere but listen Mkhize us you know hey john and he went there for you could have learned from you did not learn from Iraq Baghdad and go find a bus or you could have learned from people America Why do you learn from Medina? Dr. Melissa I went to learn from our dinner and I saw him teaching while standing on a dry day standing teaching her these four ideas to realize a lot of them I knew that the Yama I respected her this

00:54:16 --> 00:54:59

process so much I did not like to take it while is tending to then he did not take from dinner and he missed a big big another dinner maybe he could have some excuse why he was preaching by the standards but um the dinar is one of the great amount of Islam no doubt really pious person or 20% accurate person. This is very, very strong, too. We have got two pillars zaveri Medina and Amina Makaton kurama then the two pillars in bussola what is pata? pata even the sadducee other than the amasa lucija in the year 117. Bertha is a blind person when he was four year old he became blind. He does not know anything. Every now he has gotten from memory anyway. And authority expert

00:55:00 --> 00:55:01

For Science,

00:55:02 --> 00:55:36

he the source of the few, he the one of the most authentic person in the Tafseer of the Quran that remove debris and people of the field. They rely on him very much to patata is the expert of the sea of people used to come and learn from his good knowledge of sea. But other is that you know, as a historian, he knows history that white people in the family and everybody in history they rely on on other other assets. It used to be that bifocals refer to Qatada. But more than that, other men have had he know the Hadees so well, because he no he had no writing anyway, he only knows by heart

00:55:38 --> 00:55:40

batata said that once.

00:55:41 --> 00:56:23

In other he said to one of his to take the most of our lesson from the Quran and there are other read to him Sushil bacara He knows everything by heart. Then he asked his student Did you find any single mistake in my reading? He said no, no mistake, I thought I said people read to me, the whole sahifa Jaga Jaga was only once and I knew them by heart, I know SoTL bacara just by the same ones. And at account work calculation in the cipher of Java there used to be around 400 of these 400 hobbies were read to patata only once and he knew them by heart as he knows sorts of bacara and people have checked other semitones anyway this is so important when other came to Medina and

00:56:23 --> 00:57:02

instead with the sino said you have to run for me San Jose was the most knowledgeable person among the most respected person when I came to San Jose I thought I said after four days said massage I put in my chest and I said to me Oh blind person leave me Saturday afternoon. All my head is nothing left with me within four days that I was able to know everything was safe and safe to say yeah be the most knowledgeable person of Medina is not only in Medina, among the top and he's one of the most respected person in the concept people he the best to even alter value. In the fifth and Hadith very accurate and piety and Farah philosophy the mom or patata was able to learn everything from him

00:57:02 --> 00:57:18

within four days. That other other teacher of Abu hanifa and many many big people molecule integrating but all the big people like in Vienna piano 30 everybody dinner a thump, Fatah masa dussehra Natalia these are well in all these books is a big big man do it or sometimes it is

00:57:19 --> 00:57:42

involved in bussola we also have got yahaya in Makati. yahaya even be Kathy is also great amount of Hadith among the you know six pillars of harissa in catifa bussola then we have got two people in Kufa Abu is haka severely in Kufa and also we have got our allow my remarks so they might even Amira on our mush

00:57:44 --> 00:57:48

these six people they are what Madonna had with mostly her this goes around him

00:57:49 --> 00:57:52

you know hanafy people should be happy that you know honey formula

00:57:53 --> 00:58:02

five out of the six people no honey five is 30 at least how many people five out of the six I did not get anywhere this Abu hanifa yohanna because he

00:58:03 --> 00:58:20

is telling me sorry so sorry without dinar history with the other he met a Serbian Amish on his city anyway. He knows all he only missed one person he missed who yeah in a bigger theater. Mr. Malik among all this one we got one person

00:58:22 --> 00:58:34

is Mr. Malik has a no heard this from you from amu, dinar patata, or Yahoo because of his heart alarms nothing is still people think Mr. Malik knows what are these had more than 100?

