The Power of Quran Recitation

Nouman Ali Khan


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The speaker describes a time in which they recited the Quran while traveling to a convention. They also recite a prayer and discuss a crowd of people who are crying. The speaker describes a pivotal moment in their memory when they hear a powerful recitation of the Quran and wonders if they undermine the power of the crowd.

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I was in university, I went to a convention when I was in college on the Muslim Students Association convention. And I did not know any Arabic at the time, right. And we went to the fajr prayer and this brother, I still remember his name brother slave, I still I don't know where he is and who he is still. But I remember, he led the prayer and He recited I didn't know much Quran at all. And he, he was a rocky fellow. And he recited so that cough. I didn't know what cough at the time. I didn't know I didn't even read Quran properly at the time. And he recited with cough and I remember crying my heart out in Fudger, not knowing what he's saying. And it's not even like social crying like the

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guy next to me is crying. So I'm like, Okay, I'll cry too low. It's the word of Allah was just, it was doing something to me because of the beautiful, magnanimous way in which he was reciting the IRS. And I had to find out that I there was a big crowd, I couldn't find him. So I tend to do you know, what's what I was trying to do? You know, so he was saying, you know, like, I needed to know what is it that he was reciting? And that got me reading the translation of Surah Kahf. And it got me curious about reading translations to begin with, like I was already heading towards Islam, but like the real Quran, curiosity, one of the pivotal moments in my memory is actually listening to

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powerful recitation of the Quran. So I don't think we should undermine the power of this the power of just the sound of the Quran echoing in the world.

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Oh, oh Alhamdulillah

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me Alhamdulillah Hello, Bill, isla. Me