Why backbite about your enemy when you can backbite about me?

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Whenever you back by someone or you're good dates go to that person

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you know you faster river go to the breeders you are loser somebody set up a hanifa Why don't you back bite

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our honey faster if I had to back bite by bite my mother so then all my good deeds go to my mom when we want to have our goods in the family so that's a clever idea to if sometimes we think feel shot on the back but then by by your mother or at least your good deeds go to your mother. So all the batimat your mother all the bad things that my marriage my mum so bad and sorting that Lisa you know nobody has benefit from your good your mom benefits or the good days that you do what your mom and her sister come to you. You become the Hellfire and she goes to paradise does this you met her not to go to Paradise.

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But when you back back at your enemy what will happen? Biggest Loser to advise you if you sometimes feel to back bite back bite your mother

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and if you really don't want to regret your mother back bite me I'll be so happy because Ramana Maharshi Ramallah used to say I love really all the ambassador is I love all the people to back by to me. God what is better than you get reward of something you never did? I don't do it. And I get reward of the people who do and the buy button. I get the reward. I don't go for Roma. People who prefer hombre de Burgh bidhannagar the reward. I don't read Koran at people read the Quran, they bite me, I get all the reward. What can better than that, too, I'll tell you I advise all of you that when you have empty time I want to buy but backbiting me, I'll be so happy. Because so much of

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what I sell at least my students, they care for me. They give something to me.

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They innovate, be clever. Don't lose your goodies. Losing is a very very, very minor