00:58:35 --> 00:59:15

You know, certainly Abu hanifa had more knowledge. But if we should have be fear of him have any further knowledge of how this is much bigger than a madman no doubt about that. Abu hanifa actually traveled a lot in Abu hanifa know the Hadees of Kufa basura maka, Medina or de la Malik's knowledge, very little only Medina but the difference is Mr. Maliki very accurate in our Malik Noda this proper whatever he knows, he knows properly nourished properly he's good teacher of the Hadees Mr. Malik request properly. The man man is not very very authentic. He teaches her this properly. Mr. hanifa never taught her this to whenever he had an eraser this in the race in his class he of course them

00:59:15 --> 00:59:26

he did not prepare that why you can find mistakes in the Monica but you don't find mistakes in the Elisa Malik the molecule more accurate the Could it be Abu hanifa Allah hi more Nadia the Hadith.

00:59:27 --> 00:59:59

Then Malik but Mr. Malik start trained in their generation. Nobody the more accurate than Malika cleaver we see a great Dawn limonium come to my muddy, muddy, nomadic really mean of accuracy. He really the very, very hint. People said to Malik, that Sophia oil and are so many Hadees I'm sorry, you don't have them. Mr. Malik said do you think that anything that I have learned, I narrate to the people? I don't narrate everything. My mom mother can use two ways and what is that good knowledge? Is it narrating American? No, not really. Muslims should really pray for him America.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:15

Really the person who make the size of this really very authentic will people learn from that remember, Harry, he relied on him and Malik so much about the narrator's of hijab, even Buhari just follows Malik Mr. Bahari follows Mama malata Mr. Malik is the man of accuracy

01:00:16 --> 01:00:55

then, so, these are six people after that the knowledge can set to their students in the in the in the city of Medina we have got a Malik in McCallum karma Bugatti Sofia Marina in Kufa, we have classifiion authority in in bussola we have got shaba and they're homogenous and people like that. Then after that the knowledge came to their students for people very important people after degeneration big big people work in euro Abdullah of mine muddy yahaya inside of Bhutan and the fourth one can be a winner if I follow him into can this for people abnormal for them you can actually is very important person in his teacher, a senior teacher Buhari and Alma de Mistura Medina

01:00:55 --> 01:01:16

Raisa that was I went with a humble and he had an eye into atrocitus anonima. And the way but you had a mindset to hang on, but let's go to our teacher Oh, no, Mr. Joker testing the theory no his knowledge not on humble central don't test him, you know, he knows everything anyway. The Bahamas? No, I must tell him, there are

01:01:18 --> 01:01:21

30 hobbies, or wounaan 10 tenten.

01:01:22 --> 01:01:59

And what he did after every 10 hobbies, he added one more hobbies, which is not hobbies, that to test him, and then came another door. And then when Ryan came out, he made a Hummer to sit on his right side. And I had mine on the left side and a Hamamatsu Ramadi on the ground. And then I had mindset to him that you know, I want to read to you or this and he read one had this, I would watch the reaction in my head, the second or the third or the fourth fifth 678 910 every Have you ever heard this? I won't say this in my head. When I read the 11th hour this opponent said no, no, this is not my head, this you know, deleted does not in my head. And then another 10 had this after very

01:01:59 --> 01:02:35

had these abnormalities in my head. Then were 11 Okay, I wanted to know this now My head is deleted, then again after this, after I've already had this happen once that is my head this when the inevitable came then I will know and realize it is not a mistake. It is actually testing. He became very angry. And he said is far this person on the ground. He is too low to do this thing. As far as the humble is to fire to do this. It is actually you I and then he hit him in his chest very heavily. I left him and went home. Then Alhambra said Allah Allah to me. You know, this is what happened to me. I said to you we know this anyway. And you came and now have been hit by him. Do you

01:02:35 --> 01:03:19

have a mindset to him? Well lie a lot of Sato a hub bhulaiyaa Missa tee by Allah is kicking me with his leg is more beloved to me than my old journey. Now I know that he knows every hand this is how it would be to anyway these four people are tough people in the Hadees in that generation. Then after that comes a generation of people like 100 humble we are heading in Baku, shava Allah Medina big, big people, to the great people of Islam. And among them are in Medina, the man who knows in the sciences of the Hadees and lol properly he got it from himself, Bhutan, and the botanical from Sabah. And then after the knowledge comes to people like Buhari, Abu Razi of ohata murase then

