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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone and welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a session with Chef Akram nadwi. On every Thursday at 6pm GMT, after a bit of a hiatus. Without further ado, we'll begin. Shall we have some private questions that have come in the weeks? So we'll begin with the first one. So the first question is, dear respected chef, May Allah enable us to increase in taking benefits from you. You have previously mentioned that hadith scholars have something called the recall, Jad. Could you please let us know in summary, whether the Mohabbatein would in general prefer a report that adopted that

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the recall gender or the version that is distinct from the theorical Giada? Desert? Hello, Clara.

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Smilla rahmanir rahim. The notion not that the peripheral Tjaarda you know, the, the things were easy to verify whether the

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authentic or not. So that, for example,

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could be that,

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you know, in many, many Hadith that generally, so I didn't have the hunger in the restaurant Zoli. So, that is a nice nod. But you know, you have supplementary from other people. So what we need to know is that that, you know, when he met so other people is the authentic, sometimes or aggressive

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because people know, schreiben Zori restaurant in a restaurant wahama DeLuca did,

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some narrators and later on they can change it to

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to make a car to Jada. So when difference happened between the people who not adequate to the job that I can under people who are differently. So had the same sometimes thinking the other person who the rest differently, maybe he's more, right, because it reserved another person who goes on job that maybe he memorized and just he made it. This is not a trick usual. So anyway, there's no

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hassle or not respond with directly setting in every single Hadith, we have to look properly, what has happened is sometimes very possible, that somebody who has got a nuisance, he don't move around, and someone who's actually having the normal it's not that he lied to every single thing, we have to be very, very careful.

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But there's no way that it just you refer to this agenda. I think that couldn't be more likely not to be preferred. Because every everybody would make you do that, you know, generally this person or this one. So it will be on that on that pattern. Anyway, it is much more complicated than we think.

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Every new is another new hadith is a new challenge for every

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disciple. Okay, credit. Could you for the listeners who don't know what the ripple Jadeja is, could you quickly explain that it's a that's okay. No jargon means that you know, men

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usually, it's not usually what happens is like, you know, people will read it at our machine machinerys hadith of Avada. From Abu salah. Yeah, so, can you hear from somebody so

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usually redoubles in Aragon Herrera, but of course, there was another Hadith from someone else. And so, there is more than sometimes one or more than one way that easily people read, but sometimes they can have an interest to the mean, which is not the usual usual way of missing data missing men when men read that is not comes off in a letter. So sometimes, generally people follow them for some time they could have used

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as our Hello credential. The next question is,

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we often hear from teachers that context of Hadith matters Simas simultaneously, we also heard that there's a principal and FIP ellebra to fee or mu will love the lab because sources sub that the consideration is given to the generality of the wording and not to the specific specificity of the situation. So, how do they reconcile between these two notions of paying attention to context while also not restricting the teaching to the situation is there not a tension between these two objectives? You have to disagree very poor to understand the Quran and Hadith both of them, they have

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their own specific stories or conditions in which they have been revealed. So we need to understand and sometimes they are very much bound to go the specific conditions for example, like for animals are revealed that

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up to the shakiness

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As a target to kill the mosquito wherever you get them. So we are not going to take any more younger than anybody you get a Muslim,

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we have to find a one reason. Reason is because the Prophet said nothing more than a treaty with Koresh. And of course you are the one who broke the treaty. So now we're not allowed to fight those who have broken the treaty.

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So we are not going to make it more general, simply Hadith like the prophets, Allah listen, and once a unit while standing. So we have to find out why did he do this? And then he reaffirmed. So whenever you study Hadees, you know and understand that condition in which it will be it helps you to understand the meaning. And then you apply properly to the document with a

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gentleman, cipher lappato professionals, as I've said, those people who have

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appointed, have chosen a woman leader, they will not succeed. So this actually very specific story do we have to understand that story and understanding to confined to a certain condition, when you descend, the sort of fekir that are neoliberal to the moment are more malevolent, larger forces sub the meaning basically, either, you know, in those conditions, or where the US bubble Mazoon does not limited.

