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Akram Nadwi
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Chef would you recommend him on Kashmir his explanation of SIBO You know, there have been many, many compatriots I Buhari. But the best one is no doubt for everybody. There's no doubt and even headless banana is the best person who really understand this book properly and as best as possible in that time, you know, nobody's equal to Mr. Swamy. And then after that, actually, the only person in personnel is, you know, chef for UNICEF, from from Sahara. Mahalo. He is a person really spent time he's the one who really in America to understand and he hasn't given a lot of contribution really, he's and he got it after some time, mistakes have been Hispanic. He's otherwise you know, everybody

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has some contribution. But people did not really do justice to Manasa pashminas committee I've seen really first thing he did not write it it just listen

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to there are so many prosecute because his marking is too different. To when your interest occurred to different holiday mother, then you cannot have justice with this book. You have to you have to read ohare from the angle of Buhari shall use why he did that. He's resigned from the anger at this point, then he basically not biased to any way you can learn from everybody. But if you want we need to know the best commentary on this matter. The best one is certainly for everybody there not equal to that is the best commentary.

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Chef Eunice's commentary was the name chef. No, he didn't write a commentary but you know, he's teaching you can learn from him in his classroom, we can discuss it and talk to I have been attending some of his class and and discussing with him, but I understand that, you know, he understands much more than anybody else. In general to understand all the Indian committee not only about say Buhari, or the Indian country, basically they are sectarian. If you're an aha, this right, the whole purpose purpose will not be to teach you the book, first purpose will be to defend

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this army referred to How to Feed people. If hanafy writes, his first major purpose would be to defend 100 females or refute all of these in India, these two group they're fighting each other networking heavily. So you can see reference all the time can see the commodity, they are not very mesmerized, he wants to print What's the hurry, then also a difference Shafi must find that no harm in that you can defend your mother, but first thing is, you know, explained the book in their pillar not concerned about to spend the book or to make it the only concern to defend their mother to it basically that what it makes me believe it doesn't make any, you know, a big contribution

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was his surname.

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And what's the surname of chef Yunus? Just use more and more in his garden lamola in the chef Muhammad,

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Ali, john, john foodie Assad and puri john puri is a place where he was born and grown and Saharan poor is the place where he studied and then he taught now, he listed to Sahara India there are three major madrasa centers. The one is the urban darling do one on one in the mandala Lumi Sahara.

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And one is another column and Lucknow. So the three major big centers of learning

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