01:03:19 --> 01:03:22

people like my Muslim Anna without then people like Timothy and

01:03:23 --> 01:04:01

then after that tough personality mama say in that generation is a big man of Islam no doubt we after Buhari, the person who knows the signs of much better than anybody see the mama say, Mama say the best person and after NASA, this knowledge actually last person who knew the signs of Hades and their idol and secrets of the Hades. He demanded after that the science basically basically died then basically people people don't know really, what they do is just they look at the narrator and this is a miracle our time the way they make the theater this very very bad. I found this a quote from ineligible humble in a bar in his own country. He's a moto Runa Takata hiromu Navara

01:04:02 --> 01:04:09

rajani for one necesito most literate people this to look at narrators ordinateurs right.

01:04:10 --> 01:04:50

Here this is something wahala is well known and akula Hadith and raw cotton vasavi these people think if her this narrated by reliable person who is sorry, what are the Fatman data if they don't know? You need to know more things? That is a problem with the car for people like you Chef albani and you know also masaka many people these people want this uh huh this I don't trust in that they only look in the names of the narrator's sometime we went through Hades and maritime, how this is stolen, is stolen. Somebody narrates the Hadees another person comes Oh, these are this is their, let me take it. What he did. He changed the one or two name in the beginning. And the mix is in a

01:04:50 --> 01:05:00

tutorial is the one you want to record otherwise Solon, just stealing the PDS people that don't understand the thing of the 233 is now the 44th and it must

01:05:00 --> 01:05:34

Mr. Hassan Do you know do we call this nerdgasm this actually all the stolen to Don't be deceived by the CIA people like that even actually people like berarti and hakima hakima nessa puri even in because they might even in effect been these people to say don't rely on their people really in this matter are you know we can accept the mountain with you because I'm thrilled with the follow the way of the theme but after that really people should be very careful when you have new hire this is such a baby headband or by hacking by a biotic you know Don't you know don't don't test so much that there's so many problems in the spine today and people who are in our time there's so many prompts

01:05:34 --> 01:05:37

anyway they're actually contented themselves cheerful about it you know,

01:05:38 --> 01:06:07

so much contradiction on his shoulder that was trusting him in the same had this in some books a week and other books etc somewhere has a similar condition going on science of the Hudson news good memory strong memory and good understand it daughter Bokhari never develop Buhari never confined Buhari, Sam Harris somewhere he says hi, and summers we he never did not in the memory to establish and if you have any question, please ask. And then we can start the book inshallah.

01:06:08 --> 01:06:16

And this is regarding the introduction when you mentioned the some of the secrets are unknown to everyone.

01:06:17 --> 01:06:28

So I've heard some people say that a quarter of the earnings for Lehman a quarter for corporate profits or sentiment a qualified loss. Is this true? And if so, can you elaborate please,

01:06:29 --> 01:07:04

in layman, Mr. layman, after the apostle are a solemn, you know, Quran Allah revealed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and among the people who receive from him there are people who are intelligent clever people like alga Omar and all these people. There are also people who are not in the same level. But what actually they have in common is same Arabic language. Or these people there are apps to when they listen the Koran some people get one in minutes Some people go go even beyond that, no doubt in understanding but at least the viral meaning, apparently minute, everybody gets the deeper meaning some people got more and more deep. In our time, people need that to lay men of our time in

01:07:04 --> 01:07:38

that lemon because ignorant. They knew Arabic unless lemon I mean our time they have same Arabic language, I had the companions in they are not allowed to take knowledge directly from the Quran. To this the first thing second thing they also need to know how the Prophet you to apply because you know the companions dead? Do they read the Quran from the book? Are they here for the process of selling? The here? When knowledge comes through the hearing different knowledge when you hear the speech, you get the meaning campaigning? Yes, analogical hearing for the process. You don't hear from him. That it very, very important for our people of our time. They learn that Arabic language

