Akram Nadwi – Weekly Q&A 12-10-2023

Akram Nadwi
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone. And welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a with Chef Akram nadwi. On every Thursday at 6pm BST without further ado, we'll begin. Chef, we have a few private questions that we'd like to ask. So the first question goes,

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respected chef, may Allah bless you always, what is the meaning of the verse from the Quran? Where it says, insert Janessa verse 86 or respond with something better for Hey, you will be asked Anna mean her Oh, rude do her some of our teachers have stated that it's not good to be saying what Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh in say in giving salaams What do you think

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my Rafi meaning either whenever somebody greets you so you know mostly toddlers should be better than the others. So greet them with words better than that? Or at least say same thing you know similar thing not but not less than that.

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So you know if somebody said we you know Salam aleykum use erotica syrup or maybe I heard something by law or something like that you can either buy generally Salam or Muslim As Salam aleykum and garden or something said while it was salam so that's some time maybe you have something you make more than once either depends how you are how busy you are, and how much time you have got it. I have written an article about salaam greetings

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Catherine English will not so definitely explain to you how it used to be

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as if it actually really can help

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Yes. Okay. So Amina good in that whenever somebody gives you say same words or say something better than that. I mentioned I read an article about the here. So if needed versus this versus, and the sooner the personalities in the salon to if you read that article, it will help you to shun

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is at the low end and shift. The next question we have is who does the RAF refer to in sort of our off? Why does Ferrari and others hold a distinct position in this respect? Ie what is the basis for the strongest view regarding its intended meaning?

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Yeah, you know, some people think

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it's a place

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with you paradise and hellfire find these people they still had not intend to paradise diverted

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to the topic to those in both groups are the people but when you look at three in the Quran, you can see the people who are on our alpha they are they look like leaders and integrate people they talk to everybody and the way they speak is another lens we are the people who have not either who are like something between paradise or hellfire and then the Quran so all our traffic I like come some tea like we want the top you have some benefit out of it other half an hour after surfing algorithm would you something like you know those hairs which are on the neck of the horse to do something the topic not something do. So I think what one of our isolates that more right into the syllabus, that

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these are the

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distinctive people and you know, chosen people, enlightened leaders of the believers who will be talking to both sides to poor people of paradise and also the people of hellfire.

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Just a glow head and the next question is, why does the verse say if you've stood for prayers, then wash your face either come to either solidarity in the ayah of Moodle

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so that was really really basically is that will do is compulsory for the people who want

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to karate say that you don't want to pray before going to your show that you have if people are already able to then do not have any basically before we get there should do so that you

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can't do something else. It occurred to me when it's time for the Prime Minister when you go for the prayer, then do you forgotten?

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I don't understand the question why there is a problem.

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Not sure chef, this is this is what was given to me. Okay. The next question that I have another private question is I understand that you said saying

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Although we let him initiate on the regime and similarly the bus Mala prior to reciting the Quran, is not prescribed inside or outside the prayer. How then does one understand the verse in relation to verse 98? of certain Nahal both this verse and the nurse divers about doing well do prior to Salah, use the past tense verb fill in MALDI

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Yeah, you know, when you read the Quran secretly to Allah from a photon. So, it does not mean to sell the learnership magazine but if it is the meaning that the professor would have set out below before reading the Quran, obviously will not be followed and sometimes that does realize that you mentioned but nobody

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or nobody will honey for Melissa for your home. But nobody says saying all the biller before reading the Quran before reading the front page of the data, nobody said like that. And it's actually the Quran Turner said to read for us and when you you know, you read the Quran come under the philosopher Tada. More likely couldn't be after finishing the Quran because, you know, similar to is also have called the Quran where something has been finished. So that's why, you know, mana for I think that it couldn't be referring to last two. So the Quran developed the holder of dinars. They are identical the Quran and it makes sense because when people leave the Quran, so then after that,

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you know, we'll get into the Quran they're already under the pressure for learning. When you read the Quran, then you didn't you need to remember in one Alaskan because when you read the Quran, the Quran is protection to what is it that when it comes to a learning, there are perhaps a lot of the same we have the whole first the rope of Quran the rope of Allah, when people read the Quran, they are in the protection, they are the loss of Madonna. So you know the other you know what Allah wants them to do is when the people have left the Quran and going outside somewhere else, then they need to remind themselves to how to be under the politics of Elizabeth Allah.

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So, you know this that you know when you read the Quran, you shall decide never come from an imam. It has more come from the people who are

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LGBT and they are the people but their love for God also district and the prophets, Allah restaurantes prayer, you know, there is no proof or our dealer told them is a something people say this beloved, that also had been disputed. Some people say Bismillah should be said loudly in the quiet prayer. Some people say quietly that Hanafi people said marquis cousineau, there will be some notable, you know, Maurice opinion is that even the player he goes out with a boss just is cut off.