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So it doesn't matter that you would, for example,

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like, you know,

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if there's a story about when the wind was forbidden, or something like that, rebar was originally the story. So rebar will not be confined to the destroyed, Oh, didn't think the Y will not be confined to the story or hijab was revealed in this condition to command for hijab will not be confined to the story, it will be gender for everybody to sometimes call it possible that command has come interested in a specific condition, but the meaning is not confined to the condition to understand that, but sometime

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couldn't be confined. So both things have to be taken into consideration. And that wide, many to have been stuck, they did not understand the specific conditions. And they can write the rules of the Quran, sunnah. And they did a mistake and that worker, I showed a lot nicer sized mini companions, that when the generator had this, you should know this in her this was just about certain person, it's not actually gender for everybody. So both things we have to keep in mind. The first thing is, whenever you read a Quranic verse of Hadith, find out what the condition is.

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And then figure it is confined to that condition, or similar condition until more resemble. So once you understand this, then easier for you, or to help you to generalize it people. Some people be that the story gonna be something similar to that condition, but sometime could be more gentle. So people have to understand all this improperly, otherwise people who have lived there so to this day, actually, sometimes we wind up on camera with gender, and the meaning will be specific. The Quran sometimes if you know you're not all the people, but the meaning is correct. Some people say yeah, but he was given a father but meaning only Pradesh does not mean all human being. So one has to

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understand that the law of grace armeniaca Ahmed and nurse believe either people believe it or not the community, a company and this other person Laurie syndrome, double Corona on NASA. So you know, sometimes the word is used agenda. I mean, specific, and sometimes what he uses specific, but the meaning is more general, so that white people have to be careful and understand the condition of the revolution properly.

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That's an alloy like a chef. The next question is, do you recollect the words in Arabic roughly that was said to be suggested by Imam Malik, stating that a hadith goes from Medina to Kufa to Kufa and ends up much longer than it was Do you remember the Arabic wording you know, sometimes in our Hadith the owner or

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shipper or something, and then when to reach to them with gopher con, there are no follow. So who says something like that? But I don't remember the whole wording but the word the shipping theory, the word what are the words that you use? Throw the Hadith on

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the ship.

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See or is there on?

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Because I've had a check on the last anonymous question that we have is there are people who suggest that some of the scholars of the time of the Omega dynasty were affected by the Omega

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political thoughts such as an aversion to the athletic bait. They include amongst the list of such people the likes of Imam Xavi, because there are not that many narrations from him to the province of Lola Salam praising Ali, like there are of other companions outside of the family of the province of lolis. Salam, how would you respond to these charges against the likes of Imams ovary and Imam Malik, I have heard that it was one of the colleagues during the time of Imam Malik, who had requested him to write a book of Hadith. And fifth, and whenever I asked these questions to scholars, they tend to criticize Shias. But I would really like an L me response so that I know the

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answer itself, rather than the criticism of the one making these arguments, please help us here. Even Merrick was asked, you know, something was said by Abu jofra, I'm sure some people said by somebody else a little more likely by budgie after that he was asked in the depths if we can make this book work, as you know, constitution or guidance for the Holy Empire. Madison, no the companies or the professor from all over the world, and they have been teaching people. So people have every

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right to read the follow up companies have woken up. So you know, just people do is they do really not like the idea that his book become like an amended book office at home or something like that. But that wasn't his sincere sincerity. He was so sincere, that people can be affected by the political force and idea that the state and power by the teachers by by school is so commonly will disappear. Even looking at our time. There are many, many aldermen, they follow the opinions of the states that are men or the fathers or mothers, because they're in school, so they don't want to even be argued against it, they will not leave it and there are people who follow the steps

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that they will lead and the brain reason Sellafield and people they have in their group, they follow them whatever argument you made and they will not listen to you. So this order will have been hyping but it does not immediately everybody's like that. So that you have to understand that there are people in every generation

