Adnan Rajeh – Love of Life and Fear of Death

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of dunya and death in life, emphasizing the need to practice and learn about oneself in order to reach a favorable social media status. They also mention a small group of Muslims who do not adhere to any thing and stress the importance of practicing and learning about oneself in order to reach a status of favorable social media. The speakers suggest that practicing and learning about oneself is part of a minority community and that one should make sure they are not missing.
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Well masala was telling him about Africa and he you know have you been Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ijeoma you know but for her the heroes of Juma Alima to Mubarak who centerfield XL them you know Salah to either say you de moda yo Rasulillah but early yo sabe one who I love and coolly I'm gonna saw his native Joomla three bus at night there's about a bollock and this night. The Sunnah is to increase your salah upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and all good deeds.

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I'm going to stop talking about the issues of marriage.

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I don't think I can continue to talk about something well, while we continue to receive this, this influx of,

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of images of people being pulled from the rubble children, without families and those that are being wrapped up in white, and white cloth, as if it's, well, it's, I've never, I've never thought in my lifetime that we would, we would witness something like this,

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with support of governments that have some degree of representation of people within them was one thing for it to happen from governments that are totalitarian in their approach. That's understandable. We know where that comes from. But for it to happen, with the with the support of governments that to claim to have some representation of people within them is just very difficult to comprehend. And what it tells you is that whatever is set up in this world, in terms of, of safety measures, or safety valves or organizations, they're just they're just for show, they're just to keep those who put them there to be able to use them when they want to, to use them when it when

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it suits them, when it when it when it serves their interests when it when it doesn't, they don't have any weight at all, they have no importance whatsoever.

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We always knew this, like I can't say that I didn't. But it's just never, it's never happened in such a blunt manner. You see, within the struggle of power in the world. courtiers have always been forced to play the game of being ethical and being moral, in order for them to continue to be in power. That's how it works. This is a struggle, that's been the story of the world since the world has existed. And you can't, you can't claim you can't gain power gain popularity, by being bluntly, racist and hateful, it doesn't work that way. You have to play the game, you have to dance around things, and you have to be good at concealing your intentions. It's just always been the king sits

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in the courtiers they play the game to see who can win the affection of the being popular and being.

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So today, it's just it's not happening anymore. It doesn't matter. It's just bluntly, the opposite. Yes, we're just gonna, we're gonna slaughter these people. And we're gonna force them out. And there's nothing you can do about it. And yes, it doesn't matter what how many courts or how many international organizations points out that this shouldn't be happening, because you've been doing it anyways. Because these organizations had no had no weight to begin with. They didn't have any importance or significance from the beginning. It's just now becoming very clear to everyone else that it is and I and I can't imagine what's going to happen next in the world with that being the

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case, because how are you? How are the countries that are there, they're clearly and openly ignoring all of the calls from international organizations that they put in place, how are they going to later on use that card to stop other things from happening, like who's gonna listen to this in the future, it's not just about us, it's about the world in general, and keeping the peace and making sure that the sanctity of life is respected all across the board. But I guess when it comes to us, it's just not and that that's just very, very alarming. I'm extremely concerned about what's going on this is this is kind of weird since World War Two, it has not happened in the way that it's

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happening right now, where there's a clear and open any

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act of neglect towards ethics and morals and principles that the globe is agreed upon. Now, before when things like this happened, there's always a way to argue it in terms of you know, where you stand. But right now, there's really nothing to argue this just is doesn't mean they're just not gonna listen. And that's just very concerning, in my opinion, which is why we are forced again, or this is forcing us again, to re re approach or revisit our approach to this problem altogether, as Muslims and within the West, we have to rethink it. We thought that maybe that we have to rethink this again and for how we are going to deal with this problem internally and he didn't want to share

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with you is he's a good way to kind of go back and think you already know him if he was 30 he besides Hassan Well, I would I would appreciate it if you certainly have a roof over your home. I certainly don't so how could I be honest with you Allah Hello Karl. semiotically rasool Allah has sent me a photo with Oban that is on the right to you you've heard before, but this is the narration I'm choosing as in the cartoon by Muhammad as an authentic generation of warriors and reading it. He said I heard so bad the Prophet Allah is what I'm saying to Tobin. Colocasia, and to me as Oban either Tada oh man, woman, open, Canada a coma.

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cuz I tend to freeborn I mean, huh? How are you going? What do you want to do with Oban when the day comes when all the nations around you will be inviting one another to take to take shots at you

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to take from your wealth or take from yours or your integrity or dignity as you do when you're offering each other food as you sit in front and when you bring your guests and you offer if there's food you're offering people here to take some no you take

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for Carla Bab and Bacala Bab into OMYA rasool Allah, I mean 10 lettin Bina there's an order so Allah I sacrifice my life and my parents were you Is it because we are there's few of us that they call Allah UCLA. But Antonio maketing cathedra when I can you'll call people who become one one? No, that day there's many of you but one is thrown into your hearts for UCLA marijuana. Yeah rasool Allah What is one what is the word is has it has an Arabic meaning, but but nobody has intelligence? Is it? Yeah, of course, you you're using this phrase, you must have a definition for it yet awesome. I love that. That's more than just the meaning of it, which is weakness. What do you mean like

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elaborate, so we did Allah is gonna help welcome duniya workabout here to come in mode, the love that you have for the worldly matters and the the excessive fear that you have of death of mortality.