01:07:38 --> 01:08:13

and ours too They learn how the prophets Allah understood the Quran, and how we apply the apply because you don't hear from him. So at least you should know how he understood it and apply that. So people who think well you don't need a profit, you just need the Quran, they are misleading. calcaneus and he is a prophet, we need a profit. People need the Prophet. If people don't study the Hadith, and they go to the Quran directly. They will be misleading the people that complain NASA did not go to the Quran directly. They went up to the Quran through the prophets Allah they heard from him that language is a clear disabled thing one quarter five he said these are unnecessarily made up

01:08:13 --> 01:08:15

a story. It does not exist anywhere people need to learn.

01:08:16 --> 01:08:24

So this whole one quarter fall ah hoo Dimmick distinguish no source our Quran. Sunnah. is a ma

01:08:25 --> 01:08:32

didn't Quran? No. So no. Is your ma no whiskey acid this how can we pay for the making of a story?

01:08:38 --> 01:08:48

You mentioned soon as the first application of the Quran. Is there something else? Yeah, our application when you apply the Quran, I mean to follow

01:08:49 --> 01:09:00

no music people have to follow the Quran to understand the meaning of the Quran and you have to learn how the professor applied the Quran. To that is the first application second application is application of the people

01:09:01 --> 01:09:40

but nothing for us to follow. Nothing else after the procedure, we don't have anything else to follow. I mean, like, for example, when you quoted Sophia and then you said his action of doing this is a sign of something medically The thing is that you know when the data to to source it, but certainly no doubt, no, the people who study from Sahaba their understanding very often will be more authentic that the relatedness is another matter but I'm just talking about the source sources of the Quran as soon as that visit but no doubt you know a good teacher in VR we had to make prefer one teacher what other to know if you have to compare between Abu hanifa and between Abu certainly Abu

01:09:40 --> 01:09:44

Abu hanifa much more than we used to do sometimes we simply more right and

01:09:45 --> 01:09:52

it could be possible to you know there are people have some some people are more noticeable and less knowledge but source or the Quran is sooner.

01:09:55 --> 01:09:59

You know, the fact that the foreigner sources, fake it basically you know

01:10:00 --> 01:10:19

deriving the knowledge from other sources that are happy to derive the knowledge from the source from karasuno itself another source that why you have full right to ask Abu hanifa What is his evidence? Your full right to ask him a mark what is evidence? The source or what? The Quran and the Sunnah the professor, listen.

01:10:21 --> 01:10:22

Another question

01:10:29 --> 01:10:46

you mentioned about four or five people or sources of headache, does he have headache? And he said that they're not very reliable. I've got most of them but I missed one of them. Could you repeat with who they were? So, you mentioned even have been they have

01:10:47 --> 01:11:07

not got a big people macrocytic in Mumbai happy may have been happy with their big big people Islam that gives them knowledge, but they are lose it in the sea when the article when they say hey, this is why they are there lose her this actually when we say this, what do you mean really, let me explain to you then you understand.

01:11:14 --> 01:11:18

So, basically, you know, one, two level

01:11:20 --> 01:11:21

generally three level

01:11:22 --> 01:12:05

most of our decisions when necessary or this they mean the second level, like one pyramid the 101 but even Buhari out at a party in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim Hadees not only citing our San Jose most most of the sound of our sound to that the first level by generally saya DC the second level second level generally accepted Imam Imam can be the MA Buddhahood. Eman humble even Buhari outside say Buhari in another room or anywhere else when this is high, they meet the second level the third level is when people become loose third level a third one actually is it people like hockey people like in a headband people even like by happy they are in the third level that don't have this which

01:12:05 --> 01:12:20

are late people could say that the eighth week now there has become in Asahi in the books off in the head banner How can I definitely have so many promises sometimes we have these are a fabricated and they still you can see that they still include in their books. So that people have to be careful. So the third one

01:12:21 --> 01:13:04

the fourth one is, you know people like in our time today even actually even a banner How can they now say this without saying that site and there's so many problems to directly or not consider any way to do three layers coming. So, the most important one is the meaning the most sound or these are those which are in Buhari mousseline and what that is the top one, second one is Saha this in pyramid de a Buddhahood, NASA he even imagine all these books saya these are humble, they are the Second level Third level, which is not saying these books, but then how can satisfy Omaha's emissaries say, oh by her case, as you say even advances sorry, did actually third level and in the

01:13:04 --> 01:13:06

third level, people should be much more careful.

