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Saturday 5th December 2015

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The speaker discusses the importance of studying the steps taken throughout history, including the seven steps mentioned in the Bible. They also mention the benefits of learning about Islam's science and how it can help teach young Muslims. The speaker believes that learning these steps will help teach young Muslims to engage with non Muslims and save them from violence.

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In Islam, there have been many, many steps throughout the history some of those steps arose as a result of political problems and some of them came as a result of a philosophy called thinking and, and questions raised by religious groups within Muslim societies, it is very important to study these steps, because they are part of the history and also very often Islam sources, one finds reference to those six steps as for example hawara she Martha's Ella, Maria or the rigea jamea or the steps they are very often referred to in the source and if one has no idea about them, it is very difficult to understand and you know, discussions in those texts also people learn about this

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subset on different set and they understand their arguments properly. And also the answer understand are boomers are the self who had no refuting and engaging with these steps, it will help us in more time many, many door ideas, which are those questions which have been read by the people in the past, they keep coming sometime with an A new near some sometime within same names. The other Well, we studied that either or we're sorry, the differences among the steps it is not only historical, there's benefit certainly continues, because many of those ideas which people have they keep going and also it actually helps us to understand how to teach people is Islam science deeply and you

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know, properly. So, they can be saved from the so many misunderstandings, when we look, we look at the arguments of many of these certs that it is very clear that there are learned knowledge of the Quran and the knowledge should not the parcel, arson is a very superficial rasuna they comprehend the life of the believer in every aspect of their life, in in the peace and the war. And so many things, these people they pick up, some are certain which actually belong to the time of the of the war. And they apply to those times when you know when there is a need for our community, to be peace and to engage with other communities in the past have already with a well known that to rebel

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against the established rulers and establish order far is far far there or a misunderstanding of the Quran. This thing we have seen our time has passed. So big young Muslims, they are so convinced by the idea and they think they will live with to engage with establish regimes and with the non Muslims is it just to fight or to kill them and justify their action by using the same verses of Quran which have been used by the early Harare, the ones you understand those steps and we understand how the self have been engaged very with them. It will make it easier for us to understand these new concepts and also it will help us how to save the young generation from joining

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them and from being convinced