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It's not wrong to to, to love the life that you have. And it's not wrong to fear death. Both of these things, by the way, are very natural and human. Like they're normal. No, you're not supposed to want death. You're not supposed to hate the life that you're living in. But, but it's when those two things allow you or get you to compromise your values or your principles. When these two things, and put you in a position where you're where you sell out to where you no longer commit to that what you believe in, you're no longer able to speak the truth or be the person that you know you should be or follow the word of Allah subhanaw taala. When these two things, when you love the dunya to the

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point, and you're as fearful of death to the point where you're willing to draw a blind eye to other people's pain and suffering, when you're when those two things cause you to, to see what's occurring in the world and still not make a decision of changing who you are and walking down a different path in life and making decisions or choices that will allow you to be someone who was much more productive and much more adherent to what Allah subhanaw taala is teaching you understanding that if these two if you're the love of dunya, this, this wanting of more of materialistic things, and this and this illusion of living forever, and just refusing the concept that your life is going to end to

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just like their lives are ending prematurely your life will end to if those two things are not are so powerful, that you're that then yeah, the Omo become weak, can we because the people will become weak because you have no Zima anymore. Because people who were running after worldly things acting like there's no end to it, there's no there's no, there's no deaths, and then accountability there. They can't You can't even you can't speak logic into their ears they can't listen to they're not listening to it, because they're so distracted and preoccupied with something else. So the Prophet said, no, no, there's lots of us fine numbers are fine. It's just the way you're living is

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different. You guys are not at that point, you're just running after dunya, you'll want more whatever it is you have, you want more of it. And you're acting like death doesn't exist, like you're not going to be held accountable. Like you're not going to you know, cease to exist one day, you're living your I feel like you're living forever, like this life is

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the only way to live as you don't know if there's a tomorrow. So you'll live today to the best of your ability. So that if you don't see tomorrow morning, you can stand in front of God and you have no way to argue your way through it. If there's any milestone that you're waiting for, in order for that to be possible, then you're doing it wrong. You're like No, no, I can't I can't if I die tonight, I'm not gonna do well. But Inshallah, if I get to that point, then you're not living, right? No, no, you have to live in a way where if tonight, light was to end, you had something you have something so no, I, I have something to argue with. It's not perfect, but I have something, I

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have something to go for. Like I wasn't living life as if there was no tomorrow. Or as if there's no end to it. And I wasn't running after dunya. If there's nothing else that was valuable, then at least also was very accurate. He was a bull's eye in explaining and that's why we are where we are right now.

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That's where we are where we are, you have to remember that as a Muslim practitioner, as someone who practices Islam, you're a part of a minority, not on the globe. No amongst your own faith. You're part of a minority within your own faith within your own Deen, you're a part of a minority. It's nothing to be proud of. It's just something to remind you that if you want that to change that you have to if you're a part of the minority, and if you look at yourself, you're like, Well, I'm not doing very well, then what are you what do you expect? If this is the minority that is practicing? And if you don't feel like you're doing well, then what are you talking about everyone else, we have

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a long way to go. We have to get ourselves in a position where we're doing better so that we can get the majority that is not so then come back again and practice so that we can actually see change in the future. That's a lot of work. That may be too much work for some. It may be I don't think it is but it may be

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we're a part of

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Have a small group, the majority of Muslims and atheists community don't come to my session. They don't adhere to anything. If Allah subhanaw taala made you one of the fortunate ones, one of the great one of the lucky ones where you come, then you have to really make sure that you take a good long look at yourself and see where you are and make sure that you work on it so that later on you can go and reach out to that person who's little bit lost and find their way through the so they can find through you their way back. And then hopefully through all that we are the status of Roma changes in that and that definition that he left us with our installs and does not stain us for the

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rest of our lives. You will remember him to do he will study he was also here. I never heard of the Allahu Anhu calls me to rasool Allah He said Allah Allah will you sell me a call with Obi Wan Kenobi? cambiato Bernita Tada Tellico mom may call it overland Canada AECOM, Allah cos I didn't disable them in half a cada Bab enter OMYA rasool Allah and maintain that in na no one will kill it in Mina for Karla Salah Salem LA but Antonio Madan cathedra will happen you will cough equally who will become will one for Karla marijuana. Rasool Allah Allah help welcome to dunya Okara here to come across. So Allah,

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Allah Allah, Allah DeSoto

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