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So hide the data versus was meant to say that everybody understood it, but nobody seemed like there

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is a clock later on.

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That was a final private question that we had, we'll move on to the questions being asked in the chat box. So the first question we have here is

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by Baba who asks, If a dog touches up our clothes while passing by, should we wash it will change it before we press a lot just

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you know the target right? Then it did not go by I said with the tongue, which is you know what they are, then you need to wash the part that he has touched the rest of the closest fine anyway. But if it dries in the past by touching the you, if somebody did nothing with it,

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it doesn't become dirty. You can pay them no harm, no reason for you to wash

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to Zac Lohan and chef. The next question. asks, In Surah, Surah Al Ezra, the beginning is of the beginning of it talks about twice that Bani Israel will be defeated. What are your thoughts on the second time they get defeated? Some think it has passed but others think it refers to the future? What do you think?

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The theory is a lot of people have been making a few of these after so many different visits. And I thought that a feat of fruitless right now.

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in much detail. We're trying to discuss these things, you know,

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the best thing would be that you read or listen to the recording that will get ugly, you know, my forcing more details right. Okay, I can explain now so, so clearly, but I've got some objections about the people who keep thinking

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many more people, the thing we're referring to the conflict of recent conflict or something like that, people already want to apply the Quranic verses to something they desire. But this thing is, you know, do the Quran read the contest has to be more clear. You know, I'm the one what is going to happen the future allows the district to get us on the third person on insulin. That is very clear, but from the Quran to find out something very clear, difficult

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to see, there was a because for the second time, the Quran says that we get the full Masuda. Kamada, who are well, what do you stop the rumor I don't have to do.

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To second time when this will happen. The people who will display those second time, they will in turn into the mosque identity, first time to what is the first time and you know, there's so many discussions about this matter, and how the companies understood the first entrance into the mosque. But I think the best thing if you listen to the top silica, I don't actually remember all the details in my mind.

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I think the best thing, just listen to the recording Shanna

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is located and shed. The next question is by furry hat who asks, In the concept of model four points, or fourth, which is washing the full face both hands, arms, a quarter Mussaf of their head. And lastly, washing the feet. How should we do the quarter? Massage the head? And should it be with one hand

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in hand, this is the fourth not

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one quarter of the workweek. But the sooner you should do so now that you know did the water wipe or hurt them to bring back Wi Fi just like that with one hand. Quote, Let find out what times a little bit. That's fine. But the best thing is to do the whole we never have any Hadith where the prophets Allah Allah Salam didn't do the full head.

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You know people say the hadith of Muhammad I'm sure but the the personalities of Masada and RCFE that the Prophet salallahu Salam did a mosque on the forehead. But that hadith Actually, many people think because he had Taliban or something like that. To what was uncovered he addressed he did all the federal

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still he did the forehead.

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way anyway, sometimes people just do one product

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with one hand or two hands. According to Harvey Mudd. That's fine. You got to Mushaf even Phil here so fine. My Monica. Superior neither I shouldn't be the football head that we're dead sinks by and

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far the women if they're at home, you know depends on the whole if the public will say that, you know, just do you do a little bit football here, rest over the headscarf

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is up located and ship. The next question is salaam chef, please give us some comfort and reminder of what we can do for our brothers and sisters who are suffering?

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No, no, no, no, there is no in the world, there always is a no injustice problem. And people you know, do some practical harm to you with your tongue. Some black people hurt you with their actions. And sometimes they post fire five, sometimes they lie in all everything hurts. And either reward for that for every time you've been hurt, or at the cemetery board and understand this thing that a lot of Motala has more power than anybody else.

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either. So he can do anything by stealing his gratify. He himself has gone What should do what not to believe or should not interpret it as what a believer should do what the best, and they should prayer, but they should have trust in the Lord. Because he has so much power or less power is you know, nobody can compare the power the less power to so much power within one word. You can destroy the whole universe and he's going to do one day anyway. So it still if he just something happened, you know because he took

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what the lighter for something he knows we don't know. So we have to listen to him. We have to obey Him. You have to do the best we can do to make prayers near for two hours in whatever help you can do. You know, for oppressed people you can do but don't be annoyed with Allah and don't

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stop start having birth thinking but also Hautala because we are limited our mind is limited. He knows it was a cricket Dawn who does everything. Everything planted by him done by him

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Whatever he does whatever try we did the best. You know, we kind of know what the right time he knew the right time. He knows what to do. He can do whatever he likes, you know, we can't even do that what he just said what what things are done. So, you know, he knows.