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who have been around these are all reasons for firing someone. But, but there are at the same time you need people who are in your front desk, especially in the reservation. There's many many much better people came out the Maria Montessori mama lives of young Zoey Sophia Noriega and all these people we know from their lives that they're so pure you know they can anything can happen to them but today he was troubled people don't understand really but oh my god did not like you so much. You know, he managed to be there but people like him after automatic Marwan has something they they hated zoning the river not so popular with the resume because the rivers the proper is kind of you

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know, when there's something wrong, he will for immediate

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Omar Abdullah de la Mola, he liked him because Omar himself for the guy person to rely solely because of rebirth, the one who is to teach and knowledge properly. But in the family, I've been reminded that there are men who did not learn because they put fingers to read a pious person and you want to establish the salon properly. So these people they have nothing to do, you know, is a Hadith in the virtue of holiday but it's not that is that a hadith in the virtue of Maja Del Sol to the teachers they will do whatever the right thing is, they are not influenced by in a group

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she yeah people you know, there will live look at every matter from their own angle. So they think if somebody doesn't happen read as many Hadith about the virtue of Allah, but as they have gotten this must be passed faster reading what you have got it, it needs to be examined properly, miniatures, yet people have got a totally fabricated noise and not not yet innovation. Nothing reliable.

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Fear people have fabricated the story on the tongue have read so much that there are no nation either lying and fabricating.

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You know, hadith of Adi, the character you know, I didn't want to stop people Islam was always acknowledged, like Abdullah Massoud, but the problem with the people who read Hadith from Adi most of them are liars. So in that way hadith of Alia had become very very difficult to find authentic with even hadith of Ali is a concept from the students of enormous old like among certain people like the Digital Library, or hadith of only comes through in our basket in lots of ways company does very good. volley from many different people who work will be called the shear. Very, very difficult to dare to always or something. They always corrupted so hard Governor

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To the audio, problem three, with this year, those who make a story I had information and make something or becomes something else. So anyway, it's not time to give out examples.

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So just a possibility that people could follow aesthetic, it does not mean really that everybody loves that. So there have been cases where people follow scattered power motherboard, school or sector. But there are the same time many people they're very clear from that they will punish that on Monday, but you know, it's fine with the nation. But he remained on the spotlight on the Humber was described by Russia but he was so fun. Imam Abu Hanifa that was punished. But he remained firm on his part to these people, they are a people they don't compromise when the cup truth said so very, very, very fun. The refund had been harmed by these people by remained very firm on his part

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because of his vice versa.

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Because our global head and chair will now start taking the questions asked in the comment box. So the first question is where a man who asks, Is it correct that when a baby is born, one should say the other and in the right ear in and the comma in the left ear? Is this is this something that needs to be done? Yeah, that was practicing civil societies for a long long time. But we don't have any any authentic hadith on this matter, very sound one there or something but in our song, because that is a topic

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that people love to her but another NUMA toffee that Risala in the year of the baby will be born. That is the reason this culture became so popular. If somebody does not do, it does not affect anything. There's no authentic proper pool of sunlight is

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Zach Lowe, Aeron chair, the next question is Salam should we always regard hardship as punishment for our sins? How to differentiate between test and punishment?

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You know, this question has been coming so many times. Although the answer that isn't this alive, every test for you. So you punishment, it's just funny that you know what a person well, people do since the law punishes the people to justice meaning that after that you are in the fatwa to say that if you love the repent and come back to obedience, and if you don't love man, you remain on your path, then you become more and more different. So even very punishing people be punished in order to help them to come back to the right path. So the under punishment and this one, very, very lightly, it will have your punishment, to reconsider it just to make people to realize that they

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have done this day to come back to every single thing whether good or bad, it all test for you. I feel there are more tests in good rather than bad to people don't realize that when you have good thing that more testifying, more problematic, you can feel drawn to thank property.org It will follow if you have hardship, and your patient or level for review. So in a very good condition in a very bad condition that test from Allah subhanaw taala every good good or bad condition and Allah want to sit in there nothing punishment, it more more likely to bring you back to the right part of most of mortality believers should be happy when something hard happens in life. Many of us otter

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loves them Do you want them to bring them back to the right part the thank Allah, they do solid the loss of mortality solid problem.

