Salah with Thinking

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In order to really with a mostly thinking, Constitution, the mind to understand thinking that has standing in the front of the load of a load and blocking something out the things in front in front in front, the one who does all favor upon you, or all those things, then what you are reading, give thinking to actions to be thinking is standing a Roku cider thinking there and forcing yourself to think. And then whatever you read, you know, in the thinking that you are in front of you load it or think the argument that why companies used to say, if you're the one, you know what you understand that why consolata musala want to sakara because you know, when you're drunk, they don't think our

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prayer is thinking and understanding, then it makes no union to lasala not only Satya can't help but you need to think you know when a mind comes I mentioned to every thinker is stronger.

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To you ever had some power but mind had the most power to when thinking comes everything fresh and powerful. The same in the prayer. The word prayer makes prayer powerful is your thinking simple. When you read the Quran, you get the word, but when you think and understand it's much more powerful. To think it will consultation thinking and working hard enough. And then certainly doing either best as best we can to sooner because the professor's prayer is the most complete when to when to do a call to that while thinking you come here. But if people don't have this thinking, this calmness and no humidity in the prayer at the dojo in front of the front Allah. Even if you follow

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all the 52 sooner they have no leader. Nothing happened. Because you did what you need. You need consultation