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The best way to build your iman, faith

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Akram Nadwi

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The first thing that people should have

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to what hell is accrued for a man to grow up to be stronger is thinking that people should typically the decision was about their own thing for our case romantically give thinking to first thing thinking later how far I'm gonna have to think the first major thing actually use the mind wireline human mind. If you want to just enjoy this life, he could have met anybody we had my reason he wants us to be more than animals. He watched what think really properly, the mind had been I think there are gifts him Don't Look, don't you think? The first thing training other thinking? No, in more than a splint that you know there's so many layers to keep thinking. Second thing is reading the Quran.

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Quran is the one which can correct your your your thinking properly. To when you when when you read the Quran, Quran helps you how to understand this universe properly. And then no doubt increase the amount of the people to thinking properly. Reason reasoning, and reading the Quran and the prayer. And then pray when you pray. Also, you can see him really the prayer is basically being with the lasala that why the oma say if you want to meet Allah, pray, if you meet him, in what can imitate and that is to increase your remark. Allah is no more right for you when people are playing unless water is next to them and lead all the time with them. To do this thing, I really feel that the best

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thing to increase the amount that people are thinking properly understanding anything comes how much fear Allah has get upon you thank him all the time. You know, this literally the man and they're reading the Quran. And the third thing, the prayer, the Salah, as much as possible that you can change the night prayer video alone, do where you will see the monkey, but it only happens when people are willing. If people don't have willing to nobody can force