The ‘Awrah of the voice

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Go into his

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house. I've heard quite a few times from people that they stood behind them. And they threw stones basically behind him. They were behind who the two women it was I listen to their father. They walked in the house and they threw stones in the direction they want to go to speak. So I want to ask you this authentic source

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where the Quran says this Carranza da da Mata

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masa putana.

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Under Musa al Islam in followed, followed her to see well, how can you know what what is the way to show? How does she have to tell? But this thing she's thrown the stone in? We've got these people assume that she cannot talk. But she talks process she talks now she's a she's in a she she dumps she can talk. She can talk maybe the thinking the token to a mine is also our live person. People's a women's voice hour they can't speak but curiosity spoke was a process she said in Abuja, Luca

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amasa putana bourassa. When she was in front of Musa, she said to her father, in law, my father in flying is in the Hara minister I mean, when Musa his half sister came to France by a pilot, she talked to the men that I know a woman who can you know whom any child can I keep talking? Now the women don't talk to the people, they talk to him in this thing, that paralysis when we will have to talk to them and talk in a voice to they don't have illness, they still have elicited their problem. You know, the Quran says women should not talk because of the men. This is not right. You know, people unnecessarily don't think what happens is, you know that they don't want to take knowledge

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from the Quran, they want to take knowledge from the society, they have come from a culture they want to take knowledge from their culture, not from the Quran, Quran does not teach any of these things, you know, these people think women are problem for them. This is not true truth really is your probably your own mind your heart, but allow us to you know, give us some production, if you go to in outside and you see oh man your problem, your problem, you should clear your heart you know, if we are covered properly, is still your problem. It is really illness to serious illness, do you have to do no I'm sorry, I can run we may have to shut down in a household I will remain outside

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because I mean they should because you know I feel bad when I see women that most problem like that basically, you walk when go straight now mountain can not move mountains to move. Because you know, I mean how can a man move mountain has to move you know to your property you have to move if you assume is still a problem, then you move why women have to move.

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People have to understand that Allah has made our end up investing for them anyway they have to come with you but what else you need? Now, your problem that the prophets have said when you see all that glory right currency, Quran does not move the woman away for us when you pass in a street and assume and your desire comes lower your eye corner said no shut down the women inside the house because you've got your desire that's quite

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unnecessarily proud in the society never happened really. No Prophet taught no messenger, even the Prophet Muhammad Salah aka Sadiq used to enter into the tent or the women talk to them. You can see graphically only women that know mine he entered into the tent and talking to them.

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Talking to the women's probably taught not only one or two tops, you know, details you can see over a kata to talk to the woman. And you know once the he came out from Moscow, and a woman came to him and she said to him Omar, do you remember the day when you used to be no look at where you are just a shefford looking after the Shiva Bernardi and this and that and now you become the mom and you you know you don't care about the people to one of the companies said to her, let me you know, correct her. She's you know, Marotta said Do you know who she is? She the woman when she compared Lisa template from about a seven haven you know, Allah says Allah called allottee to Jaya DeLuca I love

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listen to that woman who was arguing with her husband she she are good with the husband. The Quran does not say how can you argue with your husband?

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You know we will say that that if a woman argues the husband people say you're a woman my wife and wife should shut down shut and and they should not speak in front of the camera. She argued with the husband and allegedly said about the seven heavens and Khurana came in to support her supporting her see.

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You people have to understand Allah is not unlike a lot get a minute we're both what to be fair with everybody. In order to go to all the time for the men or the women know it fear is fair to the men is fair to the women to both of them. If men are on his want to support the women, if women are wrong, he got to you know, basically Java to fairness in the world. To this idea, it's very bad for people so the women cannot speak they cannot talk they cannot work, justice.

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Inside the house, they cannot come from the from anywhere except three times. You know this thing. invention. It is really fabrication it like that women only can come out three times. This is this big, big lie