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Article on peak chef The next question is by Fatiha you said, Salam Yasha what's the best way to understand the Quran being Shiva for what's in the heart in Surah Yunus Verse 57 And what is the difference if any, between the Quran being Shiva and being Rama as mentioned in this verse Jackalope?

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The Shiva is a cure to cancer likely not could have gotten disease in the heart like should go for big oil. We know this because of lots of molten lava the desire in all these things are very bad for the people the crab the heart. So Quran has come to cure from that how Quran grows from that Quran will mix your mind your guess right understanding you know really what to do what not to do. And then a Quran also moves your heart to you love good things and you avoid the bad things. They dare to assess the Quran the pure from all these integrative concerns especially COFRA Shilka fiscal for you, disobedience ism, from all desert pure

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Rama is more than that. Rama is, you know,

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after the pure wilderness of Motala was to benefit you with the love. So reading the book more and more, this Rama. Rama is additional to the Shiva. Shiva is when there's something in or disease

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like for La porrino. A lot of people are a disease. The first thing to do go to the

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After the gut,

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healing, recovery or cure for the disease, then after that once the cure, they want to the founder and good health, good shape to death. On the top of that, to severely believers after the cure from all those things, they want to improve more and more Terrafirma for loving video, you become more pious, even more reading, Rhonda loves you and he needs your heart more towards they are they're genuine and answer

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this but unless Natella gives you all these bounties is what they're putting in if a compliment you obey, if they come to you disobey, then they are desperate. People should be careful earning a lot of money is additional to the Shiva

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does Apollo credit check? The next question is by Aisha who asks Salam Disha in the Hadith in which a man forcibly kissed a girl who came into his shop, we know Salah was the FARA. But was there any consequence for him? The girl had a right not to be harmed?

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Yeah, there's no other material is because, you know, in these cases, you know, if somebody isn't,

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you know, basically, the problem is the person who does too big sin neurotoxin. And when people repent, repent, he came to the prophecy left and admitted to become very clear that he repented. And then once the period to repentance is done properly, some people don't repent. So even if they keep praying, nothing will happen. Because they don't attention to repent.

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The God was not physically in any in harm, belittling right. You know, certainly she will not like that. So there's no punishment for something like that it is more likely that this person to see the person, by see had me harmed physically or in any way, she can complain, if she didn't have come to the person, why the professor left them will go and find out the girl, because maybe she just don't want anybody to know her. Because many, very often, people find that something's more like that. For them. It's much better to hide it, you know, to keep a secret, rather than, you know, going to the court and everybody no justice, because that you have to have more and more. So I don't think she

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had any interest really, to compare the parameters. You remember the person who suddenly said to her that I'm sorry, I really didn't stick and dedicate the console answer. And she had forgiven him. We don't know the full story. Or either we don't have full story, because there is no generally over society. In this water meters, the water peak, which we did, unless something bigger like if somebody paid someone or somebody does more harm we have done the problem will come to the profit or to the judge to the court. But this was, you know, small, this person could have already asked the girl to file a bid or her family to farm. But that's not reported because we don't have another

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report every single detail of history.

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Does that locate and shed? The next question is a Salam aleikum. I have noticed that in some 100 P books a bit, they will say that to white the front of the neck is the front of the neck is a bidder. Why did they specify that this is a bid? Is there some historical reason for it?

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The front of the look to who does this is somebody that does not already do that to Hana freebook are most likely learning about the biocatalytic that

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some people wipe out the backup naked. And that had been this difference of opinion. Some people settle out. And some people say to the Buddha, or in India that had the two groups and fighting each other and ratting because each other together, but I don't think anybody has a idea. Sorry, everybody talks about the front of the beta the index recovered that dispute.

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Because Okolloh hadn't checked the next question asks, Chef, there are scholars who say women mentioned in surah Tala verse four who do not menstruate are children who haven't hit puberty and they use this to justify child marriage. Is that correct?

