Why I decided to compile my book Al-Ihkam

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This religion is based on the Quran and the Sunnah, on the Quran and Sunnah they are not laws, they are more like guidance to the guide. But from those guidance, you can also derive the rules and laws for the people to own or the society. So later on the people who are experts out there, they have to make effort because the Quran and language Quran and Sunnah are not in the language of the law to dry the law, or rulings and to make something awaji obligatory for the haraam decent that people have to make effort. When people make use their reasoning, and in that effort to derive the rulings from the Quran, Sunnah. Certainly, they have to differ. Because you know, not everybody has same

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understanding the people differ in the data. And the data have been so many different opinions about every single issue in Islam, you know, under so many modality many school is what now commonly known is like 100, FEMA hub, Maliki mother hub, shafali, madaba, hanbali mother. And also there are people who follow just Hadith, you know, our Hadith or Salafi people. So there are many, many mothers. And when you read the details, or the law from these books, each one everybody has got their own argument from the Koran, and from the heavy, sometimes they use sound heard these words, for some issue, they don't have sound or this, they use a weaker this, but each one has got to know there are

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something on which all of them agree but there are something where the differ, this has this or this this person use this or these people you know doing this. So that why one of the important thing has been in a matter of suddenly centers it's now in learning to teach people though the verse of the Quran from which the rules are derived, and also to teach adore the Hadith from which people take derive the rule. But more often people emphasize on the differences

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and the prefer one over the other 100 female Shafi hanafy people will teach those books of Hadith, which support 100 female people develop book like that relate to there are a book on Africa, a guide to Hanafi madhhab books according to shafali malham books about a humbling mother to true clearly that Hadith, the prophet was before mother him he did not follow the mother but even in her this became part of the mother home. So it came to my mind really that to emphasize the Unity more than the differences there are differences but seriously that daughter had this how the United believers and people use weaker this let's see sound how this how how in what are the two then I collected my

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own, you know, collection of the Hadith about the camera rulings that Kamala Khan book, you know, deciding publish now. So 200 her this in which I gather her this have come only from the move to sound sources that Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim and therefore I'm doing this I only call it a Dorothy's on a which everybody agrees

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all the people agree to when you love that, then it really helps everybody, whether you're Hanafi or Maliki or Shafi or humbly, and also the more sound more sound, then whatever in your mother with other than this, you will know really either did not hire Mossad auto week or something like that, you understand it, when people love the most sound or the faster then they make a different than when they found new ruling, they know this in that from that book, it means it must be week something like that. The if you read from your own source 100 film either you don't know difference. You take organize something to where people say there's so many sooner in the player, so many sooner

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in the order,

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you know that count them as they are saying no, some of them are based on sound or this and some are based on the weaker this moniker. But you don't know you follow them the same way to buy this book what will happen is really that you know, really do the thing that you do, they are based on this town or this something else that we have got maybe not in both books, maybe somewhere else. So you understand the difference between two types of the action that people do, some are based on sound hobbies, and some are not based on some some art, maybe it's based on just some human reasoning. So, you know, it is really very important to study the sources in this way that how the united the

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believers you know, how the mother has become nearer to each other. So, that my intention is not to make the people memorize these or this love them to it will be helpful for any mother, any school and also these are the things which are the most sound to you know, these are this can be used by you and also when you love her this to support a certain ruling her this will be always more than that, in that there'll be many other aspects which will help you in other aspects of the life. So you know this one of the reason religious people need to learn is a collection like that, which is based only on the sound heard these are the closer listen about the legal matters.