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And he loves his people. You know, nobody loves it loves, he loves, you know, children, he loves the women. He loves to oppress people, he loves to meet people. He loves everybody, different defendant, but sometimes, you know, what we see, you know, we become upset because we can't don't comprehend everything. Allah knows auditing. You know, what happened now in the world is more than a dog in the history of the earth. You know, the he has he had been running the world before us and after simply running. We don't run the world. You know, there was no America West or Europe or India, or China. There was no other part of him. He got them then they went the new powers keep coming. Or the 3050

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Jimmy this in the Quran, theorical and yamu Davidow, Baden NAS, you know, these days are we keep changing altering. elation comes from this wonderful that he gives just to everybody. So but some people will become proud and arrogant. And sometimes they use adequate leverage to HRC but don't worry, because one day they will face the consequences. Everybody will face the consequences, whether they're believers or non believers, you know, Muslims, non Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Hindus, everybody's going to stand firm to the Lord and go for justice done. In this world, people can say something with their heart it hurts in their heart for everybody but if you could remove for

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that initial patient and wait for you know the judgment or for load, but at the same time we'll do our goodwill for everybody and you know, whatever you can you know help or for the week people for office people, you know, you should do the doctor money sometime you know,

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people you really

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just talk a little cleaner and the next question is by Junaid, you asked, Can we pray for Salah sitting, even if we can stand like praying in the car? Sitting presumably while the car is driving?

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The concert afternoon? Can you stand? If you don't immediately because the car is how can you stand. So you know, whenever we go in the form of prayer, see what condition that time if the, you know, ability, not only physical ability of your ears or something that will tell stories, you know, it's not a big deal. If suddenly you have no lesson, we were traveling on the boat or ship so or aeroplane, or to move in the canal this time. So they will be sitting. Similarly sometimes when you're in the car, you can't just strap it on the motor will come out sometimes will be overlaid or forced to play inside the car, you can replace it, but don't delay your father. Whatever conditions

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people should isolate. And then when you come home, and other than the property, you don't need to put the cover. You don't need to do this prayer, whatever you've done that the form. So you know your allies holiness of the country and the people what they can do, if they can't do something is not obligatory upon them.

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Does that law cleaner check? The next question

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is via Shogun who asks salaam Chef, what is the ruling of women being leaders for example, head of political power

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when COVID leaders remain confused

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Omen international run as well. You know, whoever lives there or

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follows commerce with a men or women. So it's not just a mineral, give the nation even if they don't obey, they're not qualified to do

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the men of work life are women more qualified, who are more qualified with actual real rule and rule rules, they should understand and wonderful and they should rule with justice. Just more important to dependently good rules in India some some split very, very good. We will illustrate people remember that time and that just can fear and people become very prosperous in especially in poor pilots credit profiles that have been affiliated to or maybe more than two. And the rule was amazing in the military. And there are so many books, so many books on on the refuge finder you know good or the session it and this is very powerful to the look after the people very well and their field

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After many, many smart Islamic projects, to like you should remind yourself to know the Bible for the parcel on Islam. And it was responsive by the ladies. So

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anybody can you know the people what we knew really is

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good quality that people understand the Quran. Understand commands.

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Rule good justice is somebody who works with justice, that what we need to learn to build

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as an ally, Lincolnshire. The next question is by other Ashman Hussain who says, Assalamu Aleikum, I'm working in a hospital part of my job is serving food. Sometimes I have to serve pork. Is it halal for me? You know, if you're selling someone because it's a part of Europe, and

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you don't eat, so even if you have to touch it, you can tell them wash your hand, the correct is part of your job.

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So anybody that has a job like delta, where they have to avoid something to not allow them to but the Your Money fine, because you do, you will do your work with honesty and your pay to what you're paying. That's right. But this thing you know you're doing for other people, that's part of your job. Absolutely. There's no harm in that. If you do this, there's no harm

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and Allah will reward

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your family or refer to other money

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to that location. The next question is, I'm interested in studying Hadith, but some people I respect are telling me I should memorize the Quran first. Is that requirements sound I will no doubt continue reading the Quran and studying it inshallah.

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Why don't always

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think people need to memorize the Quran they need to memorize some Quran with the Korean the players, but I think more important thing to understand the Quran. So you learn Arabic language.

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You know, then you love Hadith and fascinating learning language. And you can develop your skill until you become good in command of Arabic language to use to understand the heavy books of the Quran yourself. A salami started a course on how to understand the Quran understanding of the Quran definitely good course. For those who don't want to become it. But if you want to become better, then firstly, spend time to learn.

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Then after data science, just memorizing the Quran is not enough other people are actually very often people who write the Quran and they both are trying to understand anything, and then they forget it and they don't. And the Quran is to be understood and to be followed, not just to arrive with a no command of memorization of the Quran. The command is to understand the Quran and to follow it

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percolo feature the next question is by always who asks, A salaam alaikum workbooks does shed suggest for every possible to learn with a scholar

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really personally what do you want to do?

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If you just want to want to book the Quran everybody must understand the Quran that

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every believer so that should be done. If you have not enough Quran

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then the sooner the peninsula listen in with us a porter you know your portfolio look if you just want to want to book maybe water will be fine. You will buy if you have more time than you should study. Tell me the

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difference at least. I don't know in how much time you've got.

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Alcohol wise you are but certainly the Quran and the Sunnah the person also should be the most important thing to learn for any restaurant

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which is located on shift the next question is by a son who asked Salam aleykum should one try to rather quickly do the imam in order to not miss salah or should one risk missing the prayer but do proper will do instead irrelevant whether it's in JAMA or by himself.

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You can't do the prayer. Just because you go to Mr. Prayer or Mr. Ma because you only are allowed to determine if you're not able to use the water. It will either you are ill or there's not enough water you're traveling by if you can use water and

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too late or you're going to be split the amount of time you're not allowed to determine that will be your part of your fault. Maybe excuse for long forgive you but you can't do travel because you're missing you know further prayer or message them out. You will look and determine if using the water is not good for you. You're not feeling oh you can't do it because you're traveling and you don't have

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And maybe you're at home, and there's not enough water to do, then you can pretend. But just because somebody is scared that they go to Mr. Player, or Mr. Jamar, they're not allowed to return except at first. And as a player, if you are going to get another, and you think if you do your best, then you are allowed to do them because you can't do products.

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You are not willing to somebody else in one. So you have to follow them. If you are willing, you are going to come and work to establish the new conduct. But if somebody else had a little is when he didn't think he would receive it, you could do them. But other funds, you can't do tell him just because you want to listen

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to that glow clean and check. The next question is a Salam Alikum chef, my question is that is it allowed in Islam, for a hijabi bride to wear makeup and jewelry in front of non Muslim men, and clicking picture pictures on its wedding day.

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Nothing to do with actually wedding day or,

00:26:13 --> 00:26:19

you know, Muslim women are not allowed to come to the helipad in front of

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their face can get our face. So palms or feet. But you know, they should be above sometimes there are people who have some makeup, very light, or maybe that will be fine. But something that is very attractive, or gaps people tend to pick with their conditions to be avoided. So in this thing, the best thing for the women is when the bride that do this testing all

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around, internally friendly people have people deleting data, but not you know, when there's something I can learn from they shouldn't be there obsessively careful. They should not come here, you know, the cavities somebody will do. And she's bridal. You know, sometimes women have their own, you know,

00:27:14 --> 00:27:48

interest or something because they're important enough of their life, to the ones of photos and this and that. So other people should be you know, give them the space, don't interfere with them, don't be there. Let them do what is easier for them. And also, I realize the other people should not sort of, you know, on the women on their wedding day. Because everyone does not come with some vision the software is meant to properly but don't interfere with people's life on data time, because it does not go

00:27:49 --> 00:27:53

directly the heart of the people are unnecessarily creating a problem

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is not located on ship. And the final question we'll take for today's from Halima, who asks, is it considered haram for women to travel without a Muslim? My father lives in a different country. And I don't have any brothers traveling alone is necessary for me to continue my studies.

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This question makes no return on this question. In my book on trees, so that have done lots of detailed answer, my simple answer to your question is if a traveling is safe for you, you know, from the point to the point that you want to go and your family or not find the problem, you can travel alone. But if you're not safe, I think maybe there's women out there who have proven that you can be with them or something like that, you have to take some caution, by free safe a lot funner to most European country, western country, here is it safe for women to travel on their own,

00:28:52 --> 00:28:57

or sometimes traveling by plane is very safe. So like for example, if you

00:28:59 --> 00:29:39

traveled from here to India to New Delhi, and your father is going to receive the ad or somebody from your family and you use the site. So if your father lives in other country, you can use the player or when you arrived there, he is there to receive you somebody else you from your mother. So there's no harm in that simple matter either. You know, women should think that this word is not that, you know, it is a safe idea. You know, it looks like that I already know but even people around you. So be careful. Once you understand to save on your failure for Tegrity save them in there you can pivot alone.

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That's all for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it next week. Because up low here and share for your time. And just a clue for joining and we'll be back next week Thursday at 6pm Be

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S T as always As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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