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No, you said that it attaches that could be married, but it does not mean that other people should do you know, laws that discuss every single detail, all possibilities. So sometimes called me in society that people

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you know, there could be some good reason for that. But that does not mean that what people should do. So I've written in your book, Islam and inshallah coming soon. With that I discussed this, that in our time, especially

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the there should be no child to marry unless it at the absolute need, and authority. Let the judges of course is involved in that matter, and did

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find out anything that no exploitation, that could cause some type will be reason, like the father is dying of cancer. And that no matter nobody look after the girl, and she's very smart, 10 year old or something like that to the Father Son thing that if he can maybe help when he's alive and and be in a safe place to the court has to look into the case really the person who marry is going to respect her until she become adult, you know, all these things. So yeah, something I couldn't possibly but Quranic was does not mean that what people should do, or honor you know, any law book the lack of details about those matters, which are not common, which have nothing to do, but they do

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because sometimes it can happen.

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To Zocalo clan and check. The next question asks, Will I be sinful if I don't cover my head? I presume this is coming from a woman? Yes.

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Yes, it really is. You know, first thing is people understand really, that work masterfully.

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On what is the most important in your command to start about the player loving the playa do five times a day, and fasting and all those things, got some time for some women, maybe subtle condition, covering the hair all the time into looks for them, maybe not so easy. So we are not going to force everybody but what I'm trying to say that you know when something comes out of your own when which is much better. So instead of thinking about that, covering the head and start thinking about the player, that is the most important thing, and when you click over your head, then after that in the future, you learn more and more about Islam. So you will see Inshallah, that what Allah said is to

00:26:48--> 00:26:49

make sense.

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We have noticed started this along with covering the hood, we started really with a pair of

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shoes up low credit check. The next question is

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by Exxon who asks, Salam aleikum, Chef, can we see that Islam was spread by the sword, I heard both views from Islamic scholars, Zack Loffredo. The thing really is ugly.

00:27:16--> 00:27:32

Hassan, you must be the one you must read in my heart. Just today before coming to the class. I was thinking when I go, but I'm going to write an article. And that normally would be I don't need to do to do a lot. And Africa will be the

00:27:33--> 00:27:36

spread of Islam is not

00:27:38--> 00:28:13

do to basically Express Islam even more due to how Muslims lived. So their life that what made people become Muslim, if you look into any any society, how Islam is split in the in African countries, even in Syria, and our Masada didn't ever ask me to become Muslim, but their companionship, when they look at the Sahaba they look at their life, they became Muslim Muslims, they never actually spread Islam, you know, by calling it was their life. So the reason I'm writing this article in the context of Palestine,

00:28:14--> 00:29:01

that you know, how Palestinian people, they have patient slavery, and how they really became firmly after all these problems, any people who come made, even the mothers, the women, the children, still they're so brave. And so it's fun today to meet many, many people from the non Muslims, restaurants and others, to study Quran to do this alarm that how they are so standard. And I've heard that many, many people, some people actually somebody was saying to me Oxford today, that 1000s of people will be converted to Islam, because of the life of of Palestinians. So Islamic really spearheaded by by border Muslims who live by that Oregon either when people saw the life of a broker Sadiq or Mara

00:29:01--> 00:29:21

Faruk, when the companies came to Iraq and Syria, and people saw them, they became Muslim. So understand that this is the most important Islam release. I've gotten many ministers have just understood it, even in UK, whether people become Muslim because the livable city, I saw his character and despite the delicacy did not really you know,

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philosophical part of Islam that in yes people Muslim, or to not really split power which makes people stay separate, don't help in this matter, to conceal economic we live in Christian history, nothing happened in order to induce India, nobody because Hindu because there's almost nobody had the rule in India for such a long time. Nothing happened. The people who become accept Islam within more really by being in touch or interaction with the Muslims, to real reason after explaining the salami that you know, to see how Muslims by Islam that is the most important thing

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Look, we look forward to your article chef inshallah. So that's all for today. Unfortunately, I can see that there's been a lot of questions today. So, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it next week, which is up located on shift for your time and just talk a little later on everyone for joining. And we'll be back next week on Thursday at 6pm GMT. As always, a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh