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The transcript discusses the use of clothing in various cultures and the importance of understanding the concept of Islam and avoiding giving people too much influence. The speakers also touch on the negative impact of not being able to pray at the same time and the importance of learning the Quran and avoiding giving people too much. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for coffee and a drink and reminds viewers to join the warahmatullenses next week.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone. Welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a with Chef Akram nadwi. On every Thursday at 6pm PST. Without further ado, let's begin. Chef we have two private questions that have come in. So I'll start with those inshallah. The first question is regarding the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that says Manta Chabahar comb, Coleman for who I mean what are the legal parameters of this and what does this include an Intel does it include dressing language? What does this really mean?

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To the Hadith, Manta, Bobby, oh man, for who I mean.

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Every nation you know, have their own identity, their own culture, there are things by which they're identified. And sometimes what happens if people you know, prefer other cultures and their identities over their own to that actually is a inferiority complex that people develop to Hadith about those people. So, sometimes could be there are certain things which are common to more than one culture, you know, Muslims have the same thing and other people have same thing that's not identity, like for hyper Muslims it with the right hand, if there are nations in the world who do the right hand, that does not mean that we are similar to them, no, they are similar to us. So,

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there could be many things which are common among Muslims and non Muslims, but

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there are certainties by which people realize really, who they belong to. So that we should be very careful to for example, insert in some cultures people to the right hand or left hand, so, that will be if people do for no reason other than loving their culture. Today it will come under that hadith that will not be you know, something considered to be right to

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certain celebrations like you know, Hindu people have got their own you know, holy and some of those festivals that nothing to do with Islam, the Muslim celebrate them. So, that is you know, very dangerous is Sunni Shia *can things like that become you know part of Muslim culture. So, that what it means is something which is very particular to a nation the identity you know, and people identify you with that action that you belong to that nation do you do that that will not be allowed or sometimes we come across something haram independently what they are

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so, Chef a lot of people on this would say what about things like clothing or things like that, yeah Niccolo what in Islam the cut into cloth has two conditions to Muslim growth must cover the outer you know the the important potluck for women that are affirming their outer from navel to the knees, to this one thing, second thing in wherever Muslims are, they should wear the cloth of the noble people of that community doesn't mean that Muslims are non Muslim noble people to like in India you know Muslims have good data the address of the noble people in their society is not from the Prophets a lot of them are from Indian culture. Right if nobody people were saved like in Western

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societies people have got a trouser shirt to noble people in law courts and like that people do but sometimes there are in every culture people you know who are like you know, people call these cool people have seen people like that today just want to be you know, different from everybody. Yeah, so one should not follow them. There Kucera chick keep genuine every day rather than the way of noble people they feel were noble. A lot of noble people of a society are recovering your body properly and Islam says that Islam did not actually you know, falling into the nation because these are human thing is shared by every nation like food to further put if you are in England, and you eat their

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food with your salad

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and it's a good for health. That's fine, too. People eat fish and chips maybe Muslim nation don't have this to buy here the halal food Herat and people follow that did no harm in that too in some things that are you know, well with us which are shared by all the nation because the human so you can follow them as long as you understand the halal Hara.

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Just talk a little later and check the next anonymous question that's come in.

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Is, is polygamy recommended in Islam or simply permissible? Why did Allah say in the Quran, marry two three or four, instead of saying marry 123 or four

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You know the thing is that you know Allah subhanaw taala they were not pleased with people he knows not the new Saudi society

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nowadays you can see that the men have more choices than the women you know the people who asked me to get a you know to help them for marry most of the women there don't have a problem you know further put a man married divorced then divorced the women have very difficult chance very little likely to get married again men have more more chances. So in some of these societies, one solution could be that those who are richer or who can afford to have you know two wives or maybe more than that provide everybody proper you know,

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accommodation and expensive it could help the women many many women they could get that house they could get a protection they could and then after that they can do whatever they like they're free they dependent because they get house and everything. Now it did not happen even one magically because now because the women either who need to get married today accept any condition and I find so many times that minimum I read them and then under all conditions and treat them very badly if we will become less than the men meaning it is some people married to women you can see the value of the women will rise that what the entertainer the Companions as soon as the woman divorce there's so

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many people asking to marry her to Quran says you know no we've got to marry and in the waiting period you have to wear don't hit Quran has to stop them so in that that is the one important solution in other societies where they don't have distinct what they do is the solve the problem by friendship to the make women as the friends now some Muslims have started same thing Miss er marriage all those marriages have received real marriage it it is simple It basically solving a problem a very bad way is not my sorry nice way people know you are so so the wife you've got accommodation expensive. Now people want secret marriage. The winner got no right nothing did

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happen. Very ugly, but a lot way the best way. No doubt. Kuranda NASA why? Because why did already there anyway, one wife is about more than one wife didn't put answer to one is already there to either people have more than one occurrence. If you can't do justice, then keep one. Just one is

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just that located on share, we'll move on to the questions being asked now. The first question is by Maria, who asks a Salam aleikum. What would you suggest as a resource of the seer for someone who has enough basics in Arabic as their first language, but no background in Quranic study or tafsir? Does that qualify?

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Yeah, you know, this is important question and people

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you know, I will say really that you need to read the theory where you can get the language of the Quran right meaning right, then after that, you go to those trustees where you get more reflection, you know, moving the heart and or something like that. So, one important the fear could be if you are a parent, if you are being very, very good, they advise you to study a chef. So it's very good for the language blog and all those things. If your language not so good, then read the CMYK I feel that will be very very helpful. Once you have done that, then you can come to more of the series in Arabic or Leptospira set for the Shahida or even though I shoot are people like that, who are modern

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writers. So there are some you know pets in a shorter version as well. You can read them but the fastest start the seed of those people who want to teach you the right meaning. Then reflection come after that people start reflecting with the wrong meanings. So the reflection because all wrong the first thing you know what Quran says. Then after that you need to go deeper and reflect upon that. And I've seen the best of you for the Quran. The fear of the mortuary Kashif

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Joseph located and Chef, the next question is by even Mohammed who asks, What does the head What does not sure if there's a hadith of Quran I in Allah Allah you were you may be home in Hatha Yoga you may be unfussy. I mean,

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the Quranic verse, meaning with a lot of Hautala has, you know, stole all the famous upon the people, you know, they're living the peace, the good the food, they get so many things. So if people keep thanking Allah subhanaw taala and they worship HIM and obey HIM properly to the Allah favor support them will remain absolutely degrees. Quran see if you find me I agree the favor. Allah did not change the favor until people themselves change meaning people start you know, being unfaithful to Allah disobeying him falling in the sin

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To use a lifesaver to disobey select people of Sabah did the same thing. They disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. To he took away from them all the favors to everybody. Whenever people you know, don't think a lot organizing favors, don't obeying in the favors, then favors are taken one by one, people don't get a chance they have to come back return. If they don't repented, then we were taken completely. So that a very important thing, the important rule the Quran is teaching, that always remember Allah favors, thank him to Allah will increase your His favors, but if you don't think him, don't obey him use his favors, like he gave you money now use the money, you know, to go and see

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those programs which are sinful, is waste your money in those times he will take money from you, he gave money for art, but if you take his money, and spend in charity, help poor people, help your family spend on them, your level of give you more, but many people waste their money in sinful things. So I said time Allah has given you time to spend your time and only bother reading the Quran, understand it a favor, by invest your time you know, it's things which actually are not lawful. That's very, very dangerous. The third one meaning is when people cheat. And somebody last night phoned me, there are so many people

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who spent their lives in seeing the wrong programs or the wrong things on the internet on their mobile phones. If people do this, their punishment will come. You know, physically they will be, you know, very weak, Allah will weaken them, take away the favor might be confused. You know, they can't do any good things in their life will be you know, very bad. You know, nothing can be accepted, expected. No good can come for them. But people who are patient, you know, the strong, they don't fall into sin. And the openness of Hatha Yoga, the favors will be decreased during day.

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Just upload later and check. The next question that is asked, says salam regarding my question last week, if the in laws are very good, and treat the wife so good, and the husband fulfills everything, but she's still not helpful husband's place. I presume he means the mother and father in law's place will she be accountable?

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Nothing to do with her to her with her in laws. I don't know why people keep bringing in those in either when you marry a woman in it she she's only responsible for you meaning there are some rights

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of men sometimes that the women but that no rights and is referred in laws that no right has already men have no you know, duty towards their in laws. Women have no duties. It's up to give her freedom. If she's not she's not comfortable within those that fine, Is she fine it up to her she wants to come to him. He shouldn't have to convince them that no obligation because it's not her duty. So I don't understand why people is tempting their wives to be good or to mix with in law. If they do, that's fine. They don't do it for them. You can't force them you can't actually you know, judge them because you know, the how good they are with your family. Because there's nothing to do with you

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can't actually make your wife to respect your your in laws. There could be any reason you don't even have to have a right to ask the reason because it nothing to do with Darren they have no duty. The women have no duty to work towards their in laws. And men have no duty towards their in laws, you know, so duties and responsibilities are only for men or women, husband wife, not in both.

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Physical O'Hara and chef. The next question is by Polly Begum, who says salam Is it permissible to have heparin injections. It is made from pigs and use as a blood thinner. It's given off the C sections to prevent blood clots, I have a C section for medical problems, I have to have a C section

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that no other alternative medical treatment and this only thing available to certainly in need. We allow people but there are alternative go for that.

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Does not locate and CIF. The next question is by referred who says a salam ala Concha or always in my I'm always in my negative thoughts, doubts and tensions are coming. Advice me advise me on how to overcome these problems. And please explain Surah Baqarah number 283 about hiding testimony.

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You know things

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when people are sitting alone, you know doing nothing. So shaitan actually occupies a mind. Keep yourself busy. If you're busy you want to boost this nifty all the time you have a plan. You can't think more to let you know, you know all the time thinking about what the next day and the next day and there's so many things going after

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The other talks about we're tired about thinking, what happened to that nothing, no time really farts, wrong thoughts or something like that?

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Then why'd you you know make your time you know, use your time properly. You know, if you have time a lot of Quran has read the Quran, do the prayers, teach people help people make dinner all the time. If your family spent time with the family, help them in that what the people used to do need to do if you do that didn't shatter they will run away from you. Because Sheraton only occupies a La Condesa thing and Persian language foreigner hottie era Do you get it? If their house is empty, did shed shed unoccupied to whenever empty shutdown comes if not empty, or very doing something Shelton will run away from is to make all with a proper program for yourself that this month I'm going to

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achieve this and it should be more than the time, then you already are tired thinking how to do telephone.

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You know, the testimony should not be hiding anyway. Because if that, you know the right of the people depend on your testimony, then you must testify you know in the court or wherever needed. But if there are many other people who can do the testimony you are new to then there's no need for you to rush it you know, but whenever the new sponsor, you must do it.

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Just Arklow head and Chef, just a brief announcement before we continue. Enrollment is now open for the next academic year as salam Institute. You can enroll onto our foundation yet Arabic immersion year that Islamic scholarship program or the all new Quran study program, details are on the website.

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And also we do have a two week Arabic summer school coming up in Makkah where you'll be learning and improving your Arabic in the holy city and not to mention that Chef Akram will be there as well. So details for that are also on the website. Let's continue inshallah. The next question we have Chef is by Aram who says a Salam aleikum chef. If two Muslims a male and a female are working together in a job, but they're both not allowed to take a break at the same time to go to the masjid and pray Juma should the man be given priority to go and pray Juma or should both colleagues alternate equally every week?

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Nothing Juma is obligately and the men in all the congregation things that are obligatory on the men if they don't do they will get sin if the women do they get rewards but if they don't do they don't get any sin to certainly if there's no other way only one can do too I think that women should sacrifice and they should say to their male colleagues you go because if you don't go you can see I can press or you know anywhere I don't get sued. So that should be the compromise where maybe sometimes they're allowed to people are not different I don't know but anyway but if only around one person so one should prefer the men because they have it the door open because women don't

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deserve love hate and the next question that is being asked is by four ad who asks, am I allowed to recite all parts of Salah loudly I would like my two year old son to hear it. Eg for example what we say in such then it will go into shepherd.

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The prayers actually are described properly by the proselytize companions, you can't change them. So the night prayers, you can read the Quran loudly, Alpha 200 something but just be heard. There should be done quietly. Depth prayer everything should be quiet. The Gita the Sunnah, that the prophets, Allah, Allah may Allah ma set is worshipped, you can't change it. But if you want to teach your children that's a different matter. You can pray prayers for teaching purpose, you know, there's not a bada that we used to do like a madrasah. You know sometimes they teach every single thing just be heard everything said loudly to people know what they're reading to the cat love it.

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Sometimes I used to teach my grandchildren or children how to pay to your everything loudly. So it teaches department metal do you teach loudly, but that's not really your prayer but let your marriage prayer do as it is sunnah. But if you want to teach Maori prayer you can do separately

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because of the love affair and share next question

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asked by machine is what is the ruling for someone who feels wind in almost every solar when he when he can understand his might

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just feeling is not you know did not break any will do nothing really it is when people you know have songs or they said sound or symbol comes. So just because you feel it does not mean

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You know, it should be sound, you can hear it. We should be submitted that you can smell it. Otherwise don't go forward for sofar whispering of your thought

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is an ally like a chef. The next question is by Omar who says salaam chef, I had a question about how to deal with abusive parents is pleasing, abusive parents essential when you feel nothing you do is appreciated, and it doesn't please them.

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You know, think that everybody has to do their duties properly. If your parents are abusive, to think really what important to do that do and then leave, do your own things. You don't need to be all with around with them if they don't like you. And they don't want you know, they've abused you. So if they're needed, then fulfill the need to come back. If they don't need you, then then other people just say go and say salaam to them some time and leave because they don't like they want don't want you to go down. But if they're needy, you

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sacrifice your time and go and do the needs and then leave. Don't stay there because if they somehow hurt you, but I don't understand why some parents will do this. Well if they do. You have to think you know, don't hurt them unnecessary. If your presence is not liking, then leave them on one day we do them or give some gifts sometimes send them to they know that you like them, or you know, or it can be talked to them over the phone that you love them to dinner that you want to have relation. It is their problem that they don't want you to be around

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because of the low clean and Chef next question is by Sally Begum, who says As Salam aleikum, Chef, is Allah's favors upon us greater than his mercy, his mirth His mercy is reserved for Muslims, but His favours are upon all of mankind

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would need all these different between mercy and favor?

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All the favors are part of His mercy, His mercy or are the believers and believers everybody has mercy where the mercy in the Day of Judgment will be for only for believers, but in this world for his mandate for everybody last month. Anybody lost his helper he's there to help them. So you know, in your favor comes because of Rama. He's kind to everybody. He loves everybody. You know, he's not boulard Amin, part of Raghu, Rama, Rama, you know the reason luckily he was a human being believed and believed believer because Rama is merciful. His mercy is not limited to believers, on everybody believers and unbelievers, any mustard trees, the whole universe is under the Mercy data era or

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Buddha Allah mean, but in the Day of Judgment, His mercy, he said, what I have written will differ believers in the Day of Judgment easily, you know, cut our power and have enough raw material for the videos, but in this world, everybody

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does that low here and the next question is by

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Ray Han, who asked when the Prophet and the scholars spoke of the rewards of the lower was it assume that there should be some level of understanding in contrast today, with with no understanding is

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that what the law means understand really,

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reading, reading with understanding that no, no language were reading us for not understanding every language when you say for example, have you read a book on the grammar? I will let you know Shakespeare's work. Have you read this poetry? It always means understanding. Nobody thinks that you read just words. The word Allah says read the Quran you need to understand it. So let the love that I want me to follow the meaning follow everything. So that no no reading of the Quran with our understanding, not allowed or understanding. Everybody must make effort to understand the book of Allah is the message that I came.

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Does that love her? And the next question is by Shahab who asked who says a Salam aleikum, Shiva Quran. The Quran is full of stories of previous nations that didn't pay their messengers. And as a result were destroyed. Or as in the case of Bani Israel continue to go astray. I haven't come across any store nations that were positive examples, ie they obeyed the messengers that will then Salim and Elisa mentioned as having political and religious power about it. Are there any such examples?

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The Quran has got the stories of everybody really good people, bad people obedient a disobedient to full of all the stories I don't know why, in all the prophets, you know, they are good people obedient of Allah subhanaw taala they are immediate followers are very good people Khurana mission, their stories, people of the cave, they are not prophets, but they are you know, people good people to Quran missions. You know, many people from early nations and they are very good in the time of fire of some people from his pilots. They are so good.

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There is no doubt really Quran missions more suited to the nation because to war

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McCann people that have my central has come to you if you don't listen to him, then it will happen to you same what happened to the nations before you so that a warning for them but in the Quran is a story for everything. You know people who obey their stories or their people who don't equate this to their stories or their you know Quran full of examples of the companies or the person that is not so good followers of

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Musa Islam and a good followers of Elisa Islam. Quran mission is to Ephesus loves followers, man and Saudi Allah. Quran has got all those tools

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as an ally leadership, the next question is by Samuel, who says a Salam aleikum. My question to the sheer if the Quran and Islamic history allows men to have four wives, why the woman or Islamic women cannot accept this thing like my own wife says she will do suicide if I marry again, please explain if Allah has made this law, then why can't women accept that happily?

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You know, when Allah some other allow something does not mean really, that people just do to not obligated then you have to look at your conditions, your your circumstances, if you can afford two houses independent on each wife in a proper right. Yeah, then the more likely they should think. But people bring the two three wives in the same house. You know, and without any legal marriage, nobody can see that that's not right. That's not what krrc Puranic way that people should just do it and move them feel better. They still maybe some women don't like that. So you have to understand you have to sit with them make a clear that they understand it because if they don't understand it will

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create more problem for you to understand you're having to waste more than two in that obligately It is just you know allowed for the people in it. But you have to look into even one wife clearly is somebody can think he cannot keep one wife there to Hara for him to marry. Even one of my daughter had said that, you know people who can afford somebody that he angry did not behave properly to not respect the women will say to them not worry anymore. Because it's not that it's if Quran allows something because obligatory even though having one wife is not obligatory. Some people actually for some people, it's better not to marry at all.

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To when when Quran allows you, you have to look your conditions your family, how much you can afford, just having two wives dinner is not a fun thing. It is a marriage a big responsibility. You know, people think marriage enjoyment they are wrong is not enjoyment. It is a big, big responsibility to have two wives, two houses, you know, expensive part of them, divide your time for both of them. Only great people can do something like that big, big people.

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Most people don't have car even for one wife.

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To close. The final question we'll have for today is fine the wheel who asks, who was shot at him, and who among the scholars alive today has been ages from

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sahalie matava You know, Bertram Hadith in India and he taught in Netta drama where you know, in the I belong to, I come from a trauma so he taught there for a long time. And there are many of his tools, or may not many release many of them are died, some couldn't be still alive. One of them is Manasa Ramana either me, the director of

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the he's there, you know, people can get each other from him, there could be in some people, few people who are there but very few people left. Most people have died who had each other for him. He had very high not so between him and shaved for sin. Actually, he got each other from sheperson people from Saudi Arabia money, so that makes it it's another very very high. I will assign Latvia has got to one person between him and Sheikh Hussein and Hadi Mata has got direct together from him. So it is one of the highest each other that he had got. So if there are is toolsy stones that people should get each other from from him you know the Vasa Vihara Devi he passed away from a lotta he had

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more is not much higher than anybody else but he passed a didactical shareholder

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who died then now I think we have got monotheism on either me. We can get together each other from him.

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A whole guide on that's all for today everyone. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it. And perhaps we can enhance it next week. Just a little later and chef for your time and deserve Hello, everyone for joining and we'll be back next week Thursday at 6pm PST. As always a Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.