01:13:09 --> 01:13:15

There's another question regarding criteria to differentiate between which is

01:13:16 --> 01:13:23

prep like that, as soon as guidance and the human practice

01:13:24 --> 01:13:27

is that specific criteria to

01:13:29 --> 01:13:32

be taken of discussing by people have so much ignatia to

01:13:35 --> 01:14:15

discuss very clearly, that that two times or sooner sooner and sooner, rather sooner to the Hoda is that sooner for which the prophets Allah Thomas appointed a messenger By Allah, tala to teach people to get very clear what he has come to teach, or the idea that die by that cannot be taken by anybody else, just from him. And also in the normal thing, like you know, you are that the subject is he taught people destined to Hoda, Sinatra, either those practices, which people could learn without a prophet, in order to have messenger you know, like how to make food, how to sew the cloth, how, you know, all these things that people know elevate the medicine, medical treatments in medicine and our

01:14:15 --> 01:14:54

dose to human knowledge, a profit in how to know the will in the world where to stand, how to, you know, plant a tree, you know, the person did not know these things, you know, he's not come to teach maybe he knows that, but that's not his purpose. He can differ from me to you or not, when not a commodity to follow the process. You have to follow him in the sooner to Buddha, not in the sooner rather to follow up with the profits that has to travel in the trails and how to play that into Lord but which month he traveled he heard the month that suited him but now he said to everything that money sooner that's not right. You can hit record when he needed you travel when you need to people

01:14:54 --> 01:14:59

have to understand the process. I used to eat food, and now we find out what time is to eat I should eat that's no he used to eat when in *

01:15:00 --> 01:15:14

Do you eat when you're hungry? There are some you should follow that the people have learned the difference between Sumatra, Hoda and Radha the problem actually the in our tiny people don't understand the thing. I they're basically some people all when I see them in the green turban

01:15:16 --> 01:15:41

and they think they're doing this because this is not the proselytism, I really never had the powers allow some game to change hold the world in a Green Party in your life that he never do left in your seat the companies have any green turban that does not exist yet you know maybe play sometime green color, but another history of us used to be green actually he left the white cloth more than anything else that one has to do in all the time in the white cloth. But now this will want to make everybody agree until a symbol

01:15:42 --> 01:15:58

because I understand really what happened why people latch to this rather because you know the holder is a difficult one why the likely time at the time I kept kept pressing that I will decide in all three then all those two in our time really what people want it you know this this actually is what the problem but the people actually simple

01:16:02 --> 01:16:03

people just want

01:16:06 --> 01:16:09

Islamic symbols symbols just they want actually

01:16:11 --> 01:16:12


01:16:16 --> 01:16:19

Islamic assembles but what the water really in the

01:16:21 --> 01:16:23

western lifestyle that want to do really

01:16:35 --> 01:17:13

you can see people are having great trouble they're very happy they fall sooner. But if you go to the house, they have TV they have all the restaurants that everybody has to just have got identity network people have got in the in the real life everybody. People talk about philosophy about estate about Islamic Sharia and all those things that descend symbols in real life they basically want to live as it was people that what really thing with myriad uses a lamp the symbols is a noun, which was submission to Allah subhanaw taala has been reduced to symbols that are Islamic, just enough just to pay topi Kosta pajama, you know, a headscarf and all those things that reduce the real Islam

01:17:13 --> 01:17:30

is gone. And everybody just said, you know, just to if you want to understand them, modern Islam, this modern Islam, where you have got Islamic symbols, but reality Western, you know is that that people want that everywhere everybody go any Muslim country, whatever you find really

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